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Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FURNACE

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FURNACE

3.9 from 37 reviews

Looks absolutely TERRIBLE in less than a year

We purchased this BBQ in December 2018. Already the hood has terrible scorching marks that we can’t remove. We always keep covered when it is not in use as we take care of our appliances. It cooks really well and is really easy to clean inside the unit. It just looks terrible so our previously beautiful BBQ that we purchased over others because of it aesthetics is constantly covered, it just looks so bad. We haven’t even had the BBQ for a year. Very, very unhappy with the quality of the enamel hood. This would of been a 5 star review for everything else. It just looks like a piece of junk on our beautiful balcony so it’s constantly covered. We can’t even admire how good it looks uncovered, it really looks that bad.

We had a reply back from the technical team. See below...

Thank you for the additional photographs.
Would you be so kind as to supply me with your best contact telephone number and your address.

I would like to discuss with you the course of events which has led to the discolouration of the BBQ lid/hood both externally and internally.
As from your photographs and from my past investigations of a similar nature on this product.
It would suggest that the discolouration to the BBQ lid/hood has been an overheating event, while the lid/hood has been in a closed position with the BBQ operating or having been just shut down?

This would suggest the most logical cause would be related to a fat fire of some description or localised overheating by the burner/s being left turned on for a period of time?

Thank you in advance



My response:

We have never had a fat fire, always keep our BBQ clean. This BBQ just isn’t as good or as robust as others. Cooking wise it’s great. If your not fussed with the looks, this is ok. If you have a nice house and like things to look good, just be careful. We previously had a Ziggy for years, left uncovered.

We actually had fat fires in the Ziggy as they are a lot harder to get into to clean than the Heston but guess what, absolutely no discolouration. No doubt, I am convinced the Ziggy is simply a better quality BBQ than Heston’s. After sales tells you a lot about a company and their products. People, make up your own mind. This is just my experience with this company. I still have our Ziggy in the shed, thank god. I will be putting the Heston out front in our next hard refuse collection.

Purchased in December 2018 at Harvey Norman for $799.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionYes

Doesn't start, flame very small and no response back from customer service

Not sure what everyone raves about. I have to manually start and the flame is very small? Any wind and it doesn't provide any heat at all. I submit an issue to customer service and hear nothing back!

Purchased in August 2019 for $900.00.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Preheating Speed

A damn good barbie

We purchased an Everdure Furnace about 18 months ago and though the price tag was significant, we got it because we like Heston and also took a liking to the fire orange top though it is a bit 'out there'.
A big job to assemble and the box you'll bring home is very heavy but everything went together well. The gas cylinder, supplied by you, hangs on a hook at the wheel end. It has a tray under, but more aesthetic than functional; we use it for the spare gas bottle.
The real joy came with the cooking experience as it does cook well so long as you follow the rule; close the lid and preheat it to 200 degrees before cooking, then open the lid and cook. In cold weather expect to extend your cooking times or put a cover over the food, as you're not meant to leave the lid closed with burners turned up, according to Everdure. Ours is under a verandah and thankfully it doesn't mess up the walls or ceiling like our previous bbq. Movement is OK on its two wheels, but keep that minimal as you lift one end and wheelbarrow it; crossing a busy highway is not recommended!
Keeping the outside clean is easy; simply 'spray and wipe' the surfaces but expect to lose all the printed instructions on the unit; they don't handle rubbing very well which is a shame. Hopefully that will/has been rectified on later models.
The inside is a different matter. You can remove and clean the plates which is very messy; we use normal dishwashing cleaner and a scouring pad, but under the plates is difficult due to sharp edges so best you can do is a cursory wipe but heck, no-one looks in there unless they're buying your house so no harm, no foul.
We highly recommend you buy the optional cover as it keeps the unit much cleaner and the hood should retain much more of its intense colour.

Purchased in February 2018 at Harvey Norman for $924.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionYes

BBQ cover for Heston Blumenthal Furnace

I was astonished to find that the vinyl cover sold (separately) for the furnace is NOT waterproof. :(

After a few days rain in Sydney I found the BBQ soaked underneath and the drip tray full of water.

I emailed the Everdure team only to get a reply that yes, they know that the cover is not waterproof. So it’s a dust cover only. Great.

Purchased in May 2019 for $80.00.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
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Hi Martin, We are unsure how this has happened as all of our covers have a waterproof lining on the interior and are constructed from a heavy duty 425gsm UV protected material. We apologise for you having received the wrong information and we have heard back that this was resolved with the Customer Service Team, however if you had any other questions you can email the product team directly at info@everdurebyheston.com.au Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Top notch...

Not going to lie, was not very hopeful when I bought it but as it cleans easily and cooks my favourite brussel sprouts and baby carrot on the bbq, I am very happy in the way this furnace cooks especially with the added bonus of cleanliness after a clean, even with rain.

Purchased in May 2018.

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Hi Braithan, Thanks very much for your review - glad to hear you're enjoying the FURNACE! Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

It so could have been !

Is so could have been!

Well as a man I see the purchase of a new BBQ a some what a moment to prove your masculinity and show the world you have learnt you know this field you’ve breathed this field you are an expert! Maybe even puff out your chest a little! Well that what I did as I dragged the wife from one store to another placing my expert knowledge on her ears and expecting almost a round of applause for every positive and negative id manged to explain and how this would benefit he on each model, We weaved in and out of different stores talking BBQ to just about every sales rep who would listen, Then it stopped the wife said if I have to look at another BBQ im leaving you! Well after 18 years I though I best make a call.

Weeks before id seen the Heston Furnace in Orange and my world stopped I see it as the Ferrari of the BBQ world a new level a little like a Tesla, But could I ……..Surely not ! I know nothing about them apart from I love Hestons food, But at $999 I just really couldent take the chance, Id been a loyal fan of another well known brand my whole life, An it was cheaper, But this bright Orange machine stuck with me for weeks! Checking sales online daily like a pigeon trying to collect the seed before getting to scared and running.

So on my way to get what Im used to the bubble the safety zone the BBQ I know and love! 8 months without anything I was like a child on the way to the Cadburys factory! Checked my boot space, Check, Bank balance Check! Wife happy (Hmmm) Check! I headed along the Nepean Highway least to say I was happy.

The just before North road some one obviously on their way as happy to get their BBQ missed me and near stoved me into a traffic light! WOW ! that was near me another statistic, As my bubble deflated (This will happen later! Too) I slowly drive on! Im so angry with myself I barely ever buy a thing for myself! NEVER in fact !!! I sadly realize your here for a good time not a long time! Not a long time !! and no Im doing it! Out of budget and out of my mind I tell myself IM GETTING THE FERRARI!!! Im going to Harvey Normans and buying the bright Orange Heston!

Arriving at Morrabin Harvey Norman ! as per normal the foxes are waiting! But im ready so I picked the dude that looked like he was having the hardest day, Daniel I think, So sir is there anything you can help me with? Sweaty palms I think if I don’t just do it I will talk myself out of it! So a quick scout on my phone I find it $49 cheaper elsewhere Daniel seems keen but ive made this mistake in bars at a young age, so I let him go on his merry way seeing if he could work his magic! MIsses rings ? Panic sets in, And another sales guy comes over, (Yeah not in stock mate) Phew ! id got away with it ! I now couldent over spend on my dream BBQ as they don’t have it ! time to go talk my self out of it as I walk away! Almost like leaving court! Knowing youd did it! Excuse me sir weve have a delivery, now the feeling of both joy and panic combined so I went back to the reason I was there I Want the Ferrari! And to be honest as a sales guy Daniel deserved the sale.

As normal transaction and a million attacks about warranty get thrown over the fence! As I defend and grab my receipt, I eagerly rush to the rear of the store and await my Ferrari, Store guy comes out with it on a pallet! And drops it down! I was literally wetting my self! Looks at my Mazda 3 says you aint getting it in that and walks away? Well weve all had bad days so I never held any judgement! So I begin to unbox Ive got this, Plus ive got 19 people over for the final of the Gran Prix for a BBQ tomorrow so this has to work, After unboxing it I kindly ring the bell and ask the rather grumpy young man if he could give me a lift into the rear seat of my car? And its in…

I Guess this is where I should probably have started! -------Is so could have been!

Gets it home, Wife says stand aside as she grabs the tools ! Well puffing my chest out I retrieve tools and without even looking at the manual I proceed to put my Ferrari together, And when they say quick assembly THEY MEAN IT ! maybe 10 mins later and there we have it ! in its glory! So leaving it in the living room as my guests arrive tomorrow I almost thought it needed a red carpet event! But the Gran Prix final will just have to do! So all night sadly staring at it reading the manual getting on the the webpage to realize my cooking was just about to explode the heat the taste the flavor.
This is sadly where it goes a little wrong, After reading the manual on how not to burn your BBQ how to keep the heat just right I fire it up and await my guests, Full gas bottle in hand and the flashest BBQ in St Kilda they arrive! Leaving just the outer burners on low as instructed on the print on the sides of the BBQ I await my first sizzle my first rib eye steak and out I go, With F18s flying past any mistakes I make should be overlooked.

As I go to lift the lid! Its stuck ? With about 10 die hard Weber fans on the balcony this cannot fail! I wont fail I HAVE THE FERRARI ! Well to my absolute amazement the top has melted to the bottom ? And now im prizing the paint apart with the hope no ones seen! Too late my bessies are laughing at me as I try my damdest to hide the paint of the bottom left side of the BBQ I mean its bright orange! Any way as a pommy anything above 22 and im bright red so my embarrassment went unnoticed but the paint sadly dident, As I make excuses and my friends try to console me ! (Its fine mate ! wont effect the BBQ, Still cook the same) as they slowly sniggered id been sold a lemon!

Well the next morning I go to investigate, It cooked well really well, No raised surround meant you have to be a bit of a magician to keep everything on the BBQ its a huge design fail but hey its still a Ferrari right? Wrong! I close the lid and notice one of my guests hair has melted to the top leaving a massive line in the paint? Why would they use paint that melts?

Well off I march to Hestons Technical support, And explain my dilemma! Well in about 88 seconds they respond, were talking apologies clear and concise plans to rectify the problem and my mind is settled, So anyways after a couple of to and fros they then forward my case onto their agent Agent Advantage Appliances (Shiro Australia) and away we go! They contact me advising me they have the part on order and will be in contact, Again calling me to advise me the part is in and they will shortly be planning a visit, Service was about as good as it gets, The lady who organized it was lovely, Then were all go Wayne is booked in weve agreed a time and day and he shows! We start joking about cracking the beers and doing the work for another day, the kind of service I feel every big brand needs, Wayne explained it was possibly just a batch that had not been cured right, Away he goes we supp coffee and Wayne looks a little lost explaining they have had no training? A massive brand like Everdure and the massive tag Heston? Well it cant be complicated, after doing his best the lids only sadly there a few chips and bumps! But hey we cant have it all but I do say to my self this is $1000 3 burner the high in the sales now gone, Well Wayne heads off and I notice the handles on the wrong way around well grab the screwy and simply flip it but again its the Ferrari right? Would they let an untrained mechanic replace the spark plugs knowing hes not a clue what to do? Luckily for Ferrari I sadly don’t own one! So I cant put this to test!

At this point id like to mention Everdure had said as a thank you for my understanding and can they send me a tools pack worth $250 well can I get a hallelujah these people genuinely care well with confidence slightly battered and my Ferrari not making it to the finish line infront of my die hard Weber fans I throw caution to the wind and try my luck! I have 100 BBQ tools I have more tongs than shoes, I cheekily asked can I save them some cash and save me having to tell the misses I need space for more BBQ tools I asked could I swap it for one of there little portable charcoal BBQs the cube RRP $199 so there $50 in Friday drinks money and ive got something I can use, This is a full on win win! Plus My Ferrari will be fired up.

So after [name removed] left he said the melted pain will come off with a brillo pad? It has not to date and sits there as a constant reminder that some time when something flashy hits the market let the masses test it before running full steam.

So as I now have the BBQ I have to find solace and just get on with it, Well I remove the cooking plates and all this talk about a wipe and its all clean its not quite as it seam the plates feel heavy and durable but the non stick coating seems to have no benefit as I leave in soak for half a day, OK its clean a couple of Porterhouse steaks lets get it back together, Well and I mean Well I have no idea what surgical procedure is required but getting these things back in is harder than trying to lick your elbow! Don’t lie weve all tried to do this! They slide and slip and I am still not sure if there in place, there is no notch to give ou that little thud instead you have to balance them on a raised part on the inner moldings, Im telling you its a challenge and if not right as you lay down your animal clonk ! they move leaving the part of the grill that's supposed to cover thee flame exposed leading to flare ups! Well sod it my eagerly awaiting guests look as I smile and hope I can pull this off!

Well there has to be some positives in all of this! And there really is, Its a stunner it looks amazing and a real center piece on my balcony although the gas taps feel wobbly and not of any massively high standard they look posh as! Sleek, And let me tell you when they say you will be ready to cook a steak in 8 mins they mean it! This thing gets hot and it gets hot quick imagine holding the grills behind a fighter jet as it takes off! That quick, with the hood down it gives a amazing smokey texture to the food and sears lines like the lineman on the M1s new tunnel project, its fast.

Sadly thats where it ends, My middle burner now does not light with the click of the button! I take my life in my hands now by lighting the out side burner and closing the lid for a few seconds and hoping the magic of gas and flame will fire up the center grill, Again I am sure it can be adjusted? But its the Ferrari right ? Wrong, the printed writing on the left of the BBQ has now sadly started to rub away as I clean her, A little like those Chinese toys you know the safety instruction part! And shes already looking a little shabby !! And that paint that melted orange paint on the side! Like a scar constantly reminding you about the time in Thailand you thought it was a good idea blind to get your bar party trick out!

Another worthwhile mention is you cannot run the BBQ with this middle burner and the lid down, you can only run with the 2 outside burners on low, which sadly means you have to keep the lid up the whole time as it just wont reach heats enough to sear meat (Im high up so this could be a factor)


I love the BBQ I just don’t like it! Its a little like your 2 year old on Spring break! You know you love them they just have found every way to get on each and every nerve, I thought id brought a Ferrari its sadly more of an entry level BMW it promises so much and just wont get out of 3rd gear, I love what the guys have created and again we all know China can throw things together cheaper than any planet in the solar system, But I wish and I really wish id waited, Let hem iron out the design flaws the issues the problems, I feel like Ive paid dearly to be a test bunny, And I see it lasting a year maybe 2, There are a few known brands who have established there brands and products I should have maybe stayed in my comfort zone, But I do love the machine, I really do! I just don’t like it!

Can I make it clear there service is second to none, they are proactive and have done everything so far to fix and make this right I cannot fault this, But guys up your game, this could be a make or break!

Purchased in March 2019 for $999.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionNo
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Hi Lea, Thanks for your review and please be rest assured, we will not leave you with a unit that has issues igniting, or any other outstanding issues. We have received confirmation from our Service Department that a replacement unit has been sent and will be arriving next week, as communicated to you earlier this week. The team will continue to touch base with you to ensure the unit is working as it should. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

This is the best bbq we have ever owned and the accessories are so helpful.

The large 3 burner bbq we purchased in January cooks perfectly and heats the full surface of all 3 plates evenly. The meat came out so soft and our chicken was so moist and tender.
It is user friendly and so easy to clean.
The accessories we purchased were affordable and very helpful.
The warming rack definitely makes it easy to keep our food warm when entertaining a large amount of people and the drip trays makes cleaning so easy.
The bbq cover is perfect to protect it from the sun and rain, it has plenty of shelf space and the extra flat plate is really handy. I love this bbq

Purchased in January 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionYes
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Hi Samantha, Thanks very much for your review and please don't hesitate to let us know if you needed anything else or had any other questions. Enjoy the FURNACE! Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Very Happy.

Bought the larger 3 burner in January after contemplating it for several months and very happy with it, should have bought it sooner. Looks great on the patio (orange lid). Was easy enough to put together and I am not very good at assembly. Lights easy and heats quickly with lid down. It can be a little cooler on the outside edges of the plates but no big deal. Really like the cover for the gas bottle that came with it also. A little expensive but different to all other bbqs so was worth that bit extra.. And because it looks great makes me want to keep it clean. Love it .

Purchased in January 2019.

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Hi Chris, Thanks very much for your review and glad to hear you are enjoying the FURNACE! Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Great choice

Was looking for a long time. Some of the reports had me a bit unsure. When we looked at the best this was always up there.there . finally made the move.
Used this over 20 times now. Just love it.
Really good heat control. (Not sure what the poor heat reports were about) this thing can really burn.
Can cook on both surfaces at different temperatures. Lid cooking is just as good.
Clean up . is a breeze and the plates season well.
Build quality is well above average. This is a bit of top kit.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Hi Tim, Thanks for your review and glad to hear you're getting the most out of your FURNACE! Please don't hesitate to contact our team through the website if you ever needed anything else. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

Service excellent

We have only just received our new BBQ and haven' t used it yet but I am sure the BBQ will be fantastic and if we did have a issue I feel sure Everdue would respond professionally.. My main point of writing this review is to say to this point at least the service we have received from Everdue has been exceptional. Fiona (Sales Marketing Assistant) is a real asset to the company. We bought our BBQ through a promotion and I was having a few problems with placing the order on line. I found it wasn't so much their site but my Ipad. Fiona was fantastic assisting me with this problems. Nothing was too much trouble and unlike some businesses where you feel you uncomfortable when having to call back Fiona went out of her way to assist me. Service was fabulous. Thank you Fiona I am sure you are a great asset to the Company.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
Hi Margie, Thank you very much for your review and we'll be sure to pass on that feedback. We hope you enjoy your new FURNACE grill and please don't hesitate to contact us if there was anything else. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal TeamThank you so much

Great but underpowered bbq

I have read reviews of this stylish barbecue but have found despite preheating and being directed away from breeze that the plate would just not stay hot enough to crisp up potatoes or sear a steak adequately. The grill works well but this bbq does seem underpowered and I am anxious about its performance under load eg cooking for my family. Is there any way to beef up the burner power under the plate? Seems a shame. I have just bought a Furnace but am now feeling disappointed.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Tonz, Thank you for your review. For searing, we recommend the open grill plates and for foods requiring gentler heat such as vegetables, we recommend the solid cast-iron plate. If you mostly sear and want the best performance for high-heat open hood cooking, we suggest changing the plate configuration so that all 3 are open grills - we will send you a private message about this. We also suggest closing the hood not just during the pre-heating stage, but also intermittently throughout cooking to assist with heat retention. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Love this BBQ

Have really benefited from the excellent convection cooking this oven offers. I use it everyday - it has totally replaced my oven and my cooktop. It also looks very stylish on my back deck and is commented on by all visitors.
I am very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this BBQ to anyone.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Tally, Thank you very much for your review, please don't hesitate to let us know if there was anything else we could help you with. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Disappointed - Doesn't heat like a BBQ should.

Very disappointed - I purchased the Furnace 3 burner after much research. The unit does not get hot enough for BBQ cooking. It feels like the gas outlets are not powerful enough, which defeats the purpose of cooking outside. I have tried preheating the unit as suggested with little success. We love cooking and eating outside, but the Furnace had failed to deliver what we purchased it for.
In addition, the safety writing has smeared off, not through cleaning chemicals, but grease from cooking.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Hi Caro, Thanks for your review - We will send you a private message to have this unit inspected to ensure all gas outlets are operating as they should, as well as arrange a replacement for the panel with the safety writing. To retain the heat throughout your cook, we also recommend closing the hood periodically to get the temperature back up, particularly in variable conditions. Should you wish to use the FURNACE primarily for searing for longer periods of time, we also recommend a configuration of 3 x open grill plates, which we will also private message you about. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Happy with purchase

We have recently bought the Furnace model and are really happy so far. Steaks, chops and weekend breakfasts have all turned out well. We are attempting a roast lamb currently but having some issues regulating the temp. Following instructions we have got the outer burners on low and the hood down but we can't get the temperature down below 200 Celsius. Any ideas? Switching to one burner will result in uneven cooking I would think.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hi There, Thanks very much for your review - for low 'n' slow cooking we recommend the indirect method where you only keep 1 burner on, and place the roast on the opposite end of the BBQ with the hood closed. We would still recommend preheating to 200C first with all burners on high, then adjusting the controls as you require. For more guidance on how to use the FURNACE for roasts, please feel free to check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=87&v=AsjP1uHbg2Q Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Bad performance for open hood cooking

I purchased the dark grey hooded model of this 3 burner BBQ. Building it was pretty straight forward and easy enough to follow the instructions. The build quality is very good and the BBQ on the stand is quite sturdy. I have it connected to LPG.
I put it to use on the first night and cooked up some snags and steaks with hood down. I followed all instructions and let the BBQ preheat on high and the built in thermometer went off the scale because it got so hot under the hood. I placed the snags on the grills and closed the hood to cook (I cook the snags first because they take longer than steaks). It gets that hot under the hood that the snags burnt after a couple minutes. I learnt my lesson and turned the heat down and kept an eye on meat from that point on. The steaks cooked well while I was there to keep an eye on it and checking under the hood every couple minutes.
The next morning I decided to cook some bacon and eggs. That is when I noticed that this BBQ has a major downfall of not being able to cook efficiently when hood is open. With eggs, I always cook with hood open because I don't like the egg yolk to get solid. So I start by preheating the BBQ with all burners on high and hood closed for 10 minutes. The temp guage goes off the scale. So I then open the hood and throw my bacon on the hotplate. Not long after open hood cooking, the hotplate cools down too much to maintain a high temperature to cook the bacon to how I'm used to cooking it. Then I crack a couple eggs on the plate and it took soooo long for the egg white to cook through properly. By the time the egg white has cooked, half the yolk had solidified and my typically runny style eggs were ruined. Then I tried pancakes. Damn that didn't go so well either. It took forever to cook a simple pancake.
I took my concerns to Heston Blumenthal customer support. They replied later the same day by explaining that I have to start the BBQ from cold with all burners on high and if after a few couple minutes the temp guage reaches over 200 degrees, then the BBQ is working perfectly fine. Well yes it does reach over 200 degrees with hood closed and that was never my issue. The issue is cooking with hood open. On their product page, the literature specifies that the BBQ will perform great whether open or closed hood. To me, that is misleading and a flat out lie. The BBQ does cook great with hood closed but if you like open hood cooking as I do, then this particular BBQ is a flop. The burners are rated at 29MJ over all 3 burners combined. They don't specify what each individual burner is but it is obviously not powerful enough to maintain a high plate heat to cook open hood.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
Hi David, Thanks for your review - for open hood cooking we recommend the below: Using a cotton cloth, oil the cleaned plates and then pre-heat with hood down for at least 8 minutes. A light smoking of the oil should be visible. Ensure that the bbq is side-on to the breeze/wind. Any breeze hitting the rear intake/vent will push the heat out of the bbq. Remove chilled foods from the refrigerator at least 45 minutes before grilling. Lightly oil again prior to grilling. If you continue to have any issues, please send us a private message and we can arrange for a service technician to inspect the unit. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal TeamFor the past few weeks I have tried your methods and everything else that I can think of but still find this BBQ performing well below what I was hoping for. I have no idea how to private message you as I'm not given any option to like I am with other members. Send me a message and I can reply back. Thank you

Good but needs improvement

Great looking, heats quickly, over all good product. One safety concern that needs attention. Handle becomes loose as top heats up. Screws loosen no matter how tight they are screwed in. It is a concern that needs to be checked out. The cooking grates are heavy and get very hot. Food cooks very quickly.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi Peter, Thanks for your feedback and please don't hesitate to let us know if you would like to speak to a service technician about the above. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

Love the colour and the cook.

We have used this BBQ for lots of parties we've had of over 20-50 people and it has really come up trumps! It is large and evenly cooks. It is great when cooking for just a small family too as you can choose which burners to use. The gas bottle cover is a great idea and the different colours are very stylish!
The setting up instruction had us a bit confused as to what to unscrew, but we got there in the end. Make sure you look for the arrows!
We have bought a natural conversion kit which we are yet to install.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Kelly, Thanks for your review and glad to hear you are enjoying the FURNACE! Please don't hesitate to let us know if you had any questions. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Beautiful Design - Lots of space to cook fantastic food.

Great flexibility in the 3 burner layout for direct and indirect grilling. Heats very quickly, easy to regulate different sections. The Furnace delivers great results for steaks, fish, large joints. The optional teppanyaki plate is fantastic as well. Looks great on the terrace, is a real talking point and used more and more often as it is so easy & the results are fantastic.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Hi David, Thank you for your review and we're glad to hear you're enjoying the FURNACE! Please don't hesitate to let us know if you had any other questions or needed any other info. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Love love love, so glad i picked this

firstly, i love the look, i love ths look of the knobs, so trendy and so easy to use, love that it holds the gas bottle too. Now cooking, wow amazing, meat so soft, temperature build up is so quick, love how it shows the temp, very handy so you don't overcook. The wheels are awesome, makes it so easy to move around, very functional, overall wrapped with my purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Lam, Thank you very much for your review, we're so glad to hear you are enjoying the FURNACE! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you had any questions or required more info. Happy BBQing! Thanks, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

Love it.

Love the BBQ, find it easy to use and clean. Only concern I have is the warning instructions & gas control instructions printed on the actual BBQ has wiped off.
I just find this a bit of a problem if some who is not familiar with the BBQ tries to use it, could leave the gas on. Otherwise I love it.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Sean, Many thanks for your review and glad to hear you are enjoying the FURNACE. We will send you a private message requesting your details for a replacement on the warning instructions. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

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Help is there a video on how to install Heston’s furnace bbq we are a bit useless?
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Take it back to the shop and get a refund ! That should help youGreat help thanksHi Jackie, yes on our website we have our videos now categorised by product, if you click the "Getting started/assembly" tab on this link, the assembly video for the FURNACE can be viewed through there: https://www.everdurebyheston.com.au/videos/videos_details/furnace

Hi I've had the Furnace 4 burner for a year now and I can't seem to get the hot plate hot enough to.sear a good steak. I can get the ambient temperature up to 250 - 300 degrees but once I open the lid it seems all is lost. Can you advise if there is anyway to rectify?
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Hi Dennis, If you are using the FURNACE primarily for open hood searing, we would recommend to configure the plates to have 3 x open grill plates - please email us at info@everdurebyheston.com.au to discuss this further. After you have preheated the unit with all burners on high, if you find you are losing heat periodically close the lid throughout the cook if required. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Team

after a while holding in the heat, how is the color of the orange one holding up? i could imagine it getting discolored over time (what material is it? enable or powered coating?)
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Hi There, The FURNACE hood is constructed from aluminium with UV protected paint. Kind Regards, The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal TeamMine is outside is some very serious UV here in NZ. NO deterioration i can see at all.


Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FURNACE
CategoryGas BBQs
Price (RRP) $999
Cooking Plate / Grill MaterialAluminium
FeaturesGrill, Hooded, On Wheels and Temperature Gauge
Colour / Finish Aqua, Black, Orange or White
Dimensions 1067 x 1175 x 743 mm
Weight29 kg
Gas TypeLPG
Number of Burners/Zones 3
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)

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  • GTIN13: 9312646023512, 9312646023888, 9312646023895 and 9312646023901
  • MPN: HBG3G, HBG3M, HBG3O and HBG3S

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