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How do I avoid the extra charges if I choose to pay my car out in full. I've only just recently started with Maxxia and been informed my bank are hesitant to provide me with a home loan until I have the Maxxia Lease removed.... payed out.
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My husband has maxxia car leasing, he recently deceased, im not sure what arw the next process of changing the car to my name?
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Hi Sarah, Thank you for your enquiry. My condolences for your loss. I've asked for a customer care consultant to get in contact with you and go over the process going forward. Regards, Gareth

Wanting to know where do I get a copy of Maxxia Salary Packaging Claim Form.
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Hi Annie, To lodge a claim, you do not necessarily need a claim form as you can do this through either your online account or by downloading the Maxxia phone app. For information on these options go https://www.maxxia.com.au/claims. Alternatively, feel free to contact us on 1300 123 123 and we can arrange to email you a copy of the form. Thanks and regards, Gareth

hello I have been made redundant from my job and and im leasing a car thru maxxia. what are my options, and what happens with my vehicle?
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Hi Stella, Thank you for your question. I've sent you a private message so that we can look into this further for you. Thanks and regards, Gareth

Hi I work part time and use Maccas for my salary sacrifice. Thinking about leasing a car as well. My question is I have a bad credit rateing due to past problems will I be approved as I have permanent employment or will my credit history ruin my chances of a lease? Thanks
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I see Maxxia dont want to respond to any questions in the too hard basket. Your post appears to be invisible to customer service. Be very careful going ahead with Maxxia’s digital finance application if you have a bad credit file. Doesnt matter your income or job security, whether you have assests and savings or Maxxia telling you that you will be approved. Doesnt even matter if you have tried hard to become more financially responsible and can prove it. Their financiers (Macquarie Bank and St George Bank) will drag you through the mill, and put multiple enquiries for excessive amounts of credit on your credit file which will further damage your credit file for another 5 years. My advice, establish regular savings and wait until everything clears on your file. Hope this helps. Dont give up!

How do I find a detailed list of transaction as I can with a normal credit card as I want to check if I made a payment to a certain buisness last night? Thanks Fiona
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Hi Fiona, Thank you for submitting your question. As part of our service, all Maxxia customers have access to view their accounts online. These online accounts include payments we have made and payments you have made, so you will be able to see any specific transactions required. The login is located at www.maxxia.com.au – if you are unsure of your User ID, or how to find the information required, please contact us on 1300 123 123 at your earliest convenience and our Customer Care Centre will be able to assist you accordingly. Thank you. Kind Regards, CaseyI have this question too. I'm afraid the answer is not helping. I used to be able to see all my transactions but the layout has changed and now it only shows transactions by Maxxia, NOT my own transactions. I need to see what payments I've made and they are NOT THERE.Hi Eva, Thank you for your message. I am sorry you have not been able to locate the transaction history on Maxxia Online. We would be very happy to guide you though on how to do this. Please contact us on 1300 123 123 and one of our friendly consultants will be able to talk you though the required steps. Kind regards, Scott

I still havent received my salary packaging. I'm a little worried as I had to spend the money by the 31st March. Does that mean I have lost it as it hasn't gone onto my maxxia card like they told me it would.
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Hi Splatch, Thank you for submitting your question. Provided funds were deducted from your pay and you had sufficient cap remaining they should’ve been paid to your Wallet. We have just received notification from our bank however that some funds being paid into Wallets were delayed. They are currently working on fixing this and are expecting funds to be paid out by this afternoon. If you have still not received your funds and believe you may be one of the customers affected, we ask that you please check your balance this afternoon. If by then you still do not have your funds, please contact us on 1300 123 123 at your earliest convenience so that we may look into this further. Thank you. Casey.

Why does my ap say I have funds but when I go to use my card is it rejected saying insufficient funds? I have spent $99 on the previous day
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Hi Sharron, Thank you for your question. My apologies you appear to be receiving conflicting information, we would really like to look into this further for you. To ensure this is resolved as quickly as possible, please contact us on 1300 123 123 to allow us to investigate your account. Kind regards, Scott

I got my salary ths week and i check my payslipit shows that they send $3,000 to my maxxia but when i check my maxxia wallet, only $611, what happened?
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Hi Cath, Thank you for your question. It is concerning for me to hear that you have only received a portion of your deductions. To ensure this is resolved as quickly as possible for you, I ask that you please contact us on 1300 123 123 as soon as possible so that we can investigate your account accordingly. Thank you. Kind regards, Casey

Can i access my money on maxxia as I wait for my card?
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Hi Edgar, Thanks for the question. I would recommend contacting our Salary Packaging team on 1300 123 123 to discuss further as the answer to your question is dependant on your product type and Employer guidelines. Regards, Peter

What can i but with maxia wallet?
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Hi Kelvin, Thank you for your query. Please note that the items available for purchase are dependant on which Salary Packaging products you hold with Maxxia. Your Maxxia Wallet can house both the Salary Packaging (Living Expenses) and Meal Entertainment card benefits, meaning you will only carry one single piece of plastic for all your salary packaging needs. When you use your new Maxxia Wallet, the smart card will identify if the transaction is related to Meal Entertainment or Salary Packaging. If your Wallet doesn’t have enough funds for that benefit to cover the entire transaction, the card will automatically and instantaneously determine if any other linked benefits can be used. If you only have one of the benefits above, you will only be able to make purchases relating to that benefit. For example, if you have a Meal Entertainment benefit with Maxxia, you can purchase dine in meals (minimum $10.00 spend). Take away and drive through are not purchasable with your Meal Entertainment benefit. If you have a Salary Packaging (Living Expense) benefit then most general living expenses are purchasable, including but not limited to: groceries, medical bills & fuel. Please note that direct debits or cash out do not form part of this benefit. If you have questions regarding specific items available for purchase or which Salary Packaging benefits are held under your Wallet Card please call our Customer Care team on 1300 123 123. Regards, Peter

Hi Maxxia, I desperately need to lease a car but I know I have bad credit. Will this affect my chances of leasing a car?
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Hi Josh, Thanks for your query. As with any finance arrangement, credit history will play a part in the process of approving finance. In saying that, Maxxia has options available to assist you through the application process, whilst ensuring the financier is responsibly lending. We are more than happy to help you through this process but always recommend you seek independent financial advice. Feel free to contact our Novated Lease team on 1300 123 123 to discuss next steps. Kind Regards, Peter

Anybody working in NSW HEATH here ? Just wanted to ask if the health department takes money off you ( tax benefits) when you take novated lease?
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Hi, what I understand is that the money for lease is deducted from the emplyee before tax. Thanks.Hi Joseph, I believe you may be referring to Tax Share arrangements. NSW Health departments do share 50% of the tax savings an employee benefits from when opting for a Novated Lease. To obtain further information regarding this, I would recommend contacting Maxxia on 1300 123 123 between the hours of M-F 8:00am-7pm EST. Enjoy your weekend. PeterHi Peter, How does that work out? I thought if there is an employee post tax contribution equal to the value of employers FBT liability ,the taxable value will be nil or zero.

Does anybody know what fuel cards Maxxia offer please?
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you have can choose from Shell, mobil or Caltex.Hi Dave, Thanks for your question. When you have a Novated Lease with Maxxia, you have the option of Caltex, BP and Shell fuel cards. You are not restricted to one card, you can select one or all of these cards offering choice and flexibility depending on your location. If you would like to discuss further, or order some cards, please call Maxxia on 1300 123 123 (M-F between the hours of 8:00am & 7:00pm EST) Alternatively, you can log onto your Maxxia Online account and request cards via the contact us page. Regards, PeterBP, Caltex which is Safeway fuel & Shell

Hello, my daughter is a single mum and receives family tax benefit and child support. She has recently started working at a hospital. Will she be penalized by centrelink if she sal sacrifices with MAXXIA?
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Dear Chooksmom123, Employers offer salary packaging to reward staff for their loyalty and hard work. When someone salary packages, they can pay for some expenses, such as mortgage, rent or work-related costs with their pre-tax salary. They still pay for their usual expenses, but because they’re using pre-tax dollars they are reducing their taxable income at the same time. Our website has a number of calculators aimed to assist in understanding how salary packaging and novated leasing could potentially benefit each individual, http://www.maxxia.com.au/tools-and-calculators Having a quick look at the Human Services website I would suggest your daughter checks directly with her local Centre Link office as to how salary packaging may affect any payments she receives, as it does state: “Depending on which payments or services you claim, your adjusted taxable income can include…. reportable fringe benefits. Reportable fringe benefits or employer provided benefits are benefits you get from your employer. For example: help to pay your rent or home loan…a car” - https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/enablers/adjusted-taxable-income I hope this response was useful to you and your daughter. Kind regards Emma

Does anybody know how to get out of a Maxxia lease arrangement? I foolishly went in without studying it, I bought a car for $19,000 after paying for 7 months I asked how much I need to pay it off and was told $27,000! If anybody knows how to get out of it without paying more than the value of the car, I will appreciate the info.
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Hi Tayoa, I will respond to you in your above post to ensure we get to the bottom of your concerns. Regards, Peter

My employer is about to switch to Maxxia from 1/4/17. I'm still waiting to hear from Maxxia - my enquiry was sent via the website on 15/5/17. Is this a reflection of the (lack of) service to come?
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Hi There, Peter here from Maxxia. I'm sorry to hear you haven't received a response as we pride ourselves on responding to our customers (or soon to be customers) promptly. Could you please email me directly at customerfeedback@maxxia.com.au with your contact details and I will contact you asap to assist. Regards, PeterI received a phone call today and have it all sorted. Thank you.

Frustrated Please explain why I have been told to pay balloon payment at end of lease when I am planning on taking out new lease on a replacement car. I was Told when I took lease out that I could either make balloon payment or hand car back for new car lease. Wondering of others experience with this as it's my first time leasing?
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Hi Lynne, Sorry to hear your frustrated. There are a number of options available when ending one lease and obtaining another. Could you please email me directly at customerfeedback@maxxia.com.au with your contact details and I will contact you asap to assist. Thanks, Peter

I am in a novated lease originally was quoted just over $500 effect in my take home pay. This is incorrect they actually take over $1000 each fortnight out of my pay that's over $2000 a month. It is absolutely ridiculous! Does anybody know if I can get out of it? It is financially killing me.
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I have just been through the same process and would like to start a class action in relation to deliberate misinformation.I will also like to get out of the Maxxia arrangement so I will appreciate this information.Effect on take home pay and actual deductions are complete different things. You do know that right?

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