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Plumbing Detectives
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I would not use them ever.
Highly dubious operation and dishonest operators.
After the house fire, they were caled in and even the insurance company told me that it was a rip off.
They would not accept their quote.

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Thank you for your review Sam; I am extremely disappointed to hear about this especially after you experienced a house fire. Are you able to provide me with your job number so I can investigate this issue further? please give me a call on Ontime Local Plumbing Ph 1300352559 looking forward to hearing from you SamYour company does not have any ethis in its operation. Your representative gave me a quote which insurance company said it was a rip off. I asked another plumbing company and was chanrged $660 against $4200 which was quoted. I just need an invoice for the plumbing work that was done and the refund for the $400 that was cancelled. I will go to office of fair trading if nothing is done tomorrow. I have enough headaches with the damage and after calling the ON TIME number I get the same useless response of promising to send me the refund but nothing is done. Enough is enough For god sake do somethingthe details are:\ Invoice No: 10300-485 Date: 2019-07-19 Job No: #10300

Absolute rip off - BUYER BEWARE!

Absolute rip off, MASSIVELY over charged and over quoted for unnecessary work. Thank god I got other quotes and opinions - it saved me $7500! Just a dog act to rip people off, all while acting like they’re doing you a favour.

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Hi, I am concerned about the pricing issue you've brought to our attention as it sounds out of line with our pricing structure. I would like to resolve this for you straight away. we take concerns such as yours very seriously and would like to understand what has taken place. Could you please send me a email on customerservice@ontimelocal.com.au with your contact details? or call me on PH 1300 352 559 your feedback is valuable to us to ensure our high standards are being adhered to throughout our company. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Kind Regards Salma

Stay away from this company

Had these people come out to my fathers house and they charged him $1700 to put a regulator on the wall and did not fix compliance plate on wall like they are required to do. 18 months later its leaking gas do you think i can can them back out? 3 days in a row they did not show up now im calling someone else and i will just pay to get it fixed..... They actually turned up at 4pm on the 3rd day since i called and the guy that showed up was very good fixed it without any fuss.....

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Good Afternoon Andrew, Thankyou for taking the time to write the review. We attended your fathers home and the Leak you are referring to was coming from the gas bottle connection not being tightened enough when the gas bottles were changed as we discussed with you on site. If you have any further questions please contact the office on 1300 352 559 and ask for SalmaI was there the leak was not from the bottle at all but from the fitting on the regulator i leak tested it before the plummer got there and i watched him test it again and tighten the fitting it was NOT the bottle.. But i am satisfied that it is fixed i was more than happy with the guy that showed up eventually he was not the original plummer..

Never Again!!

Mustafa and Okan are the best and only good thing going for this company. Informative, clean, professional, precise, considerate and good natured guys. Mustafa installed my gas stovetop and Okan my laundry trough. I highly recommend these two plumbers. As for the management of this company i cant say it was a positive experience. I gave 4 stars for the exceptional workers that came. But will never use this company again.

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Hi Trianta We are so please we resolved your issue's. I would like to understand your statement further. please email at customerservice@ontimelocal.com.au with a time we may contact you. I look forward to speaking with you. Regards, Salma

Professional, efficient, respectful

This is a positive review of the plumber Mustafa, who came this this morning 9/7/19 at the appointed time 8 am. I was most impressed for the second time, (the first when he arrived to assess the situation) of his punctual, professional and efficient manner. On my inquiry, he explained what he was doing in the most respectful manner, He also cleaned up after his work.

On another matter I was not impressed with Adam the person who rang me three hours later on 8/7/19, informing me that Mustafa couldn’t make it at 1pm yesterday. I wasted the whole afternoon because of his delay in informing me. But it was his offhand manner that bothered me the most. Adam was Not concerned that I was really put out. His very casual disrespectful manner was not appreciated. He Could have sincerely apologised. This is not a good frontperson for this company.
Sincerely Irena

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Hi Irena Thank you for taking the time out to write this review, we appreciate your positive feedback on the plumber Mustafa. I am extremely disappointed to hear about our plumber Adam, we usually receive good feedback about him. I am sincerely apologetic for his actions. if you like to discuss this matter further please email me on customerservice@ontimelocal.com.au. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, we look forward to hearing from you and hope you will use our service in the future. Regards Salma

Great experience!

Had a water leak underneath my driveway that serviced the front garden tap. Made an appointment for the next day. Plumber came but had to leave as he had an emergency job, ( it happens ). Mustafa came the next day and replaced the broken pipe ( difficult spot ) & did a fantastic job, really happy with his work! Many thanks to Mustafa and all involved!

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Thank you Glen. We are so pleased we resolved your issue. As an emergency plumbing company, we aim to be onsite as soon as possible and have our customers problems resolved as efficiently as possible. we are looking forward to taking care of your future plumbing needs. Kind Regards, Salma

Buyer Beware!!! Don’t do it....

The worst company I have dealt with in a long time!!! they made me wait five hours on one day and did not turn up nor did they notify me - they then made me wait another four hours the next day and they arrived at 8 pm at night (they were meant to arrive at 4pm his name was [name removed] and he was lovely) and quoted me $900 to do the job I thought that was a little excessive so got another plumbing quote and they charged me $350.... clearly they are absolute rip-offs! I bet the positive reviews are people they know....Buyer be warned and be very aware!!

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Hi, We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with the service you received from us, we are more than happy to discuss this with you if you wouldn't mind contacting our office and asking for our office manager, 1300 352 559. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Phoenix

Happy customer

Very happy with Adam installing our new mixer tap in the kitchen. He was better than on time, he was early. Thanks to Brad for assessment of what type of tap we needed. I would recommend them to friends.

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Hi Neil, We really appreciate your feedback and we are happy to hear about your experience with Adam and Brad. Looking forward to assisting you again in the future, Kind regards, Phoenix

Very happy

great customer service. Mustafa and Hilly are very professional and respectful of our property. Very happy with the service thank you..punctual, no mess, no problem..so happy to have hot water again..thank you

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Thank you Sharon. A large proportion of our work comes from customers who have returned due to great service or referred customer. We really appreciate your support with sharing your experience and your feedback on Mustafa and Hilly. We look forward to taking care of your future plumbing needs. Kind Regards, Salma

Good job done.

Mustafa came well on time as arranged and was very professional in his approach to the task. The quote for the toilet cistern was a little high for my liking, (I could buy a complete toilet suite for the same price) but non-the-less, it works very well and looks good. Mustafa is an excellent ambassador for the business, friendly and informative about what needs to be completed. The two dual head showers work brilliantly. I would definitely consider using the services of this business again.


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Thank you so much for taking the time out to write this review. We really appreciate your feedback and we are happy to hear about your experience with Mustafa. We srtrive to achieve the best possible result for everyone of our customers. Looking forward to assisting you again in the future, Kind regards, Phoenix


My tenant called Plumbing Detectives saying she couldn’t contact me. It was after normal business hours and they quoted her $299 call out fee and $600 to change leaking shower taps. The tenant was forced to pay $940.22 on the spot for the most basic set of shower taps which I had no choice but to reimburse her. I and my regular plumber were horrified of the over-priced service. I contacted the Company and they gave me no satisfaction. Beware.

happy with the service

Adam came out, detected the problem with pipe under patio, next day problem addressed - day later patio re surfaced - rubbish was removed - everything was cleaned up and I am happy with the work

dishonest marked up prices

Prices were marked up more than 2 or 3 fold more than NORMAL plumbing prices.Stay clear from those magnets that advertise them. Stay away and throw those magnets in the bin

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Hi Jon, Sorry to hear you aren't happy with the price your received, we are more then happy to discuss the price you got given. Please feel free to contact our office and speak to our manager in regards to the price you received. Regards, Kim.

terrible and unrealiable service

Last Sunday, I called and asked a guy to repair a pipe which is broken, half an hour later, he called twice and found it's hard to get my apartment, cost me money (later on I knew it's my time I have to pay). He finally arrived and found where my apartment is and tried to fix, but he said no replacement:( it's a joke. Well, half hour job charged me $295 on Sunday night(7 p.m) ! If you can fix it, I am willing to pay for you, however, you failed to fix it and still charged me call out fee + hourly rate fee. In addition, I said I have a pensioner living with us and should enjoy 10% discount off as your advertisement mentioned. Thanks for God. On Monday, building strata committee (our neighbor) asked a plumber to fix successfully it within 10 mins.

Long J

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Good Morning, I am sorry to hear you aren't happy with the service you received from us, we are more then happy to discuss this with you, if you would like to call our office our manager will be able to find your job and discuss this with you.

Questionable business practices

One of the worst experiences I've had. My 95yr old gran needed her broken tap replaced. It was super important for her to get it fixed the same day, as she's old and the stress of not having access to water even for 1 night was a big deal. Called them at 4p, agreed to pay a callout fee of $195 to have someone come between 5p-7p. Was told someone would call us 30 min before they showed up. By 6:30p still no call, so we called back. Was told the plumber was delayed. Called back another 3 times, more delays, more delays, but none of this was proactively communicated. At this point we were told it would potentially be another 2hrs. It left us in a bad spot as we weren't comfortable having someone show up at 10p at night and even then there was no guarantee of the time. When we asked if they could find another plumber they said the plumber himself was trying to find someone. This seemed off - surely it is THEIR responsibility to find a replacement. After further questioning, we were told the plumber did not want to lose their call out fee. So because the plumber didn't want to lose the call out fee, they kept us waiting and waiting and waiting. We only agreed to pay the hefty call out fee because we thought it could be fixed between 5p-7p, not late at night. Also, be wary that they have bought a number of the different web addresses so if you type "emergency plumber" into google you're likely to end up using Plumbing Detectives even if the website has a different name. We ended up cancelling and sadly my gran was not able to get her tap fixed on the same night.

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Hi Maire, I am sorry to hear about the service you received from us and that our emergency plumber was unable to make it to you gran's property in the time frame you where advised of.

Great Service

Called in the morning and Kurt arrived within the agreed time. The job was to repair our front garden tap that was damaged. He provided a competitive quote which we happily accepted. The job was completed within about 15 minutes and I was able to pay EFTPOS on the spot. Very polite and friendly. Will recommend them and consider them for future jobs.

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Hi Grant, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, we are pleased to hear that you are happy with the service you received by Kurt. We look forward to hearing from you in the future. Regards, Kim


I received a quote over the phone and was asked to leave a $600 deposit. I was called hours later and told the quote had doubled, so I asked for my deposit returned which 3 weeks later is still not returned. I have rang their office multiple times and I am told every day that it will be done by close of business. Still no refund.

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Hi Nathan Plumbing detectives do not provide quotes over the phone, it is against company policy. I would like to understand your statement better. please send us a email at customerservice@ontimelocal.com.au with a time we may contact you and more information about you in order to find your job. These allegation are quite alarming and definitely not aligned with out process. I look forward to speaking with you. Kind regards, Salma

Service for the shower

Kurt was really great he explained everything and he was quick to fix it. The shower works perfect now. I would recommend him. Kurt was polite and hard working and cool.

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Hi Maria, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review :) I am pleased to hear that you are happy with the service you received by Kurt. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any future plumbing needs, we look forward to hearing from you again. Regards, Kim.

Great prompt service

Great job done by Okan got the hot water unit installed same day with no issues. Very clean job and made sure everything was safe and ready to go. Highly recommended!

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Hi Marzi, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review :) I am pleased to hear that you are happy with the service you received by Okan and that he was able to complete the install within the same day. Please dont hesitate to contact us for any future plumbing needs, we look forward to hearing from you again. Regards, Kim.

Great Service and Skills

Andrew came out a
On time and assessed the problems , gave options to repair and was very pleasant and professional and his experience showed ,thank you will recommend to friends and family.

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Hi Debbie, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review :) I am pleased to hear that you are happy with the service you received by Andrew. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any future plumbing work. Regards, Kim.

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Is everyone in this place called Adam or does he just have lots of friends?
15 answers
I don't know th answer, but I wouldn't use them if they were the last plumbing company on the planet. They are a total ripp-off,I could not agree more! They are extremely rude if you have a problem and certainly do not live up to the glowing standards they profess to uphold as listed on their website. Avoid them like the plague!I noticed the reviews were always referring to Adam and glowing comments after our bad experience. Follow up service is terrible no help at all. Tank finally removed after 2 months and 2 weeks and only after advising them will be contacting lawyers. Drastic action due to there lack of assistance and lack of completing the job..Never ever using them again.

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