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Off to a great start!

After an extensive search for the perfect home we just couldn't go past Domaine Homes. We believe they offer the perfect balance of quality and affordability with a great range of project home designs. Whilst we were not able to make some changes to the design that we could have with some other builders, Domaine's home layout options cover most of the functional modifications you would need. We also feel that their upgrade packages are some of the most transparent and flexible in the market, allowing us to only pay for what we were really needing! Whilst I'm sure we weren't the easiest customers to deal with, back and forth in discussions with Michael over at least two months, he was always extremely helpful and went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with our final decision. We have only heard good things from others that have built with Domaine Homes and are looking forward to the next step in our process!

Customer Service
Site Admin
Build StagePre-Construction

Best House Purchase Experience

After looking around at numerous builders and designs, we can only say that Domaine Homes have the sales, support, product model and the best reviews that won us over from 3 other quotes of similar designs.

From day one, Michael Depalo from Box Hill was pleasant, polite and personable to say the least. His product knowledge was above reproach and we felt in every way confident on our decision to purchase our new home from him.
We had so many questions and emails to Michael, who answered each one quickly and with all the information we needed without any hesitation nor pressure to close. It was the most enjoyable experience.
His personal input was welcomed when requested, and his advice on some selection points helped us to finalise the design and comfort of our family home to the point we cannot wait until its built..
He is the front face and backbone to Domaine's ease and transparency throughout the process of the sale, a true asset to Domaine Homes sales team.

Our first visits to the selection studio was comfortable and relaxing, and were met with friendly service and intimate knowledge of each range of design and colour selections.
Our official selection appointment is set, and we will review this down the track when the contract is signed.

To be reviewed with updates in due course.

To date, we have had the best buying experience backed with exceptional service at all stages so far. At this stage I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael and Domaine Homes to anyone looking to build their home with someone who they can trust.

Customer Service
Build StagePre-Construction

Review of salesman Michael Depalo

While we are not in a position to comment on the build as this process is yet to begin, we are able to review our experience with a Domaine salesman, Michael Depalo. Michael has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. He has been transparent, friendly and approachable from the beginning, to the point of contract (our current status quo in the building process). Michael has made himself available to us at all times, addressing questions and concerns, especially considering that we are interstate buyers. We did not feel pushed into a purchase at any stage, which built a trusting report with the sales team. We felt that Micheal always put our intersts first and we would highly recommend any friend or family member to deal with Domaine, given our experience with Michael.

Michael, thanks for the cheese board. Mate you are still invited to the first family BBQ! : )

Construction End DateApr 2020

Splendid Experience with Domaine Homes

An excellent all round experience from Domaine Homes. My dealing from the beginning to the final day was seamless, collaborative and welcoming.

From the sales person to administration staff to the Site Manager - They were all very Polite, Knowledgeable and transparent.

A particular call out to our Site Manager Luis. I must say he has to be one of the most knowledgeable, customer centric and authentic person I have ever dealt with.

Luis earned my trust on our very first conversation. He contacted me every week to provide progress update along with forecasted plan for the upcoming week. Most importantly he delivered what he promised. He kept me honest about expected the completion date however, he end up completing well before my expectation. It felt like he treated this project like he was building his own home. He demonstrated care and ensured that everything was done to perfection. He even assisted us through our walk through and discovered minor defects which needed fixing before the final handover (Clear demonstration of care).
I am extremely delighted with his service and If I ever build again, I would go to Domaine Homes so I can deal with Luis again. True Gentlemen and a great asset for Domaine Homes.

Sandeep Muni

Construction End DateDec 2018

Best Home Builder, Bar None. Amazing Value and First Class Service

From day 1, Domaine Homes were a breath of fresh air compared to all other project home builders we met with.

From the professional, down to earth sales, home options and after sales team who were always available to answer our many questions, to the fool proof color selection options and "build your house online" tool and the brilliant way in which Gary Balfour (site manager) managed our entire (and fast) build process, my wife and I couldn't recommend this company highly enough.

This is the second house we've built and we sat with countless other well-known project home builders but none of them understood our scope of works, needs and the specific guidelines we needed to build within for our estate better that Domaine Homes. Their home designs make the perfect use of space too, a cut above the rest of the major names.

A rare experience of exceptional service not many business seem to offer any more from a fast growing builder. Thank you guys for your time, we'll definitely be back to build with you again.

Construction End DateDec 2018

Exceptional customer service

Both my husband and I are first home buyers and have signed a tender with Domain Homes. When we were introduced to Michael Depalo – at Box Hill Domaine Homes, he was very thorough on what’s involved and was transparent during the entire process. He checked in continuously to see if I had any concerns/questions. It’s a great feeling to deal with someone like Michael who knows what he is doing and uncomplicated. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to friends and family.

Construction End DateDec 2019

Brilliant service from start to completion.

Domaine homes from start to finish has been a pleasure, and at the end of completion we have a wonderful built home.
Luis our site building manager has been brilliant, a breath of fresh air. He has delivered us a beautiful built home even better than we imagined. Luis communicated with us every step of the way, he was clear and on time and for this reason I would like the thank him personally.

Great service and great builder.
Lot 5140 crux street Box Hill
Dean Zammit

Construction End DateDec 2018

Domaine Homes

We have signed a tender with Domaine Homes and we are extremely happy with the service so far.Michael Depalo has been extremely helpful with all the sales advice.He has gone above and beyond and patiently resolved all our queries.The resolution time for all the queries have been extraordinary.I am entering to the contract signing stage and i am confident that the rest of the steps in terms of constructions will run smoothly.There has been a few back and forth in terms of the estimated cost but I am hopeful that the final cost(post signing off the contract) will remain the same.Looking forward to build with Domaine Homes.

Construction End DateOct 2018

Very impressed !!

I am a first home buyer and I have visited different builders and everyone made me confused. Most of them even did not know my council requirments and were not sure which desig would fit to my narrow lot. The prices were very confusing too. Thanks my friend who suggested me Domaine homes. After reading so many positives reviews about them I went to their Box hill office, where I met Michael, sales manager. He explained to me everything in such a professional manner which showed his honesty and clear business ethics. I am glad that I m going with Domaine homes. Looking forward to the same level of services in future too :)

Construction End DateSep 2019

Excellent experience for first time home buyers

We are at the initial stage. As first time home buyers, we had plenty of questions and needed a lot of guidance. More than the package itself, the quality and layout options, great customer experience and handling was one contributing factor why we decided to go for Domaine.

We went to meet with Michael Depalo after reading positive reviews and he is truly exceptional. He is very patient and thorough in explaining, making customers feel at ease and confident about the product and services offered. Highly recommended. Taylor from color studio was helpful too. We are excited and looking forward to the actual build. We hope the great customer service we’ve so far experienced will continue throughout the whole building process until we finally move to our new home.

Construction End DateNov 2019

Happy and excited - Stage- start of construction

We are actually at the start of construction. We signed contract with Domaine on the 31/08/18. Our sales consultant was Muhit Mirza. Very calm and helpful. Gave us ideas on how to choose a better plan on our budget.
Thanks to him we went for a 26 house instead of a 24. Had issues with our driveway( developer issues) but Muhit advised us and told us not to worry. Gave us examples of how we can overcome this issue. Even now whenever we are worried about something re: this process, we call him because we feel very comfortable talking to him, he will always find a solution sooner or later. At the beginning I thought his idea of timeframe was confusing, because on the 2nd contract signing day we were told of a longer/different time frame but now I think he's correct. Domaine will do things faster than they promise you.
If everything goes well we might even move to our house by/before mid next year(2019).
Colour studio experience was quick and very clear.
Samantha was our customer consultant. We only saw her once but always kept in touch via emails . She is efficient and she met our high expectations. Very understanding.
So far our overall experience with Domaine was a very happy and pleasant one. Will update again at the end

Construction End DateJul 2019

Quality & Speed

After months of looking for a builder, we came across domaine Homes. We chose Domaine Homes because of quality and price.
Thanks to the whole team of Domaine Homes.
Everything went well from start to finish. We thought we couldn’t have the house before Christmas, but we did 2 months earlier. Construction took only 3-4 months.
A big thank you to our site manager Frank.

Construction End DateOct 2018

Perfect Builders

Looking to build a new home and they were all way out of budget once all the extras were thrown in. Went to Domaine at Parklea and spoke to Rebecca Hoyer and she gave it to us straight, was able to give us a price that met our budget without having to compromise, even let us see the display house before it was officially opened to the public. Once we paid the deposit and the final price came in it was lower than what Rebecca had quoted us.

The customer service we have received so far from Domaine has been exceptional from Rebecca who not only helped us choose the house and also make extra money to Taylor helping with the colour choices to signing the contract with Monica and of course Samantha who I constantly bombarded with questions would always email me back promptly or return my call. If I have to build again I would definitely go with Domaine again.

Construction End DateJun 2019

Would build with Domaine again

If you think building a new home will be daunting and stressful, Domaine Homes will put you at ease.

From the sales process, colour selection and council paperwork, going to site and handover, it has been an absolute DREAM. Communication throughout the whole journey from sales to our site supervisor was incredible, and they handled everything with ease and professionalism. Domaine completed the build in five months and did so with absolutely no corners cut and high attention to detail.
Our estimated cost pre-construction was absolutely spot-on to the final cost, so no surprises mid-build that left us out of pocket.
I cannot recommend Domaine highly enough, and would not hesitate to build with them again.

Construction End DateAug 2017

Great service!

My fiancé and I had been looking for a block of land to build our first home on together for a while. After visiting Michael Depalo at Domaine Homes in Box Hill, we knew that we were in good hands. He helped us to design such a beautiful home and we really appreciate his time and effort in doing so. Thank you for being patient with us and guiding us along the way.

Construction End DateSep 2019

Professional, Friendly and Upfront approach makes all the difference

Though building our home hasn’t started yet, the experience we had with Domaine homes is excellent. starting with meeting Michael back in July and walking through all the options for our home. Being our first home we had so many questions and we changed the design several times. Michael with his patience and openness was upfront with us and explained all the differences with the designs and inquired regarding all the extras we wanted and helped us choose what was most relative to us in the right design without exceeding our budget. His friendly and professional attitude and how he always went above and beyond to assist us, was what gave us the confidence to go ahead.

Then at the colour selection studio it was easy to see the different packages and the materials used. Signing the contract was a very open and informative meeting where we got to understand the process and how everything will proceed. Samantha and Sarah were friendly and professional.
Rimonda was welcoming and more than helpful. She gave us all the information we needed and were upfront on all the details that needed clearing later and what might change and how variation could affect what’s to come. Her professionalism and friendly approach are extraordinary.

It is clear to us that Domaine staff are well versed, friendly and transparent with everything they offer, and that’s what gave us confidence that the building process will be an easy and enjoyable experience. We are very excited and looking forward to see it happen step by step on the Domaine Homes client portal.

Construction End DateSep 2019


I was introduced to High Grove by my daughter who has just moved in her new home in the area.
We have been thinking to downsize for sometimes but was not in a rush and had not decided where to buy my new home. My husband and I went on a visit to High Grove Box Hill display centre.
We met Michael Depalo and discussed my plan. After my conversation with Michael I felt confident he was the most trusted person I could deal with. He guided me and helped me through this big decision. My inspiration to build with Domain was greatly influenced by Michael. He guided me and provided the right information to make the right choice for the plan of our new home. I commend Michael for his professionalism.
Taylor is very friendly, very knowledgeable and professional and guided me and provided me options with colour selection. It has been an enjoyable experience.
Lets stay confident that this level of service will continue along the building process all along the way until we move in our home

Construction End DateOct 2019

Wonderful service!

Building our First Home with Domaine has been a very easy and enjoyable experience! We have had nothing but wonderful communication and information throughout! They have been more than happy to answer our (many!) questions and have always gone above and beyond to assist us! The colour selections are confined to the colour boards which is somewhat restricting, but made the process of decision making a lot easier - particularly for our first time going through the process.
Technology has also been very well utilised by allowing us to sign documents online through a software, computer generated images and designs on their website and their Instagram has been beyond helpful throughout the whole process. Visual aids are key when building and they have done a fabulous job adapting to this.
Wonderful quality for money as well compared to many other builders on the market!
We hope the building process is just as seamless!

Construction End DateApr 2019

Simple, clear and stress free process driven by friendly, experienced people

My husband and I had heard a lot of great reviews from people we knew and people who knew someone building in the High Grove Estate at Box Hill, and decided to go and check it out. We honestly weren't in any rush and hadn't even decided on whether to build or buy our next house, but a trip out to the Box Hill Display Centre, our dealings with Michael Depalo and the incredible promotion of 22 upgrades for free, convinced us that it was the way to go. Best decision we have ever made!

Although our house is not yet built, the process thus far has been simple, clear and stress free and everyone we have dealt with has been knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Michael Depalo provided us with all the information we needed to make the right choice for our home and land package, and was so helpful when explaining the process. He was honest and up front about cost and inclusions and generous with his time when we were unsure or changed our minds about things. He clearly cares about the customer's experience and seemed genuinely excited for us.

Choosing colours was a fun and stress free experience also. Taylor was patient and friendly and showed us examples online when we weren't sure. We ended changing our mind after doing some research and went with a recommended colour match scheme by Domaine's designers. I couldn't believe how simple that process was! I called Samantha and within 5 mins was signing a contract variation on my phone! Simple and hassle free!

Rimonda went through the whole building contract with us after our colour selection. She was so lovely and even made some extra enquiries for us pertaining to land exchange and land registration.

We are loving the Domaine Homes client portal and are looking forward to watching the updates of our build! Highly recommend Domaine!

Construction End DateOct 2020

Extremely Supportive Team and Great Value for Money!

We have been looking to build for some time now and visited the Box Hill display homes to explore floor plans/designs. We loved what we saw and met Michael to finalize and proceed with next steps. Michael has great attention to detail and was extremely patient in answering all our questions. He even when the extra mile to have one aspect of the build approved - an aspect we wanted very much. He has been there to guide and help us through this big decision - We can confidently say that our decision to build with Domaine was greatly influenced by Michael. We are sure that we can count on Michael and his team to ensure the build process will be as smooth as possible. Thank you Michael and Domaine :)

Construction End DateJun 2020

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Questions & Answers

Hi Domaine Homes Team, may I know how long still we have to wait for your contractor returning to complete the insulation work in the roof? Can you provide an actual date instead of letting us wait and wait with no idea at all. My wife has trying to find out this from your team. We have a three months old baby and we don't want our baby suffering under the heat of this property with no completed work.
No answers

Hey. We are about the go into contract stage with Domaine and so far we’ve been happy. Has anyone recently built with domain in the hunter region? Specially interested in any sohar builds with guest room, although any feedback is greatly appreciated.
1 answer
Hi Dan, Please contact Adam on 0438 495 591. He might be able to assist your enquiry. Regards

Do you charge a fees for traffic control and if its not used are fees refunded? cheers Christopher.
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