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Hi Dyson users My DC65 sucks vigorously through the top of the handle, but not at all through the base in any position. Very confusing! Is there a switch or button or setting I am missing??
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Hi Greg, Thank you for your query. Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty with your Dyson DC65, we are happy to help. The DC65 automatically diverts suction between the hose and the main cleaner head automatically. If this isn't happening, we would encourage removing the hose and checking the changeover valve as shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akhJr3Yjk70 This should help get your machine running as normal, however if we can assist further, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be in touch to assist. Best wishes, Shan

My DC65 has become extremely difficult to push on our carpeted as well as the beater bar will quit operating if you stop to move a chair. We have had this unit for couple of years and have been very happy with the unit until now. About 6 months ago I replaced all the filters as well as cleaned the unit in great detail. It is almost as if there is to much suction. What is going on?
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Hi Skip, Thank you for your query. Sorry to hear your Dyson DC65 is hard to push and the brushbar is stopping. Neither of these are to be expected. We would kindly ask for you to get in touch with our Dyson Experts via auaskdyson@dyson.com. We will be more than happy to assist and get your machine running as it should. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Shan

My dyson animal is doing the same thing where you pull the hose out completely and it wants to retract. I have to use one hand to pull, one foot to hold the dyson in place while I am pulling the hose and the other hand to clean. It has nothing to do with the wand. Is there some way to pull the hose out and get it to like click in where it will not retract on its own? OMG what a pain this thing is ! sorry I paid $600 for it.
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Hi Mark, Thank you for your query. Sorry to hear you are unhappy with the hose on your machine. While we anticipate your hose will be taut at first, it will loosen up over time. We encourage to having one person hold the machine in place while a second individual stretches the hose to its full length to help loosen the hose. You can also store the machine temporarily with the hose stretched around the machine. Be assured, this will stretch with time. If we can assist further, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and we will be happy to further assist. Best wishes, Shan

Will the v6 rollerbrush replacement fit this model? dyson ball animal
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Hi Natalie, I was assured by Dyson staff that non of the other rollers or heads will fit this model as I was quiet happy to change either the brushbar, the head or the whole vacuum as this model is obviously not user/purpose friendly. Listening to adds from Harvey Norman, on the radio today in Hobart I heard them say that Dyson weren't making this type any more. Maybe they have realised how bad it is. Dyson do assure me that all parts have a 2 yr warranty but I wonder how long that will last if they don't make them anymore. My brush lasts approx. 10 months. Hope this helps.Hi Natalie, Thanks for your question. The V6 parts are not compatible with the Dyson DC65 Ball Animal. The correct brushbar for your machine can be seen at: https://shop.dyson.com.au/spare-parts/brushbar-966098-02 As this part is currently out of stock online, but is in stock internally, please email us at auaskdyson@dyson.com with your contact details and machine's serial number and we will be happy to help arrange an order for you. Best wishes, MiraMany thanks... Kind regards Natalie

Hello, I have a dc 65 and the suction motor suddenly stopped working. The bar still turns on and off as normal. Any ideas?Thanks in advance!
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No sorryHi Jeff, Thank you for your question and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your machine. We would recommend to reach out to our helpline on 1800 239 766 with your machine handy or send through an email to auaskdyson@dyson.com with the serial number of your machine and contact details and one of our experts will be in touch to best assist you. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/Dyson

I have a dc 65 animal complete and I've checked for any clogs and I've cleaned the filters. But the vacuum is only ducking from the handle, not the base. It does a great job ! But I need it to vacuum the floor. Any ideas? I also have a compact dyson with the exact same problem. Please help!!
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Hi Vanessa, Thank you for your question and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues with your machines. We would recommend to run through the checks outlined on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLnH--ca1YA. Should the issue persist please send through an email to auaskdyson@dyson.com with the serial numbers of your machines and contact details and we will be in touch as soon as possible to assist. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/Dyson

I have the dyson stick v6, it really is an easy and great device. apart from the fact that my dog hair jams everything :( the wheels are jammed and now finally the spinny thing inside is also jammed. So tell me big fluffy dog owners, will this vacuum get jammed with hair???
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Hi Belle, Thank you for your question and we are sorry to hear of the issue you have experienced with your V6. We would recommend to contact our helpline on 1800 239 766 to discuss the jammed head and the performance of the DC65 on fluffy dog hair. Our helpline is open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and on the weekend 8.30am-4pm. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/Dyson

Will the shroud from a Dyson Animal 2 fit a Dyson DC25? Thanks
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Hi Adam, Thank you for your query. Apologies for any disappointment, however the cyclones from these two machines aren't cross-compatible. If you need assistance in finding parts, please reach out to questions@dyson.com and our US Based Dyson Experts will be more than happy to help. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/Dyson

Hi, I find my dyson suction too strong for my rugs and it keeps sticking to one rug and even left permanant grove marks on it. Is there any way to stop this, like adjusting the brush higher? Carole
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Carole,I too had 'burn' looking streaks when I first received it. It can be adjusted and Dyson picked my head up and returned it at no cost. I am not sure how to do it myself but it is a dream since they fixed it. Glides with no resistance at all. I have low pile carpet and the rugs are thicker but it goes over them no issue. It just detects your rugs as vinyl like mine did with the carpet and lowers to accommodate it. Just call Dyson and explain and mention my fix they did. They are really friendly in customer service. Good luck.Hi Carole, Thank you for reaching out. So we can best assist, please email askdyson@dyson.com.au and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/Dyson

Is it easy to maneuver under beds and furniture? Or are you continually using the hose attachment?
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Hi Astrid, Thank you for your query. This would depend on the build of your furniture. As the machine pivots on the ball, it can make it easier to get under. However, the wand is easily and quickly removed from the back of the machine in the event you are unable to get under any furniture. I hope this helps, however, you are welcome to email askdyson@dyson.com.au if you have any more queries. We are happy to help. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/Dysonit can go about 50% under table chairs - you would need to do half on each side, personally I just move the chairs out of the way then back. under a small dining table its ok. The wand is useless, really hard to use as you are fighting against it the whole time. If you have stairs dont buy this model - we have resorted to using an old vacuum cleaner for our stairs or tight spots (that would require the wand) rather than the Dyson DC65

I am so fed up with this product. Every one gets so excited the first few months as did I. You use your old vacuum ( mine was a dyson) You do the test where you vacuum with your old one and then find the new one picks up that last 10% and you are so happy with the new one you give your old one to your daughter. Then you find out that is all the new one does. 10% it hates to do the bulk of the work. So now the clip on the bottom of the barrel has broken off. Probably from fatigue because you have to empty the barrel so often. . Plus you deleted my last question without answering it. The fact that my turbo drive head stopped turning making it ineffective. I have never been so up and close with the dirt I vacuum up. Unless you are vacuuming up pretty pebbles you need a chopstick to help empty the barrel. And picking out anything in the turbo head so it will work. I paid $800 for this piece of crap So my question is what do I do with a barrel that doesn't close?
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Hi Jazrah, I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with your machine. Please be assured www.productreview.com.au has administrative control of this website and Dyson are not able to change or remove any questions. I am sorry you are having trouble with your machine, please email askdyson@dyson.com.au, and we will be happy to assist you further and get your machine up and running. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/Dyson

DC65 upright a breeze to push when first purchased after About 6mths it is so hard to push. Can't work out why checked. Filter ect cannot stand using it. Any help?
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Check to see if the ball spins freely maybe the filter is jamming the ballHi Again check under the brush bar you should see a black wheel and cover that goes in the middle of the brush if the wheel is missing u need to replace the whole brush bar head if it's still under warranty Dyson will replace free of chargeHi Virginia, I just reckon these cleaners are duds. I find that ours has been hard to manouvre from the day we purchased it. Would take it back to your point of purchase.

Just used my DC65 for the first time and feel it is not up to Dyson standards; What are my options after only using this once? I would be keen to stick with a Dyson and I thought that buying the top of the range would be the best. Don
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Hi Don, Thank you for your question and we are very sorry to hear that you feel your new D65 Animal is not living up to your expectations. At this stage we would recommend to contact our helpline on 1800 239 766 to discus this further. Our helpline is open Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and on the weekends 8.30am-4pm. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/Dyson

I recently purchased my DC65 animal and seem to be having issues with the handle/ wand part. It won't stay extended out when in use- is the suction causes the hose to keep retracting?
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Hey Jessie.H I had similar problems and contacted Dyson about this their solution was the more you use it the looser it will be, mine still is stiff and makes it hard to use, I do find this a bit annoying, tho I wouldn't give up my Dyson..Thanks Bel. Im not sure - it doesn't seem like it's tight, as it comes out fine when it is switched off. I can pull it out all the way quite easily. When you turn it on it sucks it back in again? And it pulls it back in so hard that the vacuum rolls backward toward me? Is that what yours did?Hi Jessie, sorry I am not much help. My dyson us stuck in the cupboard. I can't use it despite my efforts in getting a response from dyson. I can't move the vacuum cleaner over the floor! I hope someone else is able to assist.

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