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Forty Winks VIC, Nunawading

Forty Winks VIC, Nunawading

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Give star service from Ish!

While researching beds for my son a month or so ago, I visited 4 bed retailers in my local area. Ish was the only salesperson who actually wanted to help, even though I was not buying a bed that day. Listened to my specifications regarding price, style and size of bed so I wasn’t wasting time on things I just wasn’t interested in. Went back today and purchased a bed and mattress. Thanks Ish!!!

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Should have been FIVE star service!!

Very Poor Service - Don't Care

The salesperson kept walking off when I was asking about the bed, and after purchasing it was told to go to warehouse to pick it up or $65 delivery. The warehouse guy had loud music on and locked the door, so I had to shout to get his attention from the loading bay. Basically threw my bed down and walked off. Pathetic service.

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Hi Belinda, Sorry to hear you have not had a good experience. We are passing this onto the store owner for action.Hi Belinda, If you would like to PM your contact phone number the owner of the store would like to call you.I already left my details before I wrote this review but no-one contacted me.

Bunk bed delay over 40 days !

I recently purchase a bunk bed at Nunawading forty winks. That is the worse shopping experience I had in my life! I have been waiting for 40 days and I still waiting for my bunk bed to deliver. I have been chase up my order 5 times and no one gives a damn concern about that even the store manager! The store manager even told me she doesn't care about what I said and that is not her problem! What a ridiculous!

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25% charge for return even there's a problem with items

Brought a bunkbed with no sample display. Installed the following day and realised bottom was very low after putting a matress on around 50cm bottom to top. Kid have problems knocking head from the top. Requesting to return and pay extra for a better bunkbed but returning fee charge 25 % applied with no negotiation because it's their terms and conditions and also no discount for upgrade. What type of service is that? Don't go there ever again.

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Hi Kwww, Which bunk did you originally purchase? Are you saying you bought a bunk but there was no display item on the floor so you could measure it? We will be happy to chase this up with the store if you are unhappy with the current outcome.Under ur website headline saturn bedroom furniture. The company saying 25% for retuning stockong fee etc.be cuz i opened it. However if ii dont open the items how would i know. If the items was on display then its my responsibly for the purchase .

Heavenly sleep

After visiting several bedding stores, we settled on Forty Winks to replace our old mattress. Karen was a competent sales person, who knew what she was talking about. We were shown several mattresses within our price range, and settled on a Crown Luna Dream Medium, (which has a cushioned layer on top of the mattress.) Our first night's sleep on it was heavenly. We had forgotten what it was like to sleep on a comfortable bed! The only discount we received though was free delivery.

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Terrible service

Shopped for bedroom suite, Forty Winks Nunawading store. Went to sales counter to get a price and first woman i spoke to palmed me off to another woman who looked quite displeased to have to actually serve me. Asked for price. She gave me a estimate and not much else in the way of being welcoming or polite or even trying to sell it to me.
My partner and I decided to go ahead and purchase. Once again, customer service was crap. We paid on spot. It was a Sunday and we arranged delivery for following Wednesday as we were told they were in stock at the warehouse.
Realised later when we had left that this horrid lazy woman had not even asked us if we wanted it put together once it was delivered. She had taken it upon herself to select the option for deliver and go. We had informed her to let the driver know we had a very steep driveway. That information was never passed to him.
Add to this, my partner took day off to work from home on Wednesday the delivery day and Forty Winks phoned him at 9.20 that morning to inform him there would be no delivery till the following week as they actually didn't have the bedroom suite in stock.
We had spent night before moving old bedroom suite out of room, dusting and vacuuming.
I wrote email to forty winks head office, complaining about the disorganized approach, the bad customer service, the lack of anything good in our dealings with them, and them screwing us around.
No response. Ever.
Bed suite did come that Saturday but I will never purchase from Forty Winks again. First and last time. Terrible customer service or more like zero. Completely disorganized. Communication crap. Disgraceful. Do not buy from this company.

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Thank You Zac of Nunawading Store

Thank you Zac for a very wonderful purchasing experience at Nunawading store. He is genuine, very helpful, has good product knowledge and excellent customer service. Best purchase experience ever since I arrive Melbourne. My purchase started back in Nov 2014, till delivery in mid May 2015. Everything was smooth and in good order, that I decided to purchase almost my entire bedroom sets and mattresses through him. Delivery communications and arrangements was also commendable. Thank you and all the best !

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Delivery caused damage to our house and not sure if repair will be done professionally or ever done

Bought sofa bed from Nunawading Vic store including delivery and set up.
Delivery staffs scratched my house wall and wood frame with no apology.
When manager came to inspect the damage, still no apology, but instead, blamed my hallway being too narrow.

Instead of offering repair through professional painter, manager asked if I had spare paint at home.

When asked to return, the manager refused. He said he will deliver again with the option to either leave the sofa bed at our entrance or in the room where we intended it to be through the hall way with no responsibility to any damage caused. I found both options unacceptable if refund cannot be granted as I paid for delivery including set up.

No mention of when or how repair is to be done once I expressed wish to return the goods. Manager walked off my house while I was on the phone with my fiancé about what we want to do and the manager called me rude as he left my house.

Tried calling head office but have not had phone call returned since yesterday afternoon.

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Delivery service tarnishes what would have been a totally positive experience

I recently went to the Forty Winks Nunawading store in Victoria. I had already researched my options and essentially knew what I planned to purchase, however still wished to see what was available. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the service. The sales representative did not pressure me in any way, and ensured I viewed the full range of mattresses available within my specifications. He made sure he pointed out all the specials, and allowed me time to make a decision on whether I would purchase and on what. The mattress I was most interested in had just recently finished being on sale, however he honoured the 30% off sale price which I was very pleased with. I booked the delivery date nearly two weeks in advance and was assured I would receive the mattress on this date.

On the day of delivery I was not called between 9 - 10am as promised. I contacted the store who were very helpful, and the driver phoned shortly after advising I was in the 2.30 - 4.30pm delivery window. At 4.30pm the driver rang to advise they were running behind by approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. At 7pm still no mattress, so I contacted the driver directly who promised they were enroute [at this point I was envisaging sleeping on the floor as I had already had my old mattress removed]. The mattress finally arrived at 7.30pm, so essentially I took a day off for work for no reason! The delivery guys were pleasant enough, it was just frustrating being stuck home for the day for essentially no reason. The mattress however is fantastic and arrived in excellent condition, and essentially was delivered on the agreed date! Shame about the delivery delay to an otherwise positive sales experience.
Great instore customer service
Delivery service unreliable - expect the day to be a write off

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Lying in order to make a sale, just unbelievably bad

My partner and I purchased a bed from the Nunawading store, on the condition it would be delivered in 2 weeks. We had seen a similar bed at a rival store who said 8 weeks minimum, being Australian made to order, so we agreed to buy at Forty Winks as the delivery would be faster. We were told we must pay a deposit first, else the manufacturers wouldn't start on the product, and they would confirm with them on Monday as noone was working (it was a Saturday that we came in).
We received no call of confirmation, and after us calling throughout the week finally heard back on Thursday that they were still waiting on confirmation, and would call us the following week. Again no call, so we again called them to follow it up and were told that yes it would be delivered, however the only bed they could have made in time would have doona foot instead of the end we wanted, but they would subsequently change over the ends. Happy with this, we waited, and sure enough got a delivery on the day. The deliverers unpacked and were about to leave when he realised It was the wrong bed. He called the store, and our salesman said said "it is a loan bed until the one you purchased is ready".
At this point we were aware that they had clearly lied and it was never going to be ready in 2 weeks, but in order to make a sale had said it would be.
So we asked to get the deposit back and were told "noone is working in accounts today"... on a Tuesday, and then were refused being put through to the manager.
Subsequently we are waiting to hear back from head office to see if we will ever be able to get our deposit back.
Don't make the same mistake!
We are now going back to the competitors, who gave us the 8 week minimum. At least we know they're honest.

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