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Sunbeam Cafe Series Espresso EM6910 / PU6910

Sunbeam Cafe Series Espresso EM6910 / PU6910

EM6910 (Stainless), EM6910R (Red) and PU6910 (EM6910 Machine + EM0440 Grinder)
3.6 from 211 reviews

Great coffee and reliable machine.

Our machine is 12 years old. Collar went after 1 year. So this is an obvious flaw with the metal and or design used. However, since fixing $$ the machine hasn't missed a beat. Only 4 coffees a day and rarely use the frother. But it nevet fails. Coffee, flavour and crema is perfect.

Date PurchasedMay 2007
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Thanks so much for the great feedback Koffe!

Great Machine - save's $'s

Makes great coffee.
Follow cleaning instructions, unit now failing completely to express shots.
Will contact a service agent, but concerns that Sunbeam appear to be very quick to complement positive feedback, but absent with responses to requests for assistance.
Fingers crossed I don't experience problems, as I greatly enjoy this machine.

Date PurchasedJan 2016


After many years of happy brewing, I thought I should submit a long term review of this Coffee machine and grinder combination.
I can honestly say that if you buy great beans and take the time to get the best grind you will really produce cafe quality coffee. Please don't be tempted to spend more on fully or semi automatic machines, having full control & learning the art of grinding & tamping will provide a far-better and more satisfying result. I have owned 2 machines over at least 12-14 years and whilst things can go wrong from time-to-time, I see this as acceptable and no different to maintaining your car! The quality of the coffee & the convenience of a latte @ home makes it all worthwhile (not to mention the cost saving..........)
My best tips for consistent crema are..........
- make your grind as fine as the coffee machine can handle, the machine should work hard and produce a slow trickle
- make sure you clean both the grinder, group-head & descale on a regular basis.
- buy top quality coffee beans, I have had great success with the premium Vittoria coffee beans, Oro, Nero & Mountain grown!
Enjoy your coffee:)

Date PurchasedDec 2014
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Hi Michael. Thanks for the great review and we are delighted to see that you're getting the most out of your PU6910!

Makes a fabulous coffee!

We have owned this machine and grinder for a number of years now. It gets used 3-4times a day and is still going strong! Good crema, milk froths nicely, grinder set to 7 for us works perfectly. Easy to clean. Consistently produces good coffee. Friends comment on what great coffee we have when they come over. It does take practice to make a great coffee so don't expect that the machine will do it all for you. The user also plays a part in producing a great coffee. We have had Sunbeam machines for over 5 years now and they have all produced a great coffee.

Date PurchasedJan 2016
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Thanks for the great review Bronwyn!!

2nd machine in 6 years and collar has failed on both SS and red 7000 model too

The coffee is brilliant but as my first machine only lasted 4 years and the repair would have been a few hundred dollars to replace seals and collar, decided to replace with a new machine. Collar started getting sticky a few months back. Now just over 2 years old and this collar has broken and I cant get the handle in. Really upset as service here on the coast takes 4 weeks and is ridiculously expensive, will Sunbeam back up its products and replace this collar? No one should have to spend this kind of money if they are going to put such cheap parts in them, this is widely complained about. come on Sunbeam.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Major flaw

Two years old and the collar has worn and Sunbeam will not fix it under warranty. Not economical to fix. If only they used a better quality metal in the collar.
Big issue with this machine as lots of people have this issue it seems. Won't be buying a Sunbeam again.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
Hi PBM. Please send us a private message with your contact number and Sunbeam would be more than happy to assist!how can I send you private message? please contact me on philipme@hotmail.com thanks

Great entry level

I've had this machine for years and served me well as home machine. It heats up quickly normally within 20 mins. If you need to make proper espresso you would require a better grinder such as the breville smart grinder which is another couple hundred so bear that in mind if budget is a concern. Cleaning isn't easiest and sometimes its easier to just purchase a latte from the cafe. Steamer is competent enough to create latte art once youre used to it.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Makes great coffee

I have had the machine for over 5 years now. The pump is now giving up. The machine is easy to pull apart to clean and I clean it by flushing white vinegar through it. All components are easy to pull apart. The pressure gauge stopped worked about 2 years ago but it still makes great coffee. I wouldn't buy this series again as my friends machine has done the same as mine. I will also get and extended product care on my next one as I use it every day.

Date PurchasedFeb 2013

Great, but group head leaks - Collar wears out even with gentle use :(

I am sometimes torn with this model. It makes terrific coffee, is a dual thermo-block unit (pour coffee shot and steam at the same time). BUT... the reliability of my unit has been average due to the collar wearing out so easily. I've owned this unit for around 4 years. I am an experienced espresso coffee user/maker, and so I very regularly clean my machine, use gentle force to lock in the group handle into the group head... still, the collar has worn out twice. The first time I paid around $300 for the service agent to replace it! Now, after only around 12-18 months, the collar has worn out again. Am I going to replace it?? Well I bought the part myself and did the painful install myself (which requires dismantling a fair bit of the coffee machine). The coffees that this machine makes a great. And its a fairly easy to use machine. But the quality of the soft brass collar (the part that receives the most wear, by design) is just average.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Great option for two and also for entertaining.

We have used a POD machine for years and got sick of the cost and less than perfect taste. A friend had one of these and we liked the look of it. Its been a great choice.

With practice the coffees are getting better and better. Nearly always i am disappointed with Cafe versions because our home coffee is better.

We often use this for two coffees - its easy enough to clean this is not a problem. A few times we have used this for guests doing around 12 coffees and find it fast + easy.

Wish we'd never had a pod machine and saved ourselves $100 of dollars. We will pay this back within 12 months.. and have better coffee.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Great machine for price but must maintain

Had this machine nearly a couple of years.
Fabulous coffee when the grind and pressure are correct - pressure just in the top of the red.
Easy when you understand how to setup the extraction.
Requires maintenance:
Frequent descaling (each 1-2 weeks) descaling with tablet for coffee to taste best.
A couple of times the steam wand has lost pressure - I used descale through the water tank and through the steam wand (even thought Sunbeam don't recommend). This is what worked for me: descale solution in water tank, open steam for 5-15 mins, wait 5 mins, blob of dark brown residue may come out, pressure increases, do over until back to best pressure and no dark residue.
The group head on the machine distorted creating a lip (alloy too soft I guess) making the porta-filter hard to get in and out - jamming on the basket. This at about 14 months - I removed the lip with a file. All good. the same problem has recurred and I just filed it again.
Leaking round the group head. if coffee grounds get caught around the seal it will leak. Clean it. When the seal wares out it does require replacement that can be done easily at home (17-25 for the part). In my case it needed a seal at the two year mark (4-6 extractions per day).

All in all a great machine for the price but need a bit of maintenance.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Fourth replacement and still doesn't work!!!

This is the worst purchase I have ever made! I bought the EM6910 coffee machine and brought it home, turned it on and the pressure gauge did not work, no water came out at all and it made a horrible sound! exchanged it - same thing! I am now no joke on the FIFTH coffee machine and still no coffee! some of them gave me a little water but all that did was ruin my coffee! I don't know if there is a bad batch out there but I would recommend not putting yourself through the ordeal of buying this machine!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Workhorse of a machine

The coffee machine:
This machine lasts for years when taken care of properly - I haven't read through the reviews but if anyone had issues with longevity I guarantee they didn't do maintenance. If you're prepared to look after your machine you'll easily get 10+ years out of it. We've sold these machines when moving or quitting coffee and bought them again. I learnt to buy from people who said they cleaned and maintained their machines after buying some clearly neglected.
Easy to pull a great shot with good crema.
Steam is strong enough to froth milk quickly.
Machine can do cup after cup, I've made around 20 in one session.

The grinder:
Not so great, never quite perfected the fine grind I was after and blades dull very quickly. Ranging from too sensitive on the dial to not sensitive enough I got rid of it pretty quickly in favour of a different grinder. I would give this 3-4 stars if on its own... having said the above, it is better than a spice grinder, or any grinder I've come across in-built into a machine.

Secondhand I've bought these machines from $50-$300 depending on age, current state of residence and accessories included.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Nine years old and still excellent.

I purchased my machine used in eBay, way back in late 2009, and have moved homes with it six times, and it never misses a beat.
Simple to use and clean, as many have mentioned it's really the perfect beginners machine.
Only one whinge really, that being the water level sensor, which tends to dislodge easily, but it's an easy fix.
Could not be happier with this unit, and have no plans to replace it.

Date PurchasedNov 2009

Fantastic coffee machine at a great price.

This coffee machine produces great tasting coffee without the bitterness, and grinds the beans down very finely to extract the flavour. It's comparable in quality to a lot of other more expensive and high end Brands and the sleekness and finish of it make it look really nice on the bench top. It's easy to use and also easy to clean, but you need to be careful when taking it apart in case any parts break off.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Excellent machine for beginners!

I bought this machine so I could stop using pods. It's excellent for beginners. I was worried I would become frustrated and go back to pods but it's very simple to operate and having the dual boiler makes for an efficient machine. My only gripe is that the magnet in the water reservoir has become demagnetised but they appear easy to replace.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great Machine

Great home coffee machine. I got this as a gift last year and haven't had many issues with it at all. It's a bit of a learning curve at first but once you get the right consistency and like the results then it's just a matter of practise, practise and practise. Makes about 3-4 cups of coffee a day, haven't skipped a beat until I decided to sell it off and get the newer EM7000.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Good value for money for entry espresso machine

Bought it on clearance from Myer, and the machine works well. However the included EM0440 Grinder makes a bit of mess when grinding the beans, which seems to be a consensus for many reviews online. The steam comes out strong, the coffee pressure is good - although I am still learning to make that perfect cup of cuppa. There's a tiny leak of water drops on steam / hot water wands when not in use but if they are pointed on the drip tray it's a no big deal.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Poor quality

I have bought this brand long time ago and lasted for almost eight years. I was very happy with the quality and it made very good coffee. I use it every day 2-3 times a day, so when it broke down I didn’t hesitate to run to shop and to buy exactly the same brand. But I soon realised this one is far from the best as I have before. I need to use a cloth to manage to turn steam button to make a good frothing (only good part of the machine). Coffee was terrible, wasn’t able to make one good coffee. I couldn’t believe it because last one was excellent. I just stopped using it and I bought a different brand that turned out to be very good. The grinder is a bad quality as well compared the one that came with my fist machine. When you finish grinding and start making coffee, grinder spills what is leftover that goes to your waste. Not happy at all. Disappointed.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great...... but coffee pods info confusing on your website...

We bought this machine recently, husband loves it. Already owned a top of the range grinder which works well with it. I discovered on sunbeams website that they say this machine uses ese coffee pods. Searched online and told to purchase a pod filter basket for it. Then Sunbeam advised which one too, did this. As I'm not too confident in grinding the beans.
Bought appropriate pods. Pod filter does NOT fit in group handle but seems to work without it. Sunbeam is telling people to buy the pod filter basket, why ?
Manual for this machine though does not state anywhere about using pods but your site does. This part of the machine is very confusing. I've messaged sunbeam on Facebook and they will not reply or help at all, why advertise this on your site ?

Date PurchasedDec 2017

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Questions & Answers

Is it normal for the machine to be so loud? I’m scared to make a coffee when baby is asleep.
1 answer
Hi Samantha, yes the machine is pretty loud, especially in the pre-charge phase when making the espresso shot. The steam wand however is quieter, maybe make the shot whilst baby is awake & froth your milk when you are ready for a cuppa & baby is sleeping - combine the 2 & 20 seconds in the microwave should give you a reasonable result (& a sleeping bub) - cheers & good luck:)

Cafe Series Espresso Machine approx 7 years old ..........had 'thermo block' replaced under warranty some 5 years ago but 'steam' pressure now almost non existant. What is likely problem & who is reliable service centre here in Adelaide? Thanks, Dermot
2 answers
Sorry Dermot, not my area of expertise. Can easily be replaced, but living in NSW can't help you with a service agent. Good luck cheers Mike!Hi Dermot. Have you tried running descaling tablets through the machine? Sounds like the pipes may be blocked. Alternatively, you may need to replace the steam pump. The closest agent to you is Coffee Complex in Adelaide - 18 Croydon Rd, Keswick SA 5035 - Contact# 08 8297 5799

my 6910 has started to beep and the red light is on however it still makes coffee, can you tell me what you think the problem is please, the machine is approx 6yrs old and we live in Qld on the Redcliffe peninsula. i would like to know an approx cost as it may be cost effective to purchase a new machine, thanks
2 answers
Hi Val, I am not really sure as I am a customer like you! Call Sunbeam, they have always been really helpful & it may be something really simple. Good luck!I purchased a EM6900 water tank magnet and fitted it, works like a charm, cost $12

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