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Sheridan Online store

Sheridan Online store

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Goods not fit for general use!

I purchased new towels from Sheridan at 1/2 price - $45 each. After washing and using we have noticed bleach marks on the Sheridan towels. I don't use bleach, so contacted Sheridan only to be told it's my own fault and we shouldn't have used normal washing powder!! WT..? For some reason i thought Sheridan was a high quality brand and didn't research the product first...more fool me. Their customer service is appalling and so are the products. This is yet another company more worried about the $$$'s than product quality or keeping their customers happy.

Product Quality

Two Orders Cancelled for same item while site says "In Stock" - Dodgy Practice

I ordered the same item @ $140 during 2 sale events, 1 month apart. To get free shipping (>$150), I ordered a second item on each order. Both times I got notification that the second item had shipped, then then next day I received notification that the main item was "Out of Stock". I checked 3 days after the second order and the item was "In Stock" on the website.

Called Sheridan twice, was told that there is limited stock returned to the ware houise, but when you order it they have to conform stock, so can take 1-2 days. Hmm, not really how an online stock system works.!! Seems to me like they are trying to move older stock by offering popular items at just below the free shipping price!! Dodgy!!

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Faulty Product!

Bought a Quilt from Sheridan and discovered this metal rod interwoven into the quilt!. I have since found another one. Wrote to sheridan to let them know and they wrote back to ask me how i cared for the quilt!. No method of cleaning would have caused a metal rod to be placed inside the quilt in the cotton! I replied to them with the picture of the rod and have heard no response! This could have really hurt me or my children and I will NOT be purchasing anything from Sheridan again.

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Horrible for gift ideas

On the 20th March I purchased a gift for my sisters son first birthday. As this was such a special event I decided to purchase one of your hugies baby bath robes on your website and added his name for an extra charge.
I spent 94.90 which I do not mind as your products are always fantastic. How ever when I received the robe it was roughly shoved into a white plastic bag and thrown into a box. I was actually shocked of the state it was sent to me since sheridan works for such a high end reputation. I didn't have time to even wrap it so basically I gave her a white plastic bag with no label on it that I could have easily brought the same thing for 10 dollars.
I'm not impressed and will definitely think twice before purchasing anything else from your company. Disappointment.

Sure ain't what they used to be

When I was growing up sheridan had a good reputation, their sheets and customer service were second to none and I was always told to get at least one pair as they will last a lifetime, yes their prices were way over inflated (and still are but without warrant) but at least you got a quality durable product back then....How times have changed.....drastically.
I'd recently received an email informing me of a huge sheridan online sale so I thought I'll check it out.
I browsed and saw that their 1000 luxury hotel sheet sets were 40% off, I jumped on it as I thought they were a great bargain and investment.
The sheets arrived and I eventually put them on my bed, they felt great!
Until the second wash.
i followed the Care instructions to the letter, both times even buying the recommended eucalyptus wash solution but after drying them and putting them back on the bed I felt pilling!
I couldnt believe that these originally $400 sheets pilled after the second wash, I'd have been better off getting target sheets for a quarter the price and better quality.
So I contacted sheridan and they told me they wanted photo evidence which I sent them which wasn't good enough, they didn't believe me, so after ringing them I was sent an email and told to send them back for inspection and that they would be in touch within a week.....over a month goes past and still nothing so I had to ring them again and they couldn't find my case and told me they'd get back to me again, luckily it only took about 30 minutes this time this tells me no one there cares about customer service and are only willing to act on anything if you call them.
they sent two different emails, one telling to log in and look under credit and that i would find the option of keeping the credit or full refund, i did that and...nothing, no store credit nor options. Then i see the other email saying i will be refunded in full and please allow up to 5 business days to recieve it. I'm still not sure which to believe.
Id since found out My flat mate had bought a bunch of expensive sheet sets from David Jones and they all pilled too, This is really gross for the exorbitant prices they charge for such subpar quality. sheridan used to be synonymous with luxury and real quality but those days are long gone.

Product Quality


I ordered two personalised, monogrammed dressing gowns for a gift on sunday night and a baby blanket the following day. On the following thursday (4 days later) both packages had turned up at my front door! I was so happy and couldnt believe it as i had expected it to take around 1-2 weeks based on what it said on the website.
The quality of everything was beautiful as always, the monogramming was exactly as i had requested and i will definitely be ordering again from sheridan. Thank you for the unbelievably quick service!!

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Delivery times shown during checkout are wrong

Dispatch times are extremely slow (it takes them 2-3 business days just to put your order in a box and ship it). The estimated delivery times shown during checkout don't match their claimed standard processing times. When I ordered my product, the confirmation email showed delivery times way longer than what was claimed during checkout, which means it would have missed the deadline by which I needed to have received it.

Their online customer support only responded with a boilerplate message, claiming the delay was due to "high volume in orders", missing the point of the issue completely.

I have asked for a refund and will shop somewhere else. A very poor and amateurish eCommerce operation.

Return Claim MadeYes

Poor customer service and quality

Long time shopper with Sheridan but no longer! Purchased a sheet set, within a couple of washes it had piled terribly. Used gentle wash, line dried etc. contacted customer service online weeks ago, still no response. Called them and same thing. Very disappointing

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Terrible Customer service

I have a problem with my new expensive Navy blue Abbotsson linen sheets. They leave ball of fluff and dust in the bedroom and on me when I wake up. I have sent feedback to Sheridan, through numerous methods and they cannot even be bothered to respond. In my opinion the quality and customer service is failing a great brand terribly. I was a very loyal Sheridan customer, but am no longer. Buyer beware

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Some really good designs, textures, colours

Searched through, and thought hard and have found some great looks, colours, designs in Sheridan in doona covers, throws. All my family have Sheridan beach towels. Swim, water ski. Have to take an old favourite to the beach ( grey and yellow) and worry that it might get nicked while I am having my swim. .. cause it's sure appreciated when I get out of the ocean.. the quality has held.... Hope they bring out good beach designs for summer. Check the cossies sold the towel colour fits in.

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