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Dux Sunpro
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Absolutely disgusting support.

6 year old system. $1000 on new pump and diverted which was suggested by tech support over the phone as Duc have no supportimg plumbers in our region. No tech support in our area. Customer service Would allow me to talk to any one in management. Totally appalled at this product and Dux staff.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Do not buy a Dux Sunpro Solar system!

Within 11 years we need to replace the 315 litre tank for the 3rd time. 5 years ago the first tank was replaced after threating to shame them in providing a replacement. Now the tank is leaking again and water is coming out around the side inspection cover. After contacting Dux they will not replace it, will cost approx $2500 to replace. They Market a 5 year warranty. They should say their product will last 5 years. To replace the whole system with another manufacture will cost $7000 plus. Don't buy a Dux you will be sorry, I have contacted the Dept of Fair Trading and hopefully they can do something.

Date PurchasedMar 2013
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Hi Roy, It sounds like you have been in touch with us regarding your system, however we cannot locate your records from your profile name alone. Are you able to please email your full name, installation address of the water heater, tank model number, tank serial number a contact number to help@dux.com.au? We'll call you to discuss how best we can assist you. Best regards, The Dux Team

We wasted our hard earned money

In 2013 we had a Sunpro solar hot water system installed in our newly built house. Within 3 and a half years the collector tubes under the glass panels started to corrode. As the system was still under warranty I contacted Dux but was told by the receptionist to send photos of the problem. I sent the photos to them but was told that they would not do anything unless the system was leaking even though there was a five year warranty. I have kept all the correspondence which I had with Dux, including photos.This company should be discredited in selling a really bad product. The corrosion is really bad now and it is out of warranty, I fear that at any time it will cease to function. Stay away from Dux.

Date PurchasedMar 2013
Dear Mac, Thanks for the feedback regarding your solar collectors. We understand the phenomenon you are referring to, which can be common to many solar collectors. The material seen is a combination of air born particles, combined with condensation and the reaction due to heating and cooling resulting in a white greenish build up of material. We can confirm that it will not reduce the performance of your solar collectors or the life of the collectors. I appreciate you have already previously done this, but I would like to ask if you could resend the images of the collectors to help@dux.com.au, including your name, contact number, address of the site where the solar water heater is installed, and the model number and serial number of the solar water heater tank. We also keep this information on file, and it's helpful to retain a homeowner history of issues raised regarding their water heater. Best Regards, The Dux TeamSo what you are saying is that the corrosion will not eat into the pipes and cause a problem i.e. water leakage etc. during the life of these panels????How much more bad publicity does Dux need before they bite the bullet and FIX some of these outstanding issues. Mac

Stay away from DUX ...Total waste of money

I have got DUX DS15DS solar boosted hot water system only 4 years old and every year from last 2 years I have to spend $500 for repairs and this is 3rd year where I have got yet another problem.. I will complain to related authority ... their customer Service is terrible too...

Date PurchasedJun 2014
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Hi ChintanP, We are sorry to hear your experience and our customer service team will respond asap. In the meantime can you please email your mobile and email address to help@dux.com.au so we can talk through your specific issues and try to assist you? Best Regards, The Dux Team

Worst than Garbage! ACCC needs to get involved!

In 7 years, the DUX had a recall, then a replacement and now after 2 years its broken again, worst still, even only after 2 years, no warranty as it is from "First install" the replacement unit does not come with warranty!!!!!!!! What a hog wash. I will get ACCC involve again. Last time they didn't want to replace as well giving all reasons, once ACCC got involved they replaced the tank but I had to pay for installation and other service fees! cost me over $600 last time. I thought consumer is protected, this company should be audited and fine for selling unfit misleading product! Customer service is worst than robot. PLEASE BOYCOT DUX!!! save yourself anguish and pain. Customer Service suggest Hot water system last only a couple of years! My last house had one hot water system for over 15 years!

Date PurchasedMay 2016
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Hi Dee, We are sorry to hear your experience and our customer service team will respond asap. In the meantime, can you please email your mobile and email address to help@dux.com.au so we can talk through your specific issues and try to assist you? Best Regards, The Dux Team

Total Garbage

We installed this unit just 4 months back after our old unit started giving problems. In the first week, water started gushing out from the opening at the top of the unit and now the sensor has stopped working. We have been without hot water for almost one week. I called Dux and the reply given by their customer service person was that I am not the only one without hot water. Dux does not care about their customers. Their customer service people are rude. They are insensitive to the needs of their customers. Never buy a dux product.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


Take into cost of replacing DUX panels every 5-6 years, mine started leaking after 2 years, at the time DUX said they would replace them but I would have to pay the cost of removing and installing the new ones ... DUX SUX

Date PurchasedMar 2009

Useless crap!!!!! stay well away!!!!!

We had this unit installed at our new home. Worked fine for about 18 months, but it blew the joining pipe between the 2 panels- the pipes coming out of the panels are very short not much room for the olive ring to seal on!!! Now just as we are coming into winter this year, I now notice our frost valve is leaking even though the temps around 10 degrees. Bought a new one & installed but its still opening to early.....need to investigate more.
I think the money I spent on the solar hot water system would have been better spent on a basic hws & solar power system & let it pay for the heating during the day!!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Awful Company, Useless Product

5 years on from installation, and the system is not working again. Gas booster won't ignite. As the last 3 times it's been repaired have been diverter valves, I can safely assume that this will be the problem again. First three repairs were under warranty, last one was on us. Most unreliable product I've ever come across and trying to get a plumber in my area to service this system is almost impossible. I honestly don't know how Dux could sell these.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Terrible Company & Product...

We built the house back on Aug 2013 and we got this Hot water cylinder choosen by the builder maybe its a cheaper option for them!! And unfortunately not even 5yrs now its broken and not working anymore, I called a professional Plumber hoping we can able to fix it but he said he got alot of bad experience with these products by DUX. Even someone can fix it, the problem will come back again and it wont be cheap.. I highly won't recommend this company to anyone, not very helpful Customer Service as well!!!

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Terrible service

My builder bought a Dux hot water system for my brand new house 3 years ago. The Valve and Sensor stopped working completely (no shower for 6 days) and whilst the drum is covered by warranty a small cable leading to the thermostat broke and was not covered - $300+ for a 10cm cable and sensor & $600 for labour and no shower. When we rang Dux we were given the wrong information by a rude Customer Service person so we sent numerous emails to the Manager who was extremely rude and said under NO circumstances would she assist in any of this. I would like to know if the Drum is under warranty for 7 years how come a small cable a) cost $300 and b) not covered. I could have bought a whole new system for the cost of repairs.

I would NOT recommend Dux to anyone.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

don't buy

Crap. gas never switches over need to manually reset. ie any time there is clouds after a few days sun. Also 1yr warranty on a system with a 5 yr payback! completely not working now after less than 3 yrs use. had the heater unit swapped out after 6 months (luckily within warranty). Would never buy another dux.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Only one year Warranty on parts on an expensive sophisticated hot water system?

How do companies get away with only one year warranty on parts for an item that's more expensive than my ducted heating which i get about three years warranty on? Why do consumer affairs allow Dux to only grant one year warranty on parts when apple phones you use every minute of the day has 2 yrs warranty on half the price?
I believe a class action should be done to remedy customers issues such as, paying higher bills for water, gas and electricity because of faulty hot water system. Of course you can also add labour and parts cost to the remedy.
Today I was lucky because my system is about 4 years old and stopped working. First plumber from fix it right plumbing waved the call out fee. Legends! Then Dux put me on there recommended plumbers $150 call out fee! and I have to wait longer.
Then I got another plumber and he played around and ordered me a controller $370 for next week! After 3hrs the system started to work again!!! Now I don't know what to do.
If Dux sunpro is a crap system supplied by the builder (Burbank) which was in this case then Burbank should have a system in place for issues such as this. And Burbank should inform Dux that they will not use there product if its crap!
In my case Burbank should also be blamed for supplying a crap system?

Date PurchasedAug 2013
After my initial write up a week later the system crapped itself! Now we had no hot water. So $630 later and a new valve its working for how long?Just replaced my unit today with an aquamax. The solar hot water diverter is faulty. Ive keep the Dux Sunpro DN15DS for parts. I also have a new tempering valves $478, Msg me if you are looking for parts.

Cheap rubbish and panels cant handle frosty mornings burst

11 Years old and had value replacement last January for water leaking and fixed, now had worst frosty mornings this winter bring more leak from solar panels its not the value this time. So break down in frosty mornings of -3c and -2.2c two days row then started leaking from Panels. Now get repairs, hard to say need new panels.

Date PurchasedJan 2006


simply i prefer buying products made in china than this money costing machine.
costing a lot to maintain, breaking itself one by one almost every months and costing around $500 each time and the product is disgrace i feel sorry dux is australian company
never buy again for sure if you are looking for one just skip this brand

Date PurchasedAug 2012

Costing me more than saving!!

I have a Dux DN15DS Boosted Gas Solar Water Heater. It is only 3 three years old and have had to get the pressure relief valve replaced 3 times since we moved in. So much water has gone down the drain either from leaking from the panels on the roof and coming from the pipe next to the tank. I've woken up again this morning to the sound of water gushing out of the pipe again. My water bills are through the roof because of this system. Now we have to wait until a plumber comes out again to tell me what the problem is this time. They've told me in the past to get rid of this hot and replace it with an electric/gas instantaneous unit. This unit just keeps costing me money. What can be done to get this fixed once and for all?

Date PurchasedNov 2013

Terrible product

Had the unit for 5 years old and already broken for four times. Customer service also terrible. And after the warranty their approved service companies are terrible too. Very unhappy about Dux company. Not recommend for anyone. Try Rennai. Heard that brand is good. Also the off flow valve is leaking all the time. Replaced three times for the past 5 years.

Date PurchasedSep 2012

Terrible - Avoid

My Hot water service is almost 3 years old and has just broken down for the second time.
There are no local service agents in my area.
Because it's out of the 1 year warranty Dux doesn't want to hear about it.
All the local plumbers say the same thing: "Dux products are cheap rubbish - you'd be better-off getting a different system rather than repairing it".
Avoid these Products!
- Inferior Quality
- Bad Customer Service
- Bad Service Network
- Inferior warranty (1 year, instead of the standard 3 year)

Date PurchasedAug 2014

What a dud will never buy this brand again

I don't think I've had a year that this system hasn't cost me hundreds of dollars in repairs and water loss..from leaks from solar panels on roof to pilot light being faulty to solarnoid faults...it cost me a lot to buy regretted it ever since...completely unhappy despite complaints nothing happens

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Poor product and service

Our solar hot water service wasn't working and needed parts replaced including diverter valve when we moved in to our house two years ago. As the house had been used as a display, the system hadn't had much use. We were without hot water for over a week and Dux were difficult to deal with, but after much stress finally covered the repairs. It is now two years later and the diverter valve has been replaced again. It was causing electricity to turn off due to water leakage from broken seal. The system is only four years old and we are not at all confident with the product. The tank is also rusting and top has buckled but Dux did not want to know about these issues, stating it is not affecting function of system. We are not alone when reading other feedback. The company should compensate owners for this poorly performing product.

Date PurchasedApr 2013

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Questions & Answers

I have a hotlogic H3201 controller. When the sun has not been shining for a few days the water goes cold. Not sure if the sensor is not telling the mains power to take over?
2 answers
Hi Bill, It's our pleasure to answer your question. But would you be able to email through your full name, phone number, address where the unit is installed and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au so we can answer it for you. Regards, The Dux TeamHi Bill, There may not be enough solar gain at your location to heat the water to 60 Deg C (the minimum temperature under AS3498 to sanitize the water from Legionella Bacteria). Please check that the automatic boost element is turned on. Cheers, The Dux Team

Unit keeps tripping out the safety switch. Is this logic controller issuance. Can a local sparky fix. Don’t want to wait a week again for a technician
4 answers
Hi David, Thanks for raising that question. Can you email through your full name, phone number, address where the unit is installed and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au so we can answer it for you. Best Regards, The Dux TeamHi David, Due to the complexity of the product, a local electrician may not be able to correctly diagnose the potential fault. To save you from calling us, please email through your full name, phone number, address where the unit is installed and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au so we can call you and discuss the issue with you. Cheers, The Dux TeamI rang a few days ago. You were no help.

We have a dux sunpro lpg gas boosted system , solar part of the system seems to be working fine. If it gets cloudy, the gas boost system will not cut in. We have had the issue for a while. When it is very cold the gas boost will work but when the ambient temperature is above 7-8 degrees it won’t cut in. Can anyone help with this issue, cheers, Barry
2 answers
Hi Barry, It's our pleasure to answer your question. But would you be able to email through your name, phone number, address where the unit is installed, model number and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au so we can prepare an answer for you. Regards, The Dux TeamHi Barry, We would really appreciate if you can send through your details so we can try and resolve this issue for you. Regards

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