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Falken WildPeak A/T

Falken WildPeak A/T

4.0 from 41 reviews

Very good traction low noise

I had Cooper at bf Goodrich mt ko2 Micky Thompson Atz they were very expensive grip wise not much difference land cruiser always distroy tyre even on right pressure it chews tyres. I have seen these tyres on most vehicles they were alright. I have balance the tyres adjust toe still same result

CarLand cruiser 105r

Good tyres

These tyres grip the road like glue. Safety is a key factor in my tyre selection and these tyres are very impressive.
The Car performs much better around corners and in the wet and they like the dirt. They are for road and off-road.
Bit early to say about durability.
Good price. It was about $250 each and that was fitted, they look good

CarIsuzu D Max 2013

Dubious at first but a great buy.

I bought the Wildpeaks to travel the Simpson and surrounds with AT tyres instead of the fitted HT Duelers, a brand I ran for over 40 years.
After 20,000 ks’ I have left the Duelers in the shed and cannot fault the Falkens.
They still look like new and whilst slightly noisy are very good tyres.
The uneven wear reported elsewhere must be due to incorrect tyre pressures and some of the complaints hint at poor vehicle setup.

Car2017 Holden Colorado Dual Cab. Now with 50,000 ks’.

Great tyres and price

Bought these tyres at the recommendation of the salesman at the store, couldn't be happier with my purchase. They're quiet and perform well in all conditions. Have had them for nearly 12 months now and they have been better than my previous Bridgestones, and they were a cheaper option by far than a replacement set of Bridgestones. Highly recommend Falken Tyres for any vehicle

Car2010 Hilux 4x4 Dual Cab

Long term review

I have bought these tyres because they have a 3ply side wall, were made in japan and very reasonably priced. I have runned them on my prado and camper. The size I'm running is 265/75R16 on both car and camper. I have had no issues with the tyres at all, running different pressures to suit the terrain they give plenty of traction, good wear and are reasonably quiet. The only downside I can see is they retain some rocks in the thread. Would I buy the again. Going on the service I have had with them I would definitelly put the on my short list again.

Car1997 Toyota Prado and off road camper trailer

Look nice and do the job

Really impressed with these tyres. They don't cost a fortune and look really good on my 2017 Nissan Navara. They seem to have good traction and aren't slippery on the road at all. I went from having the stockie road tyres, which were really slippery when there was any wet weather to these and you can notice an instant difference. They aren't noisy at all either.

Car2017 Nissan Navara

WildPeak's new AT3

So far these tyres are proving VERY good all round. I bought 275 65 18's for my Jeep grand cherokee and yes they make a slight noise, not as noisy as you would expect but its there, don't buy them if you want a silent tyre. If you plan to go off road occasionally these are awesome, they look sensational and wet weather grip is very very good. I'd buy them again and they're very well priced compared to the KO2's.

Car2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wild Peake Rubbish

Started to notice cracking and lettering coming away on one Tyre at 37000 and was told it was because of gutter scrapping Gradually all tyres doing the same damn rep rude and said nothing wrong as did dealer but unable to pass roadworthy So much for guarantee Very disappointed and not going to risk them on a trip to the outback

CarRodeo dual cab 4wd

Good Allrounder

I fitted the AT3 265/70R16XL's to our 2013 R51 Pathfinder and have travelled 10,000km so far. Previously we had the Continental H/T's on. The XL's have a thicker side wall and immediately I noticed that the body roll was lessened considerably, especially going through round abouts and offroad. They handle the sand much better than our previous tyre and I have had them as low as 11psi. I have not had any issues in the wet. One thing I have noticed after a recent 100km stretch on gravel is that they are better at 90km'h than they are at 60km/h. This is probably due to throwing the stones out of the tread better at this speed. Also, the road noise is only marginally louder than the H/T's we had on. In the wet, they do not lose as much traction when full throttle off the line is applied as the previous tyres did from new. I would recommend these tyres to any one looking for a very rugged allrounder that needs a tyre for city, bush and beach driving. The difference over the stock tyre is quite astonishing. These are my 8th set of off road tyres on varying vehicles.

Car2013 R51 Pathfinder

Falken suprise

Usually I have had a road going tyre on my 4x4 as it spend most of the time on the black stuff ,but with the recent purchase of a new 4x4 dual cab ,I selected a rim tyre package to complement it ,as it turns out these Falken tyres were on special at the time , they are an aggresssive looking a/t tyre so far wear has been good ,grip levels up there with most of them ,no white letter 'yes' ,and seem quite on the smooth bitumen ,well price ,especially if you can grab a set while discounted .
Overall a good tyre I reckon , fingers crossed they last for 70/85k kms they have a pretty deep tread so shouldn't be a problem with rotation and scheduled wheel. Alignments

CarNissan 265/65/17

Great 4x4 tyre

I have driven 180.000 ks in my vehicle and so far have fitted new tyres twice. I normally run Bridgestone tyres; but this time due to price and recommendations from several 4x4 forums I had Falken Wildpeak A/T tyres fitted. The garage showed me a Falken tyre with 128,000 ks on it and it still had legal tread. At first I found the tyres a bit "uncertain" when cornering but this was due to the dressing on the tyre surface, After a few ks the tyres settled down, and I noticed these tyres run quieter then the Bridgestone tyres; and hold the road well. If you rotate your tyres every 10,000ks Falken claim 80,000ks plus achievable. The Bridgestone gave me 60,000 and 65,000 ks so will be interesting to see how the Falken perform. So far they have 4500ks on them.

Car1998 Isuzu Wizard mu

Aggressive look but all the benefits of an all terrain

We have a Nissan Patrol Y62 and are travelling Australia towing a 3T caravan. We needed reliable tyres that were great off road but quiet on road with good tread life. We are thrilled with our AT3 wildpeaks and blown away by their performance. We have been in torrential downpour and people were getting off the road, but our wildpeaks were stable and handled the wet beautifully. We have also gone off-road and been equally impressed. The noise is minimal and dry handling excellent.

CarNissan Patrol Y62 series 3


Although these tyres looked to have an aggressive tread pattern they are terrible in any off road situation ,even wet grass they offer very little traction. Have had these for about 12 months on a navara dual cab and done about 30k km and they are pretty much done. Having BF Goodrich ko2s fitted today.

CarNissan Navara

Good tyres.

I chose Falken tyres because the store was having them on sale at the time. I was worried whether they could last as long as the store manager advised. This is still being tested.
Noise of the tyres are louder than continental tyres. Had run on the tyres for more than 3 months. They still look very good.
Consider the price I would say they are good for the value..

Car2010 Freelander2

Aggressive looking A/T with no noise

I just had Wild Peak AT3's fitted to my BT50 and they look awesome, and as the other reviews suggest no noise.
I am about to embark on an 8000 km round trip to the top end of WA and back taking on plenty of dirt and sand driving and will update review on return.
Part 2 having done 10,000 kms, including a good deal of heavily corrugated (dirt roads at 25psi and average 80kmph) to smooth out the bumps and plenty of Highway driving loaded up with all the camping gear and extra water/fuel I'm still impressed.
Handling on the dirt was excellent and soft Beach sand at 17psi not a problem, also on wet roads on return to Perth plenty of grip.
Measured tread in centre of tyres when new 10mm, now having racked up 10,000 kms measures just under 9mm.
Also still quiet.

Car2010 Mazda BT50

best on the market for the price

Put these to the test and past with flying colours! Mad to pay top dollar when these tyres will do the same if not better. Very quiet on the road, comfortable ride and grippy when you need it. Previous had Bridgestone A /T duller, another good tyre but the falken at3 w much much better. Took a leap of faith and now laughing with the off road gods!

CarToyota Hilux Sr5 2000 model

Great value for money.

I have a set on my ranger that have travelled approx 75000 ks, mainly on the bitumen with some dirt track driving and expect around 80000 ks and will fit the same again.
Smooth and quite ride that holds the road and hangs on in the wet,
Have rotated and balanced approximately every 10000 ks and they've worn evenly.
Overall a good tyre for the price.

Car2010 Ford Ranger

Great tyres, great price

Fabulous tyres that are reasonably priced.
Purchased in August 2016 we have noticed there is no wear of the tread at all in the 8 months we've had them.
From the day they were put on the car has felt smoother to drive than it was before.
Bob Jane tyres really looked after us with our selection too. Even better we bought 3 and got one free! We also bought a spare just incase we ever need one.

CarKia carnival

Not a good tyre

Fitted to my 2007 Land cruiser 100 series. Previously at Bridgestone dueller A/T's which were fantastic. Went with the cheaper option to try out, got a set of highway tryes for the car at same time, they have been great but these ones on the cruiser wear very fast and on the edges, I have been back to Bob Jane and they did nothing but said keep an eye on them. I will be lucky to have them see out 40000km - which is not good for a 4x4 tyre. I guess at the end of the day you get what you pay for.

Carlandcruiser 100 series

Great tyre

I've only had these tyres on for a few thousand kays but up to date I'm really happy with them. Quiet. Comfortable. Good wet and dry grip. Mostly on bitumen at the moment but have heard from others they are really good offroad. As yet i cant see any wear but like I said. Only a few thousand on them at the moment.
So far I'm wrapped. Great tyre...great price.

CarPatrol GU cab-chassis 285×75×16

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Questions & Answers

Any idea how heavy the tire is ?
1 answer
Hi Wayne, About 20 kg.

Can I run 285/70/17 on a ford ranger cult with CSA raptor wheels? Also how do these compare to the BF Goodrich ko2 for road noise?
No answers

are the Wildpeak a/t light truck cases like the Bridgestone dueller a/t . cheers Fourdogs
1 answer
The Wildpeak AT's have a very similar tread pattern to BF Goodrich AT's, the only thing in common with Duellers is the price, I paid $240 each....BF Goodrich are around $350 each. There is no noise yet they have a much more aggressive tread than Duellers.


WildPeak A/T
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