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Dan Murphy's Physical store

Dan Murphy's Physical store

2.5 from 10 reviews

Extraordinary range

Dan Murphy's is the alcohol equivalent of a well-stocked library: extraordinary range suited to someone on a budget through to those enjoying Grange Hermitage. However check-out staff appear glum & unenthusiastic.

Product Quality
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Advertise members specials that they don't even stock in store or online!!!

Dan Murphy's advertises products as Members Specials that they don't stock in theirs stores. DON'T BOTHER SHOPPING AT DAN MURPHY'S!!! They are just trying to sell you a different product at a much higher price.

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Great Customer Service Trinel

I thought customer service was dead but thanks to trinel from dan murphys at hornsby my faith has been restored.

Always friendly, very polite and helpful and if not busy on the checkout will help me with her knowledge regarding the wine and spirits and gifts for friends

Good staff are hard to find and I thank her for her customer service

Maureen howarth

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Rude Manager Mandurah

We have shopped here since it opened we spend $200 plus per week
We had our tiny Shih Tzu with us yesterday ,as we had been to the Vets @ Halls Head
so we thought we would pop in the Liquor store on way home.

So my wife asked staff if we could enter with our dog on lead to grab a few cartons of Beer and Bubbly

The Staff at desk said they had no idea if our dog was welcome dohhhhhhhhhhh
So we entered anyway,
We were in store approx 10 mins paid for our goods and as we checked out.

The Till service guy said "you're not allowed dogs in here"

My wife said "I did ask your Colleague before we entered and he couldn't advise yes or no"

I also responded politely adding
"Unfortunately you cant leave a dog in a car in the Sun even for a few mins
So for us at the moment it was grab the beers with our poochie
or go home empty handed a drive of 18 k's "

with that comment made-----
A Burly guy who we assume was the manager by His Stance & Vocal Tones
Who was standing some distance away
Piped up LOUDLY so all and sundry could hear.

"Don't try bringing the dog in again its not allowed"!!!

To be honest if the payment had not been accepted

We felt like telling him to shove the purchase

He needs a lesson in Customer Services and Diplomacy

He further stated again LOUDLY " Its Company Policy" he appeared very "Rattled"

So you need to put a sign up no dogs
and acquaint your Staff with the correct information


If you need to advise a customer of Store Policies
Approach them with Discretion not tell the whole store it didn't make you look big -- just RUDE

bye bye Dan Murphy's

You have Just lost a Loyal weekly Bread and Butter Customer
We Detest Rude Staff and if you were the Manager you are SERIOUSLY in need of Re Training

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Top Ryde City Dan Murphy's the Best

I always do my grog shopping from Top Ryde Dan Murphy's and I am always satisfied with the friendly staff and service. They know what they are talking about. I am knowledgeable with wine, but not scotch and they gave me great advice for a scotch as a present for a friend and he never stops raving about it, so well done to the staff.

Product Quality
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Staff talked me out of a deal

I asked the staff member at the checkout if there’s was any specials on lunch products and if it was worth scanning my members card. He told me there were no specials And as soon as I got home I checked and half of my items had members offers...

Absolutely not the cheapest in town

As a matter of fact all Dan Murphy stores charge $ 93.99 for 1 carton Leffe Blonde beer. The same beer can be bought at Liquorshed in Jandacot for $ 74.99. Being a regular customer of Dan Murphy in Cannington WA it would be greaty appreciated to purchase aforesaid merchandise at the same price.
Richard Fenson

Product Quality
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Trying to rip off

The oldest woman working at the checkout on Friday the 01/02/2019 tried to rip me off today so I told her to keep the bottles she was going to overcharge for then she got annoyed.

Staff in Smithfield Cairns shockingly bad...

Staff at this outlet unbelievably bad no idea of service real bogans and unfriendly to boot the car park is a pigsty always rubbish strewn about shopping trolleys rarely brought in and it is a very busy shop it is amazing because the other one in Cairns which there are only two - the one out in Earlville is always neat and tidy and much better staff the managers in the Smithfield one just don't seem to have a clue they need to be moved on or rotated I have mentioned this to head office but they never bothered to even reply to my feedback as I have purchased here for the last 8 years under duress I might add.


I went into the echuca store to get two cans of Southern comfort today and was so disgusted what they charged two cost me $13 and I can buy two from another liquor store and only cost me $9 but they didn't have any left and another store didn't have them so went to dan murphys never again just an absolute rip off Dan murphy

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