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Hankook Dynapro ATM

Hankook Dynapro ATM

4.1 from 92 reviews

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Good value tire.

Done 40000 km and still have at least another 30000 in them. Great on road and moderate off road. Recently went on a rocky dirt road and lost a big chunk out of one tire which had to be replaced

Purchased in June 2016 at Bob Jane T-Marts for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 40,000 km
Car ModelToyota FJ Cruiser
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Good allround tyre

Had them on my Pajero for 3 years. Good grip on road in wet or dry and very good offroad, great for towing. So far I have 70,000ks and there is still plenty left. Only complaint is they started singing at about 30,000ks which at times can get quite loud. Overall I am very happy with them and will buy again.

Purchased in July 2016 at Bob Jane T-Marts for $105.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 70,000 km
Car ModelMitsubishi Pajero NW Exceed 4 Cyl 3.2L, Diesel
Tyre Pressure Used40 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Excellent tyre, low noise good grip

Put a set of 265 65 R18s on 2018 Everest 7 months ago to replace the factory pseudo ATs. I have about 10k on them now and these are excellent on road and off with excellent grip in the wet. I run them at 40 psi and there is very little roll in the corners and no road noise.
I do about 80% on road including heaps of towing a 5m boat. Off road is usually on rough gravel roads and unformed rutted tracks in the Barringtons and Snowy Mountains usually accessing fishing spots. I have had no issues at all.
I chose the Hankooks because my daughter (yep you read rite) has Hankooks on her car and loves them and I liked the look of the tread pattern and the side wall. While most off roaders wouldn't give a rats they look great on alloy rims.

Purchased in August 2018.

Noise Level
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Good Tyre

Had Mt's loved them , doing more highway travel got set of AT's for the 100 (which is set up soft for a comfy ride 3" lift ) ok now with 18k on them the wear is very good
on Road i run them hard 40+ found them excellent and easy to drive , wet or dry
Bush/off road @ 40+ quite fine @ 30 or below they quite capable and work well and comfy but do bag out a lot compared to the mud tyre so i question sidewall strength which i others reviews is a issue
but on road not pumped up hard they are very limited road barge is an understatement ( as an eg happily drive the muddies @ 100k with 20psi to get home ... AT's no 60/70k or spend 20min in the dark or rain pumping them back up
Me in a 105 series ok i rate as just a soft offroad tyre ,
would i buy them again , 50/50 may probably try something else MT or AT light truck for what i do ( have company care so not a daily drive )

Car105 landcruiser

All show, no performance

I decided to fit a set of 4 245/70R16 Hankook ATM's to my 2010 DMAX after they were highly recommended to me by JAX Tyres, biggest mistake ever. For the first 5000km or so they were great, no issues. After about 6000km I noticed excessive steering wheel shake down the motorway. Thinking that it was a simple alignment/balance issue I took it back to JAX to have the service done, but nothing changed. At about 10,000km one of the rear tyres punctured and by the time I'd stopped and pulled up (straight after I noticed the tyre go down) the sidewall had bubbled out and the tyre was irreparable. Slightly disappointed, I put it down to bad luck and decided to replace the tyre with a new one, paying full price. You can imagine my frustration when this brand new tyre with only 5000km on it, now on the other rear side suffered a massive side wall gash about 4cm long. Again I returned the tyre to JAX and they insisted that it was due to a rocks on the road, despite the road being a well graded gravel road. I noted that both times this occurred, there was light snow cover on the road (Central West NSW area) so I put it down to the fact that they may not be great in extremely cold conditions and just bad luck, so I again payed the full price to replace the tyre. Fast forward 10,000km and you guessed it, another flat, this time on the other tyre and on a 30 degree day. Tyre was deemed irreparable due "being driven on flat for to long" even though once again I pulled up as soon as the I noticed the tyre was going down. At this point I gave up on the tyres and have decided to switch to another brand. Please note that the I have a small property on the outskirts of Oberon, NSW, so the only off-road driving I do is to get to this property, which is situated along a 4km long well graded gravel road. I always maintain tyre pressure between 22-28 on the gravel road, and other than that all my driving is on the highway, so I can only honestly put the failure of these tyres down to cheap materials and poor design. I contacted Hankook in regards to this issue, and they basically said "get stuffed" so that wasn't much help. I've never had this issue with the previous brand tyres I've had on the car (Coopers and B/F Goodrich) and can honestly say that I'll never be using Hankook again on any of my cars after this experience.

Car2010 Isuzu DMAX

Not happy will not buy ever again

To the durability it seems OK but between 80 and 110 km there's a vibration that was never there before until I got tyres fitted doesn't matter what I put in for pressure 36 to 41 tryed them all makes no difference I know they are cheap but for a reason I have 265/75/16

CarNissan d40

Outstanding tyre wet/dry and on-road/off-road

265/65R17 - I reckon I have still got over 10,000km left in these things and I've already clocked up 65,000 in my 2016 Colorado. They have outstanding wet and dry performance on the bitumen, and off road they are great. Sand at Fraser Island, wet clay fire trails in the Blue Mountains and mud in the Snowy Mountains. I have never had an issue. When I need to replace these tyres, I will not be paying over $300 for other brands for the same or maybe even less performance and longevity. Dynapro all the way.

Car2016 Colorado LTZ Dual Cab

Great tyre without the crazy prices

I decided to switch from my usual BF Goodrich to a cheaper tyre on my PK Ranger 4x4. The price was fantastic compared to other brands of similar quality. I have used them off-roading in sand, sharp rocks and mud and found them just as good as my previous tyres. Have treated them poorly but have held up to the abuse. No chips in sidewall at all. Would recommend for anyone looking for a AT tyre but without the crazy price. They are quieter than my previous tyres on the motorway.

Car2011 Ford Ranger PK 4x4

Great choice

I had these fitted to my Ranger on the recommendation of a friend [ NP 300 ] and have been more than happy with them, nice and quiet on road, handle great in the wet and dry, good off road performance at reduced pressures, am impressed with the wear rate although I do rotate every 10k km's and will more than likely replace them with the same when the time comes.

Car2017 Ranger Wildtrak

Good But Not Perfect

These tyres are an all rounds precisions but i had to replace it one time because it failed on a long trip luckily i had one extra in the back so i would get this if your looking for durable tyres but not for mountain trips or going up north good.

Car202 pajero

These Tyres great

these tyres are the best tyres, i dont know how i havent started using them until i saw them on the shelf at Ebgames. i cannot believe the value for cash money bills. i dont know how i will get to the toilet without these fantastic pieces of round car legs.

Car1831 Goldmobile

Great all rounder

I have always been one eyed BF Goodrich KO2 as I have had a brilliant run from them but our Pajero was doing mainly city k’s with odd bush trip but decided to try these and have done two big bush trips on them , wet and dry, have about 30% left and have done 60,000 ks so far, bit noisy if they scrub a side but at $250 a corner for 18”, fantastic tyre will buy again .

CarNX Pajero

Great Tyres

I found these tyres to be at a great price, they look great on my car and they handle any terrain quite well. I'm no expert but I think they are worth their price. I use highway, town, country, gravel and dirt roads frequently and the handle each type perfectly.

CarNissan Navara

Value for money

I always used the better brand names for my car, but this time I decided I would look at a broader field. So glad I did, excellent value for my money and performance is just the same as top end tyres, I was told road noise might be a bit louder, but to be really honest, I have not noticed.


Wasn't happy at all

Had a set of Hankook Dynapro on my 87 Hilux 4x4 work ute that rarely went off road,on a job one day before driving home I noticed a flat tyre, after removal and inspection thinking I might have driven over something I noticed cracks on the tyre wall running across the wall causing the problem,when I ckecked the other three tyres two of them also had cracks,took them back to where I bought them as they only had about 20%wear nearly new, the performance of the tyres I was happy with as far as grip and noise level.The tyre dealer asked me to leave one with him so he can show the Hankook rep when he comes in, WAS NOT HAPPY at all when finally the the tyre dealer informed me that Hankook would only give me 30 % on a pro-rata basis towards a new set, have sold the old ute since with the new set still ok with about 20k km on them, need a set of tyres for my later hilux but will not be risking it with Hankooks.


Fit for purpose?

I fitted new Hankook Dynapro AT's to my Land Rover Discovery 4 (19") and a few weeks later 3 of them suffered side wall damage on a trip to the Victorian High Country. Two failed at the same time, and with only one spare I had to nurse the car back to a main road and then wait 2 hours for a tow truck to take me back to civilisation. Then I had to wait for replacement tyres to come up from Melbourne (luckily it only took one extra day). \

As these are supposedly 'All Terrain' my experience has me strongly questioning if they are fit for purpose. The tyre dealer argued my case with Hankook, but they said it was nothing to do with their tyres, and dismissed our request for replacements or a refund.

A week later my son, who did the same trip in his car, and who was also driving on new Hankook ATs (17" fitted to his Pajero at my suggestion) discovered two of his tyres had sidewall damage - not quite as bad as mine but still enough that the local tyre dealer pronounced them unsafe.

Neither my son nor myself are hoons - we are both experienced 4WD'rs, and whilst the tracks were certainly challenging, they were no more difficult than we are used to.

So, if you dont take them off road, they might be a good tyre (actually I was quite pleased with them before my off road experience). Off road? 5 brand new tyres written off on one 3 day trip (3 on the first day!) - well I certainly could not recommend them.

CarLandrover Discovery and Mitsubishi Pajero

Great tyres

Bought full set of tyres and couldn't be happier. The Pajero handles really well on our gravel roads. Great on the highway too, very little noise from the tyres. Disappointingly we had a puncture in the first 2 weeks, but didn't blame the tyre for that, it was a very sharp piece of blue metal.


purchased new tyres for my holden captiva

The tyres are of good quality and have lasted well through wear and tear through sealed and unsealed roads in the far north region travelling from Cairns to Cooktown. Will purchase new tyres of the same brand in the coming months depending on the how long they will last on my vehicle

thank you

CarHolden Captiva

Out of round

Fitted a set of 265/75/16 ATM's to my 08 BT50. They were great for around the fist 5K but then started suffering from massive wheel shakes around 80_100kph. Had them balanced twice ( they had problems with this as well) Checked all the usual suspects and replaced shocks/pitman &idler arms, tightened the steering play and no difference. Borrowed a set of rims (same as mine) with some Mickey T's on them and wow....shake has gone. Could not fault them for grip but to deform so quickly and make the ute dangerous to drive just not good enough!

Car2008 Mazda BT50

Very ordinary

I ended up replacing buying 6 in total before going to something else and all failed as brand new tires, the tire shop told me I was just really unlucky. When the last one split internally and bubbled out in the centre of the tread that was it. Problem was continual punctures on dirt roads. I tried to contact Hankook no reply. I tried to suggest that in 30 yrs of driving dirt roads and 4wd'ing I have never been stuck so many times. Nothing back from them. Ask someone who knows like a tire fitter what's on his car and it won't be these.

Car2000 Nissan Patrol

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We previously had Dynapro's on a Colorado, but they picked up a lot of rocks and threw them. Do the latest tyres do the same. thanks
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Running a set of these tyres now on my Hilux, great tyres on sealed roads, very quiet and smooth, done 65000 ks and plenty of tread left. Had a split in the tyre wall that finished one tyre, and now I’ve got a massive cut on another one. Clearly there’s a problem with the tyre walls! Previously I had Coopers ATM, great off-road, very durable but terrible on bitumen. Completely worn out after 50 000 ks. Upgrading to a new Hilux next month and I really don’t know which all terrain tyres to get, I do 80% on road, 20% off road, any suggestions.
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What is the right pressure for Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 265/65R17 112T for a toyota hilux sw4 for city, road and offroad?
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Hankook Dynapro ATM
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