Worst experience ever!!

We build our home through Clarendon homes. They gave us possession before some pending work and promise us to finish before we move in the new home. They did not fix any work after 3 months. A supervisor resign from his job, no one was taking any responsibilities until we have given bad feedback to customer care of Clarendon. After that feedback, one of the supervisors came to finish all pending work which has to be done before handover. He was so rude and saying I am not your supervisor, I am here to get things done. But when we are trying to explain what need to be fix, he didn’t want to listen. He was saying you have damage so we cannot change it. Are you serious why we are damaging our brand new home intentionally?

After so many follow up emails and phone calls, we had enough so we stopped to call and emails them. We thought we don’t have to worry to build home with Clarendon as Clarendon has good reputation in the market but we were wrong.

Customer Service
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateJuly 2018
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Hi Kunjan Patel. We are very disappointed to hear about the experience you have had. So that we can review the team involved in the build of your home would you mind contacting us with your details and our Construction Area Manager will follow through. You can email you contact details to productreview@clarendon.com.au

Perfect home , couldn’t be happier !

Extremely satisfied with our new dream home, the building process was very smooth sailing , with constant updates on the process of our build, we found the whole process extremely exciting and rewarding. The quality of our clardeon home is a definite 5 star build, I would defiantly recommend clardeon homes to anyone wanting to build there dream home. The team at clardeon homes we’re very patient and attended to all our needs and questions with speedy replies. I would just like to thank all the team at clardeon for making our new dream home an enjoyable and amazing experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to build with them again and would recommend to all my friends and family wanting to build in the future.

Construction End DateDec 2018

Average inclusions & Poor workmanship

I built a home with Clarendon in 2012. I went with Clarendon included wet area tiles from Beaumont tiles. These tiles started cracking after 3 years. Clarendon were giving all the excuses under the sun to avoid taking responsibility for their workmanship. The cracking was due to the poor workman ship of the base under the tiles were not properly installed in resulting in cracking. The Clarendon didn’t have proper Q & A ensure the base underneath the lies was properly laid. In addition there 50 year warranty is not worth the paper its on.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateDecember 2012
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Hi Kennh. We are very sorry to hear about the warranty issue you have been experiencing. So that we can follow up with the team involved, would you mind emailing us your contact details so that we look into this immediately for you. You can email us at productreview@clarendon.com.au

Extremely satisfied with build

Our build was extremely well managed and organised, and the process was effortless from design to construction. Our site manager, Dean, was very efficient and took extra effort to co-ordinate extra site works and added variations, and our build was completed well ahead of schedule. The workmanship is of a high quality and we do not have any major issues 3 mths after handover. We are very pleased with our Clarendon home and have enjoyed working with all the consultants. We would definitely recommend Clarendon Homes to anyone seeking a high quality build with little hassle.

Customer Service
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateOctober 2018

Amazing from start to finish

We built an Anabella 17 with a traditional facade with Clarendon Homes. The whole process was so easy and stress free.
Pre Construction was a great experience but the build was sensational. Mainly due to the communication from our site manager. [name removed] kept us informed with every movement throughout the build and the build was complete a lot fast than we anticipated. 15 weeks from turning soil to move in. Quality was excellent and we couldn’t spot an imperfection during our walk through with [name removed] a week before handover.

Highly recommend clarendon Home as a project Home Builder.

Customer Service
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateJune 2018

Pre construction review.

So far, so good with Clarendon.
Both our sales and csc consultant have been fantastic and have guided us through the initial preconstruction stage.
We just hope that the build goes as smoothly.

Build StagePre-Construction

Pre-Construction review

Our pre-construction phase experience was fantastic, and this is primarily due to our CSC. I’m very aware of how much goes into a home, and for such a complicated process, Our CSC made it simple, easy and enjoyable. When we had questions, they were thoroughly answered in a very professional manner, and never became frustrated even when I asked the same question multiple times (my fault not theirs).

My application was a complying development, however my neighbour had some shading concerns due to solar panels. Despite not being required to, my CSC organised a shading diagram from Clarendon, which has allowed my neighbours (who are lovely older people) to feel heard, and have their concerns alleviated, meaning our friendship remains in tact. When I look back on this process, things like that make me feel that Clarendon is building my home, not just a house.

Thanks so much to my CSC, and all the other Clarendon people she worked behind the scenes. I wish I could give six stars!

Construction End DateDec 2019

6 Months Post Clarendon Build

Its been 6 months since we had our handover of our Clarendon Portview 34. We are absolutely thrilled with our new home. We found the whole process seamless and considering all the horror stories we heard from friends and family about building a new house, we experienced none of it. The quality and workmanship of our house is 5 Star. We love it and would not change a thing. Our site supervisor was wonderful, he was so patient with us, answered all our questions and nothing was ever too much trouble. He kept us updated with the build at all stages. We have just had our 6 monthly followup and we struggled to even put anything on the list!

We would throughly recommend Clarendon.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Excellent quality and workmanship

So happy with our new home!!! The customer service and construction supervisor did an amazing job at keeping us well informed during our build. Weekly phone updates ensured we always knew exactly what was happening. The quality and workmanship of the construction was outstanding, and all inclusions were as described. The team went above and beyond to ensure we were in our new house before Christmas. Highly recommend Clarendon Homes and their team for a trouble free building experience.

Construction End DateDec 2018

Clarendon Homes

Our sincere gratitude to the Clarendon Homes Team on building a good quality home with a professional teams' approach. Our appreciation is conveyed to the exemplary work performed by the Site Supervisor / Manager [name removed] and his building team. Furthermore we are also very grateful to the professionalism and prompt responses to our concerns displayed by [name removed] (Customer Service Consultant), [name removed] (Colour Consultant) and [name removed] (Customer Service Consultant). [name removed], [name removed], [name removed] and [name removed] are assets to your company. Base on the above, I have no hesitation in recommending Clarendon Homes to our friends.

Construction End DateDec 2018

Above and Beyond our Expectations...

From the very first moment we stepped into the sales office and visited their show houses, having a chat with their sales office [name removed], through to liaising with our CSC [name removed] and to our site supervisor [name removed] who assisted us throughout the build, and walking into our newly completed home at handover, we knew we had chosen the right decision to build with Clarendon Homes.

Having the ability to customise our home without hassle was splendid. The communication between all parties was faultless. Every decision we had made in the sales office filtered right through to our site supervisor [name removed]. It is distinct that each and everyone from the Clarendon team involved in our build had a sense of pride in their work.

Our building and site supervisor [name removed] went above and beyond expectation to ensure that quality and finish were never compromised. Any issues we had were quickly identified and resolved - usually before we were even aware of them. We highly recommend the team at Clarendon Homes - Rochedale area. [name removed] gave us all the information and assisted us with every single aspect of the build. Great builder and an excellent team. Highly recommended.

Construction End DateNov 2018

Pre-Construction Review

We would like to take the time to write a review based on our experience thus far with Clarendon Homes. This is our first build, and my wife and I were originally drawn to Clarendon due to the finish and quality of their display homes. We have just commenced the initial construction phase. From the time we made the decision to go with Clarendon up until now, our experience has been very positive. Special thanks to [name removed], or pre-construction CSC for all her assistance, prompt replies, and clear answers. We have been in touch with [name removed] over the past several months, and as many questions came up, [name removed] was always quick to answer, and if she didn't have the answer, would always follow up ASAP. Building with Clarendon is a great experience, and we have enjoyed the process so far. We would also like to thank all the staff at the colour studio for your guidance, and expertise. Everyone has made us feel at ease, and we appreciate how smooth the process has been. My wife and I would highly recommend Clarendon. We are really looking forward to continuing our journey, and thank the entire team at Clarendon for helping our dream of home ownership come true.

Construction End DateOct 2019

Highly recommended

We moved into our new home in Brisbane 3 weeks ago and couldn't be happier about our journey with Clarendon. From when we first selected the floor plan the support received from [name removed] during the initial stages to handover with [name removed], the whole process has been seamless and everyone we dealt with were very professional and knowledgeable! We were lucky enough to have a brilliant site manager ([name removed]) who from the first meeting always paid attention to our concerns/priorities. We were keen to get handover pre-Christmas however according to our contract Clarendon had time till February, but [name removed] was very efficient and planned everything he could to make sure we can get the house early and throughout the process was always approachable and we knew we could trust him. He's also thorough with details/quality and picked up defects before we even pointed out in some instances, overall it was a great pleasure working with him throughout the process and received same support even post handover. I would highly recommend Clarendon to anyone looking to build..

Construction End DateDec 2018

Pre-Consrution Review Staring

Would like to take some time out to say thank you to [name removed], she has been a great support in us waiting for our Build to start we have waited over 6 months for our land to be registered in the mean time [name removed] has made sure that we have all the paper work we need signed and ready for settlement so that we can build our dream home ASAP!! I have enjoyed every moment working with the Clarendon Homes teams from choosing our colours which was my favourite or our electric plan. Any time I had to forward emails of our plans to our estate I could always count on [name removed] for support and guidance. This year will be exciting as our block of dirt becomes a home. Thank you to all the Staff at Clarendon Homes!
Thanks again, Courtney & James :)

Construction End DateJun 2019

Excellent builder

We just built our house with Clarendon Home on the Gold Coast s. Very happy with the quality of the product and time frame (less than 7 months for a two story house). In particular, we were very satisfied with site supervisor's input( name removed) who on an ongoing basis kept us informed. I would recommend Clarendon Homes to anyone anyday.

Construction End DateDec 2018

Pre-Construction Process

We had an outstanding Customer Support Team Leader during our pre-construction process - [name removed]. She was very professional, highly competent and very responsive. In particular, she had a great eye for detail and fully supported our desire to get our tender and contractual documentation right. She was also an absolute pleasure to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble. Clarendon commenced building in November 2018 and all seems to be going well so far. If Clarendon builds our house with the same level of precision and quality that was demonstrated by our Customer Support Team Leader we will be very satisfied customers.

Construction End DateOct 2019

Customer Service Consultant- Construction stage

As first home builders, it can be really daunting and stressful but it can be made a whole lot different if you have been assigned with a very efficient, considerate, compassionate and very reliable CSC--she did an outstanding job and walked an extra mile to meet our demands. She was indeed very professional and was service oriented having the customers demand sorted out in time and very efficiently. This is far by the best experience I had with Clarendon--having a CSC (name removed) who did superbly in her role. I just wished, we had one like her since the start and along the stages and up until the finish of our Clarendon building journey. Because people like her can make a lot of difference in having a reputable company.

Construction End DateSep 2018

Clarendon Homes Highly recommended.

So far all positive with the Clarendon homes. Planning to build Sheridan 41 in Brisbane. Our sales consultant is [name removed], and the CSC is [name removed] both were amazing can't speak highly enough. Was getting quotation from two other leading builders but decided to go ahead with Clarendon homes because of the plan, flexibility and good customer care .Highly recommended.

Construction End DateSep 2019


Construction was managed well by [name removed] the site supervisor from Clarendon and he provided us regular updates on the build progress and also he is very coordinating, knows the job very well, supervised the whole process of construction along with other members of the team who worked for us on the way. The whole team was excellent in their dealings with us. Handover provided before contract estimated delivery date.
I would personally salute our site supervisor [name removed] and the sales coordinator [name removed] for their sincerity, kindness, expertise and willingness to help all the way through. We never had a stressful time with Clarendon. Everything was so easy and pleasant

Construction End DateNov 2018

Building with Clarendon - Approval Stage

My wife and I bought a house and property with a view to renovating it. However after engaging architects and builders, we soon realised that renovating the home was significantly out of our price range. Disappointingly, it took as a few thousand dollars and quite a few months to reach this point.
Based upon a friend's recommendation we gave Clarendon a call and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the consultant came out and how things were kept moving. Any delays were unfortunately the result of various contractors and approvals!
However throughout this process, the Sales Consultant and then later, the Customer Service Consultant (CSC) have been fantastic, virtually always responding to emails the same day. The CSC has worked tirelessly trying to achieve closure on council issues that were outside the norm. Also, she chased things up on our behalf to give us piece of mind while my wife and I tried to get everything in place for the demolition of our old house. If she hadn't done that, the last 3 or 4 months would have been very more stressful. The CSC has been engaging, she has listened and come up with solutions and when she was going on leave, advised us well in advance and even notified us of the handover to another CSC!
I can only hope that the build goes as smoothly!

Construction End DateJul 2019

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Questions & Answers

Once the land is ready to be built on. How long from start to finish for a 2 story home to be built?.
1 answer
Hi Harriet. Times will vary considerably between NSW and QLD. They will also vary depending on the council area you are building in. The size of your home will also change the build time. The larger the home, the longer the build. Pre-construction preparation can be around 6 months, but can extend if you home is in an established suburb. Construction times start from around 6 months for 2 storey homes, but can extend longer than that if they are larger homes or in established suburbs.

Are private building inspectors permitted by Clarendon to inspect each stage of the build?
No answers

Hi, I have heard that it's Clarendon Home's Policy not to modify the staircase in the double-storey homes. Can you please point me out where this policy is written because I have failed to find this in any Sales Brochures? I thought Clarendon Homes was different that Domaine Homes in this case and they build as per customer needs. Thanks Deep
1 answer
Hi Deep. All building variations have to comply with internal guidelines. With regard to staircases, changes effect engineering of the home and frequently the stair case design, which is quite integral to the original floor plan. We therefore don’t allow changes to them.


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