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I am finding sunsuper is pretty uncontactable at the moment. Is there a major issue that we need to know about with this provider. Customer service has deteriorated considerably.
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I found it hard to log onto my account tried for a week I actually shut down my tablet before I got into my account, I phoned Sunsuper once to enquire about my insurance didn’t get the answer I wantedHi Helen, I've just replied to your review above but I will do so for you again here... I'm sorry to hear this has been your experience. While we do find the end of the financial year is a busy time for many we ensure we are staffed appropriately. Have you tried our secure Live Chat at www.sunsuper.com.au/contact-us or one of our other contact options? I could also arrange for a team member to call you back within 2 business days if you'd prefer. Kind regards, ^SeanHi Geoff, I'd like to see if we can investigate as to why your account may not be working on your tablet. We find Google Chrome works best for our website features and having cookies enabled will assist some of the functionality. Let me know if you continue to experience issues. ^Sean

Hi sunsuper transferred funds to my commonwealth account today how long will it take to reach my account thanks
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Hi Charlie, thanks for reaching out on Product Review. Generally, the transfer time depends on who you bank with. Commonwealth tends to be the fastest, 1-2 days. If you would like me to view your account to see if the transfer has been processed I'll need to verify your member details which is best done through our secure channels at www.sunsuper.com.au/contact-us - thank you ^Jen

How long does it take to process withdrawal from my super
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Hi John, thank you for the question. Just to confirm, is this in regards to a Retirement Income Account or an application for 'early access' claim before retirement? ^Jen

I need to access my super because my life has gone down the toilet, any suggestions on the easiest way???
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Hi Carey, I'm sorry to hear you are having financial trouble. It might be best if you get in touch with us directly to discuss your options. Visit www.sunsuper.com.au/contact-us or you can visit www.sunsuper.com.au/members/retirement/accessing-your-super-before-retirement for more information on how to access your super before retirement. ^Jen

What is sunsuper abn nob
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Hi Geffo, thanks for the question. Our ABN is 98 503 137 921. You can find this information plus much more under 'Fund details' on our Contact Us page at www.sunsuper.com.au/contact-us ^Jen

How long does it take to access my money in retirement fund
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Thank you for your enquiry about accessing super. We can tell you that at present when we receive a request to access super for retirement payments it can take between seven to ten business days to process these requests. If you are eligible to access your funds under retirement conditions then you can now complete the request for withdrawal via Member Online, but you can find out more details about your eligibility to withdraw on our website, www.sunsuper.com.au/members/retirement/when-can-you-access-your-super. If you do need more help with this then you are welcome to call us on 131184 or contact us via webchat, https://www.sunsuper.com.au/contact-us

how much ptd cover do I have
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Hi Dingo, to answer this question we'd need to confirm your personal details. Please contact us on 13 11 84 or speak with us over secure Live Chat at www.sunsuper.com.au/contact-us Thanks, ^Jen

Goran Hi there, I have now three years issue with you regarding my TPD claim, four years ago accident in my company and now I am disabled. From Australian Compensation Commision I have 27% disability plus lots more issues that I really don’t feel like naming here all that you have in your papers, so I am just wondering when my case will be finished and do I have rights to ask for interest on my money because you are ignoring me almost three years now???
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My partner had the same issue. He was waiting 3 years and no answer. Went to a lawyer no win no fee was approved in 2 months. He was given a TPD claim.payout. worth the lawyer I assure you.

Does the amount of your life insurance automatically decrease each year?
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Hi Karen, I'm not sure I understand your question. Please contact us on 13 11 84 or speak with us over secure Live Chat at sunsuper.com.au/contact-us so that we may clarify and answer your question. Thanks, ^Jen

My son's wife was with SunSuper and sadly died overseas... There are no children of the marriage. My son has been waiting for more than a year to have definite answers as to why the payout has not been made. Why the delay?
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Hi, I'm very sorry to learn of your loss. My apologies for the delay in replying - if you require more immediate answers please contact us via our website www.sunsuper.com.au/contact-us Unfortunately, without verifying the account I can't provide much insight into the status of the claim. There could be a number of reasons - one of which is when the account holder has nominated a preferred beneficiary - this nomination isn't binding, so it will be used as a guide only by the Trustee of Sunsuper when deciding how to pay the death benefit. Whereas, a binding death nomination will ensure the super is paid to the person(s) nominated. For more information, you can visit www.sunsuper.com.au/members/nominate-a-beneficiary - without knowing more I can't confirm if this applies to this situation. I would recommend your son reach out to us on 13 11 84 (the international number is +617 3121 0700) so that we can provide him with an update. Kind regards, Jen

Is there a waiting period before I can draw my supper?. Im thinking of transferring my supper from another fund into Sunsuper. I’m 64 and would like to take my super as a pension as I am ceasing work shortly. However if I return to work casually in the future would I be able to pay super back into the fund as well as draw a small pension from this fund?
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Hi Marg, thanks for the question. While there is no waiting period to draw on your super, there is 'condition of release'. Super benefits are generally paid when you retire. Government regulations define you as retired if you’ve: • reached your preservation age (see table below), stopped an employment arrangement and retired permanently from work (for this purpose, permanently retired can mean you don’t intend to work 10 hours or more in any given future week), or • reached the age of 60 and stopped an employment arrangement either on or after turning 60 years, or • reached the age of 65. Once you've met one of the above conditions, you have the option of withdrawing your super. This can either be done as you need it, or you can open an income/pension account and receive regular payments from your super account If you’ve reached your preservation age, you may also receive your super before retirement by starting an Income account – Transition to retirement while you’re still working. For more information please refer to the Sunsuper for life guide. If you decide to return to work in the future, you will still be entitled to receive Superannuation Guarantee from your employer, providing you earn more than $450 in a month. Once you turn 65 years old, you will need to meet the 'work test' to be able to make any extra contributions into super. The government requires you to work 40 hours within 30 consecutive days, at least once during the financial year. Preservation age is the Government-specified age at which you can gain access to your superannuation benefits, provided you have permanently retired from the workforce. Preservation age varies according to birth date. Preservation Age Table Date of Birth Preservation Age Before July 1960 55 1 July 1960 - 30 June 1961 56 1 July 1961 - 30 June 1962 57 1 July 1962 - 30 June 1963 58 1 July 1963 - 30 June 1964 59 After 30 June 1964 60 As you can see, there's quite a bit of information! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us on 13 11 84 so one of our experienced representatives can assist you further. Kind regards, ^BelindaOr you can just ask.you new super company to rollover your existing super account for free.

Hi, I am getting mixed responses. Can you please tell me Sunsuper still allow early release of superannuation funds due to severe financial hardship or compassionate grounds?? AND if so, can you claim if you are employed and not a recipient of Income Support Payments?
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Hi AS far as I know they dont due early release of super unless you have a total permanent disability claim approved which then pays out your super as well. this is how my wife got hers paid out. ut she is sick and will never work again so i think you need to call thier claims office directOk i will call them. Thank you Ivan!Your best bet is to try and get through to them by phone and ask directly. Don't forget to take the name and ID number of the person you speak with and if they can't or won't answer, tell them you want to speak to their supervisor. Same process as for any big business or govt. department.

I currently have an accumulation fund and income stream with another super fund and want to rollover to SunSuper, can this be done and if so, how? Phil
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I am not an accountant so I can only go off what I have been told. To change to another fund simply contact the fund that you are considering and they will/ should do it for you. The only other thing I urge you to do is to check out the firms terms and conditions in the fine print and their reputation, remember, no company will tell you about any negative reviews.Hi Phil, it's great to hear you're thinking of joining Sunsuper. You can definitely rollover these funds to us but first, you will need to close your income stream with your existing provider and roll it back over to the accumulation phase with them. Then you can open up an account with Sunsuper and either we can assist you in bringing the funds over to us or you can request it with your existing fund as well. The money will transfer to Sunsuper into our accumulation fund and once we have the funds you can set up an income account with us if you are still needing one. We would advise you check any exit fees your current provider may charge and also check on any insurance you may have with them which would cancel if you moved all your funds over to Sunsuper. I hope this assists with your query, please let us know if you need any further information or visit www.sunsuper.com.au/join Kind regards, Tatum.

I would like to roll my super into another fund. How can I make the transition?
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Join your new fund and then ask them to collect your old super for you. Assuming your details are same on both accounts they may be able to process this for you within a few days. You lose any life or other insurance you have when you leave a fund, so if you need insuranceb in your super, get it in place at the new fund before you exit.Hi Kelly, we’d be sorry to see you go. If you’d like to talk through your concerns please feel free to call 13 11 84 to speak with one of our member representatives. To ensure you’re making the best choice for yourself, we recommend putting us to the test by comparing us against other funds. Just visit www.sunsuper.com.au/compare.cfm Everything you need to know about transferring to another fund you can find on our public website here www.sunsuper.com.au/forms-and-documents/member-tasks/transfer-my-super-out-of-sunsuper All the best. Jen, Sunsuper

Hi I am 53 yrs old and I am with Sunsuper, can I withdraw any of my Super as a deposit for a home.
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No - that's currently not allowed by law - nothing to do with Sunsuper. The government has announced a First Home Saver Scheme whereby you can withdraw voluntary contributions made after 1 July 2017, but this isn't law yet. You can start to withdraw super for any purpose you like when you hit preservation age - currently 56 but increasing to 60 over time, subject to work tests.Hi Lorraine, thank you for your enquiry. At the moment, the First Home Saver Scheme is still in the proposed stages and has not yet been passed by Parliament or written into legislation. We ask that you take this into consideration before implementing any contribution strategy based on this proposal. The following fact sheet outlines the details of how the scheme is proposed to work: www.ato.gov.au/General/New-legislation/In-detail/Super/First-home-super-saving-scheme/ As you are 53, you have not yet met what is known in Superannuation as your preservation age. Depending on your date of birth, your preservation age would be between 57 - 59 years - this is the earliest age you can access your superannuation. However, you may qualify for early access. For more information head to www.sunsuper.com.au/members/retirement/early-access If you have any other questions around accessing your superannuation, please give us a call on 13 11 84 or reply to this message and we will get back to you with a response as soon as we can. All the best. Jen, Sunsuper

Could be possible to use my sun super fund to buy a property or housing loan and how to process?
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Rules around how super can be used are defined by legislation (and not by specific funds like Sunsuper). The latest budget includes plans for first home buyers to use superannuation savings to get into a home. A quick Google search will give you the details on this, or if you can call your current super fund and ask them!Hi Sherwin, thank you for your enquiry. At the moment, the First Home Saver Scheme is still in the proposed stages and has not yet been passed by Parliament or written into legislation. We ask that you take this into consideration before implementing any contribution strategy based on this proposal. The following fact sheet outlines the details of how the scheme is proposed to work: www.ato.gov.au/General/New-legislation/In-detail/Super/First-home-super-saving-scheme/ Depending on your age you might be eligible to access your super or perhaps you qualify for early access. For more information head to www.sunsuper.com.au/members/retirement/when-can-you-access-your-super If you have any other questions around accessing your superannuation, please give us a call on 13 11 84 or reply to this message and we will get back to you with a response as soon as we can. All the best. Jen, Sunsuper

Can I access my super and if so how
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There are very strict rules about accessing your super in the legislation. If you are over 65, you can access it with no issues as this is the age of nil cashing restrictions. Between 60 and 65, you need to have left your current employment to access your superannuation. If you were born before 1 July 1960, you can access your superannuation some time between 55 and 59 (depending on the year you were born), as long as you retire with NO intention of ever returning to work. This must be the intention on the day you make the request. If circumstances dictate, you can of course, go back to work at a later date. You can also get your superannuation on compassionate grounds, but this is rarely granted by any industry or retail fund and to do so, you must be in receipt of Centrelink benefits and the bank must be about to repossess your house. Most of this is in legislation, not the fund's own policies. You can also get access if you are deemed totally and permanently disabled, but this is getting harder to prove as it is being shown that the majority of people claiming insurance or super under TPB are back in full-time work within 5 years. There are also 2 types of TPB insurance, one is called "own occupation" and the other is "any occupation". Own occupation is generally only offered to professionals such as accountants, lawyers, doctors, dentists etc. Most TPB policies are any occupation which means that you can only claim now if you cannot work in any job whatsoever. This is a change in legislation and rules for deductibility of super policies as "own occupation" policies are not fully deductible. Most people claiming TPB when they can't work in their own jobs have the any occupation policy which means they won't be paid out unless they absolutely cannot work at all.Hi Gordo, thank you for your question. You can access your super if you… • have reached preservation age and are retired permanently from work, • have reached the age of 60 and stopped any employment arrangement, • have reached the age of 65 (whether you're still working or not); or • qualify for early access – see more here: www.sunsuper.com.au/members/retirement/early-access For more information, call 13 11 84 or visit our public website at www.sunsuper.com.au/members/retirement/when-can-you-access-your-super All the best. Jen, Sunsuper

I have been trying to get my TPD insurance from them for over 4 years now. I have a brain tumour. Just wondering if they are content with taking my premiums still..? Or are they waiting for me to die first??
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I think they are waiting for you to give up and stop asking for it. Do you have a solicitor? Without a solicitor I think you have 2 chances of getting your TPD, buckleys and none.Sorry mate but keep ya chin up they're tobbersYes I have had lawyers on this for nearly five years. Sunsuper keep asking for more evidence of my brain tumour. As soon as I get the new reports, they ask for mor to back up the previous report. Their pattern is so obvious now... so I'm sueing them for undue delay... I think they are waiting for me to die or give up...

I recently rolled my Super out of Sun Super, I was absolutely amazed at what this has cost me. Who can I go to have this investigated? They advertise low fees, there was supposed to be a $40 roll out fee. Really very disappointed with SunSuper's performance over all, and this was really the icing on the cake. If you have any doubts about your dealings with this Super Fund, get out now before it's too late!
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What did they actually charge for roll out? Was it a flat fee or percentage of your balance?How long did it take for you to roll out?The exit fee is a flat $40

Does anyone have advice for TPD claim with Sunsuper it has been 'investigated' on and off since 2012. We have given them all reports/medical files and now they are requesting info about the types of domestic duties he undertakes as well as myself, last employment etc. Does it mean they are any closer to settling?
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to tanutribe. From my dealings with sunsuper you still have long process to go on with. your claim still has to go to the trustees to be agreed on and singed off 12 to 15 months. Peter DThanks for your reply wow that's such a long process!Mate they are looking for any excuse to decline. Even though their doctor supported my claim they still declined twice and are still trying for over 2 years. My wife, baby toddler and myself are about to become homeless over Christmas because this company manipulates the system and are not honest or ethical They tried the same with me and I can hardly walk or move my arm as well as a neck injury. My injuries will never get any better as about 6 doctors most of which are specialist have told them but they only listen to the evidence that favours them. Good luck mate and get a lawyer

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