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House and Land Design

House and Land Design

5.0 from 46 reviews

Dream come true!!

When you sleep you dream…when you wake up you work hard to make your dreams come true…
House and Land Design played a very crucial part in making our dream come true!!

Upon looking at the great reviews and a 5 start rating, we have contacted House and Land. Being first home buyers we were totally naïve. While we were still looking for a piece of land, we started contacting builders for quotations. Most of the builders we approached provided us with a range of plans and respective prices but House and Land went the extra mile providing some highly valuable advise about the additional costs that would be involved (sloping land, soil class, noise considerations etc.) which were priceless. There were times when Doug went the extra mile providing advice after hours. All free of cost and at no obligation to engage them as the builders. Thanks to House and Land we did not end up buying some parcels that we were really keen on which would have incurred a lot of additional costs which would have gone beyond our budget. After going through several quotations from various builders (including the highly popular ones), we found that we were getting the best value for our money with House and Land and so have signed up a contract with them. We had tons of queries and questions before and during the construction and both Doug and Glen were extremely patient.

Attitude is everything!!! We just fell for it. The construction went absolutely smoothly with no hiccups at all and the house was handed over well ahead of schedule! There was never an issue with communication and Glen the project leader was always available for a quick conversation. They have a great team. No matter which Tradie you speak to all you hear is “oh Doug?...I have known him for 15yrs.” another “known Doug for 35 years” they are like a family…everybody so professional and positive and easy to work with!! Each and every tradie was an expert in his trade.

I heard many stories from friends who built with other builders and not one without a mess up or additional costs. All I hear is building a house is so stressful. Not for us! We are so glad we choose to build with HALD. They have the most practical and affordable designs.

It has been 8 months since we moved into our new home and are absolutely enjoy it. Thanks to the team at HALD!

Construction End DateFeb 2018

Highly Efficient Team and Workmanship Second to None

From the initial contact to the handover of the house, we have received an absolutely five star services and craftsmanship with fast construction time frame.
We have initially contact Doug at House and Land Design a year before our land was registered. Doug gave us good suggestions and sent us many versions of designs. There was no sales pitch but solid advice instead. We had to completely redraw our plan around the time our land was registered, and made numerous changes to the plan afterwards. Doug and Matt the draftsperson were so patient and helpful. Doug and I exchanged perhaps hundreds of emails with my endless requirements, and due to the time constraint, he even sacrificed his weekends to help us to get the project done. Matt gave us a lot of good advice in terms of design, and always got back to us promptly. As it is a complete custom plan, he designed many façade options for us and went out of his ways to draw internal elevations that are not required just to help us visualise our house.
During the construction, our supervisor Glen is the best site manager we have ever seen. He was so approachable and knowledgeable, always one phone call away. The whole project was running smoothly like a clock. There were rarely mistakes. Any concerns were addressed promptly. Glen definitely has an eye for details, and we trust his expertise. He met us on site weekly, updated us with the progress, answered any question we had and gave us many valuable advice.
As a person working in the building industry, I can confidently say their workmanship is second to none. My Family has been in the building industry forever and HALD tradies impressed all of us. As a small builder, they use the same team all the time and thus their quality control was amazing.
Special thanks to Mick the electrician who was very helpful and knowledgeable and to Aaron the tiler, Neil the painter and the brick layers. I have seen so many display homes, and their workmanship was perhaps the best I have ever seen. Also a big thank you to Clyde the concreter who did a wonderful job to our driveway, and Garry the plumber who was very helpful and accommodating. It is worth mentioning is HALD perhaps has the best carpenters in town. Our appreciation also goes to Kristy the estimating girl and Loreen the accountant. They were very helpful and accommodating throughout the whole process.
We are thinking to build our next house with them!

Construction End DateOct 2017

Professional, Quality and Trustworthy Builder – Highly Recommend

The whole experience with House and Land Design P/L has been extremely professional from the very beginning to when we moved into our beautiful home two months ago, to now.
The workmanship and fittings are of premium quality and exceed anything we have seen by other builders. What makes House and Land Design stand out from the rest is their honesty and transparency at every stage of the build.
You have the luxury of dealing directly with the sub-contractor for any extra upgrades so you’re not stuck or bound by any fixed contract.
Doug, Glen and the team have been very helpful and accommodating to the constant changes to our original design and nothing was ever too much trouble.
The build was managed by Glen, a very competent supervisor who always kept us up to date and communicated directly with us. Everything was always on schedule and Glen and the team always managed to go above and beyond our expectations. It was a real pleasure to work with Glen and the team.
The best thing about our home is that, upon completion, we moved straight in with a completed driveway, security screens and clothes line. Everything is included throughout. I highly recommend House and Land Design as their management was second to none. They are honest, have great attention to detail, and their high standards and service are just fantastic.
Thank you Doug and Glen for making building our home experience so wonderful.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Best Builder - They don't realise how good they are

House and Land Design (HALD) built our home after we demolished our original house. We are extremely happy with our new home, thanks to HALD. We highly recommend HALD to anyone considering building a new home.

HALD design exceeded our expectations and there are 9 reasons why we recommend HALD:

1. Glen and Doug are easy people to work with. They have an excellent practical approach to providing the home owner with a home that meets their requirements and expectations. They are extremely knowledgeable and we valued their opinions. Having Doug manage the design and contract stage and then having Glen manage construction worked extremely well. We don’t think they realise how good they are.
2. Right from the start we felt like Glen and Doug were personally engaged in providing the house we wished for. When it came time to look at minor defects to be corrected before handover we busily went around putting dots on things we thought needed fixing. Glen then came in and put 3 times as many dots for touch-ups to meet his standard.
3. Once construction started there were no variations to the price. Minor changes were covered in the original price. Glen delivered solutions rather than invoices for variations.
4. We were able to have a custom designed house at a project home builder price, which is a reflection of their excellent supplier sourcing, given they don’t have the bulk buying benefit of the larger project home builders.
5. HALD introduced us to the major trades working on our home and enabled us to discuss directly with the trades specific requirements, (eg: location of power points, tile patterns, tap locations etc.)
6. The trades engaged by HALD were friendly and professional. Most had been working for HALD for 5 or more years. We rebuilt in an existing residential area (cul-de-sac) and they were mindful of the neighbours. There were no issues raised by the neighbours re noise, parking, dust etc.
7. Glen's management of materials being delivered to site was exceptional. Materials turned up the day before it was required so there was no accumulation of materials on site. The site was also kept very clean. All waste was put in a fenced area and taken away when full.
8. For some extras that we wanted (extra power points, internet cabling, extra pantry shelving etc) HALD were happy with us to talk directly with the trades, rather than raising variations that would have attracted an administration fee.
9. Our daughter had built her first home with a major project home builder just 9 months before we started our rebuild. Although they did a good job, by comparison, HALD were excellent. The difference was in the ease of the build and the attention to detail and quality, during both design and construction. The cost per square metre was similar.

We are very happy with our new home and Glen and Doug are always welcomed visitors, as friends. Also, to all those who worked behind the scenes from the design team to administration, thank you very much.

Construction End DateDec 2017

Best Builder - they listen and do what they say they will do

We were really impressed with the level of professionalism and care from the HALD team. The process was really smooth and everyone at HALD were really helpful, patient with many changes that we requested. our house was a modified version of their Condamine 330. Doug was very knowledgeable, he helped us in designed a dual living split level house the house to suit the sloping land.
HALD delivered the house ahead of time as we were pressed by time from the bank approval process. Glen our building supervisor is the Best Building supervisor we have ever dealt with. He put a great deal of efforts to make sure our house finish on time to meet the bank timetable, we really appreciate Glen's and everyone at HALD team for their fantastic job.
HALD team always listen and answer all of our questions during the construction and they do what they said they will do.
We also noticed that HALD have a great team of tradies that have been working in partnership with them. We can’t recommend HALD highly enough and would definitely build with them again.

Construction End DateOct 2017

Great experience for our first build

We came to HALD as first time builders. We had done renovations in the past but had little experience with the whole process you need to undertake to get a house out of the ground. Our draftsman recommended HALD to us for their build quality and great pricing.They gave us lots of suggestions even before we had chosen them as our builders. They kept us informed throughout the whole build process and were happy to answer any questions we had. We are extremely happy with the end product. We had a great experience with HALD and would definitely build with them again.

Construction End DateOct 2017

Amazing Builders

From the word go Doug wasn't interested in if we built through him or not, he was only interesting in helping out as best as possible. It was because of this attitude and help that we chose to build though HALD and I'm glad we did!

I ended up building one of the biggest houses that HALD had taken on at the point in time. Doug was more than happy to let me use my own design I created and all the changes that went with it. The build size ended up being close to 42m2. I created a dual living house that was separated by a triple garage. It included 2 kitchens. Doug was extremely knowledgeable with the details of how to design it as a single, joint house so it met all council criteria.
The workmanship and build quality was amazing, I can barely fault anything inside or outside the house and that is extremely rare, especially with a house this size and detail.

Doug and HALD were more than accommodating with all the extras we decided to include along the way and during the build. Doug was happy for us to redo our entire lighting and electrical plans and also for us to use our own telstra employee to do all our data and antenna points throughout the house. I ended up putting about 60 data points and 20+ antenna points in the house. We also ended up supplying all our own LED lights aswell as the fans we desired. We also ran all our own HDMI cables and speaker wires in the media/lounge rooms for wall mounted TVs and surround sound speakers.

There were complications my partner and myself ran into with the house we were renting and the owners selling it and wanting us out before the build time allocated for building our house. Doug and all his crew helped us to the best of their abilities and managed to get our house finished in the time we had remaining. This also required his workers to work during the Christmas period to get this done.
I highly recommend Doug and HALD to everybody who reads this review and without a doubt will always choose to build with HALD if the opportunity arises again.

Construction End DateJan 2015

Amazing Experience!

We had heard all the stories about how the building experience is such a drama. Well our experience was AMAZING.
We were recommended to use HALD by a close friend who had used them when their sister had recommended them after using them. They both said the same thing. Nothing was a drama.
And this was so true.
We needed a house that had a completely separate living area for my elderly mum. She needed to have her own space and be able to make a simple meal but have her main meal with us.
After we came up with our plan HALD came up with a much better plan that is working beautifully.
The whole process with HALD from the first email right thru to after handover where a couple of things needed a little tweak was not a problem.
All the tradespeople were great and gave some wonderful suggestions which have been fabulous.
We can’t recommend HALD highly enough. They made a huge emotional and financial decision so much easier.
Thank you to everyone at HALD. Doug and Glen - you guys are the best.

Construction End DateDec 2016

5 Star Builder - All good!!!

We had great experience with H.A.L.D team! All process was very smooth and no hidden cost from first to last.
1. Consulting- We wanted have our own design of the House. I sent at least 100+ email and always replied. (English is my second language but it was ok. H.A.L.D knew what customer wanted such a communication with Customer and service.) 2. Building- All trade crew was very friendly and tidy. (H.A.L.D built 45sqm Two story house for us with no worries. ^^) 3. Hand over- We got the key on date as H.A.L.D planned. We could manage moving in and out date easily. (It was important the building finish and hand over the key on time as we planned because we moved from overseas and had few containers) 4. After handover- There were minor issues but Manager of H.A.L.D solved the issues as fast as he can. Me and my family very appreciated to House and Land Design team. We have been living 2years now and feel very comfort and confident.

Construction End DateMar 2015

Happy customers

We first contacted HALD around 2012 through a google search and subsequently these reviews.
After going through several months of design planning and lots of questions we were let down by our bank and had to hold off with the build. Doug at HALD was completely understanding throughout this.

3 years down the track and we contacted HALD again and started from where we left off.
As of october 2016 we've ended up with a brilliant house with a smooth building experience to boot. As other reviewers have mentioned, nothing was ever a problem and everyone at HALD, right down to the tv aerial installer were really easy to deal with and very professional.

A couple of the main reasons we chose to go with HALD was price, their willingness to take on a section that was narrow and sloping, and most importantly, how (Doug) dealt with our never ending questions and requests.
Both Doug and Glen go out of their ways to give you time out of their day and offer honest advice on decisions about the build.
We never felt like we were being pushed into upgrading or going for more expensive options, if anything the opposite.

We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to build, especially if you have a block that is not your standard flat, square block.
Thanks to everyone at House and Land Design!

Construction End DateOct 2016


Our family has just built again with House and Land Design. We have been thrilled with the whole experience. From consultancy, through to handover, House and Land Design have been fantastic. There were very few problems, any of which were resolved happily and immediately. The professionalism of our Construction Manager Glenn Piggins was outstanding. So polite and obliging, only too happy to offer the best opinion and advice. All trades were of the highest quality. The ongoing customer servicer also is very efficient. All in al - great planning, met our budget and excellent finish. Our home is quite large and not a simple design, but was adapted from one of House and Land Design's basic designs, and then adapted to our needs and budget.
The whole family are thrilled with the result, and we cannot recommend House and Land Design highly enough.

David and Diane Roberts

Construction End DateJun 2016

Biggera Bliss :-)

I spent a good 12-24 months reviewing builders before I approached anyone, and came across House and Land Design, they really stuck out from the crowd with distinct difference in there reviews, One of the only companies I came across that actually had people coming back to build there 2nd and 3rd houses with the same company.
I approached House and land design and we spent some time detailing a house that would accommodate for all my needs. And found there approach to be very straight forward, extremely detailed and most of all practical to my needs. I have recently had 5 rounds of spinal surgery and face the prospect of being in a wheel chair at some point, HALD have been able to pre design a lot of features into the house to accommodate my needs now and well into the future. From the start of design it wasn't long before a high level of trust was developed between myself and the sales team, and as time drew on I felt extremely confident with my choice of companies.
I could not recommend this team high enough. Five star all the way ....

The build quality of my house is second to none, I have a few friends that are tradies and they have all stopped out the front to commented that the brick work on my house is the best they have ever seen, very sharp.

And I must say I could not have had a better site supervisor he was always at hand when needed and at one point he stepped above and beyond his duties to ensure the house was perfect for me and no delay where encountered.

The quality and professionalism of all contractors was impressive, and the fact that the guys know each other and are willing to help and assist each other during construction was a blessing.

Overall I encountered only one days delay with a sick tradie due to the flu, Unheard of...That was it, Due to the great pre planning of House and Land Design there was no delays with materials or mistakes with plans, Nothing, It ran as smooth as Swiss watch start to hand over date.. :-) I felt very at ease knowing why house was in great hands, The team really treated it with a lot of pride as it was there own house. Extremely impressed

And to top it all off they finished my house before schedule :-) impressive

If I ever had to build a house again I would not hesitate to call House and Land Design at the drop of a hat. Again I could not recommend this company highly enough, Great product, great service and after through life support is second to none, they certainly take great care and have great pride in there product. < Very trustworthy people. :-) best value for money I have ever spent :-) I am very proud of my new house in Biggera Waters QLD, nicest looking house in the street , Lol, I've now named it Biggera Bliss

Construction End DateOct 2016

A Dream Build!!

We engaged House and Land Design to build a 2 storey split level home in 2014/2015. We had a sloping block so needed something that best suited our land and our building envelope. We were given a basic layout then we completely redesigned the home inside and out. We were guided along the way and nothing was ever a problem. And we are absolutely in love with our new home. We could not have asked for an easier, hassle free build with a great team working behind the scenes to ensure everything ran smoothly. We were always kept informed at what stage our build was at, the lines of communication were always kept open. So a huge thank you to Glen and Doug for a dream build. We highly recommend the team at House and Land Design!!

Construction End DateMar 2015

Couldn't be happier with our new home

From start to finish we received honest open communication, no hidden costs or extras. Friendly staff who follow through on their promises. Delivered in the time frames given, we were happy at every stage.
We love our new split level home in Elanora, it is beautiful, we would use House Land and Design again in the future. We thoroughly recommend HALD.

Builders who take pride in what they build!

House and Land built a 2-storey investment property for us at Pacific Pines in 2006. We chose them as we'd bought an incredibly steep block and heard that they could build a home on it without any fuss. Their knowledge and customer service is second to none and we felt confident with them all along. You don't just deal with a salesperson - you talk with the builder. There were no dramas throughout the build and we had the home tenanted since it was completed. Recently our Property Manager reported that there may be a structural issue with the home as floor tiles kept lifting and cracking (first reported in 2011). Even though the home was out of its warranty period, Doug took ownership of the issue and provided reassurance that they would sort out the problem. We are so grateful to House and Land for being such an honorable builder and standing behind the great value for money homes that they build. We know from personal experience that this is not the same with all builders. We thoroughly recommend House and and Land to you!

HALD 5 Star Service all the way

We had House and Land Design build us an Endeavour 32 on our sloping block on the Gold Coast.

We had many changes to the original design to make it work on our block of land, the way it was facing and the needs of our family. HALD were extremely patient in the process and at no time pressured us to go one way or the other, they just wanted to make sure the design was what we wanted.

During the build, Glen and the boys were all wonderful in responding to our endless questions and requests for further information. All the tradesmen were very approachable and willing to assist in any way. Glen Piggins (Building Manager) went above and beyond in his capacity to ensure that the build went seamlessly, keeping the lines of communication open, always turning up to site meetings when promised and doing everything he could to make sure our home was as perfect as promised.

Would recommend HALD to anyone wanting to build a new home.

Building our first home from the other side of the country without breaking a sweat.

My wife and I decided it was time to start building our dream home as we slog it out in the middle of nowhere in WA. We are both originally from the Gold Coast and have heard countless reports on dodgy builders that pop up out of nowhere after changing their name from the last failed attempt at making it big on the glitter strip. We did a heap of research on HALD after finding them on a web search. The main reason we were drawn to HALD was that they specialised in sloping blocks - our block slopes down from the street.

I spoke to friends that were in the trade, we read every review on this web site, we did a search on the BSA web site - HALD looked flawless. We also spoke to our friends about building on a sloping block - they all said to make sure that you go with a specialised builder as not everyone can deal with sloping blocks. Fly-by-night sub contractors using back-backers for tradesman don't have the nouse to do things the right way in these sort of situations. We were happy to hear that HALD use the same tradesman on every build.

We took the plunge and decided to go with HALD - they were the only builder we spoke to that returned our calls and emails, were friendly from the get-go, and understood that being 5000km away was going to be a problem at times. Doug, John, Glen and Bud were always extremely helpful and supported us at every step of the journey. We designed most of the house ourselves (we drew pictures of what we wanted - HALD did the rest) - we had a 9 month wait for the land to register so the house went through quite a few different incarnations before things got started. The number of times we called Doug and said "you're going to hate us..." it was NEVER a problem.

We have just got the keys to our dream home and couldn't be happier - every person we've shown through the house has turned bright green, some you can tell start looking for faults and are always disappointed. Our bank requested a hand-over company to go through the house with a fine-tooth comb - some dust in corners, a couple of tiny drops of paint on tiles and that was it - the inspector said it was one of the best hand-overs he had ever seen. The attention to detail and workmanship is all outstanding, we upgraded a few fixtures from the standard inclusions and this was never a drama. We couldn't be happier.

I asked a heap of Tradie mates about HALD prior to signing up - "never heard of em" was the usual answer. Does anyone sit at the pub and tell their mates about a good company? You DEFINITELY tell them about the bad ones... The only gripe I heard from one guy was that they make you wear safety boots and you have to have an induction. BOO FRIGGIN HOO.

This review isn't lies, I haven't been paid to write it, and I have no affiliation with them at all. I had trouble believing that every review would get 5 stars so I read some reviews on other companies and services on this site - heaps of negatives. I'd rather deal with someone that uses word of mouth as advertising, instead of pumping thousands (from our pockets) on glossy brochures, arrogant salesman and misleading web sites.

I WILL be buying them a beer or 24 when I finally get back home.

Great people and value for money

HALD have been great all the way with our custom designed acreage home. From the first meeting until the last all the HALD staff and sub-contractors have been very approachable, friendly, honest and open about all our questions, enquires and requests. As with any build there were minor issues that occurred, but all were accepted and dealt with in a timely and friendly manner.

The design process was quite lengthy as we had a definite budget to work with which meant constant adjustments and changes on our part to ensure we got the best house we could buy for our money. HALD were very patient and offered excellent advice throughout.

We wanted more than the bigger companies were prepared to do for us but could not afford the costs of a private builder. HALD fitted nicely for us in terms of flexibility, personal attention, quality of build and cost.

The sales representatives were very helpful and responded quickly to our numerous emails and phone calls prior to the signing of the contract. Once the build commenced the site supervisor treated my wife and I with great respect and friendliness and he got back to us quickly with answers/information we asked for. All the HALD representatives and contractors were very friendly and happy to take and respond to any enquiry we had at any stage of the entire process.

We are very happy with the house HALD built for us. We would certainly recommend HALD to anyone.

Excellent Service Excellent Quality

We chose to build a modified Daintree 190 and we couldn't be happier having engaged HALD to build our new house in Upper Coomera, QLD!

From the moment I walked into their office and spoke to them I was highly impressed with the honesty and care shown in helping to pick the design that suited our needs. Throughout the months that followed we changed the floor plan many times and their patience shown was rather remarkable.

During the build phase HALD made it a pleasure as simple hurdles where overcome with their expert advice. Our foreman was fantastic, easily accessible and giving regular updates as to the progress of the construction. Their after-sales service has also been fantastic.

The quality of the our finished home is superb.

We heard about HALD by word of mouth from family and friends. We spoke to a few of the larger builders before visiting HALD and the difference in their honest, helpful approach was reassuring to us as first time builders as we didn't feel like we were taken on a ride from the outset.

I have no hesitation in recommending HALD to anyone looking for a builder of their new home. If we have an urge to build again we will be using them again. The whole process was very smooth without the stressful horror stories normally associated with building a home.

Thank you HALD, we absolutely love our new home.

Excellent people & quality!!!!!

House and Land Design has recently built my house in Northside of Brisbane. I found out about HALD from this website, so I thought I should write a review here. I spoke with one of the company owners before I purchased my land. I glad that I spoke to him first as he told me plenty of things to watch out for when buying a small lot in Brisbane. Every time I saw a block I liked I sent him the land details and he gave me his thoughts. English is not my first language so his patience and advice saw me look at 4 blocks before I made my final decision. This was even before we actually met and singed any contracts, but he always responded my questions right away. This is the one of the main reasons why I chose them. Because we did good research on the land it made the building part easier than I thought it would. As I have never built a house in Australia I had to learn all new terms and conditions applicable to my land. My final design was a custom plan designed exactly to my liking. The construction was without any trouble and the subbies and supervisor were very helpful. I am very happy that I have chosen them and it was right decision. I would also recommend this company for sure!!

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Questions & Answers

Does HALD complete major renovations to existing homes?
2 answers
Hi Kristin, I don't think that they do renovations even major ones. That is because they avoid complications and just do what they do best, and they do it well. We spent quite some time looking at the renovate or rebuild option. To renovate our place was going to cost about $350k to knock down and rebuild was about $300k and we didn't need to compromise on design. We got the layout we wanted, 2.7m ceilings, all new plumbing and electrical. We are happy that we choose to knock down and rebuild, but you do take a big breath when the excavator starts demolishing your existing house. Regards,...David & CherylGood morning Kristin thank you for contacting House and Land in regards to your question our building company concentrates mainly on new homes as David and Cheryl has suggested however we work closely with another company that does undertake renovations. happy to pass on the details CLW building services 0407213553 all the best with your renovations sorry we couldn't help.

Hello, does HALD build in Clyde North Melbourne?
1 answer
Hi Rachel, Unfortunately we don't reach down that far for our construction sorry. As we're a Gold Coast based company we tend to go only as far down as the South Gold Coast area. Thank you for considering us for your house construction and sorry we couldn't further accommodate for the area you're looking at. Regards, HALD

Hi. My mother wants to build a big single story house (around 400-500 sqm) which has a parent retreat with kitchenette. Would you do a custom design/building? Cheers, Boram.
1 answer
Hi Boram, Thanks for your enquiry - I believe we are already in contact via email since this request. If you could continue to convey via email that would be great, speak soon.

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