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Ideal Homes
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AWESOME communication, EXCEPTIONAL service, great quality home !!!!!

When anyone asks me i proudly recommend Ideal homes for a home builder.

I've been working in the building industry for over 15 years and this is my first built home as i was always put off building due to the standard quality a lot of builders deem acceptable in today's homes.

i decided it was time to stop renting so i looked at a few first home building companies and all of the ones i contacted treated me like i wasn't an easy win and not worth their time or 1 company even told me i wasn't ready for a home and was wasting mine and their time so i got put in the too hard basket by them to call back in a years time ....... except for ideal homes. Chris Moore from ideal homes contacted almost instantly after i left an online inquiry and he booked an appointment to come see me and talk to me face to face after hours when i finished work (not over the phone in an air con office punching numbers on a computer). He was honest from the beginning and explained everything to me in great detail before proceeding.

Honestly my finance wasn't easy but Chris stuck with me and helped me through with great advise from him and NU-age finance. He went above and beyond to help me and i can honestly say without his help i wouldn't be living in a home of my own, he was always smiling and having a laugh. a great guy to be around.

After finance was given pre-approval awaiting final selections the EXCEPTIONAL service didn't stop, i met with Samantha who helped me through my home selection and she was very easy to talk to and explained everything in great detail, she also took me through their display in their office which had everything including samples of the bricks to help with colour selection and determine extra options.

after the colour selection was over finance was approved and it took the shire council about 2-3 months to approve everything before anything could start. That wasn't ideal homes fault just our our tax payers money at work but they do have to get engineers approval and drainage plans to ensure it is built correctly so my house doesn't need to be knocked down.

I know building is a lot of money and a big commitment but upon building i went in with REALISTIC expectations of what to expect given i work in the building industry and the quality of the foundations, the over all building standard were well above what i expected and blew my mind. i visited every weekend and the building site was always kept clean (even the brickies did an awesome job).

A lot of the building sites I've been to the brickies are the messiest trade (often leave a mess all over site) and you often shack your head at the workmanship / quality control but their work was awesome from start to finish and no mess to be seen and very straight walls (id highly recommend their brickies). And the workmanship was great from every trade that came in after them. Mitch was my site supervisor and handled the site brilliantly and kept everything moving on schedule with no fuss and was great to deal with and when i had issues with my land lord with moving in times he was very accommodating and helped me tremendously to get the times to sync perfectly.
Many thanks Mitch.

i have been in my new home now for about 4 months and only maintenance i can lodge is minor cracking on a few cornices (not the walls) which isn't much.

Don't double think about who to build with, definitely give Ideal Homes a call to built your home!

Construction End DateOct 2018

Quality Customer Service

Ideal Homes are excellent! Chris Moore was my building consultant he has exceptional customer service and is full of great ideas and advice for anyone looking to build even first timers.
He was always available and responded quickly to any questions I had in regards to the plan, finance and during the build. No major issues during the build and was in the house within 5 months. The standard is amazing and I am very happy with the finished product. Tim the builder and his team were also very helpful keeping in touch throughout the building process. Chris organised everything to suit me - the style of plans I wanted, to finding the right block of land for me and also making sure we stayed withing my financial means.
I would not hesitate to build with Ideal Homes again or recommend them to anyone looking to build.

Construction End DateNov 2018

Don't think about. Just Do It!

If you have any doubts about building at all then Chris Moore would be the best person to deal with, especially if you're a First Timer like me. What to expect was made clear, the timeframes were correct. The Build itself was was clean and on target, with no real hiccups or issues.
Chris and Ideal Homes really helped me with costings and choice. They were flexible and everybody at the office was a pleasure to deal with.
Chris really listens to what you want and delivers. He will be realistic and genuine as humanly possible so there are no surprises or hidden agendas!
I have been in my new build for nearly a month now and I'm supposed to be finding things wrong apparently. I haven't yet.
I thoroughly love the house and the Block Chris helped me select. One very happy Home Owner. :)

Construction End DateSep 2018

House With A Smile :)

I couldn’t be happier with the end result.
Chris made it very easy for me to create my dream home and was helpful every step of the way :)
I would highly recommend ideal homes to anyone and would recommend going to Chris Moore he has a smile worth seeing and well you get a house out of it too.

Construction End DateOct 2018

First home buyers

Build was great, done quicker then expected and love the outcome, had no issues what so ever and if we didn’t understand certain things ideal homes helped us and explained everything we asked about, with final costing we ended up with money in our pockets as the estimated building cost was arranged to an amount where we wouldn’t have to deal with surprise costs.
We had an outstanding house and land specialist chris Moore who help us from start to finish and was always there when we had any questions, we are glad we decided to go with Chris and am grateful for his help with everything.
Ideal homes is an amazing place to build through i definitely recommend 100%.

Construction End DateMay 2018

Brilliant experience

My first meeting was with consultant Chris Moore. Chris was amazing to deal with and together we worked out a perfect plan and affordable deal for me. I’m about to move in and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and finish of my new home.
I can’t recommend Ideal Homes highly enough and thanks once again Chris, for your invaluable help!!

Construction End DateJun 2018

Truly an Ideal home.

From the initial meet with Chris Moore, to the key handover, my experience with home building has been absolutely ideal.
Without exception the staff at ideal homes have gone above and beyond to ensure a quick professional result.
The quality of workmanship and fixtures is of a very high standard.
The time to completion was extremely reasonable.
I’m constantly recommending Chris and ideal homes to everyone.
We are all extremely happy to have chosen this company to build our Ideal home.

Construction End DateApr 2018

No regrets and in for Christmas!

The support and advice received from Chris was excellent from the very start. He was patient, informative and honest which helped to relieve the anxiety and stress that comes with building.
He stayed in contact throughout the whole process and was more than happy to take calls at any time and didn't get frustrated when we asked the same question multiple times, as he understood that every decision was important.

We are so very happy with our home!

Construction End DateNov 2017

Fantastic! Making our dreams come true!

Our house is still under construction so a full review of the finished product cannot be left at this stage.
To summarise, everyone we have dealt with have been professional in all aspects. We could not imagine building with another company.

We first met with a consultant in January this year. From the initial phone call with Shane he knew that we were meeting for an information session as we were renting and needed to know what we needed to do to start preparing to become first home owners. My husband in particular had no intention of jumping into any kind of contract and was not really keen on going to a meeting.
We had seen other sales consultants with other building companies but none of them made me feel comfortable. Shane made both myself and my husband feel as if we had know him for ages. At our very first meeting Shane was able to tell me exactly what could and needed to be done and proved to us how easy it was to take the plunge into owning rather than renting, and more so why Ideal Homes were better than other builders. It was the little things that IH offers that make the quality of their homes leagues above the rest.
One thing lead to another and we found ourselves picking out a design and discussing what we wanted in a house. With some compromising we chose a design that suited us perfectly and worked well with our keystart budget. Shane arranged for us to meet a land agent and the finance broker, all of which were professional and extremely helpful!
We signed the contract and everything began to proceed.
Admittedly we did a have a hiccup once we had signed our contract but everything was rectified swiftly and professionally. The hiccup did have us worried but once we met up with Alanna for our prestart meeting, all faith was restored.
Our slab was laid late August and by the second week of January we were moving in.
The only thing we are slightly disappointed with was the overall cleanliness of the house at handover. There were still a few things that needed to be done but are getting sorted.

Construction End DateJan 2018

Not Perfect, but as close as you can get

I found it hard to fault the Ideal Homes crew with our Build. As first home owners, the whole IH team made the experience as enjoyable and pain free as possible. There were a few little issues, however it is near on impossible to have a build go perfect these days. For us what made IH stand out was their responsiveness to any issues we had, if something wasn't right it was fixed in a timely manner, all we had to do was ask.

Right from the pre-purchase stage thru to key handover and maintenance we were looked after every step of the way.

Our Sales consultant Chris was the number one standout for us. He made sure that we got everything we were looking for in our home, and made sure it all happened within the budget we had available. His service really was second to None, and we will be contacting him again as our first phone call when it is time to build again.

Our Site supervisor Pep also was a great help. I spoke with him and let him know our timeline as i had some other trades i needed to book well in advance, and he made sure that our house was ready when i needed it to be, so we didn't have any delays moving in.

Quality wise we have no issues currently (we are post maintenance). There were a few little items that required attention, however they were all handled during our 4 month follow up.

As a whole we would recommend IH to anyone looking to build a new home! Thanks again IH for building us our dream house!

Construction End DateJan 2017


We are truly thankful we had Chris as our consultant. He supported us throughout the whole process without a fault. Any questions we had he would answer and would help us understand what was happening. As first home buyers/builders, we didn't have a clue what to expect, but with Chris and the team's help, we now have our perfect family home. The process throughout was easy and very straight forward. Our building supervisor Tim Urquhart and his team built our home of true quality of workmanship which I can say whole heartedly, is second to none. We've thoroughly enjoyed our building experience with ideal homes and would recommend them simply because they genuinely want to help you get your perfect home. THANK YOU for everything!

Construction End DateMay 2017

VERY IMPRESSIVE, ask for Chris Moore

I'm not one to usually write reviews but I feel in this case I have to share, especially if your sitting on the fence of who to build with in this competitive market. After many consultations with recommended builders and due to being a first home, it can be a pretty daunting experience who to go through or what to look for, after all everyone is just trying to make a "buck", but not in this case. After first meeting with the sales rep Chris Moore you can tell its not a cheesy sales scheme as I got this vibe with a few of the others, he was more than helpful and it became a relationship built on many phone calls of me stressing and him answering every question I had which must of been frustrating I am sure and he catered extremely well with the budget provided which he also helped out with the financing and gave me a great broker.

I was pretty much hands off the whole build and all the staff were great to deal with and Chris kept in contacted the whole time which was surprising but proves its not just about getting the "sale". I couldn't fault any of the progress of the build and I thought due to the speed it was going at they must be missing something but there is nothing to fault with Ideal Homes and if I was to build again I would look no further.

To summarize I built a house with ease and due to the professionalism and personalised experience I am a very pleased/happy first home owner. Cheers guys!

Construction End DateApr 2017


The best thing about IDEAL HOMES is CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Staffs in Ideal Homes will always answer your query in a very professional manner, sometimes even on a weekend or late at night! Sometimes I feel like i've been asking too much questions but Chris and Hayley have always answered our queries professionaly and never made us feel like we're bothering them! They have always been there to help us.

Building process has been smooth and exciting with IDEAL HOMES! Also - their standard stuff looks like the upgraded version from other builders! WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IDEAL HOMES TO ANYONE!

Construction End DateJul 2017

Perfectly Amazeballs: Love Love Love

Ideal Homes have been fantastic from the start.
Dash Mann has been our Building consultant from day dot. We walked in not knowing where to start first and he made the entire process less overwhelming and listened to our needs and boy did he and the team deliver. From pointing us in the right direction for finance to finding us the perfect block and the house design! oh my!
Colour selection was made so cruisey and the building process has been so quick and smooth without skimping on the quality of workmanship we are pinching ourselves in disbelief out how amazing the process has been

I would highly recommend Ideal Homes to anyone considering building and you wont get a better person to work with then Dash.

Construction End DateMay 2017

Excellent service all the way through!

From the very first time we went to see the Bellucci display, we knew it was the design for us. Chris, the person we dealt with first was so helpful all the way through the whole experience. Nothing was too hard for him, not the literal tidal wave of questions we asked, nor helping us find a suitable block for our house or the dozens of minor changes we made to the design. He was simply amazing, we never felt pressured and the speed with which he organised things was excellent.

The range of choices and options available was very comprehensive and of good quality, with lots of things covered in the standard range (and options for upgrades at very reasonable prices). Tiles selection was very extensive, pretty much anything we wanted at Crosby tiles Myaree was included as standard (except for a decorative splashback). Some will point out the lack of 600mm tiles in their range, but I didn't really miss them at all. Curtains and carpets are decent value but I would definitely recommend an upgrade to the next level for carpets (I did) as the basic range is kind of... basic. Taps, showers, door handles and fittings are good, as was the included lighting and power packages (extra conduits in internal walls are cheap and a good investment if you have someone install more power & data points after the construction). Ceilings and doors are of good quality and painted well. Exterior guttering and fascia was done well for us, including a stone feature wall that we picked out. Overall we are very happy with the build quality.

Customer service was excellent overall, all of the staff were really helpful and a joy to work with. everything went really smoothly and there were none of those dramas you hear about, we really couldn't be happier with the whole experience.

Inevitably there were a few small issues, but so far they have been very helpful in rectifying them as they crop up. We're still in our defects period and we haven't had any major issues yet, so lets hope for the best.

Overall we had a great experience with Ideal Homes and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know, or indeed that would listen to me.

Construction End DateNov 2016

Fantastic after sales service.

I'm not used to this building with double brick and plaster walls so I was highly critical about everything and was a nightmare to the consultant because you hear so many bad stories and I didnt understand the process of house building in Perth. We did build during the crazy period so it probably took longer than expected.

What I really like about Ideal is the after sales service. There have been a few occasions where I have e-mailed the maintenance dept about things I have picked up and are outside the maintenance period. I expected to be fobbed off but they have responded quickly and had someone out here to look into it and remedy it if need be.

Why i'm writing this review today and it is a good one, is because I e-mailed them last week about something in the roof I thought was wrong and this morning the GM comes to check it out himself. Thankfully it was fine more my lack of building knowledge. How important did I feel as a customer that he came himself and he wanted to get my feedback about everything. I work in customer service and I was impressed. We had a good old chat and he said that their reputation is everything and he has told his team that if someone calls they have to follow up. We talked about the subbies and the site supervisor and he seemed aware of everything.

I feel safe in the knowledge that i'm not just a number.

Construction End DateApr 2014

Exceptional customer service from Ideal Homes

From the moment I walked into the Alkimos display home, Ryan has been nothing but helpful throughout the whole process. I had been into a few other display homes with other companies, however, there was a different vibe with Ryan and he made me feel comfortable with the whole process and was always willing to answer any questions myself or my family had. He never put any pressure on us to do anything we didn't want to do, and always went out of his way to give us exactly what we wanted. Communication was great and we never had to wait long for answers on any queries we had.
Coming into Pre-start I was very nervous, as I had no real idea of what sort of colour schemes I wanted. However, the whole process was made very easy, with great advice from Alanna. I walked out very happy with the choices made.
My house is currently at lockup stage, and I am very pleased with everything I have seen so far.
I will definitely be recommending Ideal Homes to any friends or family looking at building, and most importantly I will be referring them onto Ryan, as I know he will take care of them throughout the whole process, as he has done with me.

Construction End DateJan 2017

This is perfect

The workmanship and build quality is very good
Manage of building are very good
The customer service is very good I'm satisfied in my new home I like to recommend to my all friends the ideal home,
I'm glad because since the processing of my house is very organise that's why the work of the construction is finished and all worker are safe so the house are very nice now thank you very much have good holiday.

Construction End DateJul 2016

I couldnt be happier

I met with multiple builders prior to making my decision to sign on with Ideal Homes, my sales rep Cam that I met with listened to exactly what I wanted and provided me with all the information I needed to then go away and think about it. No question I had was too hard to answer and he always got back to me in a timely manner with any queries I had. I got a really good vibe with Ideal Homes; and what they were offering me in my packed to get exactly the same with other builders I found they were wanting to charge me a whole lot more money.

My overall experience with Ideal Homes has been overly positive from the customer service right down to how my build was managed and the quality of workmanship. My favourite part of the entire experience was Pre-start, Alanna was so helpful and made the experience fun and feel stress free.

My slab went down mid March 2016 and I had my keys at the beginning of August 2016. My site supervisor Tim and Client Coordinator Hayley were great, there were no delays with my build and each process seemed to flow seamlessly into one another with constant updates coming through. I loved Ideal Homes Online Progress Tracker I thought this was a great tool, other than physically seeing the progress of my house this made visualizing where my build was at and what was left to do easy.

I’ve heard so many horror stories online and from some friends about building and what went wrong, so I made the decision to hire a private building inspector to go through my house with me at PCI. I feel like that was $500 I wasted because there was absolutely nothing wrong, he even commented that it was a fantastic build and I should be really happy with what they’ve done.

Im now coming towards the end of my 4 month maintenance period and there’s a few minor tiny things that are on my list but that’s it, I genuinely couldn’t fault this build and I would happily build with ideal homes again in a heartbeat.

Construction End DateJul 2016

built on budget, excellent quality and ahead of time

we've chosen ideal homes as recommended by a colleague. we're not wrong on choosing them as the house was handed over stress free to us.
overall experience was positive starting from the initial meeting with Daniel who laid out the expectation of the process from cost estimate to handover.
house was built within budget, excellent quality and well ahead of time.
we definitely recommend ideal homes to future homeowners or those planning to add properties on their list too.

Construction End DateSep 2016

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Questions & Answers

has anyone built with ideal homes lately we have just signed contracts with them for a build cost of 4030 but had bank value it as 3090? I'm starting to get feeling these guys are no good
7 answers
Is that house and land or just house? Lots of possibilities for the difference.Hi Simmo, we built with another builder & had a similar experience, it's the banks tightening with their valuations on properties, it's got nothing to do with your builder. I suggest working through it with the builder, hopefully they can help you sort it outI have spoke to few company's and they have said it's not normal the reviews for this company seems to be few bad ones with same issues . hopefully they have improved and we won't go through hell And regret our first build

Hi, I met a guy who built a home with Ideal homes and had a building supervisor called Pep they said he was fantastic but I can't remember his last name, could anyone help me out? as I'm looking to build.
1 answer
im not sure of his last name but if you want i can pass your details on to our consultant and get him to find out?

Please help on ceiling height ideal homes' standard one is 2.41m. What are the disadvantges of this height?
2 answers
I wouldn't think there's any disadvantage with ceiling height, well unless if you super tall ..haha! But for most average people than that's a pretty good ceiling heightI have no problem with my ceiling height. I recently hung a chandelier though and had to be careful not to hang it too low. So depending on your light choices it may be effected in this sense.

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