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Supercheap Storage VIC
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This company give false quotes

This company gives false quotes and will add extra charges without notice. They will deduct money and not answer your calls. Do not deal with them, do not trust them.

June 14th 2019 Update: Very dishonest and bad service

This company is bad. Don't call their accounts department; they don't callback. They promised to refund the money but didn't. So, VCAT I did - they refunded the money quick then.

Over charging and inexperienced movers

The removers took three hours to load my small one bedroom goods - no fridge, no lounge, no washing machine - so there was not much to do. They were disappearing often. I was charged $150 per hour for their sloth. When I had my goods returned - I was overcharged for the rent and extra driving time. Although it was returned to the same suburb. This company is a rip-off and do not disclose their hidden costs. Do not use them ever,

Very affordable and did what they said

Really reasonably priced and professional. Came and took everything away and will bring it all back to my new place in a few weeks! Great price too.

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne South East

Use at your risk.

It may look cheap while getting the quote but you end up paying way more than what is quoted. Not sure where to start...Did not show-up on time, no proper communication, mishandled the goods, damaged but did not take responsibility,damaged the floor while dragging the furniture, increased the price on the second month without informing the list goes on. NEVER using them again.

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne South East

Staff are Rude, Insulting, Uncompassionate, Liars, Thieves and Bullies ***West Footscray Branch

My partner and I recently went through some hard times and were evicted from our home. We had to put our belongings somewhere and used super cheap storage in West Footscray to pick up our belongings and store them at there facility. We were unable to make repayments as we struggled to even survive while on centrelink and paying for accommodation etc we stayed in touch with super cheap and told them of our situation and they called from time to time to see if things had improved and I told them that I would 100% be paying out our fees and collecting our goods some day soon and that our belongings totalled well or $70,000 plus our life was in those few boxes of theres, personal papers, baby photo's/videos, all of our clothing, furniture etc everything that meant anything to us in our lives.

When we got back on our feet 6 months later we contacted super cheap to tell them that we were back on our feet and were ready to pay out the entire bill and take our goods back, i was spoken down to buy some wench over the phone who said "your goods have been dumped down the tip" i was in total disbelief" I spoke to my partner who cried for days about losing everything and we decided to look into it further. We went too super cheap a few weeks later and the first thing we notice in a shed on the way in are some of our belongings that are being sold off...I asked one of the staff and he told me that they sell peoples stuff on gumtree and when i made enquiries, the stuff that was on gumtree was in fact mine and was advertised a week after I made the phone call to come and collect our things....so to cut a long story short, we had the money to pay out our bill but the staff told us it had all been dumped which in fact it hadn't and we could have got it back...

NOW HERE IS THE INTERESTING PART: I photographed the goods in there sale warehouse and took screen shots of the stuff on gumtree, i then called back and asked them what tip my goods were disposed of and they replied some were dumped, some was given to charity opp shops and some was sold off. I then asked can you please tell me where it was sold off, what tip and what shops so i could go there and possibly find some of my things and buy them back, which she replied to me screaming down the phone like a psychotic lunatic, its none of your business, its not your stuff any more its ours...i recorded all these phone calls where they lied about sending my account to dunn and bradstreet to have them collect the debt etc and when i called dunn and bradstreet they knew nothing of it....the truth is and i regret this so much, i told them that there was 70K in those containers and thats when they saw $$$ and took it upon themselves to steal my things...

Now I know that the goods sold by "[name removed]" on Gumtree were only from 1 of the containers otherwise there would have been allot more stuff advertised and my hunch is that the staff at super cheap have got a little side racket going that the boss doesn't know about and they sold off one container to show him that they sold off the goods from my storage and there are still 2 containers there right now that haven't been taken and my remaining items are still at Supercheap Storage and when the heat dies down from all of this the staff will go through my stuff and take and sell off what they like and keep the money themselves.....So I challenge you supercheap storage??? Place all of your goods going out on hold and meet with me in person on site and prove I,m not telling the truth....I,m also willing to forgive and forget and pay out my bill in full if you give me my last two containers still in storage in west footscray....

Hopefully the staff responsible at west footscray don't get wind of this and try to dispose of them out of fear that there little earn has been uncovered and I lose again, but not to worry I have a my own plans in place if this was to happen and I promise to everyone out there that has been burnt by these people that if I don't get back my things that I know are still there, then lets just say, they will be getting a dose of there own medicine.....How dare they treat us like this...Its a disgrace and if there was an audio upload I would upload all the recorded conversations exposing there lies and there unprofessional conduct...Don't use these people, they have no heart and care about nothing but themselves....the date today is friday 10th November, I have emailed the CEO in Sydney, I have updated and replied to there fraudulent response and no one has got back to me...so now its up to me alone to take whatever steps necessary to get justice...Burn in hell you thieving rats...Each and everyone of you will pay dearly for what you have done to us...I promise you that!!!

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne Central
Don't give them your business and if you have storage in there take it out and go elsewhere......they really are the worst of the worstFor all who haven't picked up on it..The reviews on this page that are anything above 1 star rating are fake and written by Supercheap associates. The real reviews are spaced days apart from one another. The fake ones are written e.g. on this 1st page there are 8 x 5 star reviews written on June 1st all in a row...strange that so many people wrote about how great they are that same day...then there are another 7 5 start reviews written all in a row from the 2nd June to the 6 the of June...,they must think people are stupid

Very Very Unhappy Customer

Was absolutely horrified when I finally received my Storage from these guys to not only find that boxes were crushed and plastic boxes were smashed to also find that half of my belongings were missing and some had been repacked into other boxes that weren't packed by myself. On the day i organised SuperCheap Storage pods to come to my house the 2 males that lacked the pods dropped and smashed a whole box of my wine glasses and thought it was funny not to say i was un impressed. When i finally get it and unpack it and find that there us stuff missing was infuriating. Some of the items missing were gifts for my 21st and engagement which can't not be replaced. Very very poor form very very unhappy customer never recommend you to anyone.

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne Central
Hi Kylee, We are really sorry to hear you have had this experience. Our customer service protocols definitely does not reflect the experience you had. We would love to be able to follow up what happened with your situation. Could you please private message us with your contact details? so we can locate your account and proceed with the next steps. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you, Supercheap Storage Team.Hi Kylee, Hope you are well. We would love to follow up with this situation. Would it be ok to private message us with some contact details so we can locate your account? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you. Supercheap Storage TeamLocation for this review shoukd be Melbourne Central not Geelong but cant figure out how to change it thanks.

Very poor experience never recommend to anyone

We signed a contact for a short term 3 month storage. After first month they increase the price for the rent because some reason such as they upgraded their warehouse which is none of my business. When I asked for redelivery, even I booked one week in advanced but they just change the time the day before my booked date without any call or msg. Furthermore, they didn't even give an expansion about the delay of my booking date. I made several calls to finally confirm the date.

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne Central

Very good

Prompt, efficient, punctual. No unpleasant surprises with added fees after quote. Very happy with service (Melb0 and will uses again.

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne Central
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Thanks Kath for your lovely review!

Overcharging, no responses and damaged goods

I have had similarly (to a previous commenting person) dreadful experiences with this entity. They over charge, have increased the fees considerably over a year, quote GST inclusive figures but then add GST to each amount they had previously quoted, take money without consent and refuse to provide accurate records/ledgers (I've had several versions to date, each wrong). In fact, I can't seem to get a sensible response about who is in charge at all.

I received a quote for my goods to be moved and stored. However, at the time of moving, after the move had commenced, my goods were split into two 'pods', despite me advising the amount of goods to be stored and as one move. I was told this pod set up standard and I would not be charged extra - 'it's just how we do it'. I am being charged double.

When the movers removed my goods originally, they were very rough with my furniture. I advised that one particular item was heavy & an antique (solid oak) and would need to be lifted. The two people moving the item simply dragged it and kept pushing/dragging across carpet -even though I was asking them to stop & lift it. I heard a loud crack and sure enough, the leg is broken/cracked off. The item had to go to storage, however, as I was going overseas the following day. I am terrified to think of the state of my goods!

I am still overseas and have paid well over six thousand in fees so far. I, too, will have to take legal action against this 'Supercheap Storage' for their fraudulent reckless business practises.

I can't stress enough how worrying the practises of this Supercheap Storage really are. They are not at all 'cheap' at any rate!

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne Central
Hi Claire Thank you for taking the time to place a review. Its sounds like you have had a difficult experience. Just so we can try and help what kind of resolution are you looking for? We must not that the number of storage modules required to store your things - the number of items you have to store are the number of items and require that space that they fill. An initial estimate is provided to you based on the information you provide, the exact amount of storage that is needed is only transparent when the loading occurs. This amount of storage required would be the same regardless of the storage company you would use. If you would be able to provide some details such as your full name and store that you are storing with to info@supercheapstorage.com.au. We can work though your issues you have stated around charges, providing a ledger of charges is simple. For any damage that may have incurred whilst moving furniture this will be investigated further once we have your details. Again thank you for your review and we are really disappointed that you have had such a stressful experience.Super cheap representative, if you check that email address, you will find many emails from me. The location is in Melbourne. Many different names have been provided to me as the most senior person including [Names Removed]. I've been sent several versions of the ledger, which demonstrates interesting accounting practises not unlike the GST policy adopted (which is not lawful, I'm sure you would know). I am well aware of the amount of storage that was required, and the cubic metres involved. I advised the person providing the initial quote and queried his recommendations about capacity & truck size etc. I also was advised that the two pods were just your way of doing things but that I would not be double charged. Had I not been misled by this person, and had I known in advance of the extremely dodgy practises, the fact that you are not at all 'Supercheap', the fact that my furniture was going to be damaged without regard, the fact that you say GST is included in the original quote but continue to add an additional component for GST after contract formation, the fact that the fees have been raised significantly and allegedly to cover business investments in 'better service' but services that I was promised already exist when I was looking for appropriate storage options (e.g. CCTV!), and the fact that no one actually takes responsibility and provides a response to legitimate concerns, there is no way I'd have gone with your business. No way. You've made an attempt to reply here. I would too, out of embarrassment & because any thinking person reading the genuine reviews here, rather than those unverifiable platitudes, is rightly going to avoid your business. I wish I had. The resolution I am seeking has been emailed many times.The supercheap representative failed, yet again, to provide the ledger or any other details I have repeatedly requested. Interestingly enough, it did manage to find my contact details and issue a threatening letter. Amazing that this entity could manage to (ineffectually) draft a menacing letter and locate my contact details but STILL cannot provide a simple account and explanation for the overcharging. I do not believe these few rave reviews (without verification) on this page. It's not possible, based upon my experience. As a consumer, I'd recommend everyone looking for a reasonable storage service to avoid this place and find any other option.

Shonky operation that doesn't honour signed agreements

Have had to report to ACCC and Consumer Affairs after they broke a 12 month agreement and began charging whatever they wanted.

I signed up for a $90 unit fee with Supercheap Storage plus $27.27 for insurance. This was the deal negotiated in March 2015 with their sales rep to continue until February 2016. However, as early as July 2015, they increased this total fee to $143.90 then up to $160.40 in June 2016 without my consent or even notifying me.

The original agreement was to remain in place until February 2016 - I signed up to an agreed cost over an agreed period given the length of storage (over 12 months). That was part of the deal negotiated by their team in order to get my business.

After speaking with a representative today, they said the company had emailed me and has record of this however, they have made a typo in the email address saved on their file resulting in me never getting the emails. Also, they will not provide me with proof of the sent items.

There is a total of $335.80 in fees charged above the existing agreement which was breached only months after my signing.

Further, they refuse to refund the fees, saying it's not their policy to do so. Don't trust them, go elsewhere.

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne Central
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Hi Lauren, Thank you for taking the time to place a review. We are however very surprised with the content of your review. No Supercheap Storage facility has ever operated with 12 Month storage contracts on a month by month payment term. We would very much like to understand which store you had this experience with and the consultant that you negotiated these terms with. We can then look at remedying this situation If you would please be able to email your details to info@supercheapstorage.com.au, we can take the next steps. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Will never use Supercheap Storage again

Knowing that the pick up site was not near their storage facility in Footscray I confirmed with S/cheap of pick up and eventual delivery cost. I was assured by [name removed] that they only charge for time at site and not travel time. So pick up and delivery would practically be the same. They certainly weren't the cheapest but it was convenient. 2 months later I asked for my things to be delivered. They charged me a ridiculous amount for delivery this time. And when I questioned them why such an overpriced amount they tried to give me some crap that is was a special I got when I got my stuff picked up and they actually charge for travel time. The "operations manager" called me back and could clearly see I would have not gone with s/cheap if they had given me the correct info in the first place about charging for travel time. Eventually she said the owner would call me back - 1 week later no call. So buyers beware what they say is not necessarily what they will charge you!!!

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne Central

No onus of responsibility Can't leave a bad review on their site

I had my belongings in storage with this business for over a year. I actually paid for both removal & storage so when they came to pick up my belongings their employees actually packed my stuff in the crate. I did not do the packing. At one point I showed them my wax pod that I used for my waxing business & told the employees that it was full of wax & to please pack safely & carefully. After a year when I went to retrieve my belongings I realised that the employees had merely thrown the wax pod unit into the crate without securing it. I found it upside down, with wax spilled all over the pod & wax all over my furniture. I said to the lady at reception that I would try & get it off but if I didn't have any luck I would contact them so I was actually being nice & understanding about it. I had no luck as the wax was too thick & too much to remove & it had spilled into the heating compartment so it warranted a $75 unit useless. Not to mention my furniture which have wax stains! When I rang & then sent them an email they avoided all responsibility & denied any onus. Having being with them for over a year I would have at least expected them as a goodwill gesture to offer even half the costs but I knew I was dealing with a very unprofessional company as on the day I picked up my belongings, I began chatting with another customer who had gone to organise to pick up his sisters things & send them overseas to her. Super cheap storage had actually merged with another storage facility apparently & to transfer the crates over to their facility they actually cut the locks & transferred all her belongings into one of their crates(which I'm SURE is against the law!!) & lost one of her crates in the process!!!!! I knew I was in trouble after hearing this story.

Shop LocationVIC, Melbourne Central

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