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Great design - Terrible builder

We chose our home from a display village at Coomera. Loved the design, and Jason on site was excellent. Nothing was too much from [name removed], but from there the experience headed south - so slowly that it hit us at handover.
Construction began in September 2017. [name removed] was introduced as our Supervisor and the person who would update us weekly on the build. After the second week, the only time [name removed] contacted us was returning calls from us for updates.
Whenever we questioned him about workmanship, his answer was casual with the assurance that he knows what he is doing. His flippancy of dismissing concerns was taken by us at face value and we thought that maybe everything is running smoothly. We dropped our guard.
In November 2017, the invoice for lock-up stage was sent to us. We went to the build/site and there were open accesses in walls, the stacker doors at rear were leaning against the internal walls. We contacted Ownit and were told that [name removed] gave them the go ahead to send invoice. It took 3 more weeks to bring the build to lock-up stage, and in order to do this, temporary boards had been tacked in place to prevent doors from opening. It was shoddy.
Ownit has a pre-handover procedure which occurs 3 weeks before handover date. [name removed] took us through the site. The painting was terrible. There was a bulge (with a deflection of at least 15mm on the vertical) in the wall in the Powder Room which [name removed] hadn't even noticed. There was a hole in the wall of the kitchen where the appliance cabinet was to sit. During the 3 weeks leading to handover, we asked [name removed] 3 times if handover was on track and all issues attended to. We were assured each time that everything was on track.
Handover arrived with all the defects noted at pre-handover still untouched. Our final payment had been made to coincide with handover date. Ownit had our money and we had an unfinished house. [name removed] stated Ownit had 15 working days after handover to complete fixes.
We were expected to now be the Supervisor of the tradies who turned up to remedy the fixes. Our tempers flared and we told Ownit to attend to fixes under their own supervision. [name removed] from Ownit stepped in and that was when progress began. Lock was changed to give Ownit access to supervise. They were back in control - if that is the correct phrase.
We finally moved in. A month after moving in, we noted evidence of rising damp in all bare concrete areas (garage floor and storage floor). We contacted Ownit who came to investigate. Ownit stated they always place plastic membrane up sides of concrete to prevent moisture penetration. After 4 exploratory digs, less than 2 inches of membrane was found peeking from under concrete slab. Ownit said that since we did our own landscaping we probably cut the membrane. We had photos of early construction showing no membrane visible. They then offered to give us 2 rolls of membrane and $250 and we could do it ourselves. Ownit took no responsibility.
While many minor defects have been sorted during the maintenance period, there are still outstanding items not acceptable for a new dwelling.
1. Rising damp – plastic membrane not extended past edge of slab. Ownit takes no responsibility.
2. Numerous scratches on glass - Ownit says not our problem. The scratches became evident after we cleaned the house - it was dirty at handover.
3. Splits in both timber staircase landings - Ownit is blind and calls them gaps. Again not their problem
4. Paint over spray on garage door - Ownit's painter tried to clean and then offered to paint door - seriously.
5. Bulge in gyprock wall in stairwell. Under critical lighting it is very obvious, but because it can't be seen in daylight (but evident to the touch), again it is not Ownit's problem.
Ownit’s refusal to accept responsibility for defects that to us fall clearly within the builder’s duty appears now to be of a personal nature, or maybe Ownit has a policy - say NO until the client gives up.
Maybe this policy has worked in the past and that gives Ownit the impetus to continue with it, but dealing with Ownit Homes has become tiring.
All these issues are with QBCC.

Construction End DateFeb 2018
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Hello Angeline We appreciate the time you have taken to provide feedback however we are disappointed and surprised given the circumstances, summarized below. The handover you have referred to on your home in Helensvale was provided 14 weeks prior to our contract completion date. This unusually early possession only took place at your insistence as you had other contractors and trades outside our scope of works scheduled prematurely to attend to other property works. As you can imagine, handing over a home that has had over three months of completion time removed is a less than ideal situation in all respects. However, on this occasion to help accommodate your situation that we took was not negotiable, we did handover far earlier than planned. For clarity and assurance in the circumstances, we documented with you a list of items that both yourself and Ownit Homes signed to mutually acknowledge what we simply were unable to complete given the time constraints. This list was for both parties to reference and a confirmation of our commitment to complete them as time allowed, around the site and access restrictions of your independent contractors and trades. 1. A note on the rising damp complaint: An independent inspection by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) took place at your home in Laurel Avenue in August 2018 to assess the situation. The result delivered to us both was QBCC determined the items inspected were not defective building work by Ownit Homes. A further internal review of the above decision was completed by QBCC at your request. In October 2018 this result was again issued to us both and the outcome as determined by QBCC was that still the issue did not require rectification from Ownit Homes. The rising damp was the result of landscaping error. This landscaping was completed after your handover and was not a part of the contract you had with Ownit Homes. With the remaining 4 items that have been discussed in the review, Ownit Homes - together with our trades and suppliers - have been working to try review these matters with you. This is despite some points, including the rising damp complaint – were caused by the actions of others post-handover. Yet we have continued to assist you as best we can with professional advice and on-site inspections by our management, our engineers’, and QBCC - not to mention goodwill offers and product to assist you to arrange any necessary repairs. Whilst you have not always taken the advice of attending industry professionals and QBCC, we have still had every intention of investigating remaining items to assist where possible. 2. A note on the scratches on glass: The handover document confirmed the windows and door glass were in perfect condition when you took early possession, to which you signed the form to confirm this being true. Scratches were not reported to us until 17 weeks after handover and as such, we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by independent contractors or persons occupying or visiting at your property. 3. A note on the splits in timber staircase landings: An offer has been made, prior to this review being published that Ownit Homes was to monitor this area over the next month or so to re-assess after the holiday period once back in full operation in the new year. The purpose of this, as explained previously, is to ensure that the house has settled so we can then assess any repairs we need to undertake, so they are effected in the best possible manner. Please be assured that we want to ensure the problem will not re-occur and to that end, we have tasked the stair supplier to investigate and engage an independent timber company to review the matter. By engaging a third party, we are doing our best to ensure it is handled fairly and without bias for any decision. 4. A note on the paint over-spray on garage door: Our garage door supplier has reviewed the door this week, prior to this review being published. Whilst you claim the door has paint over-spray on it, we are unsure that is the cause so the manufacturer has offered to review the concern in more detail for possible manufacturer-error by the batch of door. Once all possibilities have been considered, we will then be able to update you further. A thorough investigation is sometimes necessary and usually achieves the best result for all parties. 5. A note on Gyprock wall in stairwell: As previously explained, we maintain that the gyprock and paint finishes observable to the wall meet with Australian Standards and are well within reasonable acceptance. As previously discussed, we are working through the small number of issues we have agreed to assist you with, but we need supplier reports and investigations to be finalized, which are expected in January 2019. Naturally, if you wish to defer again to QBCC we will happily cooperate and instead let the governing body’s decision be final and cease any extra assistive action over and above QBCC requirements. Ownit homes is a family owned and operated company that has been building homes for many happy customers for 46 years. We have an untarnished record with QBCC, publicly accessible like any builder’s record at any time, as well as suppliers and contractors which we are very proud of and work hard to retain. Sincerely Ownit Homes

Build New home Naragbha in Progress

This will be detail review and will updates as things Progress. I am Building New home in Narangba with Ownit. Build has not started yet signed the contract and waiting for construction to start. I will constantly update this review as things progress once build is completed and final rating will be based on head office experience and build quality and workmanship

1- Dealing with Sale Person - Mango Hill Kurt

We are dealing with Kurt Mango hill last 6 month. He is one of best of sale people We come across. He is genuine person who want to help you. Very patience really understand what you want to achieve. Weather you build with ownit or with different builder highly recommend to visit kurt to run through your idea if you have custom build in your mind or list of wished what you want to achieve. Head office experience colour selection, electrical and tiling selection coming Next

2- Colour selection , Electrical meeting

Be honest the Colour selection is quite rocky road but Finally mostly issue get resolved on the principal of give and take. Shane , lee , Scott help me a lot in this process and educate me as well . Tomorrow Actually the construction starting for cut and fill and Slab will be Pored on 10 October 2018

Note: As it is not possible to upload pictures and day to day activity in productreviews because it is not forum to discuss. I have make dedicated thread for my my build with ownit for day to day activity
Visit : forum.homeone.com.au and search "custom Build ownit home ownithomes.com.au quote, upgrades"
URL: https://forum.homeone.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=91300

Construction End DateJun 2019
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Thank you for the review Nafees. We're looking forward to working with you and building a beautiful home for your family that will be enduring for many years to come.

Awesome home great experience

We chose Ownit as they were the only quality multi home builder with 'in house' architects and estimators that allowed us to make heaps of changes to the base 'Seabreeze' home to exactly suit our needs and get very quick quote adjustments back to us- all for a reasonable build price (about $1050/m3 for a two story with high ceilings, ducted A/C and heaps of extras, built on an elevated acreage site 60km south of Brisbane CBD is good). This was after several months sitting down with most of the opposition big name builders and some bespoke builders- always coming away with either lack of flexibility issues or often quite ridiculous prices for changes. Ownit standard inclusions were also exceptional compared to most, which I guess kept overall price down. All extra costs were made clear up front. Build started promptly and straight into it full bore which I was impressed with as we wanted to get the home built by Christmas and starting in July this was going to be tight for a 400m3 two story house.

Due to Ownit's free ducted air con offer at the time, they had quite a few builds on the go, so we had a few new subbies on our build which caused some rework. However Ownit supervisor Mark was on every occasion able to explain the issues and rectify to our satisfaction. Overall we had very professional Ownit regular subbies that are respected names in their field and did an awesome job. I am sure this is just building in general- you can't always have the absolute experts on your job all the time. Mark's co-ordination of the various subbies and deliveries to site was great, including still getting work done during wet periods. His weekly telephone updates were always detailed, and he took notes on any points we raised and came back to us in reasonable time.This is our second new home build and overall far better experience than the first, for a house twice the size. So we really appreciated the fact that Ownit take their responsibility seriously and always strive for the best result and customer satisfaction.

Mind you we are not shy, so on a couple occasions made clear our preferences as issues arose- always resolved promptly. Financial side and admin side was faultless- great communications regarding costs, time limits, important decision notifications always well communicated. I like the way Brad Ganim checked the site before the build and overall the provisions and allowances were pretty right for a large project. Also liked the double check of house position on the block prior to starting as we had a requirement to get this exactly right considering nearby rockwalls etc. And at the end I was able to work with Brad direct to finalise provisional sums and extra work actual costs we requested along the way. All resolved and handed over the day before the Christmas weekend so we were able to arrange our mover to get the basic furniture in the house and spend Christmas day in our beautiful new home. The agreed list of minor defects signed off at handover were promptly finalised to a high standard as soon as work resumed in the new year.

Many of our friends have had positive comments on the build quality, price and time taken to build. Been in the home for three months now and everything works fine, no movement or cracks that I can see despite a few huge storms in the new year that we experienced over 100km/hr winds, small hail etc (home is N3 wind rated and BAL rating 12.5 as it is on an elevated mountain site near the bush). No leaks, all door and window seals perfect, and the drainage, rainwater tank and sewage treatment systems all hooked up and working perfectly (I had the rainwater and sewage tanks systems installed myself prior to the house build to save a few thousand dollars and Ownit were happy to hook up plumbing and electrical to those for us). I don't particularly enjoy building a new home as it is quite a large task, but all in all when reflecting we are very happy we dealt with Ownit.and got a great result.

Construction End DateDec 2017
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Thank you very much for the great review, Rob. It takes many hands to produce such great results and we have passed your feedback onto our team, also. We work hard to ensure building a new home is a smooth and happy transition wherever possible, so we are pleased to see that reflected in your experience. Thank you again!

Coudn't be happier, what a great family company!

We built with Ownit Homes a year ago and couldn't be happier! From the moment we walk through their display home to the handover of our new home, everyone was so genuine and friendly, from our salesman, to our colour consultant, the head office staff and our supervisor. What I really liked was that everything was included in their homes, so I knew exactly what I was getting by walking through their display homes. Our salesman took a lot of time helping us design the best home for our family and from the many homes they have on display, this process was made a lot easier. Our home is everything we imagined and more and the quality of the workmanship is 10 out of 10. The home seemed to go up very quickly and anytime we had a question along the way, someone at Ownit Homes was very happy to help us. We are over the moon with our new home and highly recommend Ownit Homes to anyone wanting to build a home.

Construction End DateAug 2015
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Thank you very much for a great review. We work hard to ensure building a new home is a smooth and happy transition wherever possible, so we are pleased to see that reflected in your experience. We will make sure your Consultant is forwarded the feedback too. Thank you again!

Absolutely delighted with our new home

We have been fortunate enough to build our 6th house with Ownit Homes and once again they went over and above our expectations – everything they did was professional and timely. Right from the start they have been brilliant -from tweeking the house design to completing the spec to the site cut and the overall construction. The office staff were always friendly and courteous; no matter what our inquiry, everything was always promptly dealt with. Additionally, we have been fortunate to have had Bob as our supervisor for all our builds which has worked in our favour as he now understands our expectations and offers exceptional service. We are absolutely delighted with our new home and would have no hesitation in recommending Ownit Homes to our friends and family and will definitely build our 7th home with then when the time comes.

Construction End DateFeb 2017
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Thank you David, for the lovely feedback. Our entire team do their very best to exceed client expectations and we were pleased to work on another home for you and your family. Having been in operation now for over 45 years as a second generation family-owned business, we are proud of our history and exceptional record with QBCC. We encourage anyone interviewing builders to conduct their own searches on QBCC's website to confirm no rectification orders, disciplinary actions, bans or infringements have been recorded against them. Thanks again David - we look forward to working with you again for number 7!

Worst customer service and finishes

Poorly managed build, disinterested project manager who had excuses for everything that we found faulty or was poorly finished. Project manager also swore at me over the phone because we refused to pay when work wasn't completed at certain stages and bank wouldn't release money as contract requirements weren't met. Bullied by builder at handover. Very expensive for the quality of the product. Unpainted skirting boards, crooked walls, bricks, mortar falling out. Painted surfaces contain scratches, bumps, only one coat of paint, only primer on others. When we complained we were given various excuses but problems were not fixed. We were told to put a pot plant in front of the error and not to worry about it on several occasions. We're told to stand 2m away from paint surfaces to view defects but the standards say 1.5m. Paint splatters everywhere, gloss paint on Matt surfaces, cracks in walls. Several structural water leaks which were finally repaired but as there has been no rain we are unsure if permanently fixed. Mould grew on ceilings on several outdoor areas, QBCC ruled to clean and install vents, builder claimed he was not responsible for consequential damage and wouldn't fix, told to fix by QBCC, builder then told me that the vents would not look attractive to try and get me to say to leave it as is, my response was negatory as mould looks ugly and is a health risk. Vents installed and look okay. We were accused of causing damage to a roof vent which caused a large leak and a damaged bathroom ceiling, this was fixed after QBCC visited, but to be accused of causing damage to our own new house was preposterous. Concrete floor in garage was gouged out and cracked but not fixed. Additional charges added to total cost due to apparent lack of access by brick layers, added thousands to bill, bricklayers did a poor job and we had to pay extra! Many more issues but too tired to mention, over this whole process. Disappointing experience, would not recommend at all.

Construction End DateMar 2016
Update: after living in the house for about 2.5yrs. Recently discovered that a stink pipe for one of the ensuites was never given an external outlet thus foul air has been spread throughout the roof cavity.On completion of this home in [Location Removed for Privacy] (Qld), we were absolutely delighted and full of pride to deliver a quality and stunning home to present to our clients for handover. The finished product - a large four bedroom, four bathroom, three living room, two-storey home - was completed to the same high standard we demonstrate at any of our display homes available to inspect. Furthermore, completion of the build was in advance of the contract due date and the handover list (agreed items between Ownit Homes and the clients to be finished post-handover) was for only 5 minor notations. Those five small items were 1 grout touch up, replacement of cutlery holder, pot drawer adjustment, and garage door remotes and keys. In relation to other items raised: - The Category 1 defect noted in the review (roof water leak): The reviewing author is correct in that a roof leak was inspected promptly and repaired when it was reported but delays and testing were necessary to ensure it was a permanent fix. In the early stages of a roof leak we will use a hose to replicate a rain event to see if the repair has been effective. However, until an actual rain event occurs, the success of the fix is not fully confirmed. Whilst we are confident that initial repairs are effective on most occasions at a first attendance, we discuss with clients the benefits of postponing plaster and paint repairs (if any are necessary) until an actual rain event proves more definitively that the repair work has been effective. In the case that another rain event reveals repair work was not completely successful from the first attendance, this approach not only often maintains visual access of key areas of concern but prevents the need to repeat rectification work if further physical disruption to paint or plaster is required for deeper investigations. Rectification access can be inconvenient to home owners due to the number of trades needing internal access in most cases. - Vent installation: As the home was constructed in a zone which is affected by bushfire regulations, the eaves were designed and installed to meet the relevant legislations. We considered the combination of material selections (such as Colorbond roof) as well as the home being on a block of land in Cordyline St which has a higher than usual level of moisture due to its altitude, a decision was made to go the extra mile and install fire rated vents at our cost. Whilst fire rated vents are not as aesthetically pleasing in comparison to regular ventilation methods used as standard, the installation of these were necessary to comply with the area and to adequately address the factors contributing to the growth of mold in some areas. Compliant with our obligations under governing industry bodies, Ownit Homes accept category 2 defects (non-structural) for review up until 12 months following handover. There had been communication with the clients in the lead up to this milestone however instead of a maintenance defect list being submitted for review and subsequent attendance, we were advised in writing that “a complete list has been forwarded to QBCC”. This action was followed with a 92 point defect list being submitted to QBCC by the homeowners where 86 of those 92 items were rejected by the QBCC, being determined as not requiring the attention of the builder. Ownit Homes were issued an “opportunity to rectify” on the remaining 6 points where these matters were completed over a 2 day period the following week. With due respect to all parties involved, including but not limited to our client and our staff, inappropriate behaviour as alleged akin to bullying or similar was investigated and found to lack foundation. As such, this will not be commented on further.and so the creative use of deceit continues. However, with regards to the vents installed the reason the outside undercover areas became mouldy was actually because indoor paint was used not out door paint. We are not the only clients that have complained about poor work practices but the Facebook reviews were taken down by the company. The only reason QBCC couldn’t act on the other 85 complaints was because apparently it was out of the timeframe allowed by the contract. Even though we were told they would come back to fix it. We have several other problems relating to plumbing still under investigation by QBCC. We have not fixed the problems identified and are a available for viewing.

A builder with a genuine interest in their customer and their product

The entire team at Ownit Homes (Sales/Design/Colour Selection/Administration and construction) worked diligently to ensure our journey through the construction phase was well managed with care and understanding to us as first time home builders. No issue was too major and all of our concerns were handled promptly and professionally. The workmanship was excellent and any minor issues were rectified promptly,
Our build was somewhat different as we needed to remove a property and level the land prior to the commencement of the build. The Ownit team worked with us and provided introductions to all the additional external contractors we required to get the project underway. This was extremely helpful and a time saving. Their referral partners operated under a similar ethos to the Ownit team.
House building can be daunting, emotional and at times a little bit scary, however by taking this journey with the Ownit team our stress levels were seriously diminished.

Great work Ownit!

Construction End DateFeb 2017
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Thank you Wayne. It was a pleasure working with you and we are very happy we were able to ensure your build was as low stress as possible!

A professional, caring builder that delivers a high-quality product

My wife, Kaye, and I moved into our new Ownit home in August and we’re very happy with both the build and the end result. We included Ownit Homes in our search for a builder based on the recommendation of friends who had built with them a couple of years previously. During our search, we were able to view “as built” (not display) homes from several builders. We wanted a builder who would work with our structural design, but would offer a high standard of finish, with careful attention to detail, and quality fittings and appliances. I’m pleased to report that, two months after handover, Ownit, as the builder, and our new house, have exceeded our initial expectations.

As a retired engineer and project manager, I was keen to understand the build process and be able to interact freely with the builder. We were the first clients on a new computer system (so there were a couple of hiccups) and I felt a tad unsure of the initial design and specification procedure; however, Ownit responded openly and generously to my questions and I feel the building contract and final specification were as complete as we could get them. In the end we had only six contract variations, of which three were for owner upgrades to electrical, tiles, and appliances. “Colour selection” with the various suppliers for electrical fittings, tiles, doors, windows, etc., was efficient and thorough. Though it’s worth checking at rough in and fit out that all is as you expect it to be, as there were a couple of “disconnects” between concept and reality, but nothing “fatal”. If you’re not invited to, request to do a walk around with all trades during the initial lay out.

During the build, Ownit’s site supervisor, Mark, exceeded our expectations in terms of communicating with us and responding quickly to our questions and concerns. He spoke with us at least weekly and was happy to meet with us on site to discuss any issues. During the build, with Mark’s OK, I was permitted by Ownit to interact with the tradies for various “owner supplied” items that were best installed during the build. For example, extra yard drainage and services to my shed. Without exception, I found the Ownit tradies to be professional, thorough and helpful. It also saved some “owner’s dollars” being able to directly engage the trades while they were on site.

While it took a bit longer than we expected after contract signing to get started on site, the build progressed steadily and we took possession of the house three weeks earlier than initial predictions. Payments were billed as per the payment schedule and costs met our expectations. Any uncertainties were dealt with quickly and fairly. As with any major project, we have had a few problems post handover. Nothing major and, on each occasion, Ownit has responded quickly and the matter has been resolved without fuss.

If you’re looking for a project builder who is willing to incorporate your (reasonable) design ideas, who offers a professional, competent and caring team, both in the office and on site, who delivers on time, to cost, and produces a quality house, then we highly recommend Ownit Homes. They may not be the cheapest builder in SE Queensland, but we have found that they deliver a high quality home to the agreed specification, and more, with a minimum of fuss and a genuine interest in looking after their clients.

Construction End DateJul 2016
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Thank you Mike for your review! We do try to differentiate ourselves from most project builders in that we aim to present a very realistic demonstration in our display homes of what we include as standard. As much as possible, we aim to display what you see is what you get. We receive a lot of feedback that people are disappointed to find out how many features are an unexpected, added cost on other homes and costs are frequently blown out. We will ensure Mark receives the great feedback too. Thanks again, Mike!

Great home, great experience

“After moving in to our beautiful Ownit home a few weeks ago (June 2014), we have had some time to reflect on the journey. From selecting the company to build for us to hand over, there were three outstanding areas. John was our first point of contact at the Rochedale display home and his passion, honesty and knowledge were very evident. No modifications were ever too much trouble and you get a sense that he truly believes in the company and the product, and has the customers best interests at heart. The second stand out was the regular communication that we received from both head office and our building supervisor. Throughout the building process we were kept thoroughly up to date with regular progress reports and, if there were any issues during the build, solutions were always found quickly and professionally.

The third area was the quality of trades people building our home. From carpenters and concreters, to tilers and plumbers, it was very evident that the people working for Ownit take pride in their work and the company’s reputation. If there were occasional errors, as you would expect with any new build, things were rectified quickly and we got the distinct impression that the trades genuinely care about delivering quality work.

This was our third build and without any question the easiest and most hassle free of the three. Many thanks to you and your Ownit team on a quality home. We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others, or building with Ownit again.”

Construction End DateJun 2014

Fantastic Experience

After searching through many display homes and getting confused on what was included and what was not, we decided to build with Ownit Homes. The reason for this was their display homes are designed with notion of "what you see is what you get." Dealing with the salesperson nothing was too hard and we were able to redesign their home to suit our needs. Everything ran smoothly from the design stage, colour selection, construction to the completion of our beautiful home. We are so happy and highly recommend Ownit Homes.

Model to the builders!

A casual visit by accident to Ownit Homes display centre at Rochedale made my dream come true. Initially I intended to collect some brochure and then leave in a rush, but Michael’s greeting and then a brief chat had made me sit down to discuss more.
From the moment I knew I have found the right person to help.
With his strong architectural background, extensive knowledge in building area, and rich experience to various problems/issues, Michael has helped extremely well with my building plan, and has assisted me to get through many technical difficulties. Michael is always kind, enthusiastic, helpful, skillful and professional. He is absolutely far beyond a usual sales person. if every builder is like Michael, this world will be so much easier to us ordinary people living on this earth for our residential home.
The same compliment is to the onsite supervisor Mark, who has been extremely professional, responsible and helpful. Mark always keeps me informed with each stage and has tried the best to solve issues timely. His team have done a great job to my building to all the details.
I have decided my next house to be with Ownit Homes again!

Nice home but disappointing experience.

From the moment we started looking for a home, we have had a number of disappointing experiences with Ownit Homes. When we looked at the Rochedale display homes we were treated poorly, an older salesperson brushed us off (we are a couple in our 20's) and we had to drive to Yarrabilba to find a salesperson who was interested in dealing with us.

The list of inclusions that we were originally provided was not reflected in the sales contract. For example, we were advised that letter boxes were included in the turnkey packages, Ownit did not transfer this across to the sales contract and they are not interested in providing it. We were also told on the day of signing the contract that they would include mirrored siding doors to the wardrobes, but at the time of colour selection were charged almost $2000 for this.

The margin charged on upgrades on is no where near a fixed builders margin. When requesting to upgrade the pop down wastes in 4 of the sinks, we were advised by [name removed] that the cost is roughly $5 each. However when we passed this information on to Ownit, we were quoted $228 for something that would cost them $20.

When we requested to have roller blinds rather than vertical blinds (if you call any blinds store they will tell you that they are in the same price range) we were charged an additional $1330. However, during our build, vertical blinds were installed and Ownit claimed that they did not know they had been upgraded - even though it was noted on our Ownit Homes sales estimate sheet and we had driven to their blinds supplier to confirm our upgrades. The logic really isn't there, if were supposed to be receiving the standard inclusion, why would we have been paying an additional $1330? Ownit Homes was not willing to have the issue rectified by having the correct blinds installed.

The whole build process was incredibly stressful, our building supervisor did call us on a weekly basis but could be rude if you asked him any questions, to the point where he would be yelling and even swore at us.

At the pre-handover inspector, we brought along our inspector, who informed us that the house was not even close to being completed and could not complete the inspection. On the day of handover, I made it clear that the house needed to be completed as I had already taken annual leave for our move. However, on the day, the stairs were still missing the glass balustrade, the gas was not connected (which meant that we couldn't cook and there was no hot water), holes in the walls, main bathroom was missing a mirror, open manhole, the air con unit was missing, glass windows and doors were severely scratched, etc.

Even after handover finally took place, the first time that it rained we had a major leak in the ceiling, it took over a month to be rectified. The igniter for the gas cook stop starting malfunctioning, it has been 2 months since I reported this and it still hasn't been fixed. Now there has been more heavy rain and again we have a major leak, which has not been rectified.

On the positive side, the girls in the office are all lovely and are willing to do anything in their power to help. The designs are modern and there is a lot of flexibility in terms of modifying the floor plan to suit your block or to upgrade different elements of the home.

Overall - we like the design of the home and this is why we chose to build with Ownit in the first place, but our experience in building our first home has been disappointing due to the number of issues we have had since day one and are still continuing now.

My Build Experience With Ownit Homes

We were handed our keys to our beautiful home in March. I will like to commend Ownit for being with us from the designing stage to the completion stage and resolving the few and petty issues we had with the house after completion with a response generally within a day from Sarah Quick.

We went to the display village at Mango Hill and met with Kurt, who recommended a possible land for us to buy and help us adapt our design to a possible layout available in their catalogue. Through many iterations, he patiently hear us out and helped us along the way.

During our build process, our building supervisor kept us informed with weekly phone calls about what is done and what had been scheduled to be completed in the following weeks to come. Everybody will feel that their build takes forever, but knowing what had been planned, makes the waiting bearable.

After the completion, we had a couple of very minor issues, within a day of bringing the issue to Ownit, Ownit will email us and arrange for someone to fix the issues. And if the issues were not resolved, Sarah is a just an email away.

In my opinion, Ownit had been very professional in my dealings with them. Their inclusions are high and what you see is what you get and with a very patient salesperson who is also a very talented artist at Mango Hill, we had a beautifully designed home that we now lived in.

If anyone is in the market to build, I will strongly recommend Ownit @ Mango Hill.

Questions & Answers

Hi there, I would like to know why Ownit Homes only has 6 reviews on this webstie. They have been in business a long time which seems a bit concerning to me as they should be collecting and advertising testimonials at every given chance?
9 answers
I'm not sure why there are so few reviews. I found them by word-of-mouth through the recommendation of a friend.I think they may be new to this website. We visited a display home and were treated so well from the first inquiry to hand over.Check out the latest reviews here and on Facebook pages for more info.

Hi There Is it normal for OwnIt to charge or pass on charge as variation for title search for council approval and also variation for Energex meter?? I build two home with another builder and did not do this as variations I am worried that the Contract Price that has base price has lot missed out and i am in early stages hope i am not taken for a ride Any response for this will be appreciated
8 answers
It is very normal for this company to pass on all costs for everything and add builders margin to it as well, we were charged additional lack of access fees by the brickies and the builder added their margin on top of this.Depends on your contract I think but doesn't sound abnormal. Sounds like Disappointed is working for a competitor!Sounds like Charles might work for Ownit ??

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