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Dunlop Grandtrek AT22

Dunlop Grandtrek AT22

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don't believe some of these posts

have these on my FJ Cruiser from new 2 years 40,000 kms only half worn ,:) tow a 2 ton caravan at least half those km,s use a roundabout almost every day and never had the slightest issue in the dry or wet and use the roundabout at approx. same speed , I don't believe these other bullpucky reviews stating unsafe in the wet , Ive never had slightest problem with these tyres 265/70/17 A22 .
Regards Peter

Purchased in March 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 41,000 km
Car ModelToyota FJ Cruiser
Tyre Pressure Used42 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyYearly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling


Got these fitted with a new 2015 Mazda BT50 XTR 4x4 and have gotten over 100,000kms. They are still serviceable, however they get a little m slippery in the wet.

Purchased in August 2015 at Dealership.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Car ModelMazda BT-50 MK2 (2011-Present)
Tyre Pressure Used37 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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Hi Cris, Thanks for your review of your Dunlop GrandTrek AT22 tyres. We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience with them - it's great to hear you have gotten over 100,000kms! Cheers, Team Dunlop

Good in the Dry, Crap in the Wet

New 2018 Ranger came fitted with these as standard. Ranger weighs 2475kg's with mods. I have been driving 40 years and consider myself an experienced driver in most situations. Have done 38,000 kms so far on these tyres on the Ranger, mostly bitumen and still have around 50% tread left. Handle fine in the dry, once the road is wet, pray your insurance is up to date. Have lost count of the times the tyres let go on corners in the wet, most times without warning and going slow. Driving the other day up a winding range in the wet I had to slow to 35km/h otherwise the car would lose grip on every corner. Completely lost it on a roundabout in town in the wet going about 30-35km, car completely went sideways and ended up facing the wrong way without warning. Driving down a wet range towing a trailer I had to go veeerrryyy slowly around the corners as every now and then you could feel the car have a small slip. My passenger was even commenting on how crap these tyres were in the wet. I have owned many 4WDs and have never experienced the amount of times these tyres have let go in the wet in any of them. Also with a slight push on the accelerator at the lights these things will lose traction in the rain even when changing up gears. These tyres will not be replaced with the same brand when their time is up.

Purchased in November 2017.

Build Quality
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 38,000 km
Car ModelFord Ranger PX.II (2015-Present)
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyYearly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly seeking to improve our product offerings and we will certainly forward this on to the appropriate parties for consideration. Team Dunlop

These are far better than people make out

I have them fitted to a 2009 200 series GXL Landcruiser I have had nearly 120'000 klms from them , changing them for the same tyre now . I have never had a problem with slippage on wet roads ( maybe you other drivers need to adjust your accelerator control and drive to the conditions presented ).

There is a little road noise now mainly because of how low the tread is . Regular tyre rotation and baalncing checks kept these tyres alive for so long .

CarLandcruiser GXL 200 series
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Hi Dino, thanks so much for your review. It's great to hear that you've clocked so many km's with your Dunlop Grandtrek AT22s on your Landcruiser! Cheers, Team Dunlop

Poor Wet grip

My new Mazda BT 50 came fitted with these and I have only done 1600 KLM on them including some dirt roads but mainly local and highway driving. On the highway and the limited dirt roads, the tires performed well. The first bit of rain yesterday and suddenly I was sliding all over the place. Spun the wheels off the line at the lights and then on a straight bit of road, the car suddenly slid sideways. Now roundabouts are like driving a dodgem car. I may have to look for better tyres as soon as the drought breaks.

CarMazda BT 50 XTR
Hi there, we're really sorry to hear that you're not happy with the wet weather grip of the Dunlop Grandtrek AT22s. We have passed your feedback on to the relevant parties. If you require further assistance or have any questions please let us know. Thanks, Team DunlopThese tyres are dangerous and I have asked Mazda to replace them or I will lodge a formal complaint about how dangerous they are in the wet.

In my Pajero, Great in Wet and Dry but sidewall not tested yet

AT22s came with my Pajero - Perhaps well suited to Pajero - Handles perfectly in 2wd in the wet (didnt have the same experience as others). Went from these to Hankok Dynapros and all of a sudden have lost traction when offroading.

On AT22s, previously drove straight from paved roads and up mountain on 45 degree dirt, rock and grass tracks. With Hankoks, I now I have to change pressure right down. Highly inconvenient - I think the Hankoks are too hard a tyre, and just dig up the mud and slide (ruined my acreage lawn!). Places the AT22s took me on 2WD, I now need , 4WD and Difflock, and Im sliding everywhere!!

4 Stars as I havent truly tested the side wall enough

Car2012 Pajero Diesel. Stock suspension
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Hi there, thanks for your review of your Dunlop Grandtrek AT22 tyres. It's great to hear you found them to be a great fit for your Pajero. We hope you continue to enjoy offroading in your AT22s! Thanks, Team Dunlop

Disappointing tyre do not buy.

I purchased a brand new Mazda BT50 which came fitted with the Dunlop AT22 tyres. These Dunlop AT22 Grandtrek on the wet road skid sideways when moving off from traffic lights also manuvering round abouts in the wet very very dangerous. These tyres should not be used, I will be replacing them.

CarMazda BT50
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Hi there, thanks for your review. We're very sorry to hear you had this experience with your Mazda BT50. Please let us know if you require further assistance. Thanks, Team Dunlop

Best tyre on milage, Word tyre on sliprage

Five tyres on my FJ cruiser as factory. Having run the tyres on my vehicle slightly more than 80k for now, mostly for on-road and moderate off-road. The tread is about 2mm left for front (and 3 mm for rear). I am happy with the tyres in terms of mileage and durability.

However, I am very unhappy with safety concern when it is wet - in particular, on a roundabout. Basically, it is extremely vulnerable to slippage on a roundabout, no matter whether you are driving as slow as crawling. And even when pulling out on road, lawn and unpaved road.

For the reasons, I am thinking of replacing the tyres with another brand, and my research is still in progress.

CarFJ Cruiser
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Hi there, thanks for leaving your review here. We're glad to see that you're happy with your Dunlop tyres in terms of mileage and durability. We're sorry to hear that you're not happy with the Grandtrek's performance in the wet. Please let us know if you have any further questions or require assistance at this point. Thanks, Team Dunlop

Absolutely Dangerous in the Wet

These tyres are extremely dangerous in the wet and marginal in the dry. Like other respondents, I don't think I should leave these tyres on my vehicle any longer. As such, further comment regarding effect on performance and durability is superfluous. The Dunlop AT22 should be removed from the market.
A word for those expounding the virtues of these tyres:
 you are mistaken (or are making untruthful comment because of a commercial interest in this product)
 you put yourself and passengers in extreme danger whenever you drive in the wet
 you put other road users at risk

Car2017 Ford Ranger XLT
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Hi Bill, thank you for leaving your review. We're sorry to hear that you weren't happy with these tyres on your Ranger. We have passed on your feedback to the relevant parties, in the meantime if there is anything else we can do to assist please let us know. Thanks, Team Dunlop

Quiet, but hopeless in the wet and easily punctured

The Dunlops came standard on my 2018 Ranger XLT. They've only done 15,000 kms, but I'm about to change them for either Goodyear Duratracs or BF Goodrich ATs - depending on availability. The Grandtreks are not all-terrain tyres. Not by any means. They puncture easily, and they are seriously frightening on wet roads and loose gravel. Forget about going anywhere near mud!

CarFord Ranger XLT and Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series
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Hi Nicky, thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear that you weren't happy with the AT22s on your Ranger. Please let us know if you have any questions or require further assistance. Thanks, Team Dunlop

Longetivity of tyres

Probably the best AT tyre I have ever owned. I have got a whopping 86,000km from the original set on a FJ Cruiser. No issues reported dry or wet. I am staying with the same brand good value for money, quiet ride I am impressed and of to Costco to replace with the same.

CarFJ Cruiser
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Hi Heath, thanks for the fantastic review. We're stoked to hear you've been enjoying the AT22s on your FJ Cruiser :) Team Dunlop

One of the worst tyres I have had on my New Pajero

These tyres are pretty awful in the wet and I have had a few unprovoked slides which I caught before the car tried to turn itself into a disaster. On one trip the tyres lost grip on a small wet slope and we ended up sliding back a bit which was a bit interesting.On dry roads they seem ok and quiet but they will be replaced before the wet season arrives.

CarPajero NX
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Hi Tony, we're sorry to hear you're not happy with the AT22s in wet weather. Thank you for leaving your honest review and if you have any questions or require assistance please let us know. Cheers, Team Dunlop.

Dangerous in the Wet!

These tyres came standard on my new 2017 Pajero and have delivered numerous scary experiences. In 40 years of driving I've never driven on a worse tyre in the wet. They have next to no grip around tight corners like roundabouts and T merging lanes and are just plain dangerous in my view. I'm glad that we are in drought this year and have not had a normal wet winter as i hope to get these things replaced before the next one comes.

Car2017 Mitsubishi Pajero
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Hi Mark, thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear you're not happy with this tyre's performance in the wet. If you require any further assistance or have any questions please let us know.

Good kms

Got these standard on my 2015 XLT Ranger, handle well on any dry surface and very quiet on the road and still have 40% tread left at 60k. They handle off road really well but scary as hell to say the least in the wet as they have massive traction issues with torquey cars on wet roads.

Car2015 XLT Ranger
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Hi Andy, thanks for the review and it's awesome to see that you've gotten great mileage out of the AT22s. We're sorry to hear you're not happy with the performance in the wet, please let us know if you require further assistance at all. Team Dunlop

Just perform without fault

Have had the AT 22 on my 200 cruiser since new. I’ve now traveled over 200,000km and out to purchase some more. No failures, no wet road issues and averaging 70,000km per set. Off road performance is far better than I expected and the on road grip and response excellent. I have tried other AT tyres on other vehicles but when the 200 needs a new set the AT 22 goes back on.

CarToyota 200
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Hi there, it's great to hear that the AT22s are your go-to tyre for your Toyota! We really appreciate you taking the time to write this and cheers for the five stars! Team Dunlop

Weak sidewalls

Got these on a Ford Everest. Travelled 48000km so far. Got about 30% tread left.
As a road tyre I think they’re good. Haven’t had any problems in the wet as others claim. Pretty quiet on the highway.
As an off-road tyre I don’t think they’re up to task. We got a sidewall cut on our first outing. I didn’t realise the tyre was damaged until we were on our way home traveling 110km/h along the freeway & the tyre blew out & got shredded. Scary stuff.
I will not be getting these tyres again.

CarFord Everest
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Hi there, thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear that this happened while you were off-roading. Please let us know if you require further assistance at all. Team Dunlop

Never had a tyre as good as this

When I bought my Ranger XLT in January 2016, I looked at the tyres and thought they won’t last long. I hate being wrong but these tyres have been great. 57000 at present. Only time it has got loose in the back end is where there has been diesel or oil dropped on the road and it’s wet. I have never seen these problems with wet weather driving that others mention. Maybe I am slowing down in my old age. I’m looking to get some replacement ones, not because my original ones are performing badly, just because at 57000 I think I should. 99% on road but travel short distances every day on loose gravel and a 4WD track.

CarRanger 2015 XLT
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Hi there, we just want to thank you for such an honest and awesome review. We're stoked to hear that the AT22s are best tyres you've had and glad to hear you're replacing the tyres at regular intervals

Pajero's love them

These are my third set over 2 different Pajero's and over 160,000km's. I think they are a good allrounder tyre.
On road they are quiet. In the wet I've never had problems either, though I always flick it into all wheel drive when wet. Towing a 21' van has had been fine as well including 3x 5,000km + trips. I do note the other reviews that seem to have problems are mainly utes (Rangers & Bt50) perhaps rear weight is a factor. When 4x4 I was surprised how they well performed considering they are made for road more than off road. Never had problems beach driving as well.
These are good tyres for the price. Are they the best? No. Would I buy them again? Yes.

Car2013 'Platinum Edition' Pajero
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Hi Sean, awesome to hear you're on your third set of the AT22s! We appreciate your honesty and the five stars :) Thanks, Team Dunlop

Slippery slide

Tyre seems to fairly good in dry. But gees need a crash helmet when it comes to wet. I dont think i have ever had a tyre so bad in the wet. Even at roundabout have to do walking pass cause any quicker and ur off, while granys pass me in their Hyundai.

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Hi there, thanks for your review and we're sorry to hear you're not impressed with the tyre in the wet. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to assist. Team Dunlop

Punctured by a twig after less than 500KM and 10 KM off road.

I have just received a brand new Prado Kakadu 5 days ago, hoping to travel around Australia, getting a puncture by a twig today leaves me very concerned. :( The twig is around 10mm diameter and went in just outside the tread area. I can't believe that a tyre fitted to an off road vehicle could be punctured by wood so easy. Or have I got a dud set?

CarToyota 2018 Prado Kakadu
Hi Gary, we're sorry to hear this has happened. Please let us know if you require further assistance with this one and we'll do our best to help. Team DunlopThe tyres have been good since for all I have been off road in many places. I will give Dunlop the benefit of the doubt and put this down to being a fluke. Thanks for the reply. :)

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what is the physical weight of the AT22 265/70/17 please so I can compare to other tyres ? regards peter
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Sorry Mate, tyres came fitted as standard when I bought the car. I have no idea on the weight of the tyres. Don't suppose their website can help. Regards, JB

According to the reviews the AT22 isn't any good in the wet, could you comment on the AT25?
No answers

I just replaced on my Land Cruiser of 2011 Dunlop Grand Trek tyres . Whats written is 285/65R 17 116H AT22 OW TL JAP . I am clear uptill 116H . Can some one explain OW TL JAP ?
No answers