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Coral Homes
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A stress free and pleasant experience

I recently built with Coral homes at Emerald Hills Estate in Leppington and couldn’t be happier with the final product.
My sales consultant and site supervisor were both very professional and I felt well informed in understanding the process at all times.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Coral Homes to my family and friends and will certainly look to them when I am ready to build again.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Our beautiful new home!

Thank you so much to Steve our project manager - he was amazing to deal with and to Peter in the Pottsville sales office. They are a credit to Coral and were always easy to reach and deal with.
The process for building is a long one from the paperwork side of things, but once they got going, it went up in three months! It is everything we had hoped it to be.
Small issues: The team in head office do not respond well and may bill you for stages that are not yet complete. Also, for pre-site soil removal, we used the contracting company that had scraped the land (Woodesons) and they are a bunch of crooks who double-charged us and threatened to throw the dirt back on the land if we didn’t pay. I have informed Coral of this- but they have not dealt with it to my knowledge.
However - that was not Coral’s doing - and everything that was Coral’s to do, has been done well!
The inclusions we have seem to be superior to others in the neighbourhood. We love the look and feel of hte new house and the quality is excellent.
Thank you to Coral!

Construction End DateNov 2018

So easy to deal with

Mike, Mitch and the rest of the team couldn't have been more helpful managing our build, especially since we are based in New Zealand. Everything went so well, and we were thrilled with the final result we saw during the walkthrough. Quality was superb, and attention to detail outstanding. Excellent value, excellent service. Well done Coral - we have no hesitation in recommending them and are already looking at their range for our second build.

Construction End DateNov 2018

Highest level of Customer Service EVER!!

We built an investment property at Pimpama late last year and have been dealing with Mike Baran. What an absolute amazing experience he has made this for us. We are based in Sydney so you can imagine some of the difficulties we have faced building interstate. Mike has made the process seamless. His customer service is at the highest level I have ever experienced. He has taken ownership and followed up on any issues we have had and resolved them as a priority. Please do something to acknowledge Mike on our behalf. Because of him I have been highly recommending Coral homes any chance I get and if in the future the opportunity arises I will build with Coral Homes again.

Construction End DateDec 2017

Great building experience.. The site supervisor was very good

The build was very good and the site supervisor was excellent had no major issues and cost was as expected. Furthermore we had no pre or post issues and are satisfied with the whole process. .... The final payment receipt is attached to prove completion and ownership. We have currently been living in the property for nearly three months and would recommend coral homes.

Construction End DateSep 2018

Great home!

We just finished our second home with Coral Homes and very happy and satisfied. Customer service and guidance was a massive plus, thanks to [Name Removed] for her professionalism. My first point of contact was [Name Removed], she is a wonderful lady and an outstanding sales Consultant. She went out of her way to find a package that suited our budget, she was happy to assist in any way possible I couldn't thank her enough for all her effort. Our Supervisor [Name Removed] was also very approcable and helpful person. He built very quickly.
Very happy with the end result:)

Construction End DateOct 2018

Great Experience from Sales to Handover

Really happy with the sales person we dealt with at Thornton displays, he was honest and never pushy through the process. Final price was really close to the initial quote we were provided with and at the selection process hardly spent any money as the standard inclusions were that impressive.

Was a little slow getting approval through council but once construction started my lovely new home was completed in about 5 months. [Name Removed] was our supervisor on site and he was fantastic. There were a few small issues along the build but [Name Removed] got on to them when ever I pointed something out. With the experience I had I would build with them again. A complete contrast to a builder I built with several years ago.

Construction End DateDec 2017

I am quite happy with most of the service except for [Name Removed].

It matched well, and we are quite happy with this
The new site manager [Name Removed] was quite good and supportive, and responsible for his work, very thorough
I am really would like to recommend Coral Homes to other people who is looking for a builder.
All family is happy about this new house. Looking forward to moving in shortly.

Construction End DateSep 2018

Great house, built quickly and to good standards

We have been in our coral home for nearly 12 months and are still very happy with the result.

Starting with the sales process, [Name Removed] at the Thornton display home was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Very knowledgeable, honest and not at all pushy. He made the whole process at the start so easy. He was great to bounce ideas off and was honest with costings and some of the directions we could take.

The build process was also enjoyable. Our build moved along extremely fast and our place was finished in 15 weeks. The supervisor managed time and his tradies very well it seems. Honestly had no major issues or defects. Just the usual paint touch ups etc at the last walk through.

The communication with the supervisor is one area that could be improved upon. We really only met him a few times and although he sent an email weekly with a process update, it was usually only a sentence or two long so it left us wanting a bit more. His emails were usually sent very late on Friday evenings though so he was obviously busy.

All in all we are over the moon with our place. Coral obviously arent a premium or super high end builder. But the quality of house you get for the money you spend is excellent. Cant speak highly enough of them

Construction End DateDec 2017

Overall happy with Coral Homes with few minor negatives

we just finished our first home & are pretty happy with the workmanship of the house overall, we had a very slow start to the build & slow process after the paint was done due to our ex-site supervisors lack of communication. But once we got our new supervisor [Name Removed] on board we were super happy with his prompt responses to our questions & getting items fixed

the main negative for us was having to deal with the salesman & sorting the paperwork, lack of communication is probably the right term as sometimes it could take up to a week for a simple response. A lot of things had not been explained to us throughout the whole process from paperwork to our first site meeting & if we only knew then what we know now we would change a few things.

I wanted to say how happy we are with [Name Removed] (our new supervisor) & [Name Removed] (in head office), super helpful the both of them , making it as stress free as they could, & the lovely lady who helped out at the colour selection at the head office! she was patient & helpful with every choice we made & is a big reason we have the beautiful styling in our home

my only last complaint was the "hamper" at handover, a cheap hamper filled with rubbish & ours leaked all through the box...other builders add in plenty of nice things that I think coral could take a leaf out of their handbook as I kind of expected more when spending over $230,000. I have a family member who built through coral homes & she got a large picnic basket with good quality cutlery etc., maybe the busier coral homes gets the less they need to impress?

all in all I would recommend coral homes to friends & family & would be happy to build with them again now that I know what I would do differently

Construction End DateAug 2018


Customer service was a massive plus - thanks to [Names Removed] for their professionalism. Always keeping us up to date and happy to meet anytime! Efficiency of the build was amazing! The entire process from design selection, all the way through to colour and fitting selection was pain free! Highly recommended and very happy with the end result

Construction End DateNov 2017

Building our Coral Home

We started building our Coral Home in July 2017. Our building supervisor [Name Removed] was always available to us and always in touch re the progress of our new home , we found [Name Removed] and his team to be first quality with there workmanship and always listened to our requests and always showed true professionalism, and respect.
We were informed of every stage of our build even if there was a small delay.
We found the finishing of our build to be of highest standard and we’re extremely happy with our total experience, from our salesperson [Name Removed] through to all our choice selection departments to support team and then to [Name Removed] and his team of trades.
We love our home and the quality of the home is outstanding ! Thank you everyone!

Construction End DateNov 2017

Wonderful Experience

This was our first home and we were extremely satisfied with Coral. Building a new house can be quite a stressful experience, but Coral helped alleviate that stress by making the whole process smooth and quick, right from sales all the way to handover. The quality of the home was excellent and we were kept well informed of the progress throughout the build.

Construction End DateJul 2018

Fantastic Experience

Having built three homes I feel we are in a good position to judge this company.
I have to say the build of this house was a very exciting and happy time.
All our initial concerns were put to rest with the appointment of their building supervisor who kept us informed every step of the way and answered cheerfully and accurately any questions we may have had.
The Building site was always kept clean and tidy. Any small situations were rectified quickly without complaint.
The attention to quality and workmanship was wonderfully supervised.
Customer support and service were exceptional.

Construction End DateJul 2018

Best project builder

We previously went through one of the largest builders in Queensland and the service was absolutely awful and we had to look for another builder to make a switch.

Coral definitely offers good service in terms transparency and quality. Their Monash, Seattle and Boston series definitely offers good value and variety. They are one of the few project builders that offer upfront fixed site cost (without having to pay deposit). Our sales person Mark J was great and offered a lot of help to suit our personal needs.

Coral also offers great inclusions in both of their Designer and Elegance inclusions.

Construction End DateDec 2018

My perfect dream first home!!

Being a first home buyer I did the nervous trips into many, many display homes looking for help with finding the perfect home to suit my budget. Unfortunately a lot of the sales people ignored me or deflated my excitement by saying my budget would only get me a much smaller home than what I was hoping for .. that was, until I went into a Coral Homes display!
Within just half an hour of speaking with the sales person I knew I had found my perfect dream home (even bigger than initially thought!) and best of all, it was one I could actually afford!
That level of excitement I first felt carried on throughout the entire journey. From the salesperson who provided the highest level of service through to my colour appointments and working with the lovely customer service lady, I always felt like I was looked after. After such a good run I thought maybe it was too good to be true, and the nerves kicked in as my site start date impended .. and then I met Steve, the greatest site supervisor ever!!
Steve was fantastic, he kept me updated throughout the entire build and communication was open at all times. I’ll never forget when Steve even called me to let me know the tiler was sick with the flu and apologised that the tiling would be starting one day later than planned .. one day!!! Of course no one would mind that, yet he made the effort to call. What a champion. To top it all off, the build was finished in 11 weeks and I got to move in earlier than planned and enjoy Christmas in my new home the following week.

I’m about to sell my perfect home of 6 years and it’s really made me reminisce and be grateful for all who helped me get here, and Coral Homes is at the top of the list!

Thank you Coral, I cannot wait to build the next one!!

Construction End DateDec 2011

Experience After Two Projects with Coral

I am sure everyone went through the same process we did, check out every builder's website, study every possible plan that might work on your site and then narrow it down to the plans you like, the price points on offer and promotions on offer. Overall, we looked at all the prominent builders on the Gold Coast and settled on Coral Homes. We did this mainly because they were easy to deal with, their plans suited our project needs and we weren't emotionally tied to the project, it was an investment property.

Now after completing two projects with Coral, we can provide a very firm and positive review. Building a house is a very complex set of variables. Dozens of sub contractors, thousands of components and on occasion things go wrong. In my opinion, the quality of a home builder is shown by how they deal with things that go wrong. In our two projects, we had very minor things go wrong, but on each occasion Coral were up front, acknowledged the issue and sought our input on how to address it. The issues were very quickly addressed with a satisfactory resolution and the build went forward.

Overall we highly recommend Coral to anyone and have future plans to build with them again as we continue increasing our investment holdings in QLD.

Construction End DateSep 2017

Amazing company with great consistency

Our experience so far with Coral Homes has been amazing. From the start our sales lady Jayne was amazing and didn't let us get out of depth as this is our first home that we are building. From picking all our tiles with Beaumont was a breeze and they had amazing input to going to the MyChoice show room and having so many options of colours and selections for the house was great! The staff their were also amazing! We have had one hiccup where our covenant was stuffed up which led to a 2 week delay to have it amended but otherwise our experience has been wonderful so far. Steve our Site Supervisor currently gives up weekly updates via phone and also sends us an email with a two week schedule on what they need to get done. I cannot wait till they are done and I just hope they can keep up at the pace they are going and keep to their 14 week max maybe 12 if we are lucky build time!

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Thanks for the Feedback Ashleigh!

So far very happy

We are at the early stage of our process but i wanted to just note that after a couple of minor setbacks due to staff changes both Michael and Liam had it all sorted, we have now been to do our colour selection and wanted to commend Lucy on an amazing Job she did and was very helpful and informative, We loved the new showroom.
If the rest of our process and build goes this well i would imagine we will have a beautiful home.

Construction End DateNov 2018

Poor finishes. Slap together. Rough tradesman.

We built in port stephens near newcastle. We had a practical completion walkthrough and found poor quality and many defects inside and out. We are also onto our 3rd building supervisor due to them moving within the business or leaving.

On Sunday i went around to the house and noticed a bit of a sink hole near downpipe at front of garage. I checked it out and found a hole in the stormwater pipe. A piece of brick has been backfilled and caused the problem. Obviously this will need to be fixed.

Out of curiosity i checked the water tank. It was near empty despite having nearly 200mm of rain this week. I checked all downpipes none of them are charged with water. Ok so we have a big problem here. I rang my
uncle who is a local plumber 45+ years experience and certified plumbing inspector. We discover that all downpipes are connected to stormwater line that runs to the pit. The tank is also connected to this line. Common sense would tell you that the water will always run to the pit and wont push into the tank due to gravity. There should be dedicated downpipes pushing water into the tank.

Also the pit only has one inlet. Should be 2. One stormwater and one for overflow from tank as per plan. They have run both lines down side of house but somewhere out the front decided to join into one. Defeats the purpose of having separate lines. Follow the plan. The pit should have holes in the bottom and gravel/geomat underneath as per plan. This stops it holding water and becoming stagnent. There is no trash screen in pit as per plan. I would like to request a copy of the hydraulic plan for the house as built by the "plumber".

Not to mention reverse fall caused by downpipe junction heights all over the place and just plain rough plumbing due to obviously not using a laser. The downpipes at rear of house need to be fixed. Overspill from concrete footing needs to be removed first. Laziness plain and simple.

If it was handed over like this we would have concreted over some of these areas.

Add to this the poor brickwork quality, wrong colour mortar touchups ,missing bricks, dirty bricks etc. Plasterwork and paintwork which was unacceptable. Looked like some sort of DIY renovation. Vinyl flooring that has humps and bumps and unfinished. Unfinished kitchen. And poor quality finishes everywhere you look in bathrooms. Around mirrors and bath etc. There is no lead in conduit and cabling provided from road for phone line as per contract. Every trade has been rip, tear, bust. With no pride in there work and little ability.

We are absolutely shattered about the build of this house. It was rough from the day they poured the slab which might i add is poorly finished on entry to garage and was not vibrated properly down edges. Is clearly not flat by looking at the vinyl flooring.

We are ready to take this further if coral homes cannot offer a reasonable solution and in a timely manner. Our bank manager has advised us not to hand over any more money until we are completely happy. We will be seeking advice on the plumbing from fair trading and the local council if these defects are not fixed, as currently it does not comply.

Basically they screw there contractors down that hard that in my opinion you get the bottomfeeders of the building industry. Plasterers and painters speak little to no English. And this is reflected in the quality of their work.

We have built once before with mac jones. I couldn't recommend building with coral homes.

Construction End DateMar 2018

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Looking to build with Coral in Jimboomba QLD... any recent builds that can give feedback on your experience with them? Thanks
1 answer
Awesome experience with both the office and our Project Manager. We are based in New Zealand and we got regular updates with lots of photos. Great build, really happy with the quality, so much so we are about to start our second home with Coral!

What floor coverings are standard in coral homes I am looking at the noosa25 MK2 but can't see in the product guide what the standard included floor covering are?
1 answer
The carpet is the ‘in the loop’ range from Carpet court... it’s basic but durable. We don’t mind it. For tiles it’s the silver range of Beaumont tiles... but only certain sizes. Go into Beaumont and they’ll tell you what’s included.

Hi Coral homes Do you build over sewer lines in Brisbane.
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