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Hi, I am eventually looking at transporting my 12yo cat Bella from Nowra NSW to Brisbane but she is extremely anxious when she's even in her cage for 5 minutes. Can anyone please tell me how they have gone in situations like this? Do I have to get some sort of calming medication for her before traveling?
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Hi, why are your prices so expensive?...I was after transport for my Border Collie from the Central Coast to Eastern Sydney. The quote I was given seemed excessive in comparison to others like Doggy Transport or Dog movers.
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Hi Michael Thanks for your message, and we appreciate your concern. We do pride ourselves on providing a service that represents value for money based on the level of expertise and service delivered. The best way to respond to your specific enquiry is to have a Pet Travel Consultant give you a call to step you through our provision of service and how it compares to the others. Would you like me to have a consultant call you, in which case you would need to provide me with your best contact number and time to call. Alternatively you can contact a Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant on 1300 668 309. Many thanks, Jetpets

I’m looking to transport 3 hairless sphynx cats from Brisbane to London next year I’m absolutely terrified they will be stress out and the temperature levels any tips for me
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Hi Carla, Thanks for your question. We can absolutely take care of your 3 hairless sphynx cats during their travels from Brisbane to London. We understand that this can be an anxious time, however our pet travel teams are very experienced and we will take the very best care of your cats. The best thing to do is to contact one of our Pet Travel Consultants on 1300 668 309 or info@jetpets.com.au and they can take you through the process step by step as well as answer any questions you may have. Thanks, Jetpets

I am looking to purchase a 3 month old puppy - Japanese Chin - the size of an average cat when fully grown.I would require him to be collected at St Clair, NSW post code 2759. Would I then pick him up from the airport in Brisbane? Can you give me some estimate of price for such a little pup? Regards, Joan
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Hi Joan, thank you for reaching out to us. We can certainly help with transporting your new little puppy to you. What an exciting time! We can definitely collect him from St Clair and you can either collect him from our Transit Lounge in Brisbane, or we could deliver out to you. In order to provide a quote, we require a few more details. Please call us on 1300 668 309 or email us on info@jetpets.com.au Thanks, Jetpets.

Hi, I’m organising to transport a puppy from Brisbane to Adelaide, I am concerned about the puppy being transported in hot weather. I’m worried about heat stress, are there measures put in place to minimise heat stress?
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Hi Julie, Thanks for reaching out to us in regards to transporting a puppy from Brisbane to Adelaide. At Jetpets we have an Extreme Weather Policy (heat,wind, storms, heavy rain), and a dedicated Pet Travel Consultant who monitors the weather around Australia (and the world) and adjusts our travelling pets flights accordingly should extreme weather be predicted. However, we do recommend to avoid last minute flight changes due to weather, to book an early morning flight to avoid the heat of the day. I hope that helps. Please do get in contact with one of our Pet Travl Consultants on 1300 668 309 for more information. Thanks, Jetpets

Why do I have to pay in bitcoins?
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Hi Denise That's an interesting question. We don't actually take bitcoin payments. If you contact Jetpets on 1300 668 309 you can be connected with a Pet Travel Consultant who will happily step you through payment options. Thanks again, Jetpets.

Do you do in state delivery. And catterys for a move
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Hi Tamie. Thank you for reaching out to us. We can facilitate door to door transport for your pets and we also partner with many fantastic catterys. Please call us on 1300 668 309 so we can find out more about your pet travel requirements. Thanks, Jetpets.

Do dogs going to NZ from Qld have to be quarantined? What is your cost to send two Jack Russell’s from Cairns to Wellington?
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Hi Rosie, Dogs travelling from Australia to New Zealand are not required to spend time in Quarantine, however vet work is required. Please contact one of our Pet Travel Consultants on 1300 668 309 or info@jetpets.com.au for further information on vet work requirements and pricing. Thanks, Jetpets.

I see the Australian Government BioSecurity guidelines for importing dogs from Category 3 countries require blood tests to be done to check for certain diseases. How is this arranged? Who determines if the BioSecurity requirements are met?
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Hi Catherine, Thanks for reaching out. You are correct, a range of blood tests are required when pets are entering Australia from Category 3 countries. We advise to contact your local vet to arrange the blood testing – your vet will then refer the blood (once drawn) to a testing lab (in the same country for Category 3 countries). If we are taking care of your pets movement, we will check the blood work to make sure it meets the Australian Government BioSecurity requirements (and will send through guidance documents to provide to your vet before the testing to help ensure compliance). For further information please contact one of our specialist Pet Travel Consultants who can take you through the process step by step. You can reach out via email - info@jetpets.com.au Thanks, Jetpets

My puppy is being transported from Queensland to Tasmania, which is 9 and a half hours of time. Does he get a chance to stretch his legs or pee, or is he expected to pee in his cage? It seems sad that he would be expected to pee in his cage. Only being a puppy he won’t be able to hold for 9 and a half hours.
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Hi Chad, would you mind private messaging your contact details so that we can follow up with you and ask a few more questions about your puppy? Thanks so much!

Hello. Will you fly a 1 year old rabbit from Sydney to Paris? Know it’s long haul and concerned about how he’ll cope. Is it less stressful just to give him up for adoption
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Hi Victoria, Can we get some contact details so we can call you to confirm some information?Hello yes I’ll send in a request on the website. Thanks

approximate cost of transport 2 x 12 week old Westhighland Terries from Newcastle, NSW, Australia to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Jean
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Hi Jean, sure we can certainly help you out with some information for this trip, however we're unable to provide quotes via Product Review. The best thing to do would be to give one of our Pet Travel Consultants a call on - 1300 668 309 and they will talk you through the options and give you an estimate. Alternatively you can email info@jetpets.com.au with your details and one of our consultants will come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hi I have a puppy that I need to get to another state but can't find her vac records do I need these to send her via jet pets?
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Hi Lisa, pets travelling interstate do not require proof of annual vaccinations unless boarding overnight. Hope that helps!

l have to cats to relocate from Perth to Melbourne at end of December this year, they are both 10yrs old and indoor cats which are very nervous when it comes to travel and strange places they tend to meow non stop just to take them to the vet wanting them to travel on same plane as myself, l am very nervous about them travelling would like some advise from anyone else with a similar situation on nervous cats what to do?
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Hi Maree, firstly i recommend you keep all vaccinations up to date with the cats as stress from transport can cause immune suppression and increase the propensity for animals to get sick. Occasionally cats with asymptomatic infections such as herpes virus infection can also recrudesce with clinical signs. The best strategy for nervous cats is firstly to include as much familiarity as possible in their travelling arrangement, for example, if possible have them both crated in the same(bigger) crate rather than two separate crates. You would have to check with the pet transport company on what can be included with the cats in the crate - blankets/ toy etc. Something with a familiar scent will work well too. You can also prepare in advance by 'crate training' them. If you are getting your own transport crate, start way in advance with training both the cats to enter comfortably in the crate and associate this with something positive, perhaps a food treat inside the crate or a catnip toy. The more time you spend training in preparation for the travel, the better the outcome. On the night before the travel, you can consider using a calming diffuser (feliway) while crating the cats overnight. This will reduce its anxiety.Hi Maree, thanks for your question! We safely and comfortably transport cats to their new homes each and every day. In saying that we understand that you’re nervous when it comes to travel, because we talk to other pet owners like yourself all the time. Everything we do is focused on the welfare, comfort and safety of your loved ones. Pets travel in airline approved travel crates, perfectly sized for their comfort and safety. We could even organise delivery of the travel crates prior to travel so that your cats can benefit from becoming familiar with their home away from home. Our resident vets also recommend Feliway products for cat travel. We suggest you contact Jetpets on 1300 668 309 and have a Pet Travel Consultant step you through exactly what’s involved and all the measures we take, and in doing so we are confident it will put your mind at ease. Good luck with your move!

I have been asked to houses it in August September about 30 mins from Brisbane..Id really like to do it but have a12 week old Pappipoo..(Papillon Poodle x).which I do not want to leave for this period of time i started looking into costs of taking him and it all become too overwhelming. I'm 65 and have recently had a back op.I usually catch train from Traralgon then Skybus to Airport.Im not sure how Id even get him to the airport..Are you able to assist me with some ideas and costs as to how I could achieve this?
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Hi there, apologies for the delay in coming back to you. Can you please give us a call on 1300 668 309 and one of our pet travel consultants can talk you through the options, thanks so much.

How much it will cost a cat from australia to malaysia? Around what amount? Tq
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Hi there, apologies for the delay in coming back to you. Unfortunately we're unable to provide quotes via Product Review. Please give us a call on 1300 668 309, or alternatively you can email info@jetpets.com.au and one of our consultants will come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much!

Question: On a long haul from Sydney to Ireland with the stop over in Dubai how are they handled in Dubai? I have been told horror stories of pets sitting for hours on tarmac and that they just get thrown around in Dubai by the baggage handlers. I'm feeling very anxious about the flight but really anxious about the care given along the way.
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Hi Wesley, thanks for your question. You can be rest assured that pets are well looked after. Airline regulations require pets to have a minimum 6 hour stopover in Dubai. During this time the pets are provided a comfort stop where they are taken out of their travel crates, and placed in a secure air conditioned area where they can stretch their legs, and are provided with food and fresh water. Their travel crates are cleaned so that they are comfortable throughout their connecting flight to Dublin. We hope that answers your question, the team at Jetpets.

What is the earliest time I can drop my dogs off for transport as I am flying out the same day at 0730 and would have to drop my dogs off for transport at 0530am to make my flight
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Hi Rebecca, thanks for getting in touch. Drop off times will vary, depending on your booking with us. The best thing to do would be to give our Pet Travel Consultants a call on 1300 668 309 and they will discuss the options for dropping your pet off for their upcoming trip. Thanks so much, Jetpets.

Want an approximate cost of moving a dog from Wodonga Vic. To Darwin. Just want to know if the option is feasible at this point?
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Hi Mick, thanks for your message. Unfortunately we can't provide quotes via Product Review. The best thing to do would be to give one of our Pet Travel Consultants a call on - 1300 668 309 and they will talk you through the options. Alternatively you can email info@jetpets.com.au with your details and one of our consultants will come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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