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Yokohama Geolandar AT GO15

Yokohama Geolandar AT GO15

4.8 from 10 reviews

I'm not tired of these tyres.

I bought the GO15's about 6 months ago because the GO12's had been such a great tyre and so far they've equaled my expectations. Good even tread wear. No worries on soft sand, gravel and rock. Feels stable on the wet stuff. Quiet enough on the bitumen, probably a tad louder than the GO12's but hardly an issue.
Haven't really tried them through mud because we just haven't had the rain.
Nice aggressive tread pattern. A meaty good looking tyre.
I got close on 100,000 kms with the GO12's so if I can get that on these I'll be a happy bloke.
Thumbs up for Yokohama.

Purchased in August 2018 for $235.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 8,000 km
Tyre Pressure Used40 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Yokohama Tyres & Bob Jane T-Mart Mackay

Although there are other Yokohama dealers in Mackay , Bob Jane was the ONLY business who took the time to provide 1st class customer service and a great price on Yokohama Geolandar A/T 245/70/16's from the first phone call to driving away the Mackay franchisee said he had the tyres in stock and they were on a Yokohama promo special til 31 Dec2018 and if I wanted them, said, he could supply and fit them while I wait.

Other dealers either didn't answer their phone or took my details and didn't call back.
I accepted Bob Janes tyre offer drove in to town had them fitted to a D-Max ( $182 each ) , I am extremely pleased with the Tyres made by Yokohama apparently they have a triple polymer, silica and orange oil technology blended into the tyre compound of the GO15's this makes them very quiet, grippy in the wet and long life, several days after having them fitted thats a pretty spot on description , they're definitely worth considering if you are in need of tyres for your 4x4 the aggressive shoulders of the tyre are good off road with a very comfortable drive and all with a warranty and follow up checks all included.

Check out the Yokohama youtube clips on the internet to learn more about these excellent tyres.
from Bob Janes

CarIsuzu D-Max 2015

Good choice for on and off-road driving

Can't comment on the overall durability of this tyre yet but our LT version in 265 70 17 have performed well on our 4WD in the wet and dry both on and off road. They grip extremely well and are not noisy at highway cruising speeds. A minor negative is that they tend to trap small stones in the tread grooves. I will be purchasing a matching set of these tyres for my off-road camper trailer.

Car2018 Isuzu MU-X

Excellent for both tarmac and gravel

Same as another reviewer, I got these as a 4 for price of 3 deal at Tyres & More, and have had them on for 3½ months of everyday driving. I will say lateral grip on wet tarmac isn't the same as a sports car tyre - I had BluEarth AE50's before these and the Geolandars are a bit more slippery at speed - but at normal pressure on gravel or mud and low pressure on sand, the grip is exactly what I expected from a tyre advertised as All Terrain. Road noise? Well, the're not as quiet as the BluEarths but heaps quieter than what I thought they'd be. Water clearance is very good also, although they will start to aquaplane just a little if you're trying to go too fast through big puddles on tarmac. I will buy the Geolandar AT G015 again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend them for similar vehicles to mine if you're looking to do a bit of driving on sand, in the mud or on unsealed roads.

Car2003 2GEN Subaru Outback

Great Tyre, poor supplier Bob Jayne Cairns.

I have just finished 80,000 km on a set, much on dirt and in low range fwd driving in remote areas about 15,000 towing our 2.5t van.
Awesome all round Tyre they never lost traction on wet bituman throughout thir life, they were excellent on the gravel as well.
They performed faultlessly on all surfaces sand and beach at 18psi as well.
I would definitely have used them again except the local dealer doesn't have them in stock and they are x Brisbane 5 working days. 245/75/16 too slow in delivery for a common size and our travel commitments.

Car2010 D Max LSU

Love the Road Hazard Warrenty

Fitted a set of these tyres mid 2017 just prior to a big trip to Cape York. They performed well with excellent traction even in some of the muddier conditions

Put a stick through the side of the sidewall the first week in and had it replaced free of charge under the Yokohama Road Hazard Warranty.

Car2010 Toyota Hilux SR Dual Cab

Perfect Tyre AA++

Was going to purchase bridgestones and was sold on Yokohama G015's 3 for one deal. I'm so glad that I did go with them as I found an instant difference when driving the car was smooth and very quite tyre.. - We went out on a rough dirt road and they handled amazingly. Super impressed. Yokohama were also doing a warranty offer and I ended up getting a screw in my tyre and they repaired the tyre for free.

CarToyota Prado 120 Series

245/70 16 early review

Have only had these a few months so an early review hopefully later can update this with a tyre wear report. Early impressions are very quiet on the road. Good grip in the wet, just returned from Fraser and they performed well in the sand. Bagged out very well and considering my old tired 2.7 hilux loaded up with heaps of camping gear I did not have any troubles going through Inskip and on Fraser compared to the many others getting bogged. Seem to be wearing well, no early signs of issues. Cons are I would have liked Light Truck in this size but Yokahama do not offer in this size I was told, the LT pattern is deeper tread and slightly larger blocks from what I have seen on You Tube. Also no white lettering in this size, not sure if this was dealer too lazy to get me white lettering or legit story. Haven't done any hardcore off road to give a legitimate review as an AT tyre but for my needs it seems to work. Main reason for initial purchase was the buy 3 get one free deal. I am not incredibly loyal when it comes to tyres so depending on what deals I can get when I am ready to buy again I am not sure I would buy again especially if I cant get in LT pattern and white lettering. I thought the fact that I didn't have white lettering this time would be not much of an issue but for my truck white lettering on the tyres is the highlight of the vehicle.
On a side note, before I purchased these tyres I had enquired online to yokohama au about the Light Truck tyre availability in this size and I never did get a response.

CarHilux 2001 2,7

Excellent quiet 4x4 road tyre.

My primary concern was to have a quiet tyre with low road harmonics but one which would still perform in the wet and dry and still manage some light offroading without getting chopped up.
I found the perfect tyre in these new Yokohama G015's.
I was astounded at how quiet and soft riding these are and they really grip like hell in the wet too!
I simply could not be happier with these tyres on my Pajero wagon - best I've ever experienced - brilliant!

Car2011 NT Pajero diesel 4x4.

Great All Terrain tyre

After conducting lots of research on what to replace the All Terrain tyres on our Prado we ended up with going with the Yokahana Geolanders A/T GO2015's. Reviews for its predecessor the GO2012 were good and apparently the GO2015 are better. Only done a few 100 kms on bitumen so far but there are very quiet and stuck to the road well when I had to brake hard to miss a kangaroo - so far so good

Car2012 Toyota Prado

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