A fast and efficient build

Our build was managed very well especially by the building supervisor who kept us up to date with all stages and responded very quickly to any enquiries. The house was completed much quicker than we expected. Unfortunately our house was not ideally placed as we needed it to be 1m further to the left to maximise boat/caravan access on the right side. The sign-up process felt rushed and in my opinion led to this avoidable error. Simply specifying setback distances on BOTH the left and right sides of the house on the building site plan would have prevented this. So far the workmanship throughout the house appears to be good apart from the gutter joins which are terrible and will be listed on our maintenance report. Overall we are satisfied with our house and would build with WACB again.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Dele, thank you for this detailed review. Great to read that you had a well managed building process and supervisor that kept you informed. Plus that your home was completed faster then expected [always a plus] and that you would choose to build with us again! Despite a few setbacks, you are satisfied with the outcome and can relax in your new home. Wishing you all the best.

Very happy with our new house

Contract documentation was very thorough. Any queries were promptly answered. The building supervisor 'fast-tracked' the build so that we could move in by Christmas. A couple of minor issues were promptly resolved. We had no contract variations involving $ after the contract was signed. Overall very happy with the quality of the build and the time to construct. Highly recommended!

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Thank you for this lovely review Hylacola. So glad that you were you very happy with the quality of the build and construction time, very special to be in by Christmas! Wishing you all the best in your new home.

New Build

The build was very well managed and queries responded to quickly, efficiently and politely. The house went up quickly and we are very happy with the workmanship and build quality of the property.
Final cost was around 10% higher than estimated due to circumstances which could not have been foreseen by either party.
Overall very satisfied with our second WA Country Builders home.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Bid, thank you for this great review of your second WACB home! So glad to read that your build was well managed and presents true workmanship/building quality. Wishing you all the best in your new home. Thank you.

Fantastic service all round!

Our build was managed fantastically! From pre-start to moving in, we were kept in the loop the entire way and any questions we had were answered promptly. The workmanship and quality of our home was faultless and done quicker than we would have ever hoped for! We were extremely satisfied with all aspects of the company and are thrilled with the finished product!

Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi Ela, lovely to read that you had such a great experience building with us, from pre-start to moving in! We always strive to offer the best communication possible throughout the process. Ensuring we deliver on workmanship, quality and time management. Wishing you a lifetime of memories in your new WACB home! Thank you.

A quaint home amongst the trees

I’ve recently finished building my first and own home. I found the build very well organised and was completed earlier that estimated. Overall the workmanship is excellent, the brickwork especially impressive, only some minor finishing issues. The construction supervisor and contract team were efficient and very pleasant to deal with. Some small communication issues during the planning process but did not detract from the overall great experience of building with WA Country Builders. I would recommend them highly.

Construction End DateJul 2018
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Hi Cedar, congratulations on the completion of your first home! Great to read that you were happy with our level of organisation, workmanship and team. Of course an earlier than estimated finish is always a bonus. Thank you for your kind words. All the best in your new home!

Our Forever Home

We are happy we chose to build our family home with WACB as their customer service from the initial planning through to the build completion has been excellent. The workmanship and quality of the build appears very good in the initial couple of months we have been in. Our building supervisor was very helpful in supporting us to make adjustments during the build. We would definitely recommend WACB to others.

Construction End DateJul 2018
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Hi TashnAsh, thanks so much for the great review. We are very pleased to read that you are both happy with the workmanship and quality of the build. Alongside a helpful building supervisor that assisted in changes throughout the build. So lovely to read that you would also recommend us to others. Wishing you a lifetime of memories in your new WA Country Builders home. Thank you.

Easy build process

Building with WA Country was mostly an easy and enjoyable process. Our building supervisor was fantastic with great communication, and any issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently. I cannot fault the attention to detail or quality of workmanship. There were no hidden costs for our build or unexpected surprises. Build time was as estimated and there were no hold ups or delays in construction.
I had some issues with discrepancies from pre-start requests and design changes not being reflected in building plans and receiving incorrect information at pre-start, however all of these issues were very quickly rectified by our building supervisor.
Overall very happy with our build.

Construction End DateJul 2018
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Hi Chelsea, thanks so much for the feedback. Glad to read that you had such a pleasant building experience, that was made stress free due to your lovely building supervisor and that your discrepancies during pre-start were swiftly resolved. Congratulations on your new WA Country Builders Home. Thank you.

Maintance has let this company down.

WE loved the design and the overall build was without major issues. We have now been in this home for 8 years and we have had a lot of issues with render falling out, mould, cracks and nails coming through the ceiling in alfresco. Issues with rust in bathrooms and doorways. We have spent money fixing these issues ourselves as we have had no reply from country builders. My advice to anyone building with this company is not to be complacent and also check out other builders especially after sales service.

Construction End DateNov 2010
Hi Marian, Glad to hear that you had a positive design and build stage. We apologise if there has been any miscommunication in the post build process, can you please provide your build location and contact details as our local office can get in touch and assist you with the issues you have outlined. Thankyou.Bunbury and the build is in Dalyellup.Hi Marian, after thorough communication with the Bunbury office, including administration and construction it appears that we have assisted you with these issues. Including communicating with you on multiple occasions, coming to your home, fixing the areas, explaining maintenance upkeep & sending you a letter clarifying maintenance [structural & cosmetic], including warranty and other issues since your build completion eight years ago. Thankyou.

Quality product, competitive price, mostly we just love it !

We knew early on after walking through many companies display homes throughout the South West that WA Country Builders was the home builder we wanted to build with.

New Home Sales Todd promptly met with us, and again and again, he provided us with plenty of options, and suggestions until we had drafted up a solid template and investment for our future home. He walked us through several houses, including some under construction, clearly pointing out the quality of your build and what our choices would look like.

We built 5bed, 3 bath version of 'the quedjinup' as a single storey home.

We then met New Homes Administrator Gwen who has worked with us from that day until today when we got our keys. She has been a constant source of advice and suggestions, and her patience is amazing (we changed our mind about things a LOT!). Gwen has always greeted us with a smile and made us feel like nothing is ever too much trouble and because of her, our building experience has be a very enjoyable one.

Our supervisor changed early on but we and Jason have talked every week, often many times a week. We had questions and observations, yes concerns too, along the way but Jason has always had knowledgeable answers, info, advice and ultimately solutions. Several times delivering over our expectations.

We paid an external building supervisor to work with us and supervisor Jason at each of the key stages, the reports we shared with Jason, and it was rare that anything highlighted, and even at the final inspection whilst we all developed a list of items, as I fully expected when building, these were all minor asthetical items which Jason has worked through with us. External Supervisor commented several times the home was to a great standard.

WACB was competitive, but it was never about price, we have a budget like everyone, but we wanted a quality home, managed by a company that knew what they were doing, and we could trust. We got this and much more. I’ve already recommended a colleague to you, and I have no hesitation in sending anyone to WACB.

We are so very happy with the end product, we can’t wait for our family and friends to come through it, stay and enjoy


Feb 18 - update - Couple of things needed reviewing after handover in last 7, but nothing significant, we just called our building supv who got it sorted promptly. Since then we had 6 months maintenance, with a few handles needed adjusting, and locks, silicon to roof in one spot, refix a tiny timber button, only once minor crack in plaster (less than 5cm under a cornice.) Given house size 5x3 we are impressed. We are very happy, still the best quality finish house we have owned

Construction End DateJun 2017
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Hi Muzshan, Thank you for this great review! Great reading positive experiences throughout the process and your relationships with key individuals at these stages. From Todd, to Gwen, Jason and your engagement with a external building supervisor. Finally that your satisfied with the quality end product and are excited to invite your family & friends around to check it out! Wishing you all the best with your new home. Thank you for being a proud client of the WA Country Builders brand.

Our First House with WACB - Love living in it!

We chose WACB for the great customer service we first received when looking along with the quality of their homes. We are both very happy with the workmanship and build quality of our home.
The building was managed very professionally and communication during the progress was excellent. We were kept up to date and all our questions were answered promptly.
Customer service and support was excellent throughout. All the staff were extremely helpful and friendly. We would have no hesitation in building with WACB again. Thank you again for our beautiful home.

Construction End DateSep 2017
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Hi Amanda, so glad to hear you are enjoying your new home! We pride ourselves on delivering great customer service and quality finishes for each and every client. We are honoured that you would consider building with us again, we hope to stay in touch. Enjoy making memories in your new WACB Home! Kind Regards.

Excellent service

The workmanship and build quality of this house seems to be in excellent order. Although we have only been in here a short amount of tim there seems to be no cracks or anything in the walls or ceiling.
The building was managed in a timely manner and was kept up to date with the progress, we even got in a month earlyier than firstly predicted :)
Customer service and support was excellent throughout the entire build. :)

Construction End DateJul 2017
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Hi Kirsty, we aim to provide all our customer with great service and take pride in our workmanship and quality of build. We hope you enjoy your new home. Kind regards.

One happy customer!

I am very happy with the whole experience provided by WA Country Builders. Everyone I dealt with from start to finish were professional, happy and a pleasure to deal with. The house is fantastic and I would have no hesitation in building with them again. There was a great line of communication and an answer was always given to any queries I had.

Construction End DateJul 2017
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Hi Anthony, Thank you so much for your wonderful review. Its important to have great customer service to understand the needs of our clients. We hope you enjoy your new home. Kind Regards.

My 2nd house with WACB

I built my first home with WACB and have now built my second home with WACB. For the second time around they have made building an easy, efficient , friendly journey. Any issues with the local council, estate developer and throughout the build were dealt with professionally and efficiently.
My profession is in the building industry, and my experience with WACB as both a supplier and a customer is the reason why I would have no hesitation in building with WACB for a third time.

Construction End DateApr 2017
1 comment
Hi Megan, Having trust in your builder is the best quality in building a home as you would already know. We are so glad that you have chosen WACB for both of your builds. Thank you very much for your review. Kind Regards.

Best decision ever!

1. We are very happy with the workmanship and build quality of our property. We checked on the build regularly and couldn't fault the work.
2. Our build was very well managed. In fact, it was finished ahead of schedule.
3. Customer service and support was amazing. Any issues (which were few and minor) were dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Construction End DateSep 2016
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Hi There, Thank you very much for your review. All of these points listed are very important when building a home and we are glad we could provide these to you. Enjoy your new home. Warm Regards.

Our dream home

Workmanship was excellent. Any faults or things needing to be fixed were done as soon as we asked during all periods of the build including during, the end and after we moved in.
Build constantly moved forward. Country builders were very accommodating to all of our requests to floor plans, switching out appliances and installation of items of our own choosing.
Customer service was okay but considering this was our first build and we didn't live near the site we were left in the dark. More regular updates would gave been nice.

Construction End DateFeb 2017
1 comment
Hi Alicia, thank you very much for your review and your feedback. We do strive to accommodate all needs to our clients floor plans as it is a very special time when creating your new home and we hope to get it as close to perfect as possible. We hope you are enjoying your new home. Kind Regards.

Our perfect retirement home

From our first meeting with Trevor at WACB’s Flinders display home in Treendale we were impressed with his ability to listen and understand our requirements for a home that would suit our retirement lifestyle. We loved many of the features of the Flinders but need to make some changes to down-size the floor plan and wanted a different front elevation. The initial concept plan produced by Trevor nailed most of our requirements and with a few minor changes we were ready to proceed further. WACB then presented a proposal that met our budget and was very competitive against other builders’ options that we had been looking at.
Once we were signed up the pre-start process went smoothly and Belynda was very efficient and helpful in making sure that the finished product would look great and meet our expectations.
WACB were quick off the mark to start the build and we met Dave on site where he explained the build process and time-frames. We were away for the first 3 months of the build (grey nomading up north away from the cold) but on our return found the house coming along well. We regularly checked-in on the building’s progress and found Dave willing to listen to our questions and resolve any issues that arose.
Our house was completed well within the expected timeframe and we are very happy with the quality of the workmanship. The tiling, Smartstone benchtops and cabinetry are very well executed. The only area not finished to a high standard was internal wall plastering. It required a lot of work before painting could commence.
Having now been in our new house for 3 months, we are well settled and continue to be impressed with the result that WACB produced for us. From design to end product we are happy to recommend WACB to anyone looking for a new home!

Construction End DateNov 2016
1 comment
Hi There, We would like to thank you very much for your wonderful review. It's great when you have a reliable building company taking care of your home whilst you are away and we are so happy you chose WA Country Builders to build with. We hope you are enjoying your new home. Kind Regards.

Job Well Done

after falling in love with one of the display homes and wanting to make it our own with a few changes the team at wa country builders made that possible with no change being to hard.
the team where easy to deal with and always happy to answer any questions and were very prompt in doing so, which made the build so much less daunting.
the workmanship and quality of the build was second to none, a few minor things to fix before handover which were resolved quickly.

Construction End DateOct 2016
1 comment
Hi Kiri, We are happy to hear that we were able to help you through the build and ease your mind. Building quality is very important to us and we strive to deliver with every build. We hope you are enjoying your new home. Warm Regards.

Thank you for our beautiful home

From the beginning, we were in love with 'The Carbanup'. We found the plan promoted in the newspaper and one month later, it was still the best plan we had set our eyes on. One year and a built house later, we still think our house is the best on our block (sorry neighbours).

The workmanship and build quality was excellent. At our final inspection, we only had a few cosmetic problems which were resolved that week. Our supervisor managed everything very smoothly and was very easy to get in contact with. The office ladies and our sales consultant were all very prompt in replying when we had questions.

Construction End DateJan 2017
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Hi Meaghan, Thank you for wonderful feedback. We hope your neighbours are not too envious of your beautiful new home. Workmanship and build quality is very important to us. Thank you for choosing to build with WA Country Builders. Kind Regards.

So glad we chose Country Builders

The workmanship was excellent and the quality of the build was second to none. When visiting the site, the workers were friendly and inviting. Our build was smooth and easy, the building supervisior from Country Builders was always easy to deal with and we found him very approachable and would answer all our questions. Customer service and support was excellent as well. Would recommend Country Builders to everyone.

Construction End DateOct 2016
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Hi There, It's great to hear that our tradesmen were friendly and inviting whilst you were visiting your property. Thank you very much for your review, Kind Regards.

Good build overall

Very good at getting us to signup, great customer service came out to our block and helped choose and then modify a plan to our needs. Once signed up we felt ignored and then treated as a nuisance at the end of the queue by some staff, Site supervisor was full of false promises and excuses and rarely returned calls as we did all the chasing. Friendly guy but way too relaxed which came across as not much care. Maybe it was because we are first home builders.
The quality is good but there are disappointing signs of 'close enough is good enough' with shortcuts made eg first time we turned our kitchen tap on the pipe burst (quick response from our signup rep and plumbers was good) and our shower tiling was not sealed so water leaked through onto the floor of our bathroom which in the end I sealed myself. In the end gave up trying to get the other things fixed maybe at our 6 monthly we will have better luck.
Have had some good customer service follow up to queries from reception and staff who are very helpful thankyou.

Construction End DateSep 2016
1 comment
Hi Nathan, Thank you so much for your review. Your feedback is quite important to us as it can help us improve our services. We hope you are enjoying your new home. Kind Regards.

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Questions & Answers

Afternoon We have build with WA Country builders Geraldton Office in 2015, which so far has not been a very happy experience. I have received a notice yesterday that our maintenance request has been rejected. The same request was approved in 2015 & 2016 same issues. I am not satisfied with the way it has been assessed by Geraldton WA CB and would like to bring this to the attention of the WA CB head office. Can someone provide me with the relevant names and contact details? Thanks Sven
1 answer
Hi Sven, please see below details: www.wacountrybuilders.com.au/contact-us/ tel:1800227161 If you require more details, please see our website [as per link above]. I am sure we can resolve any maintenance queries in a timely manner. Thank you.

I have had various issues with our home and we have paid trades people to fix these issues. Our Al fresco ceiling has mould and cracks we have had this painted by a painter twice and still have issues. Would Country Builders do anything about this?
3 answers
Just as I thought no response.Hi Marian, apologies this has not be seen/answered properly. For urgent home issues it is advised to contact your local WA Country Builders office with your concerns. Alternatively please let me know your build address and I can pass your details on to our team. Kind Regards.Have contacted country Builders Bunbury regarding render falling out and was told it was cosmetic. Someone was going to get back to me, never happened. My daughter is still waiting for maintance to her home which is now almost 2 years. So you can see I would be wasting my time.

Any one built in Busselton area and what is there experience?
3 answers
We lived in Busselton while building in Bridgetown. Your build will depend on your building supervisor and the shire. Overall build costs may be higher due to it being further away from Bunbury (and where lots of trades are based). We could do most things via the local office but had to go to bunbury for the big things (and majority of communication based from there too.) Just check where you build in busselton and what extras are needed. Ie do the sites have water, power, sewerage. Any covenants on the estate. Busselton has tons of new houses and a huge variety of site types. Those things add time to the build (and costs). If you have specifics ask?Hi Alicia Thanks for the answer. We live in Bunbury,so should not be an issue. There are no major covenants on the land. Is there any particular supervisor you were happy with WA COUNTRY BuildersWe built in Busselton with redink. After service was terrible and building supervisor was not on the ball. Wrong air con installed, lots of maintenance issues that arose after house was built, had major issues getting anyone to address them. Plastering in house must have been done by an apprentice and various other things I wasn't happy with the finish. On the plus side they kept to build time frame.

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