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ANZ Share Investing (E*TRADE)

ANZ Share Investing (E*TRADE)

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Keeps loggin you out

You logout of website. If you try to log in again in the next 15 minutes you can't. For some reason ANZ thinks this is fine and nothing to worry about. I have told them several times this is not acceptable. They don't care or want to rectify this system wide issue.


Terrible! Useless! Continually Locked Out. Abandon This Sinking Ship.

The ANZ Trading platform continually throws up 'Facility temporally not available try again later' - if the facility is available it rejects login. Platform cannot handle password managers. If you stay with ANZ be prepared to have to ask them to reset password every time you log in. Totally absurd, the ETrade platform served me for 20 years time to abandon ship.


Unreliable - expensive

I agree with other reviewers. All my previous trade data is lost and using this platform is unreliable.

What brought me here in the first place is. Currently I no longer have access to Depth or Course of sales - the system right now tells me I need to update my account and pay for these - but won't let me update my account - not that I'm going to anyway.

I can't count the number of times in the past I've tried to log-in with no success - particularly at market-open. Not much value if you want to buy or sell quickly.

And, it's costly to make trades, made more so when ANZ increased cost of small trades - by diminishing the level at which minimum fee cut out.

Hard to believe that it's such a mess after all this time of development


Poor transition

Lost all my contract history from the original Etrade. Now have a big issue trying to proove original purchase cost of stocks Ive held for decades. How can you just delete this historical information critical when you sell?


Unreliable unable to access my account. Happens all to often. No one seems to care.

Unable to access my accounts. Happens all to often. Unreliable system. Message is that something when wrong. Well that sure is assuring. When you have seen that message a number of time you come to the realisation that you need to a more professional system.

Complete mess once again

More platform troubles. Cannot access my trading history, portfolio, Profit & Loss etc etc. This has been going on since Friday 14/6/19 and Client Support says its aware of the problems and they are urgently trying to fix it.
Heads should roll as there have been so many problems with this platform since ANZ switched from Etrade and things aren't improving. It's the most inefficient and ineffective platform I have come across in many years of trading

Won't work on Chrome ????

That's interesting, because I just got off the phone to them, having mentioned that the platform seems to have issues with Firefox, and they told me the recommended browser was Chrome ! But I won't use it, my IT guru son told me that Google tracks you via Chrome, even when you tell it not to. So I've reverted to IE, which I don't like either, but at least it seems to work. And why was I on the phone to them in the first place? Because it's now taken them more than 3 weeks NOT to change my postal address, despite numerous attempts on my part. Apparently their 'back office is very busy'. I think it's more likely that they simply don't have a back office. But full marks to ANZ, by scr&wing their customers this way, they will make more money. So I'm buying more ANZ shares for my SMSF.

21 emails for one trade !!!

So it's taken them 2 weeks NOT to implement the change of mailing address that I have now TWICE emailed the signed confirmation for, and then they send 21 (yes, TWENTY ONE) separate emails when I sold one small parcel of 160 shares today. It's madness, ongoing. Not to mention the total lack of any indication as to the % yield for each stock I have with them. I have to get that from a free stocks and shares app (My ASX) on my phone. eTrade had its glitches occasionally, but at least it worked sensibly and informatively.


What happened....

Glitchy, hard to sell and wont work on chrome . Insanely slow on internet explorer Nab Trade is way better and far cheaper. Moving on to the next best thing mate

New platform is disastrous.

Have been a etrade customer for fifteen years. Not for much longer.

The new platform has lost the cost information from the detailed parcel-by-parcel holdings I had. All my individual DRP information lost. Trading history and detailed balance unable to be generated. Can't edit cost basis even if I had the DRP information.

What a joke of a platform. Leaving this week.

The new platform really only deserves half a star

What an absolute disaster. I reckon ANZ decided to change from E*Trade to their new platform was so that money could be made from having users pay extra to access premium versions of 'Tax Tools' beyond their free but very basic and limiting 'standard' version.

In previous years it was very easy to download a simple 3 page report for a financial year comprising of a summary of the year's transactions, details of the total interest earned, and your account position as at 30 JUN. However, neither ANZ Share Investing's standard 'Tax Tools' nor the basic ‘Statements’ (‘Trading Account Statement’, ‘Cash Transaction Summary’, and a ‘Portfolio Report’) enable the user to do so.

What’s the point of being able to access your Portfolio Report within your account if it only provides information for that day of access, AND without most of the totals? Not being able to select a date is extremely unhelpful. What is the point of only being provided the total dividend yield? Incredible. What about the total cost value, the total market value, the total gain/loss or the total gain/loss? Aren’t these things that investors want to see particularly in a statement at 30 JUN?? (example of missing totals attached). We aren’t all sitting on a PC come the 30 JUN in order to download that particular information. With the current set-up, you're buggered. This is annoying but nowhere near as excruciating as having to patiently endure a call with an ANZ share investing customer service operator who insists their statements work in a way that they don’t and basically tell you to suck eggs in doing the steps you’ve already tried in order to access the information that isn’t there. Commsec is a far superior platform with a far superior reporting system. ANZ weren't thinking of their customers when 'upgraded to their new platform. I say leave this lemon for Commsec if you can.


No customer service

I don’t know how the people working there got hired, they are all a bunch of morons. They know nothing. Totally hopeless. I wanted to open an account and they asked me to verify in person at a branch and after that they sent me an email to send certified copies of my ID despite the fact I already went to verify to the branch in person. When complained about it they couldn’t do anything to help. Who is the dumbass running that show?


ANZ customer service is absolute hopeless for the worst investment platform in the industry

I have moved to ComSec totally different personnel even at the top. Etrade was a great platform ANZ staff are deaf to customers needs !!!!!!!!!The site is down more than it is up


Very slow to setup account (due to errors it has taken months). The systems are not connected, so having other accounts with ANZ does not quicken up the process. Customer support is polite, but not effective.


Service now sux. If its not broken dont fix it, but now that you did break it, then fix it.

The old service was great, and not broken (other than the download to Recon Feature) so they tried to fix it. The new service is forever broken, and they cant or wont fix it.

Choose anyone else.


Crap website

Loss of original cost info of shares & numbers accumulation info for dividends reinvested. Everyone should contact financial ombudsman with regards of loss of financial info & or losses with regards to no access to their accounts. The service isn’t there, the company doesn’t care.

very disappointed

no issues for years as Etrade, nothing but as ANZ share investing. will be moving everything (if I can ever get on to close the account) very disappointed since the change was made and I have given it a fair go.

Haven't been able to get the page to even open up to log in

The ANZ share investing page won't load and therefore I can't even get in to see how my stock holdings are looking. This has been going on for weeks now

Dreadful; I left for NABTrade....

Was very happy with ANZ Etrade but the new system is hopeless, you cannot easily find old cost basis for shares, the statements don't have a running balance and any share dealing produces a tidal wave of emails where Etrade produced one per deal.
The information is scattered everywhere.
I moved everything to NABTrade and was so happy I shifted all my ANZ bank accounts and joined the NAB and could not be happier, they actually seem to be grateful for my business. This was not a minor thing for me, I had $480,000 of shares and over $250,000 cash to move. I would give them Zero if I could, utterly hopeless.

Pathetic - Suggest Abandon!!

Login rejected on multiple occasions. Will not allow both desktop and laptop to logon separately. ANZ does not deserve your or my business. There has to be far superior alternatives.

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Questions & Answers

how to calculate P&L for a given period
1 answer
Use Tax Tools - report usually not available until about end of August

Does anyone know if we transfer our shares to another broker/platform, will all the historical costs/DRP prices etc be transferred as well, or do they just transfer 1 parcel? Looking at how to get out of this mess! Thanks.
2 answers
No the historical cost information will not transfer. I am having to do the maths from other sources (CHESS holding statements, previous ASX announcements and bank statements) to have the correct cost profile when I change to a new broker.Thanks, that’s what I suspected. Sigh.

Can we get rid of the new web page and go back to the old one?
1 answer
the ANZ would have to get rid the Directer in charge M/S Alexis George .

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