Exceeded our expectation with excellent customer service

DFH built us a quality home. We have been luck to find a great builder. Adam Keleher is excellent professional to deal with at Dennis Family Home. His careful and friendly approach has certainly helped us to work together for what we wanted. He went the extra mile to offer solutions and suggestions that we may not have thought of. Adam guided us to driving our dollar further by selecting from Aspiration range and adding upgrades. This worked perfectly for us. Some of improvements included offering wider garage to make sure a smoother drive into the garage. Alternative solution was to extend the crossover which would have cost us additional $5k. Skylight, butler’s pantry and stone benchtops are additional we have been able access at fraction of the cost. Adam went the extra distance to find any new discounts and offers before we signed our contact (i.e., drive way and flooring). DFH also saved money by asking us to wait for our existing property to be demolished. Thus, saved us over $2k in soil testing. Although the initial site cost was over $30k after conducting soil test DFH provided us the final site cost which saved us $12k. Project was completed within the time frame provided. We are amazed with final product when it was completed and the quality workmanship provided by DFH. We had post-handover minor issues but DFH warranty department attended to it quickly. We extremely happy recommend DFH to anyone and especially the services of Adam Keleher.

Construction End DateSep 2018
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Hi Prem, We appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your build journey. I hope you enjoy many years of happiness in your new home. Our hardworking DFH team will be thrilled to hear about your happy journey. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Love being in a new house and putting my own touch on it!

Dennis Family Homes were great throughout the whole process. I am very satisfied with my house that has been built in Nagambie. Kelly guided me through the paperwork at the beginning. When I noticed something during the construction stage that wasn't as planned, I contacted the Nathan the Building Superviser and he dealt with it straight away. The house design that I chose and slightly modified, is great for socialising and shedding light into those areas. Would highly recommend Dennis Family Homes.

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your kind words. Our hardworking DFH team will be thrilled to hear about your happy journey. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

More than a volume builder

First point of contact with Dennis Family homes was in the office and Sharron and the team were extremely warm and helpful. We were then allocated a new supervisor to our house during construction who did a really god job. We were wanting a very country looking home and couldn't find a builder in our area that could do this. We had a lot of features that Dennis Family Homes has not done before and it was always a "yes we can" from them. No major dramas through the build and the little things were sorted on the spot. Our final cost compared to our estimate was quite different however this was due to us choosing non standard larger bricks, this was easily rectified with us changing our brick choice to get the final cost back to what we wanted. We are very excited to finally call our house our home.

Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi Vanessa, We're so glad you enjoyed the build process and thanks so much for building with Dennis Family Homes. We hope you continue to enjoy your dream home and create many wonderful memories for years to come. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Above and beyond

This is my second time building with Dennis Family Homes - and once again, not a single fault. The process began with our sales consultant Adam Keleher, who has been nothing short of AMAZING! Adam assisted us with finding a block of land to suit the house we had chosen, and even throughout the extremely long process of us obtaining finance, which looked more likely to fail than succeed, Adam continued to help us in every way possible, knowing that there was a high chance that we would not get finance, therefore not be able to proceed with the build. After we were finally able to get finance, and our build could start (22 months later!!) our entire build was completed within 4 months, with all efforts made to get us in quickly, so that we could enjoy our new house for Christmas! And even though the house was built quickly, it was at no compromise to quality! We have been in our new house now for 3 weeks and it is perfect. Not a single fault or complaint. Once again I would like to thank Adam for everything! We would not be here in our new house without your help :)

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Melissa, We're so glad you enjoyed the build process and thanks so much for building with Dennis Family Homes. We hope you continue to enjoy your dream home and create many wonderful memories for years to come. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Happy with my new house

The build of my house was well managed by the team from start to finish. The workmanship and quality is quite good from what I inspected during the different stages. I had minor issues during the build and they were all sorted out with the team with no problems at all. My final cost compared to my estimate cost there was no change at all I new what I wanted when I saw the display home, build it exactly like that. After taking ownership of my new house I had another issue that needed fixing, rang up spoke to the warranty department and they sent someone out to come and fix it took a few weeks but got it fixed.

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hi Stewart, Thank you so much for your kind words. Our hardworking DFH team will be thrilled to hear about your happy journey. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Prompt, efficient service.... just the way I like it!

The build was extremely well managed from start to finish, and the quality of workmanship was excellent! There was a couple of minor things that needed to be tweaked from the initial estimate, but were handled with a prompt and efficient service. A few adjustments were needed from the estimate to the final cost, but nothing that was out of the ordinary.

Construction End DateFeb 2019
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Hi Daniel, We're so glad you enjoyed the build process and thanks so much for building with Dennis Family Homes. We hope you continue to enjoy your dream home and create many wonderful memories for years to come. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

I am Disgusted with the Warranty services

I am really disgusted with the terrible service I have received from DF homes. I have been trying to get the Warranty department to fix my house issues after completion of the building for more than one year after moving. I have trying to call the Warranty department at least 4 times a week for the last 6 months to fix my house issues that were left over after building completion, and I tried contacting Shun from the warranty almost every day and he never answered my calls or called me back, I have been very petition with this gangs but no more.

I need a solution to my problems, I am going to spread this message through the media like a fire.

Dennis Family Homes are the worst builder in Australia, save your money and time and build with others.

Construction End DateJul 2017

Please avoid, terrible after care even when they make mistakes

Poor communication when highlighting work that was never carried out. No one calls you back and when you finally speak to someone you are talked over and ignored. I got told it was ok to have wires sticking out the side of my house cos the electrician said they were ok. No one from dennis family sent to look or looked at my original plans. Just palmed off. Still waiting after 7 years to see when i might be able to be connected to internet.

Construction End DateOct 2011

Excellent Salesman - Justin

From the moment we met Justin Engelke at the Dennis Family Homes sales office - he was A1.
Nothing was too much trouble - he spent a large amount of time assisting us with all of our requirements. He followed through each and every detail of contract and requirements.
He went above and beyond in all of our dealings with him. We would not hesitate in recommending Justin Engelke to anyone that needs a professional salesman with extensive knowledge in building with Dennis Family Homes.
We will definitely work with Justin in the future to build another house with Dennis Family Homes.
He also stepped in at the end of our build when we experienced a misunderstanding with our project and it was resolved immediately to our satisfaction... we really appreciated his professionalism and support.

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hi Andrea, We're so glad you enjoyed the build process and thanks so much for building with Dennis Family Homes. We hope you continue to enjoy your dream home and create many wonderful memories for years to come. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

7 Month so far from land title and didn't start construction

Building and start construction is very hard, I experienced a long time waiting for developer approval and variation after developer and that took me more than 6 months, Consultant and all staff working hard to help, but the process is very complicated, thanks, that we progress to step forward to construct, I hope that will be a good journey
Thanks Dennis

Construction End DateJan 2019
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Hi Akmal, Thank you for your feedback. We are so proud that our Consultant and all staff working hard to help you. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Excellent experience and great team at Dennis Family Homes

We own land in Manor Lakes and we are also having our home built through Dennis Family Homes.
Originally we had agreed to build with Metricon however, we found the entire experience dreadful with them and in the end , decided to walk away and start over again. We researched several volume builders, visited countless display homes and spoke at length with various sales consultants. Then one day we drove over to Jubilee Estate and came across Jacky and Jan at the Dennis Family office. The rest is history!

Our experience ever since that first interaction has been second to none and I can hand on heart, say that we made the best decision ever to go with your organisation to build our dream home. Jacky has been an absolute delight to work with and we honestly feel like we have made two new friends in he and Jan. The level of customer service is exactly what I aspire to deliver myself in my own line of work, honesty, integrity and a real sense of understanding. Jacky is an exceptional guy and just so good at his job.

Our experience with dealings through the manor Lakes land sales office wasn't perfect in the beginning to be honest. We struggled to receive answers to some simple questions, didn't get called or emailed back when promised and it did become a little frustrating. Then one day I called the office and spoke to Emma Nelson, and again; the rest is history!

Emma has been outstanding. She is such a pleasure to deal with at all times. We realise that it must be difficult remaining composed and professional when there are so many agitated land owners becoming frustrated with unexpected delays, but Emma has really been amazing. Emma has always called back when she has promised to do so, she has kept us up to date with important updates and has really earned complete trust from my wife and I. To sum it all up , between Jacky, Jan & Emma, you have one hell of a team there at Dennis Corp.

They have all been so good to my family and we will never forget it.

We now just cannot wait to begin the next stage of our journey with Dennis Family Homes and start building our beautiful home in Lollipop Hill.

Wishing all at Dennis Family a great afternoon and a lovely weekend ahead!

Construction End DateJul 2019
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Hi Patrick, We appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your build journey. I hope you enjoy many years of happiness in your new home. Our hardworking DFH team will be thrilled to hear about your happy journey. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Great service, exceeded our expectations.

After all the negative stories we heard regarding building a new home we were expecting to face a few obstacles along the way and had braced ourselves for some headaches.
Happy to report we had none, other than the vandal who decided to enter our home by kicking in three doors close to hand over all went to plan. Even given the delay this incident caused our home will be still be ready for handover a month earlier than we expected.
The final cost was within the ball park of the first estimate. All variations due to us were credited back on our final invoice.
During ongoing routine inspections we can see the quality and workmanship of our build is great and are very happy with all aspects.
Given the extra support we received from our sales consultant when our home was damaged I would add an extra half a star if it was available.
So, thank you Lucas, Sasha, Robyn, Phil and all the staff and tradies at Dennis Family Homes Kangaroo Flat for all your help and for building us our beautiful home.
From Cheryle and Mick

Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi Cheryle, Thank you so much for your kind words. Our hardworking DFH team will be thrilled to hear about your happy journey. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Time Wasters & Cheaters

We had such a horrible experience with Dennis Family. This builder is not there to build your house, they are there to rip you off.
Worst every sales consultant I have seen. I even changed my sales consultant but looks like Dennis Family has employed some very lazy people.

Its been one and half a year and they still doing mistakes in variations and contract. Simple mistake to fix takes at least 4 weeks.
Dennis family has strategy to delay your contract and put you in situation that you have no bargain power and no power to make changes in home

They make false promises on credit back if you upgraded anything.
Two consultant they both give you different prices on item. No standard pricing for items you choose in home.
Sales consultant they just there to rip you off.

After 1 1/2 years of struggling with Dennis Family and paying them nearly 5k. I have pulled strings now I am and refund they offering me is just $1124 because they have work on it. I am not sure what work they have done, they just wasted my time. Since this is my first home because of Dennis family I have lost stamp duty refund on my land.

Never trust what Dennis Family sales consultant says. Always get it in writing from them because Dennis Family sales consultant never tell you whole truth. They just trick you. The sales consultant I dealt based at Pointcook victoria. No point it looks like whole Dennis Family is doggy company. I sent mails to GM and CEO but no action.

My suggestion would be if you thinking of building with Dennis Family than take my words, you will feel hell with them.

Construction End DateJan 2020

Two years down the track and brick mortar has been found to be defective

I would not recommend building with Dennis Family Homes (DFH). I have been deceived all along. They "finished" building my double story house and took them 6 weeks to wash the mortar residual of the bricks. I kept getting told that the bricks need to be washed by hand as the mortar was left on the bricks for too long!
Whose problem is it you may ask? All I can say this was intentional (to leave the mortar for long time) this was done to hide defective work. A week after the brick work was completed, DFH sent someone to clean the bricks using high pressure but noticed that mortar was too soft (defective) and started to blast off. So, they cleaned a small section (1m x 1m) and left it, fearing that I would detect the defective mortar work. The next move was to find someone to acid wash the bricks, gently, by hand which of course caused the bricks to discolour as the acid was left on the bricks for too long, which also caused other metal fittings and pips to corrode. Important to remember that I paid extra for the bricks.

Of course, the mortar is very soft, my 5-year-old is able to remove it with his finger, it’s basically too sandy. I have made a number of complaints to them and they have failed to even acknowledge my concerns. I had no choice but to complain to the Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) which prompted few DFH managers to come to "test" the mortar with their weird method of testing and determined the mortar is not defective and refused to do anything. When matters progressed with DBDRV, their area manager contacted me and stated that they are willing to pay for an independent expert to test the mortar; few weeks later DFH legal team send me an email saying that I would need to pay half the cost of testing, which of course contradicted what I was told by the area manager. I stood my grounds they finally said that they would pay for the test.
The outcome of test did not come as a surprise to me and it stated that the mortar is defective and does not comply with the appropriate standards, it also noted that the front of the house is so sandy to the level that it will need to be re-mortared.
A mediation was facilitated by DBDRV and all DFH was offering is AGAIN band aid work to get away with the cheapest possible way and off course maximum interruptions, mess and dirt to our property.
I have made it clear that I do not trust DFH to conduct any work on my property due to their deceptive dealings with me, demonstrated by their alleged initial mortar test which they tried to make me believe that its passed hoping that I would go away and not continue with the complaint, coupled with their initial promise to fully pay for an independent expert tester then change their stand and ask me to pay half. In addition to 4 attempts to fix a water leak from the balcony floor, which took over a year to resolve due to numerous band aiding attempts and finally they decided to get a proper qualified water proofer to do it; this person told me that I'm not the only one and he has been sent around Melbourne to fix poor workmanship. The stairs are another case of band aiding (flimsy and dangerously wobbling rails), the floor boards cut too short, the sliding doors and way out (width variations top to bottom), poor design (kitchen cabinet doors swing against plaster walls) nowhere to hand towels in master unsuite , received the house WITHOUT A LIGHT in the rumpus which took 7 months of convincing that it was not MY FAULT that there was no light installed! No seals installed around door frames, flooding due to tiles laid with fall towards the house.

All the above and much much more have led me to the conclusion not to accept their standard of work and get a properly qualified tradies to fix the mess DFH have created. Of course, DFH refused to settle the matter and only offered to patch up and band air the poor mortar.
Save yourself the headaches and DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT building with them unless you are prepared to accept poor workmanship and quality otherwise you will end up at VCAT.

Construction End DateJul 2016
Dear Mark While we appreciate your feedback, Dennis Family Homes would like to emphasise that we have done our utmost to deal proactively with your complaint. We followed the recommendations of the DBDRV and engaged an independent specialist to carry out further tests. The independent consultant identified a defect in the mortar composition and recommended that all the mortar in the affected area needed to be raked and replaced. We offered to carry out this work at your home, however you rejected the offer and instead proposed we pay you an amount of money - more than four times the value of the repairs. We remain committed to carrying out the repairs. We stand by our handling of this matter and believe your case has been dealt with fairly and professionally at all times. Kind Regards, Dennis Family HomesI have made it clear from the start that I no longer trust Dennis Family to conduct any work on my property. I have sufficient evidence to support my stand on this. İf you would like me to email you evidence of the poor workmanship, I would be more than happy to do that! Only last week it was demonstrated to me, a view supported by a professional and reputable tradesman, what a quick, bandaid, dodgey work was done on my property! All my sliding doors and windows are out of wack! By suggesting that my offer to settle this matter is more than four times the value of the "repairs" is yet another testimony of your attempt to band aid rather than properly repair the defects. Not mentioning the discolouration of the bricks (due to the improper acid washing approach). We have paid substantial amount of money to have these bricks and we've ended up with faded discoloured ones with stains and acid burn marks! What dollar value would one put on this? The status of the frontage of our property is enough of an embarassment to your brand! I guarantee that you would not like me putting up a sign stating "Built by Dennis Family Homes" . I guess you should ask your warranty department how many attempts you have had at fixing the leakage on the balcony and how many months it took you to get a proper water proofer and tiler to complete the job! Four attempts and more than six months! That is six months of dirt, water leakage, material damage and deterioration and us having to put up with all of this! How many attempts at fixing the wobbly stair rails,. How many months before a light was installed in the rumpus? One of your tradies, who calls himself a tiler, does not believe in using water level and I had to rip out the tiles and get a proper tradie to come around to fix the stuff up as the alfresco area was flooding beyond belief! What about the floor boords sliding so badly as they were cut too short, and your answer to this is silicon, yet another bandaid. Mind you one of your managers always had some sort of weird explanation as to why things were done in a certain, improper way! Even the DBDRV assessor had to put him in his place when he was trying fool me with his strange explanation as to why the floor boards were cut too short! That independent consultant did not suggest one solution but you've decided to go with cheapest bandaid! And he made it clear that he did not even bother testing the frontage due to the obvious weakness of the mortar, he also mentioned the acid burn marks discolouration of the bricks in addition to the staining and deposits and much more! I could go on and on. All the above is supported by evidence, images and video. If only this website had a media upload facility!Tuesday, 30 October 2018 I replied to an email from DFH Building Manager. I have attached images as evidence of poor design, horrendous brick work, flooded patio and floor boards that were cut too short, now "fixed" with silicon! I could provide dozens of images, for anyone who is interested (PM me), to demonstrate why I have decided to, first of all, write this review and secondly, not to accept any more band aids from DFH.

Bad Workmanship and service

My wife and I chose to build with Dennis Family Homes because we thought that they were a Boutique builder but now we are regretting our decision because of our on going concerns about items that require fixing but nothing is being done about this. It is coming up to 1 year now that we have been in the property. We have had many homes built by other builders and when we requested them to fix the problems we had, they took the responsibility to fix them in a specified amount of time, while Dennis Family homes won't even own up to these responsibilities. So be warned do not build with this company unless you are willing to go through the pain we are suffering.

Construction End DateOct 2017
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Hi Keith, We are sorry to hear that you are displeased with the level of service you have received. Your concerns are important to us and we would like the opportunity to discuss the issues you have raised in further detail. Can you please provide either your full name and contact number or Job number and will try to resolve the issue straight away. We hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes Customer Service


We could not be happier with our home! From start to finish we were looked after and kept in the loop, and there were no surprises along the way.
The quality of our house is a dream and everyone who walks through loves our home.
Thanks to Louise and Tobias who helped us from beggining to end. Never a question unanswered and thank you so much for making a very daunting step in our lives feel so much easier. Your support was greatly appreciated.

Build your home with Dennis Family Homes.... you won't be disappointed. What a fantastic team!

Construction End DateSep 2017
1 comment
Hi Jacqui, Thank you so much for your kind words. Our hardworking DFH team will be thrilled to hear about your happy journey. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Absolute professionals, amazing quality

Build was managed excellently. Graeme Jackson “Jacko” was an absolute legend to deal with!! Great communication throughout and all enquiries answered quickly.
Workmanship and build quality is outstanding!! We are blown away with the finishes and quality of work.

We only had one issue and it was handled promptly and professionally. They understood and empathised with us and it was dealt with that day!! They went above and beyond our expectations!!
Final cost was exactly what we were quoted!

HIGHLY recommend them!!!!

Construction End DateSep 2018
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Hi Megan, Thank you very much for taking the time to write this fantastic 5-Star review! We are so proud that our Site Supervisor was an absolute legend to deal with. Its great that they went above and beyond in all aspects of your build. We are so pleased that you are happy and we appreciate your recommendations. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Excellent Experience

We build our Dennis Family Home (Topaz 28) in Officer, Victoria. I'm going to preface this review by saying that I had never gone through the process of building a new home before. After hearing many stories of poor customer service pre and post sale with all volume builders, I did a lot of research and swear by product review. After looking at many floor plans and reviews, we chose Dennis Family Homes to build our dream home. We started our journey by dealing with our sales consultant Adam. Adam put a lot of time and effort into making sure our plans came to fruition. We made quite a few changes which he was always happy to try and accommodate. His communication throughout was exemplary. Once we reached the build stage we were looked after by site supervisor Dean who again was easy to communicate with. The Build quality was pretty well spot on. A few minor issues that I noticed within the first month were promptly taken care of after notifying the site supervisor. We have been in now for approximately 3 months and couldn't be happier.

Construction End DateMay 2018
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Hi Andy, Thank you so much for your kind words. Our hardworking DFH team will be thrilled to hear about your happy journey. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

Amazing from start to finish

As first time home owners and builders, we thought it was going to be a daunting experience.
But from the moment we stepped into the display ( at closing time on a sunday afternoon) Adam Keleher had nothing but time for us and no problem putting us at ease! We were guided through designs to fit our lifestyle and budget, advised on land in our goal area. What followed was amazing customer service answering all of our questions regardless of time or day, we felt so at ease thanks to Adam's willingness to go above and beyond for us right through until our build was complete and even after. What amazed me was just how accurate our quote was on that first meeting, almost to the dollar of our final cost!!! Seriously couldn't ever thank Adam enough for helping make our pipe dreams a reality.

When we got to contract stage, we were handed over to Stacey Maxwell, but still in constant contact with Adam. Again i must've asked her a million questions and she was so helpful and quick to respond.

Next in line was Haylee Buckingham our building admin also fantastic to deal with and made the build process straight forward for us to understand and as smooth as could be

On to our build and wow was the attention to detail and quality of the workmanship top notch, our site supervisor Andrew Dolphin was onto everything throughout our build, we put our blind faith in this man and he delivered in spades. Again available to chat and catch up WHEN WE WERE AVAILABLE not putting us out at all with our work schedules and family business, making sure we were happy with every aspect of our build and we felt confident and comfortable. Our build went fantastically smoothly and we are so happy with our final product exactly what we hoped for a beautiful family home!

In the end we started with Adam and from that first moment felt supported by the entire team at Dennis Family through the entire process. So much so we have recommended to friends and family to start there journey with Adam and Dennis Family and we will soon have a friend as a new neighbour in her own Dennis Family home.

Construction End DateMay 2018
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Hi Dave, We're so glad you enjoyed the build process and thanks so much for building with Dennis Family Homes. We hope you continue to enjoy your dream home and create many wonderful memories for years to come. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

An excellent salesperson Richard Hee. Excellent value for money and quality homes.

We are pleased to give Richard Hee from Dennis homes and our progressing build a review.
We first started the building process by visiting lots of different display homes.
We came across Richard and immediately found him engaging and knowledgeable about Dennis homes and their house plans. We found Dennis homes great value for money against other home companies.
Richard also had a good understanding of what Dennis home would suit what block of land.
This was very refreshing and was what made our minds up to build.
We were confident that Richard could efficiently guide us through the building process.
We also were extremely happy with the price and quality of Dennis Homes. They have great house plans too.
We are currently building with Dennis homes and to date the house is progressing well and we are sufficiently happy with the process and build to this stage. The home is shaping up beautifully.
Through this current building process Richard has been the go to person if we had any queries of our developing and final plans.
Richard is extremely efficient in his knowledge, paper work and has excellent communication skills.
He has always been clear in his direction and he knew his product well.
This is an enormous help and reassurance for us going as we go through an unfamiliar process.
Richard Hee is a huge asset to Dennis homes and we will be highly recommending him and Dennis homes in the future.
Thank you.
Steve and Tricia Clarke

Construction End DateOct 2018
1 comment
Hi Tricia, Thank you so much for your kind words. Our hardworking DFH team will be thrilled to hear about your happy journey. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes

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How long is your structural warranty is for. Who to contact if there are cracks on outside brick walls of the house. Manoj, Taylors Hill, Victoria
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Has anyone built the Pearl 24 with DFH? Thoughts?
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Hi, We liked a plan in Dennis family. Its in aspirational series. Do you have any current offers or any offers in next month? Thanks and Regards, Teja Akula, 0413305438.
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Hi Teja, Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, we will be having great new offers starting next month. Please visit our website for more information: https://www.dennisfamily.com.au/latest-offers/ Alternatively, please provide your contact details and we will send you more details. Kind Regards, Dennis Family Homes Customer Service

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