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InStyler Amazing Rotating Iron

InStyler Amazing Rotating Iron

19mm and 32mm
2.8 from 200 reviews

Wears Out Too Quickly

I love the way I can use it when it is knew. Bought the first one off HSN before they were readily available and it lasted 2 years. The motor quick and barrell stopped rotating. I was happy with that. Bought a replacement and the motor stopped working in 7 months. I have thin bob link hair!vToo expensive to keep replacing but I see they discontinued the one I had. Afraid to try new line

Rubish. It just burnt my hair.

I filed a claim with paypal after they wouldnt honor the return 3 days after i received it. Rubish. It just burnt my hair.
Paypal wouldnt do anything about it.

Horrible product but worse customer service

I had issues with ordering with a code - they could not process without an order number, but then once the order was placed they could not change anything. It took MUCH longer than stated to arrive. Upon arrival, I attempted to use. I tried numerous times, various settings, wet, dry, with no success, in fact worse frizzes than usual. I finally decided that I needed to just return it - I was advised that my request was outside their 10 day return policy so I could not return. FYI - NO paperwork came with my product hence I was never advised of such a rigid return time.

Love it

I really love this instyler and was worth the money. Only thing I dislike is the noise when the iron rotates but I can live with that because results are great.

Piece of GARBAGE!!!

First off it’s cheaply made! Secondly it does not work correctly and not does it do what it claims to be capable of!! Also this company is unwilling to refund even if customers are unhappy or mislead with purchase. Therefore, I will NEVER purchase from this company again and highly recommend no one else does.

Stay away

Piece of junk!! Cheaply made and doesn’t work as shown in the add. I emailed to ask how I can return it and they don’t honor refunds. They should advertise they allow refunds.

Piece of shit, terrible, waste of money! Don’t buy this!

This product is awful, made of cheap, plastic pieces that easily break. It doesn’t do what it says. Hair doesn’t wrap around the barrel easily, and the brush that is supposed to help keep it in place has tiny bristles so it doesn’t do anything. It does not rotate two ways, either. It’s totally not worth the money and the company makes it impossible to return the PoS product. It also takes 6 weeks or longer in shipping. I filed a claim with PayPal to hopefully get my money back.

Horrible product Horrible company

I waited 6 weeks for a product I can’t use because I can’t plug it in. I emailed....can’t call because supposedly they don’t have a phone number. I emailed asking for a refund. They don’t give refunds unless the product is defected or damaged. If I can’t use it that is a definition of damaged! I paid good money for this piece of junk! I’m not even sure that real human beings work for this company!

Avoid HeyWeekends "inStyler"

I purchases an "Instyler" from HeyWeekends via an Instagram ad. The product is a piece of junk, I'm not even sure it's an actual InStyler. Cheap plastic, barely spins, literally did nothing to my wet hair but make it frizz. Tried to return, only to be asked to send a video of the "defective" product. What? I'd say HeyWeekends is into selling junk with deceptive advertising and horrible customer service.


I am extremely happy with the Instyler. I received it as a gift and I have to say it's excellent. It's easy to use, you never get your hair caught or burnt. Heats up fast and the roller gives a neat look when straightening and makes perfect curls. Very happy.

It worked the first 2 weeks and then ever since i kept using it, it wouldnt do the job quickly.

I am not happy with the product because it was expensive and I didnt get something good for what I paid for. It is easy to use and it sometimes snags on the hair. It takes long to heat up.

Wrecked my hair

Snagged, hair was broken and in worse state after use. Complete waste of money. Had to cut hair it was so badly damaged.

Very noisy and could not reach the roots.

Cant live without it!!

My polynesian hair is long, thick and bushy. With heat protector, finishing with sleek and shine serum, and nourishing oil once a week the instyler straightens, smooths and polishes to silky texture. So easy and no real need to section properly, just bottom layer and each side of top layer, use like a brush for all over touch up, add volume and sort out roots, then roll, hold and release for loose curls and done, 10 minutes max and holds for days without hairspray. With practice and care you CAN achieve ghd/cloud result for less than half the price!
This model is discontinued but would definetly recommend newer Instyler Max model and future models if any.
(Please dont ever give up on rotating iron concept, seems so much kinder to hair shafts than flat irons)

Love it

I absolutely love this hair straighteners oh my gosh does exactly what they said on tv it so easy to use even a monkey could use it doesn't tangle your hair actually brushes your hair for you. Love it

Not really goos

I bought it when it first released to the market. It's quite hot and you do need to be very careful not burning yourself which I did a few times.
It heat up fast and easy to use but I found the end result is not really great. It made my hair fuzzy and didn't straight or curl that well. Normal hot iron will gives you a better result.

It's better than nothing.

Firstly, can I say, I am very much an amateur when it comes to using appliances on my hair, I tend to be a wash and go type of person.
This device is good in the sense that you are able to use it on wet hair, which is why I purchased it. This device straitened hair better than a hairdryer, but a true straightening iron is still far better, although it is obviously more time consuming, as you have to dry your hair first.

Light and simple to use

Bough this for my wife and happy with it. The lowest watt consumption among other products. The heat system is good and the product is not heavy. Easy to set up and fast to use. Highly recommended!


Yes and no.
It is fairly easy to use, but must always ALWAYS have tangle free hair or it'll rip it out.
Only when tangled yes hahaha.
It heats up fairly fast, like about 2 minutes or less so it's good with that.

Thought it was the knees bees..

When these first came out I couldn't wait to get one as I was Having trouble with my other straightner, for the first few months worked great I loved the way I could curl my hair under slightly and give more volume as well. Then I noticed my ends starting to frizz and really dry out, but I thought it was my color in my hair making it dry but I was also getting a burn smell and on top of my head I got a lot of fly wires happening.. Also I burnt my ears quite a few times as well as my forehead doing the fringe.. I think I"ll go back to a MUK straightner..

Disgusting. Ruined my hair!!

Went to use and it completely fried the ends of my hair. Tried another section and AGAIN fried the crap out of my hair. I've tried both on damp and dry hair. I'm a hairstylist of 8 years and in my professional opinion this 'tool' is the biggest waste of money. Am always keen to try new hair styling techniques but this is an absolute joke.

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Questions & Answers

My insyler does not spin, why?
No answers

How do u turn the instyler rotating iron on I have bought two of them because one I couldn't turn it on so I thought it was faulty so I bought a second one and I got it today and I still can't turn it on yes I have it plugged in the mains and I have the mains turned on but for some reason the guidebooks has to push for if you push your gonna break it the button clicks but there's no light so I don't know what I'm doing wrong?
No answers

My instyler is tangling my hair. How can I fix it?
3 answers
I'm sorry, I've not had this problem. Have you tried either going more slowly, or taking less hair each roll?The nob on the end is where the hair is tangling. It ripped a clump of hair out.I've not had this problem either. Maybe try to take less hair each roll?

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