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Great builder

We recently built a new home with Sunstate Homes in Red Hill. Our new home is beautiful and the construction process was enjoyable for us. Amir is so knowledgeable and approachable, and his team are very good at what they do. We had a budget that we needed to keep within, and the Sunstate Homes team were able to come up with a design which ticked all our boxes and worked within our budget. Amazing. Would recommend Sunstate Homes to anyone looking to build in Brisbane

Build StagePost-Construction

Excellent Building Company. Highly Recommended

It was a pleasure to build with Sunstate homes. We had a fantastic experience throughout the time we dealt with them. We had built previously with another larger builder and were quite happy with what they did for us. So when Sunstate Homes was introduced by one of our family members it was a difficult decision which builder to use. I called and spoke to the owner on the phone and as a result of my speaking to him we thought we give them a try and see how they compare with our previous builder. We thought we can always go back to our previous builder if things don't work out straight away.

Right from outset we felt very comfortable. The help we received to get our plan designed to our liking and budget was incredible. All without any pressure to pay deposits or make any commitments. So we were happy to continue with Sunstate.

Our house was built without any problems and to a very high degree of quality. We had full communication from the owner of the company throughout. He was always available for a chat or to meet on site. The staff and tradesmen are also a delight to work with. Everyone was very helpful.

We moved in a few weeks ago and are very please with the result. Proud to have a beautiful home. Just the landscaping to finish off now. We are extremely happy and glad that we decided to build with this builder. Highly recommended and more than happy to give further information if requested by anyone.

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Construction End DateJune 2019

Wonderful builder with very high standards

A good friend of mine had built a house in 2014, and I was always fascinated by the quality, style and the finishes of the house. The home felt enchanted. Although my friend spoke very highly of the builder, he remained a mystery to me until I bought a block of land and decided to build a house.

I had always dreamt of building a house designed, drawn and (hopefully) perfected by me. Despite my career not being architecture, it had stayed by hobby for my entire life. In fact, despite my amateurism, I had helped friends in the past with the design of their homes.

By the time the design phase of my new home was arriving, I had already visited many display homes in Brisbane, most of which were done by very popular builders. These houses looked gorgeous, but I had doubts about the practicality. I felt I was paying extra for features I either did not need or did not care for in a house. The name of my friend’s builder was on still on the table, especially after my friend’s high regard for this builder not diminishing in the slightest in the years since the project’s completion.

In the process of buying the land in 2017, my friend introduced me to the builder. I wanted to get an opinion from the owner of this building company, Sunstate Homes, Amir. He spent a considerable amount of time at the land with me, explaining the pros and cons of the position of the land with regards to construction of the house. My mind was overloaded at the time with hundreds of questions and Amir, one by one answered all of them in detail during a number of meetings, patiently.

I had very important basic request; the house had to be of my own plan, to which Amir happily agreed to. At no point during my interactions with Amir, did he pressure me into signing a contract. I had about 7 or 8 meetings with Amir, perfecting and fine tuning the plan at his office, each one of which took at least about 90 minutes out of his time. Once the plan had been finalised, we sealed the deal and signed the contract with Sunstate Homes in 2017 with plans for construction to begin in January 2018.

My wife and I would have met Amir at the very least once a week, discussing each and every aspect of our soon to be home. These meetings proved to us that Amir’s depth of knowledge in construction was very impressive and that Amir could very calmly advise us on how to create every desired feature in a cost effective manner. Sometimes when I requested additional finishes, he often warn that these might not be entirely necessary. One of Amir’s top priorities was to stay as close to the original budget as possible, while simultaneously including the meaningful changes for the home. I am so pleased I was able to include my entire house plan and selected finishes and materials into the design of the house. They were always the things I wished to be included. There were some last minute changes inside the house, which Amir mostly accepted without complaint. The entirety of the process was well documented and managed exactly as planned. Amir was always within reach and at no point did I have difficulty contacting him. He was always available at the new Sunstate Homes office in Milton.

The end product? The house was completed well within the contracted time, with the keys being handed in 3 weeks early. Every detail, every finish, every corner, edge and tile were immaculately placed as per the original design and the plan. We were ecstatic with the project’s final outcome, there was absolutely nothing to be criticised. Amir, Jill, Leila and their wonderful team cannot receive enough thanks from us for how we feel about this house, which we now call a home. It has been 7 months since we moved in, and only few minor flaws have revealed themselves, all of which Amir attended to and solved promptly. If, hypothetically, we were to build another house, Amir would no doubt be the number one option that we would consider. Sunstate Homes does not just build houses, it does so very smoothly, efficiently, all the while keeping its incredibly satisfied customers aware of the process and staying well within budget, and comfortably finishing within the timeframe.

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Construction End DateAugust 2018

Excellent Building Company

I first met with the owner of Sunstate Homes in 2017 when we decided that we would like to build a home for my parents who were moving to Australia. After looking at several other builders in Brisbane we felt that we were going to have a better experience with Sunstate Homes. That proved to be correct.

My parents arrived in Australia just as the building was about to commence and we moved them into their new home in September 2018. The whole experience was easy and enjoyable. We spend very little extras to the standard inclusions and because we had a fixed price contract the cost was as we had budgeted and expected.

We are so pleased with the home that they designed and built for us, that we are now looking to build our own home with them later this year. We would be very pleased to recommend Sunstate Homes to our friends, indeed anyone contemplating building a new home in Brisbane.

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Construction End DateSeptember 2018

Excellent work

Sunstate Homes build a beautiful home for us in Kenmore. Our house was ready 2.5 weeks ahead of schedule and to a very high standard. My husband and I spend a tremendous amount of time trying to find the right builder and our efforts paid off eventually. We had no problems at all during the construction. We relied on the recommendations in this web site and did a lot of research about the background of the companies we looked at. Overall we felt that Sunstate Homes came up tops in most of our investigations.

All the staff we worked with at Sunstate Homes were extremely helpful and easy to deal with. We kept out of their way but they kept us updated with the progress regularly. They were very accommodating whenever we asked to view the house. Our line of communication was mainly with the owner itself. We would highly recommend Sunstate Homes to anyone trying to build a new house.

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Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateJanuary 2019

Excellent company to deal with

We haven't built with Sunstate Homes yet but we dealt with them for a very long time. They were fantastic. Very easy to deal with and extremely professional. Unfortunately the purchase of our block fell through so we couldn't go ahead with the build but we have already decided that we will definitely build with them as soon as we settle on the new block we have found. They spent hours and hours of time with us working on our plan and doing their pricing to suite our budget. Never once they asked for any money unlike some other sales people who ask for a deposit the first day you meet them. Very knowledgeable and honest company. But most importantly they make you feel very comfortable right from the first time you meet them. They were very clear about the costs and Amir gave us numerous hints on how to achieve what we wanted with minimum or no additional costs. We visited their product selection room and met their design lady Jill who spent a lot of times with us giving us helpful hints even before we had signed any contract with them. Her knowledge of colours and products were very impressive.

We just signed a contract for a new block and will be going to see Amir next week to restart the process were we left. Hopefully our previous design that we worked on for almost 2 months will fit the new block.

We highly recommend Sunstate Homes and look forward to starting the build process with them asap.

Construction End DateJan 2019
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Just updating. We have now purchased our block of land and have been back to Sunstate Homes. Everything is going great. Not much had to change with our previous plan but a few extras that we have asked and the site plan. They are making the changes for us without any problems. Love these guys for making it so easy for us.

Great builder

After months of being messed around by a large project builder, one of my husband's work colleagues suggested we try Sunstate Homes. We had a steep block and Metricon was suggesting some ridiculous plans that just did not fit our block. We wanted a split level that took advantage of the slope and the rear views. They wanted us to cut the block with 2.5 meter retaining walls so that they could fit their house on it. It was obvious they couldn't care less about what we really wanted.

We felt very comfortable right from the beginning with Sunstate. They advised us against leveling our block and instead showed us a couple of examples of homes they had built on sloping block. They looked like exactly what we wanted in the first place. They designed a new home for us based on their Como floor plan which eliminated all the retaining walls that was suggested by the other builder. The site cost was less than a third what the other builder was going to charge us.

The build process was without any problems and we had regular communication with the owner. Our house was built to budget and 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The quality is first class and cannot be faulted. We will definitely use them again. Very highly recommended

Construction End DateAug 2018

Service beyond expectations

I saw a negative review on this web site and was surprised. Both myself and my friend built with Sunstate Homes and we have nothing but praise for this company. It is very hard to find any fault with either the product they built or the service during and after the construction.

My friend who was already building with Sunstate recommend them to us. They seem to be very happy so we decided to give them a try. The first meeting with the owner was amazing. His level of knowledge is incredible. We felt extremely comfortable right from the first meeting. All his recommendations and suggestion were all common sense which you do not hear from sales staff in display home villages. That evening when myself and wife went home it felt like a great weight had been lifted form our shoulders. We decided there and then that we will build with Sunstate Homes.

The construction of the home could not be smoother. The owner, Amir, was in contact with us regularly and responded to our queries immediately. Variation costs were very reasonable and there was no pressure on us to make any variations to the standard. The standard selection is of a very high quality and we had many choices to choose tiles, taps, bathroomware, fixtures, carpets, etc

The house was handed over to us 19 days ahead of schedule. Walking into our beautiful home for the handover with a massive bunch of flowers on the benchtop is unforgettable. And now after almost 2 years it still looks as the first day we put in our furniture.

We highly recommend Sunstate Homes for anyone who is contemplating to build a new home. They are unbeatable.

Construction End DateAug 2016

Friendly and professional

Sunstate is a very friendly company. They helped us with making a design for our home and built our house very quickly. Owner came to see us regularly and was very careful that our house was built with very high quality material. He always gave us useful advise. The lady who help us with the colour selection was very professional and did an excellent job. We have the best looking house in the street. My sister is now also building with Sunstate Homes and she is also very happy. I recommend Sunstate Homes very strongly. Especially the owner Amir is very helpful and knowledgeable and always available if we want to see him.

Construction End DateFeb 2018

Perfect service

This is a very fantastic company to deal with. Great people and very professional. We had no problems before, during or after the construction. They finished our home on time and above our expectations. House was build to a very high standard of finish and with no fuss whatsoever. All staff were courteous and extremely helpful. Highly highly recommended. Thank you to Amir and all your staff

Construction End DateApr 2017

First class service from this company

We had no problems at all with Sunstate Homes. Our house was completed ahead of schedule and to a very high standard of finish. The staff from the owner to the tradesmen are extremely friendly and helpful. Amir Taefi (the owner of Sunstate Homes) was always available for a meeting and to provide advise. We always felt that his advise was honest and factual. It was very reassuring to be able to talk to the actual boss whenever we had any queries. His knowledge of the building techniques and details is very impressive. He even coordinated with our Curtain People to manufacture and assisted in hanging our curtains. Unlike some other companies we dealt with we were never pressured to pay any deposit or sign a contract until we were ready. We made quite a few changes during construction and we were only charged a variation fee on a handful of occasions and those were quite fair as far as we were concerned.

Overall a very pleasant experience. We like to thank Amir and his team for an excellent job and we highly recommend Sunstate Homes to anyone seeking to build a new home.

Construction End DateDec 2016


We did a lot of research on the internet to find our potential builder. A few years ago we built our first home with a local builder and it turned out a disaster so we were very cautious making a decision. We also went to some display homes and read some testimonials like the ones on this page. We had a short list of 3 builders including Metricon, GJ Gardner and Sunstate Homes. They all came highly recommended but our neighbour had their home build by Sunstate and had very good experience. We loved their home but it was a low set home and we wanted two stories. Right from the outset we felt very comfortable with the company. We met the owner and he seemed to be hands on and very knowledgeable. Both my wife and I felt that we could trust him. There was no sales pressure at any time. We eventually signed the contract with them. The construction went smoothly and without any hiccups. The staff were very courteous and helpful and the owner was always available for a meeting. They went out of their way tom help us with things that was not in our contract. The owner was very helpful advising on landscaping and fencing and communicated with our landscaper. He also coordinated with our pool builder to ensure that the construction of the pool went smoothly. Our previous builder wouldn’t even allow us on site to measure the fence let alone helping us with the work.

Their work is first class and the service is faultless. We are very happy with our choice and would highly recommend them to anyone. We have already offered to allow the builder to use our home as a show house. We are grateful to Amir and his staff for a fantastic job.

Reliable and very professional builder -high level of service

We decided to build our home with Sunstate Homes as the company was recommended to us by some friends of ours who had built with them before. We were impressed by the quality of their workmanship.
As we were first home builders and we were not familiar with the building process we really had lots and lots of queries. From the very beginning all the questions sent via email,sms or phone were answered promptly. They helped us with the house plan customising one of their set floorplans to accomodate our requests. They really showed a great deal of patience and flexibility.
The construction process was really smooth and the owner of Sunstate Homes was always available and really easy to deal with. He was present at the building site almost every day. He was very accomodating with all the changes, variations upgrades we requested. To make sure that we were happy he always advised us on the costs involved and only a few variation fees were charged.
The actual construction of the house went really quickly and almost without issue. The owner even helped us out coordinating other jobs (pool, fences, landscaping) at no cost.
The house was handed over ahead of schedule, completed to a very high standard respecting the budget price.
Building a new home is a large investment and it is our pleasure to recommend Sunstate Homes.
THANK YOU so much to [name removed] and the whole team for our beutiful dream home.


We built our home with Sunstate Homes and we are also very happy with their service and quality. Very helpful people from the owner to the tradesmen. The all took time to spend as much time as we needed to make us feel comfortable. The quality of our home is first class which it is clearly visible when you walk into our home. House was finished almost 7 weeks ahead of schedule. They were slightly more expensive than some of the project builders but we probably saved the extra cost during construction and finishing ahead of schedule. But most importantly we enjoyed seeing our home being built without any drama or hassle. We would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a quality build and hassle free building process.

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Almost 3 years since we moved into our lovely home and still love it to bits. It is just as perfect as the day we got the keys. Last week I called Amir to find out where I could get a spare cover for my oyster light. My son broke it when he was having a pillow fight with his brother. This afternoon I came home and there was a full light fitting in the box in front of our door. Wow ! I was speechless. What an exemplary service. Thank you again Amir and Sunstate Homes.

Best builders ever

This is a really good company to deal with. We read many reviews of builders on this site about a year ago before we decided to go with Sunstate Homes and we are so glad that we did so. We had just recently moved to Brisbane from UK and didn't know any builders so we went by recommendation from this web site. We couldn't have picked a better people to deal with. Right from the start when you start dealing with them you get a really comfortable feeling. And this goes through the entire construction phase. They are approachable, helpful and really honest with their advise and dealings. Our friends who also built at the same time as us but with a different builder was amazed that we didn't have to pay the huge fees that they had to pay when they added things during the construction.

And the quality of our home is far superior to theirs. All their staff including the owner [name removed] were always available and willing to go out of their way to meet us at any time to discuss issues ad answer questions. They even coordinated work that had nothing to do with them (pool, etc) and all at no cost to us. They are really nice and I really recommend anyone who is looking for an easy and trouble free build to consider Sunstate Homes. We are very happy with our lovely home.

Words are not enough to thank Sunstate Homes

I was trying to write a testimonial for Sunstate Homes for all the good work done by the Builder and unfortunately I couldn't find enough words to say THANK YOU.

We started looking for a builder to build our dream home and met with over dozens of Builders including “Large” Builders.
Since this was our 1st home, we did not possess any knowledge of house construction process and our key selection criteria’s was
 Being able to trust the Builder
 Builder who understand our life style and expectations
 Builder who can build our home within our Budget
When we visited all other builders they were highly welcoming and after 15 minutes of discussion, they sent a quote and requested for the initial deposit. What we were told by all other builders is that Building Material prices are increasing and if we do not sign a contract, the builder will not be able to hold the prices as per the quotes they sent. When we made subsequent visits to clarify certain inclusions as per the display homes, the answers were always the same “Not included in the contract” and they insist us to sign a contract.

Then we met Sales person at Sunstate Homes - Durack office. Our 1st meeting with Sales consultant was all about understanding our life style and expectations. We spent nearly an hour clarifying the inclusions of our new home that suits our life style. During this meeting [name removed] never mentioned a single word about signing a contract or paying an initial deposit. Next day we received our 1st Draft plan with a quotation attached. From the 1st Daft Plan we made 18 revisions and what we found out was that each change was properly documented and filed. Even after changing the plan for 18 times, I was never forced into signing a contract or requesting us to make an initial deposit.

Since Sunstate Homes was not listed as a “Large Builder” we began our research and what we found out is that Sunstate home was in business for over 15 years and built over 80 houses, and the fact that [name removed] being very upfront with all the cost that could incur and never forced us to sign a contract, we decided to place our “Trust” on Sunstate Homes.

Once we were happy with the Final Plan we had a meeting with the owner of the Business who had a great knowledge of House construction process and shared his knowledge and expertise with us. The Builder was able to visualise a building based on the plan we have finalised and explained how the house is going to look after construction, based on the plan we provided.

Finally we paid our deposit and commenced the construction process. At any point of this process the Builder did not let us feel unsecured and made sure that everything we discussed at our meetings were delivered better than our expectations.
Every stage of the process, builder met us on site, and made few changes to the original plan as requested by us. Builder was so flexible and understanding of our needs and expectations. We made over 20 variations after signing the building contact and Amir would have charged us over $10K just for variation fees and instated, we spent Zero dollars on our variations.

In addition we met colour consultant who helped us on the colour selection process, and Builder was with us during this meeting to help us to find and match colours and inclusions to suit our life style & expectations. Colour consultant had a good eye for colours and we were surprised the attention to detail she goes to find out correct colour combinations. Both builder and colour consultant spent so may hours and never rushed us to make decisions during the colour selection process.

Further, builder went out of his way to help me finding the right person to do the Landscaping, as Landscaping was not part of the contract. I forward all the quotes I received, to the builder and he was kind enough to talk to all contractors personally and help me to find the right person to complete the job to our expectation and within our budget.

Builder was present at our construction site almost every day to ensure that house is being built to suite our expectations. We had daily phone call with the builder to discuss the progress of our house contraction.

The above are very few to name for all the good work done by Sunstate Homes. At the end of the process we managed to build our “Dream Home” within our Budget.

I wish everyone who read this will experience the similar experience we had with Sunstate Homes.

Finally THANK YOU for building us our dream home and treating us more like part of a family than a mere customer. We definitely build our next home with Sunstate Homes.

Good honest builder

We built with Sunstate last year and didn't have any problems at all. We actually really enjoyed the experience. The quality of our home is excellent and they were really nice to us during the build period. We chose the fixed price contract and they managed to keep us within our budget. We did ask for a few extra things and made a couple of changes but they did not charge us any extra fee for making the changes. Just the cost of the extras which were pretty reasonable. I understood that they could have also charged $300 for every change but they forgave them all. I suppose you get what you pay for. Bigger builders might have been cheaper at the beginning but we would have paid for it during the construction. We found Sunstate Homes a very honest company. Over all we were very happy and would recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle free build.
Their service, honesty and quality
Can't think of anything major

I give credit where credit is due

As consumers we are very quick to criticize when we receive bad service but do not give credit when credit is due. I was "surfing" the net and came across this site and saw a few reviews of Sunstate Homes. So here is my review of this company.

We had a house built in Ashgrove by Sunstate Homes and have been living in it since August 2013. We could not be any happier with our home. We received a letter from Sunstate in January asking us to list any defects that needed attention during the maintenance period and we couldn't find anything to list on the form. So my wife rang them just to thank them for a fantastic job. Nest day we arrived home to a beautiful bunch of flowers on our door step. Well, how can you not praise this kind of service. The service went beyond just a bunch of flowers but all through the construction period. Nothing was too much. We heard so much from our friends who had built by others how expensive it was when they made any changes. We didn't think ours were that expensive and we made tons of them. I can't say we didn't have any problems but whenever they arose the company resolved it immediately. We had no problems contacting the owner of the company and his knowledge of the construction process was very evident and his advise very helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of building and would not think twice about building with with Sunstate again. However that would probably be a long time as we love our home and intend to stay here for a while
Great service and beautiful build

We have nothing but praise for our builder

We visited one of their display homes last year and were very impressed with the product and the finishes. Their prices were reasonable considering what was included and the quality of the finish. But most importantly we felt very comfortable with their sales people and whenever we called their head office. We went to their head office in Browns Plains a few times during the planning process and everyone gave us a good feeling. Our block is very steep and the advise they gave us proved to be very accurate an saved us heaps in landscaping and site cost. We used their product selection room to preselect our choices and then met with [name removed] at her studio in Milton and did our final selection there. She was magnificent and made all the difference. The owner was very courteous and we met him on numerous occasions. He used to visit our house regularly. This also helped in giving us a sense of confidence.

Our house is fantastic and we absolutely love it. The build process was very smooth and apart from a few very minor hiccups which were resolved immediately we really didn't have any problems. We had no issues with our site supervisor or tradesmen. My wife is very fussy and she made quite a few changes during the construction and we never felt that we were ripped off. We had a few variation fees in those changes which was a pleasant surprise after our previous experience with a larger builder were we were made to pay a $300 variation fee for the smallest change that we requested. I read a bad report from someone on this site but I honestly can't think of anything that we didn't like about this builder. The house has come up trumps and we have had nothing but praise from our friends who visited our home. We love our home and everything that is in it. Just have to get the bloody landscaping finished now.
Nice people to deal with and very good quality

Wouldn't recommend to our worst enemies

Now where do we start to talk about our long, tedious, frustrating, expensive and stressful experience building with Sunstate Homes!!!!
In a couple of words it was the worst business experience we have in our lives.

This is the first time we have said anything publicly about our experience as we wanted to be fair and try to work with Amir Taefi (owner of Sunstate Homes) and give him a chance to make things right after our building ordeal - but to no avail. BSA have been involved.

We signed our contract in March 2010 and took possession of the house in April 2011.

What is listed below is just the tip of the iceberg but here we go:
- our house took months longer to build than other houses in the estate even though they were bigger and most of them began building weeks after our house was begun. We had to rent for four months after selling our other house.

- After the lock up stage (i.e. roof and windows installed) the front part of the house was inundated with water because the roof has not been installed correctly and this water fault continued well after we had finally taken possession of the house - in fact we are still not sure it has been fixed correctly.

-we had an independant building inspection done before we took possession of the house which resulted in 7 pages of faults which the owner of the Company (Amir Taefi) called minor and he stated that we had "unrealistic expectations" to think that they should be rectified- e.g. wall left unpainted inside cupboards and other finishing faults.

-as recently as this week ( Feb 2013) we contacted Amir Taefi due to chrome peeeling off one of the tap ware which we had upgraded to (this is the second tap that this has happened to) and also paint peeling off our water tank and we were told that he doubted if it would be covered by the manufacturers' warranty seeing we had been in the house nearly two years but to contact the manufacturer if we wanted to. That was his entire reply with no other advice given about who the manufacturers might be and how to contact them etc.

Expensive, bad warranty service - we could go on and on

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