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Hi, my OFX account is in Australia but I am working in France now for a short time. I have just entered a new recipient to my account because I want to exchange some AU$ from my home bank in OZ into euros and deposit it to the new recipients account. However, the new addition is not showing up on my list of recipients so I cannot complete the transaction. My new recipient is a company in Germany from whom I am purchasing a car - if that makes any difference. Any ideas?
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Hi Sharman, Would you be able to please send us an email at customer.service@ofx.com or give us a call at +44 207 614 4194, and we will have a look at your account? Alternatively, you could also send us a private message on either Facebook or Twitter, and our customer service team will assist you with this query. Best regards, The OFX team

I would like to transfer money from Japan to Canada. Does OFX offer a Japanese domestic bank account, so that I can fund the transaction with a domestic transfer? Thanks.
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Hi dcad, OFX holds a bank account based in the Japanese Yen but it is not a domestic Japanese account. It is held offshore. Kind regards The OFX Team

How easy is it to send money to Philippines from Australia? How many working days would it take to be deposited to a personal bank account?
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Hi Greg Thank you for reaching out. We can definitely help you transfer funds to a bank account in the Philippines. General turn around on funds is 3-5 business days as clearance times can vary from bank to bank. Transferring is as easy as Register. Fill in your details online – there’s no cost or obligation to make a transfer. We’ll call you. After you register, an OFX team member will call you to complete the setup and answer any questions you have. Verification. Most of the time we verify our customers automatically, so you won’t need to send us any paperwork. However, if we need any documents, we'll be in touch. If you would like more information or to receive a live quote our team are available 24/7 on 1300 300 424. Kind regards The OFX Team

Hello. Can I send money from Ecuador (USD) to France (EUR)?
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Hi Ricardo, Thank you for the message. We are able to transfer between these currencies to a bank account in France. Kind regards, The OFX Team

OFX is a bank ?? is a correspondent bank of Ing Bank Australia limited ??
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Not sure if they are. But they do a great job of currency exchange!Hi Fer, Thanks for reaching out. OFX is global money transfer specialist, and we help businesses and individuals to send money overseas in more than 55 currencies. Although we are not a bank, we are a bank-to-bank transfer service and have a network of 190 bank accounts all over the world. Kind regards, The OFX team

How easy is it to send money to New Zealand from Australia? Since it’s only a 3 hour flight.
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Hi Renata, Thanks for reaching out! Transferring from Australia to New Zealand would normally take 1-2 business days from when we receive your funds. Kind regards, The OFX team

Hi every time I try and reset my password with the temporary password given by ofx it does not work. Any help?
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Hi bricktop, I'm sorry to hear that your having issues with your password. Could you please send an email to customer.service@ofx.com with your OFX username or give us a call on 1300 300 424? Our customer service team will sort this out for you. Best regards, Cecilia - OFX

Hi there, I want to transfer money from AU to Taiwan, is there any minimum value or things I need to be aware of?
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Hi P C, Thank you for your question! The minimum transfer value is A$250 and we have a flat fee of A$15 when you transfer less than A$10,000. Registering an account with us is free and once logged in you'll be able to see the exact customer rate you will be receiving, including any fees. You can register at ofx.com and if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 300 424 or send an email to customer.service@ofx.com. Kind regards, The OFX team

An Oxforex phone operator says there is a problem with transferring money to Japan but your website says nothing about that please explain?
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Hi Michael, Thanks for your question! OFX offer JPY, however, we are unable to service customers who relocate to Singapore or Japan due to licensing restrictions. As OFX works within a highly-regulated industry, we must adhere to certain requirements set out by our regulators and we are unfortunately not able to service clients in Japan and Singapore. Kind regards, The OFX team

Hi, I want to transfer money from Mexico to India. Please let me know if you have any service and also let me know if there is any fee.
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Hi! Unfortunately, we currently do not facilitate transfers from MXN to INR. Kind regards, The OFX team

Hi, do you do transfers to bank accounts in ECUADOR?
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Hello Belen, thanks for your question. Yes, we do facilitate transfers to Ecuador. You can register to use our service here: https://au.ofx.com/version3/registration#/personal/step1 Regards, the OFX Team

Have had an account for about a year and no problems. Today tried to transfer AUD to THB as usual. When I open my account it says my "preferred" currency is CAD. When I go to the drop-down to change this to AUD, Surprise. AUD is NOT an option Any thoughts?? Tried calling their customer service number but after 15 mins on hold thought maybe it is a 'holiday' at OFX
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Hi Ajarn, sorry to hear about your difficulty with changing the currency. Would you mind sending us your email address/username to customerservice@ofx.com and we will contact you directly?Rest assured my problem was handled swiftly and competently by OFX Restored my faith in the company.

l send money to an orphanage every month from Australia to Indonesia. l have sent via Western Union but their transaction fees and exchange rates mean l loose over 10% in the transaction. WU also will not accept a transfer to an Indonesian bank so pick up cash has to be from WU office in Indonesia. Will l have similar problems with Ozforex?
5 answers
sorry I don't know - you will have to call them,I assume Ozforex could do it but they have a flat $15 fee for transactions under $10000 so it might not be practical. However, I have seen mention of regular payments mentioned on their site so it might be worth phoning them.Hi Robert, thanks for getting in touch. We'd be happy to give you a call to explain how this works. If you could send your best contact details to marketing@ozforex.com.au we'll be in touch shortly. Best, Sasha.

I wish to transfer money from Australia to Europe from our own bank accounts. What is the current exchange rate and charges for 130k approx
1 answer
Hey Deb, you can get the quotes online in their customer rates section. But best give them a call too. You may get better deal over the phone when sending such amount

I've been trying to get in contact to set up my account for transfer but I'm already in the U.S. and can't call the overseas numbers from my mobile. Is there anyway I can call a U.S. toll free or local number to get this sorted?
4 answers
Sorry I don't work for these guys good luck in trying to help on the phone.BE PREPARED IT TAKES AGES.Try emailing themSorry wrong Forex link. This is the link you need. http://www.ozforex.com.au/Hi Jarilyn, thanks for getting in touch. You can call customer service on 1-888-288-7354. Hope this helps.

if i want to transfer 320,000. fron nz to my account in australia how much au dollars will i receive?
1 answer
Hi Maara, it will vary depending on the current rate. We have a handy Currency Converter which will give you an indication here: http://www.ozforex.com.au/currency-converter When you're ready to transfer just give the team in NZ a call on 0800 161 868 (Free call) and they'll lock in the best rate and advise the process. Thanks, ^TN.

I am wanting to transfer AUD to make a payment in Indian rupee to an Indian state owned bank. In the past, when using an Australian bank for the transaction the indian state bank had several issues processing the payment because they routed it through another branch. Has ozforex managed such payments to Indian state owned banks (rather than an international bank locate in India)?. Thanks
2 answers
Nope India is not on the list of currency that OzForex have included in their list. Check with them I think but only Aus, Pounds, NZ and Canadian I think. Best to check. KThanks - I have confirmed with Ozforex that they do exchange Indian Rupee. It is more an issue of the recipient being an Indian state-owned bank.

Hi, I am travelling to Japan soon and I would like to transfer the money over to my japanese account from australia. What kind of information do I need to provide for my japanese bank account, eg BSB, account number, swift code etc. Thanks.
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No swift code but yes you will need the full bank account number in Japan - when you raise the order and list Japan as the receiving account it will come up with the correct number format for Japanese accounts. If it helps my initial concerns were unwarranted. The transfer I made to NZ was smooth and considerably cheaper than using a bank! When you initiate the contract you will receive a phone call from OzForex and can ask them any questions you have - the only complaint I would have is that the phone call is NOT in the 'few' minutes they indicate online - it is an hour or so later and likely to be when you are busy doing something else or no where near your desk or something!I would email Ozforex and ask them to contact you by telephone. They will let you know exactly what you need to provide. I have had my account for a long time and had to provide more information a couple of years ago so am not current with exactly what you need to provide. Also I joined whilst in the UK. I have always found the staff accessible and extremely helpful.Hi there, it's best to email us on marketing@ozforex.com.au

Is OzForex covered financially incase of collapse .. in Australia ?? for refunds talking amounts of $100000+
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Apologies for the delay in replying to you, travelling has seen me away from the computer......................Frankly, I don't know but may I suggest you ask them or go to the Financial Services Ombudsman in Australia who should be able to give you all the necessary assurances...................WE have had absolutely no issue with them and use them very regularly Cheers Geoff

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