New Gen Homes- Nailed It!

So everyone seems to say building a home is stressful…. Not with New Gen Homes! We have just completed PCI (Practical Completion Inspection), so let me give you the low-down on our experience.

As what usually happens, we started our journey excitedly going through display villages with a spring in our step, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all those perfectly staged, perfectly manicured beautifully colour co-ordinated homes. We were encouraged by the possibility that even people like us with absolutely no talent for interior design, house layout, good use of spaces and who also might consider mission brown as a passable colour could achieve this level of perfection.

Fast forward a few weeks and we were over it. Display Home fatigue had hit us hard and we were overwhelmed with all the fancy talk from sales reps, the bagging out of competitor builders, the fancy ‘free steak knives’ type of offers, and the hard-sell. It was then we met Domenic at a New Gen display home in Baldivis. Out of all sales reps we had seen, we felt he was a good fit for us and nothing was too much trouble - several trips to see us after hours, looking at blocks and most importantly, helping to come up with a design that was perfect for us. (Thanks Dom – gold-star for you!).

Then it was time for pre-start. Summit’s Style Studio is a spectacle to behold let me give you the tip. It’s such a welcoming friendly space and options upon options as far as the eye could see. Perfectly laid out with all room types, colours, swatches, appliances and they serve bloody good coffee. Anyway, Melissa was our pre-start consultant and I reckon she had the hardest job of all as she pretty much had to double as a marriage mediator because there were a few ‘difference of opinions’ between hubby and I as to what colours, tiling and bibs and bobs would look good. After she helped us achieve a happy compromise (My way ;)) we were now officially off and running. (Thanks Melissa for your patience, and for helping to make our house beautiful, well done – gold star for you also)

The build was a breeze, (well for us because we just watched it) but I’d like to give a big shout out and lots of thanks to Wayne our sub-floor supervisor who kept us up to date with everything that was happening and about to happen. To Jamie our brickie who is just a bundle of awesomeness, and all the tradies in between – I can honestly say all of them were welcoming, professional and I’m pretty sure must have been sick of hubby being on site nearly every-single-day but never showed it. :)

It’s at this point I’d like to highlight what an outstanding job Alistair Hunt (Construction Supervisor) did on our build. We never had to wonder what was going on thanks to Al (separate from the @Home portal I might add because that’s an awesome tool) he answered all questions on the *same* day, helped us with curtain measurements, (which he was under no obligation to do) fixed any small (and they were small) issues pronto, and we never felt like we had to worry about a thing. Going through PCI with Al was fantastic, he was thorough, and is obviously passionate about his work and Summit homes, he is an absolute asset! Someone give the guy a raise – he’s a real keeper. :)

In summary of this epically long review, we found Summit Homes group professional (but not stuffy at an arms distance professional), friendly, efficient and most of all, deliver what they promise!! Our house is super-spiffy and the quality is amazing. We are happy campers. Thanks for a job well done and appreciated!

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
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Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateMarch 2019

Dream Home... And New Generation Built It

The build was problem-free and was managed very well indeed. The site supervisor attended to our needs and all our questions were answered in a timely manner. The sales consultant was helpful and helped with the design process. When we moved in, there was little that needed addressing and everything was finished off professionally. We've been really pleased with New Generation and we would recommend them without any hesitation. Workmanship was of a very high standard.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Howierj, thank you for taking the time to send this wonderful review. We are so glad you have enjoyed the build journey and are happy in your brand new home! I will be sure to pass on your kind words to the team. We wish you many happy memories in your new home. Thanks, Gemma (marketing)

Highly Recommended!

After so many years of renting, we never thought we would be able to buy a home in Perth, let alone plan and build one to suit our needs. Who knew we would be sitting and typing this review just 7-8 months after the slab went down? We keep having to pinch ourselves to believe it's true.

Once we decided we wanted to build, we visited lots of display homes and made inquiries with a few different builders. Some reps were simply rude. Others acted like a house sale was a simple, impulsive decision to be made on the spot, like buying the latest blender. One was so intent on getting our business that he put a hold on the block we were after and then tried to make us believe that another client had asked him to put a hold on it (and that he would only relinquish it to us if we signed with him!) Unbelievable. Figuring out who to trust and go with was a daunting process.

We persisted and found a company we thought we liked. We very nearly built with them. We worked with them to plan a design, however we soon found that every change we made resulted in a host of other changes being made that we didn't request - things being added, things being taken off that we really wanted, and thousands of dollars being added to the quote. The whole process felt rushed and difficult to understand. When we were finally given a list of the costs (on the day they expected us to sign!) we could see the finishes were cheap and items we specifically asked for had been removed. We felt really pressured to sign, but didn't feel comfortable to do so as we didn't understand aspects of the contract. When we inquired about some of the fine print they presented to us, they simply said it was ‘standard’ and that everyone else accepts it, so we should too. As first homebuyers, this simply represented too great a risk to us, so we opted to lose our deposit and go elsewhere.

We were pretty disheartened, but we ventured out and had a look at some other display homes to see if we could find an alternative. We stopped by a New Generation Homes display north of Perth, where we met Samantha Lutey. In stark contrast to every other building sales rep we had dealt with, she was down to earth and had a wealth of knowledge about residential construction. We had a copy of the plans we had developed with the other builder, and she offered to have a look over them. In a calm and confident manner, she compared - item by item - what New Gen would provide for a similar price. We were blown away. It was immediately clear that the quality and finishes would be of a much higher standard if we chose New Gen - from the floor wastes, to the gutters and the appliances. This was so refreshing, and we really value that Sam approaches sales in a way that is informative and respectful to her clients, rather than relying on gimmicks or dramatics like so many others seem to.

Sam patiently worked with us to adapt an existing New Gen floor plan, adding a couple of custom features to the elevation to make it a fusion of the existing plan and elements of our dream design. We told her about some design features that we had our hearts set on, and for a few grand extra, Sam and the drafting team developed an elevation specifically for us. When she met with us to go over the plan, we were blown away that she had listened so intently and included everything we had asked for. She gave us a full, itemised list of the costs involved and what they related to, so we walked away knowing what we would be paying for. There was no pressure to make a decision or sign anything on the spot. In contrast to other builders, she also made it clear that we could add or take away elements as we wished to; we weren’t locked in to, for example, installing an air con at that stage if we didn't want to. This was so refreshing, as the process seemed to be geared towards us signing a plan we actually wanted and were comfortable with.

The build itself was incredibly well planned and managed, and every stage was documented using an online portal. This made life a lot easier during the build. Our building supervisor, Paul Swarbrick, answered our questions in a prompt manner and was incredibly patient and organised throughout. We still scratch our heads wondering how on earth everything was timed so well, and how he kept up with so many different elements being worked on at once. The quality of the finishes and the workmanship is beautiful, and the ability to choose flooring, tiles, tap wear and appliances from trusted companies has resulted in a comfortable and stylish interior for the budget we had. We were also so appreciative that he timed everything with handover so we could do it at a time when we already had leave from work. The admin team, including Danica and Zia, were extremely helpful and patient, often at times when we were feeling really stressed or overwhelmed. We appreciated their help and efficiency throughout the build.

We love our new home and send a warm thanks to everyone who helped us to make it happen. We would definitely recommend New Gen to other first homebuyers.

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hi Mack, thank you so much for your kind words and wonderful feedback. We pride ourselves offering a seamless building journey and excellent customer service, so it's great to hear that you had such a great experience building with us. I will be sure to pass on your lovely feedback to Sam, Paul, Danica, Zia and the rest of the team. We wish you many happy memories in your new home. Thanks, Gemma (marketing)

First Time Builder

We would just like to say thank you to New Generation homes for building our first home! it was a lot easier than we were expecting and time seemed to fly by to key handover with zero problems. A huge thank you to Domenic Chiellini, Marie Vitanza and Gary Pellington who were helpful in every way possible, answering any questions we had and ensuring we had a stress free first build experience. We absolutely love our new home and we could not fault New Generation Homes and their staff in any way and would recommend them every time.

Construction End DateSep 2018
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Hi Erin, thank you so much for your kind words, and congrats on building your first home! We pride ourselves offering a seamless building journey, so it's great to hear that you had such a great experience building with us. We will definitely pass on your comments to Domenic, Marie, Gary and the rest of the New Generation Homes team. We wish you many happy memories in your new home. Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)

First time builder

This was our first time building a home and we are truly grateful for Andy and Liz's help - the input of Chad regarding the design of the house was also much appreciated. Based on the Paramount 15, New Gen designed a 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, with a music studio, theatre, scullery and powder room to suit our growing family. When our first design was not approved by the MRA, Andy and Liz went all out to modify the design, making sure they kept within our budget. In the end, it was a better design compared to the original! Thanks Andy and Liz!
Our site manager, John, has been very flexible and accomodating and all tradesmen provided quality service. Building a family home of our own that meets all our needs is not as "scary" after all!

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hi Ming and Sandy, thank you for your lovely message. We are so glad that you enjoyed your build journey with New Generation Homes! I will be sure to pass on your kind words to Andy, Liz, Chad and John. We wish you many happy memories in your new home, Gemma (Marketing)

Building Process with New Generation homes

Just wanting to take the time from my end to say thank you to the Summit team for the overall experience that I have undertaken of the past 10 or so months building my new home. Basically when I made the first enquiry I received a phone call from sales consultant Natalie Scott the day after my initial email to New Generation Homes. Which was phenomenal and really put me in the mindset to go with New Generation Homes as I had made similar enquiries with other builders in Perth and didn't get the same initial customer service with responses weeks and even a month or so later.

Going through the selection process for the first time and by myself it was a little daunting as I couldn't really put a picture as to what I was selecting and on completion a couple of the selections that Cerys recommended really turned out to be a winner. (bench top selection for the kitchen, paving colour for the driveway and surrounding the house and little details regarding the bathrooms). Her availability via email after hand over of keys is something also that was much appreciated

Finally when meeting Brendan and starting the construction process he basically kept me at ease with the overall schedule of the build with his weekly updates and keeping in touch when I had a query or two along the way. It made the process seem quicker because It made me less inclined to go and visit the property as frequent as I may have without the consistent feedback/schedule updates. Once completed and the initial inspection completed by myself there was very minimal corrections that need to be made just a couple of touches which shows me the quality of the overall work.

I advised Brendan that I have spoken to work colleagues plus family and friends who all could not believe the quickness of the build but more importantly my description to them the quality of the work . I know of a couple of people who will be looking to build in the next 6 or so months and they most likely will look to be building with the Summit Group.

Overall the house design/colours have come up great considering the block is only 400 sqm and I was limited in what I could do on that size. After hand over i have applied some additions, landscaping, fencing and the finished product feels like a home. In the 6 months from handover Cerys was great once again with any queries i may have had and pointing me in the right direction regarding contact with the maintenance team .. A few minor defects were corrected in a quick and smooth time frame by the Maintenance team also. Rob was very helpful in explaining why a minor defect may have occurred regarding my situation (minor grout issue). I waited 6 months after handover before making this review as I felt the 6 months after handover were just as important and the customer service could not be faulted.

Thank you from one satisfied client


Raf Z

Construction End DateJan 2018
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Hi Raf, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We’re so happy to hear that your building journey, and the first six months in your new home, have been so enjoyable! I have passed on your kind words to Natalie Scott, Cerys, Brendan and Rob. Wishing you many happy memories in your new home. Thanks, Nat (Marketing)

Building Process

I just wanted to take this opportunity, and I speak on behalf of my sons as well, to congratulate Summit and New Generation Homes for the team it has in place that enables the building process to transition so smoothly. My wife and I have never built so this was a new experience for us well. The early stages with Troy Longmuir went well, then Danica Watts took us through the selection process without a problem. They were both very helpful.

Once the pad went down in November last year, Brendan Shugg, the Building Supervisor, has been a constant source of information providing us with regular updates on the progress. From day one, we’ve known a month or so in advance, what trades have been booked in and what dates they’re due to work on the house. This has been very helpful for us and the effort for Brendan to do this has been very much appreciated. It probably saves him time in the long run answering constant calls from clients wondering what’s happening next. To digress, my sister in law is currently building a two storey place with another builder, and never knows from one day to the next what’s happening at her place. They started building long before my boys house and it still a few months away from completion. It hasn’t been uncommon for the house to go untouched for a week. For the boys house, I don’t think there would have been two days in a row without a tradesman at the house. We visit the house almost every day after work and after speaking to each tradie (without annoying them I hope), the next to come along would say that the brickie did a great job, the plasterer did a great job and on and on.

We’ve not had any worry about the build and any query we had, Brendan was back with a response to allay any concerns we may have had.

The reason we went to Summit in the first place was that my good friend Marco Palezza was a building supervisor there and he said that Summit are a good quality builder. For us as parents, and for the boys, it wasn’t about getting a cheap house, it was about getting a good house. The house looks great and the boys said it turned out better than what they envisaged.

Thanks again for the great experience. Kudos to Brendan. My wife wants to build now. One day perhaps.

All the best and kind Regards

Construction End DateApr 2018
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Hi RST, Thank you so much for your kind words! We're so happy to hear that each of our staff members right through to our tradies have helped you have a smooth and enjoyable experience building with New Generation Homes! I will pass on your message to Troy, Danica, Brendan and the entire New Generation Homes team. And yes, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you and your wife consider building! Please pass on our best wishes to your sons for their new home! Thanks, Nat (Marketing)

First Home

Loving living in my lovely new home built by New Generation Homes. Being a first home buyer I found their customer service great from the day I went into discuss what I wanted to the day I was handed my keys. Dealing with Jarrod Wilson as my sales consultant he was patient with me being a first home buyer and answered all my questions putting my mind at ease in taking this big step, he also helped me design a house that I will be happy with for many years to come.

During Pre Start I dealt with Isabella Carr and she made pre start seem like a walk in the park. Her knowledge was superb and helped me with some of the more difficult decisions. Isabella also helped me with any questions I had and was quick at returning emails and calls where required.

During my build process I had Alistair Hunt as my Build Supervisor. Again I can not fault the customer service I received. Alistair kept me updated throughout the process and answered any questions I had quickly and efficiently. During the build process there where set backs that where unforeseen and could not be helped. Alistair handled these in a timely manner and managed to get the build done in the timeframe he had set at the start. Alistair was also great at keeping my mind at ease and discussing any issues I had come across at the property. I also found the build team great and friendly they where happy to have a quick chat when myself or family popped past during the build and where always warm, welcoming and professional.

I would highly recommend building with New Generation homes. I am appreciative to the whole team involved in the building process of my house and as a first home buyer could not have asked for a more enjoyable journey. Even the small stresses seemed not as big due to the supportive and friendly staff. I am completely loving my new home each day.

I owe a big thank you to all involved in the creation of my home.

Construction End DateMar 2018
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Hi TLee, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review, and congratulations on moving in to your new home. It's great to hear that our team was able to support you at every step of your journey to make building your first home stress free! We will definitely pass on your kinds words to Jarrod, Isabella, Alistair and the whole New Generation Homes team. We wish you many happy memories in your new home. Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)

Loving our new home

We found that the workmanship and build quality was great. We were very fortunate to have been allocated Gary Pellington as our Building Manager. He was on the ball and made sure that things were done properly and in a timely manner. Thank you Gary. We certainly couldn't complain about the service and support - all staff were very friendly and cooperative. We must also make a special mention of Samantha Lutey who spent endless hours making sure that we had the house design that we wanted. Thank you Sam for your patience.

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Hi Shezke, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review, and congratulations on the completion of your home! It’s great to hear Sam helped you create a home design that you love, and also that Gary made sure your build was to such a high standard – this is something we pride ourselves on! We will definitely pass on your kind words to Sam, Gary and the whole New Generation Homes team. Wishing you many happy memories in your new home. Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)

A beautiful, quality home and an amazing building experience throughout

Our journey with New Generation Homes (NGH) began early in the year at one of their Display Homes, and is now coming to a close with our build having reached practical completion earlier this month - and it has been absolutely fantastic throughout.

Being first home buyers, we had literally hundreds of questions at the start, and no matter how big, small, silly or smart they may have been, every single one was answered patiently and with expertise by our fantastic sales consultant, Samantha Lutey. She was extremely quick, knowledgeable and helpful, going above and beyond to assist us wherever possible, including looking at blocks of land for our design. We had approached NGH based on the positive reviews on this website, and making Sam's acquaintance at the start reassured us that we had made a good choice (and things only got better from there!).

Moving on to Pre-Start, we had Isabella Carr as our Contracts Administrator, and the high level of service and assistance continued. Isabella's breadth of knowledge on both technical and cosmetic aspects of building was just staggering, and she provided some great suggestions whenever we were in doubt. Even after Pre-Start, her communication via Email was stellar, and she helped us all the way until we were totally comfortable signing the all-important final contracts.

And that brings us to the build itself. Wayne Pitcher was our sub-floor supervisor and Jamie McDonald our building supervisor. From the time siteworks commenced right up until the final finishing touches were applied, we were kept informed every step of the way via Emails and the @Home Portal. Both Wayne and Jamie were lightning-quick on Emails, and having the ability to contact your supervisor directly is a real advantage. We're a nitpicky bunch, and hit Jamie with a multitude of questions, comments and requests throughout the build, and every thing was addressed promptly and to our satisfaction - not once did we feel like we had to settle for less. Jamie was fantastic at keeping his tradespeople on their toes, and this is clearly evident in the final build quality - no matter how small or big, every single thing we reported to him for rectification was taken care of.

And last but not the least, we'd like to also acknowledge Zia Mayes, our Accounts contact, who like the rest of the team, was friendly, knowledgeable and helped make the financial side of things go as smoothly as possible.

Based on this experience, we would highly recommend NGH without hesitation. What we thought would be a daunting and difficult experience turned out to be surprisingly pleasant, smooth and enjoyable, and that is purely due to the excellent team of people we dealt with.

To Sam, Isabella, Wayne, Jamie, Zia and anyone else on the NGH team that had a hand in our build - thank you all so very much for our beautiful new home and for making this journey a truly memorable one! :)

Construction End DateDec 2017
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Hi Rohan, Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on the completion of your new home! It’s great to hear that Sam, Isabella, Wayne, Jamie and Zia were able to make building your first home so enjoyable – from choosing your land and home design through to the financial side! I will definitely pass on your lovely comments to the entire New Generation Homes team, and we hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come! Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)

Great finish and well designed home

Truly grateful for another special home by Summit Group. An individually designed home by New Gen that has a special feel as soon as you open the front door and its not even furnished yet.
Well designed by Michael Ham-Field who worked with me until my goals were achieved. Isabella Carr your patience and tolerance with selections and changes is greatly appreciated. Paul Swarbrick my Construction Supervisor who has been so easy to work with - well organised, provided regular updates and has ensured the quality construction of my home. I have been blessed to have the support from all of you for this project - Thank you so much.
My thanks to all the tradies, suppliers and administration staff. You have all made the successful construction of my home possible.
Well done New Gen/Summit for your commitment to quality.

Construction End DateDec 2017
Hi Lyn, Thank you for your fantastic review! As part of our “built around people” philosophy we put our customers at the heart of everything we do, so we're very happy to hear how much you enjoyed your building journey with us. I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Michael, Isabella, Paul and the rest of the New Generation Homes team. We wish you many happy memories in your new home. Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)Thank you Nat

Awesome build very happy with the finished product

Had no issue whatsoever with new gen from day dot our new generation homes consultant helped us in change an exisiting plan to suit how we wanted our house with the contract administrator delivering a whole bunch of options in the prestart to make it that little bit more unique and a building supervisor that kept us updated every little bit of the way delivering an unbelievable end product on time!!

Construction End DateDec 2017
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Hi Justin, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! It's great to hear that our team were able to help you to create a home design to suit what you were after. We will definitely pass on your kinds words to the whole New Generation Homes team. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year in your new home. Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)

Excellent new House

I would like to extend my satisfaction to the result and the quality of our newly finished house.
Since the start New Gen Home has been above and beyond on their services. I would like to thank Shannon Earle our sales consultant, who has been working hard and very helpful during the pre construction to design the house to suit our need and meet city planner requirement. Huge credit to Marco Palezza our site supervisor for his excellence works. He was very reachable and promptly answer and address any issue that I raised. He always promptly update and upload pictures of the building progress to the customer portal, which I found very helpful due to the distance of my current residence to the building site.
Thank you for having him as our supervisor which make our building process run smoothly and enjoyable. Very happy with the result and would recommending New Generation highly.

Construction End DateSep 2017
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Hi Yoga, Thank you for your kind words! It’s great to hear that from the very start you had such a positive building journey, we will definitely pass on your feedback to Shannon, Marco and the whole New Generation Homes team. Congratulations on your newly finished home, wishing you happy memories for many years to come. Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)

Amazing quality and service from start to finish!!

Honestly can't thank New Gen and Summit enough! Was easy and super professional from start to finish! We would like to thank Luke Matthews, our consultant for getting us started and all his help even at the end of the build. You made the process smooth and easy which as first home builders is what we needed! Alistair Hunt, our site supervisor was also amazing and maintained our build went smoothly and kept us constantly updated with everything! Our home has come up beautifully and the quality of work is to such a high standard. We have now been living here just over a month and really can't fault a thing. We have so many compliments on our gorgeous new home and people asking us who we have built with as they want to do the same. We will continue to recommend New Generation Homes to everyone and are so glad we chose this company to go through building our home with. Big thank you to all!!

Construction End DateOct 2017
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Hi Bianca, Thank you for your fantastic review! We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, as part of our "built around people" philosophy, so we're very happy to hear that your building journey was easy from start to finish. I'll definitely pass on your kind words to Luke, Alistair and the whole New Generation Homes team. We hope you love your new home for years to come! Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)


We have been holding up ourselves for a while not to leave a comment here but today we can’t hold anymore today. We decided to use NewGen was because most of the comments here are 5 stars and mainly because my sister bought a display home from them. We are now living in the display home while we are building. The quality of the house is pretty good so we decided to switch from Impression Homes to New Generation Homes. However, the service and the work they provided to us so far only worth 2 to 3 stars. Now we are having a major problem and the site supervisor is trying hardly and making excuses to convince them to accept the mistakes. He even asked us to choose a handover day in month without sorting this major issue.

Overall, our comment is “contractors not pay attention to details and not willing to rectify mistakes and try to get client to accept the mistaked’.

Construction End DateAug 2017
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HI KT. Chau, we're sorry to hear you are disappointed. I have sent you a private message for your contact details so we can investigate this further. Thanks, Nat (Marketing)

Exceptional Service - New Gen You Are The Best!

From start to end the service received from The New Gen team was Exceptional. New Generation delivered not just a house but a home. Glen Allen , our Construction supervisor was the best supervisor we could ask for. From the initial consult to the key handover we had no worries or concerns. We were so happy throughout the whole build and if we ever built again New Gen would be our first port of call. The entire team at New Gen should be proud of their customer service skills and professionalism. A massive thank you to Luke Matthews our Sales Consultant who guided us through the planning process and with his strong knowledge and expertise assisted us selecting the Ideal Block and House Design that suited us. Without his guidance and support this process would have been a different story. Isabella Carr, What can I say. Very professional with exceptional knowledge of the building process. Right through from Prestart through Construction phase her efficiency was incredible . Any time we called or emailed we were attended to quickly and all of our questions were answered. The house is amazing and such a quality build. I would definitely be recommending New Gen to all. Thank You New Gen. A Job Well Done. From Josh and Barry

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Hi Josh and Barry, Thank you for your fantastic review! We love hearing feedback like this, and are so happy that Glen, Luke and Isabella were able to help you out every step of your building journey with New Generation Homes. We will definitely pass on your kind words to them. Wishing you many happy memories in your new home. Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)

Best experience of anyone I know

Been about a month since completion and moving in and have had no issues whatsoever, level of detail and care is second to none (even ensuring the details on the carpet on the stairs lines up as it goes around the corners), follow up has been great with calls and emails from the original salesperson (Sam was excellent! If you're lucky enough to have her working with you expect the best!) through to the Site supervisor, who are always available whenever you have any questions or want some information on the build process.
Jacqui was a great asset, always willing to follow up on anything I asked, no matter how small. John was great too, and having the site supervisors direct number was definitely a weight off my mind, knowing I could contact him immediately when needed while some other builders require you to go through their admin and can take days to get a response.
In all would definitely recommend to everyone I know (and have been!), they made building my first home a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Construction End DateSep 2017
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Hi Kallan, Thank you for your great review, and congratulations on moving into your new home! As part of our "built around people" philosophy, we put our clients at the centre of everything we do – and we love hearing feedback like this! I’ll definitely pass on your kind words to Sam, Jacqui, John and the New Generation Homes team. Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)

Outstanding From Start To Finish!

New Generations was simply outstanding from start to finish!
Their designs, their quality fixtures, their amazing staff and customer service!
Our first home build could not have been any easier!
They never dropped the ball once! Nothing was ever too hard or too much to ask of them and they always went above and beyond.
They go the extra mile to make sure you understand everything and are completely happy, they answer every and any question no matter how silly you think it may be. The team know their stuff! They don't just palm you off to someone else, they take care of you and any queries or issues you may have. In saying this, we only ever had questions as it was our first time building so they always reassured us every step of the way so we knew exactly what the process was. We not once had an issue with them or a problem that had to be fixed. They make you feel important and not just a number, their office staff from the reception, to finance, to administration team, to accounts, to the supervisors are all so professional and kind!
We highly recommend them to everyone who is looking into building.
They are straight forward, honest and don't try to trick you into anything to get more money or something that is going to cost you more money down the track! The money we spent, was well worth every single cent! Everyone is drooling over our house including us! No one can believe that this amazing, huge, flawless house is our very first home! We couldn't be happier with the service and our home! On a scale of 1-10, I would say 20! We can't thank them enough for the most perfect home and building experience!!!

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hi Samara, Thank you so much for your kind words! As part of our "built around people" philosophy, we love helping our clients to have a fantastic experience building their new home! I’ll definitely pass on your review to the New Generation Homes team. Congratulations on moving into your new home, we hope you enjoy it for many years to come! Best wishes, Nat (Marketing)

New Gen is the best!

New generation has recently completed my home build in Coolbellup. Where do I even begin with praising such a company. Shannon Earle is huge to thank for such a great experience and high recommendation to New Gen. From first contact to last hand shake, Shannon offered high professional and quality service. Being my first home I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Any queries and requests Shannon's efficiency was incredible, the tradesman organised for the job did high quality work in sufficient time and his constant contact allowed me to be continously a part of my first home experience. If there was any problems Shannon was onto it so fast that I didn't even have time to worry. Knowing his attention to detail and the way he looked after my home like it was his own helped me really enjoy it and sleep easy at night. The quality that has been put into the house has made my home look a million bucks! Only downfall is how hard it will be to find such a building rep like him if I decided to build again!
Can not express my gratitude to him and the team enough. One of a kind A class team at New Generation.
From an EXTREMELY happy client.

Construction End DateJun 2017
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Hi Danielle, Thank you for your fantastic review! We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, as part of our "built around people" philosophy, so we're very happy to hear how much you enjoyed your building journey with us. I'll be sure to pass on your lovely comments to Shannon and the rest of the New Generation Homes team. We hope you love your new home for years to come! Best wishes, Sasha (Marketing)

No fuss and great experience!

Our build had great aspects all round including communication with builders, supervisors, sales, design and admin. Everyone was very helpful. The actual tradesmanship on the house exceeded expectations. We had many compliments from other tradie friends on the quality of many aspects of the home. Everything ran perfectly on schedule, so we could easily manage our life around the stages of the build. I couldn't recommend New-Gen any more. What a great experience!

Construction End DateJun 2017
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Hi Mitch, Thank you for your lovely 5-star review! It's great to hear how much you enjoyed your building journey with us and how pleased you are with your new home! As part of our "built around people" philosophy, we put our clients at the centre of everything we do. I'll happily pass on your lovely feedback to the whole New Generation Homes team and we hope you enjoy your new home! Best wishes, Sasha (Marketing)

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Hi do you have full land and building packages as I am wanting to buy a complete package . Regards Geraldine .
1 answer
Yes I did have a full land and building package. Just make sure what you are entitled to in the package.

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