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Date Purchased: Mar 2018

The best dehumidifier

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2018

Our problem was dampness in the storeroom of the apartment we recently moved into. The storeroom is quite large but it has no ventilation, it's just concrete floor and no windows and pretty quickly we noticed signs of mould forming on our stored items. After a Google search we decided on an Ausclimate machine and it's just brilliant. The customer support is excellent, friendly and informative and saved us a lot of time understanding the controls and getting the machine up and running. Highly recommended.

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Date Purchased: May 2018

Very happy

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 23, 2018

Had unit for a couple of weeks now and very happy with performance. Is a bit heavy to lug up and down stairs , so just bought a second ( large size ) for upstairs . I regret not getting one sooner. Service from Russel over the phone was excellent.

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Date Purchased: Mar 2018

This works! No more damp moldy rooms

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2018

After years of putting up with mold in Brisbane, we decided to try a dehumidifier after realising the only option left was to renovate and we just couldn't afford that or the fact it didn't hold any promises to fix the mold issues anyway. I called up Ausclimate to enquire about the machines after seeing so many fantastic online reviews compared to other brands. The receptionist arranged for Alan to call me within minutes. He spent about half an hour on the phone with me explaining which machine would be most suited and how it can help but also just gave me general advice on other things I can do to improve the mold and air flow in our home which was great. There were no pushy sales tactics at all and he listened intently to my concerns for our home. I mentioned the suburb I live in and by coincidence the manager lived not far, so the manager actually came out to my home within the hour to show me how to operate the machine for my particular home. He even left me with a trial machine overnight (no obligation) for me to see how I went. By the morning I could feel the air was amazing, the large shaggy carpet rug was nice and dry (cant remember the last time that happened) and the musty smells were gone. He explained once you do the deep drying in each room, then I can just run it on a maintenance schedule and it will keep the mold under control. We went with the larger Supreme NWT All Seasons 50L machine as we want to have it permanently on our downstairs level with all doors open and just run it every week when needed to draw out moisture through the rooms, rather than moving a smaller machine from room to room. We also got one of the temperature gauges which is really handy. The customer service from Ausclimate has been incredible. Both Alan and Russell are very customer focused and honest in their sales approach. We are happy customers and will certainly recommend to anyone that has mold or dampness issues in their home. So glad I went with this company.

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Worth every dollar

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 04, 2018

With our annual wet summer we finally started to do something about the mould downstairs, within a few hours we could start to see the difference, after a week the room was perfect, we use the humidity monitor in conjunction, and it really makes a difference, when the humidity goes up over 60% we flick on the dehumidifier and watch the levels come down. Recommend using the two together if you don't want the unit running 24/7.

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Date Purchased: May 2015

fantastic product, efficient and great customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 19, 2017

Great dehumidifier, works efficiently and has helped us keep ontop of any excess moisture problems we have had in the past due to wet weather and dampness. Customer service is exceptional and always easy to get a hold of customer service staff with any queries we have had. I can't recommend the product and company highly enough and have even bought an additional 2 machines for my parents and inlaws.

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Date Purchased: Mar 2017

It's Amazing

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 29, 2017

We had a damp smell in the house for a while. Did some reviews on dehumidifers and Ausclimate seemed to have good reviews.
Called them spoke to a very helpful lady who advised me what model would be best for our size house.
It arrived two days later. Great service,I really can't believe where all the water it collects comes from,it's amazing.
Very Very Happy with my Ausclimate

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: May 2016

I can't believe the difference within just the first few days

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 29, 2016

This Ausclimate machine has been a great solution to our household mold problems - living on the doorstep of a rainforest in Buderim.

After researching a few different brands i felt the Ausclimate was competitively priced for the size and function of machine in comparison.

It was easy to set up, straight from the box and it was surprising quieter than i had expected. The water bucket is really easy to empty (heavy when full), which i emptied several of in the first few days of running. I was also surprised by the amount of water it pulled from each room initially. The water was thrown over my garden to recycle it.
Just set the desired humidity level and the machine does all the work. It will stop automatically when water bucket is full too so great to run all day whilst at work and not have to worry about it.
Initially I used the machine in individual rooms/bedrooms with windows & doors shut - cupboards open and bedding stripped (amazed by the water drawn from each room so quickly). Once all rooms were done set in main living area and now only run maybe once a week / fortnight. I thoroughly cleaned all curtains & blinds - removing mold afterwards and 3 months on no return of mold at all in any room yet.

A great product at a great price with proven results for me.

Great product - Great Service - Great results. One happy customer here !

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this product are AMAZING

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 12, 2016

this dehumidifier works really well. i bought one for my daughter's room, due to lots of raining day recently, her bedding and lining always feeling cold and wet, when i start use this machine it drys up the room very quickly, i am super happy with this product, so i bought 2 more after, one for my basement (since its quite heavy to carry up and down), and one for my parents 's house (they live in rural area). love this machine, its powerful and you definitely get the result you are paying for.

the delivery are fast, and excellent customer service!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

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I would have left this rainy town without it

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2016

We live in the town of the golden gumboot and this dehumidifier literally stopped me from packing my bags and moving back to sunshine. We have received and enjoyed a product that works so well. It keeps the air dry enough to save our leather shoes, stop mould from growing on surfaces, prevent a musty smell on our clothes and allows us to sleep in a dry bed on days when humidity is so high that our sheets become damp. After 2 years of faultless work, our first dehumidifier from Ausclimate developed a leak. In response to the fault, we received the BEST customer service we have ever received from any company ever and now, as the rain falls outside, our dehumidifier is working to keep the house dry and maintain our sanity!! (If you have never lived in a place where it can rain for 3 months without a sunny day, you won't understand that last comment.

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Loved my Large so much bought a Supreme as well!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 02, 2016

Basically this machine is everything I said about the 35 large but bigger and more powerful with a few added commercial like features and extra electronics. Please excuse me cutting and pasting most of my other review but my comments apply to both. One thing I did forget is that both machines cut out when the tank is full so flooding is not an issue. Both can be connected with drain hoses too but the 50 litre is more substantial for this. I like emptying the tanks personally and gives me an indication of how much moisture I am pulling out.

Have lived in Qld 16 years and been battling mould for same. Leather shoes and bags going mouldy, clothes musty, breathing problems and feeling unwell. Despite using ceiling fans to move air and opening windows and having fresh air and breezes mould and mustiness has been an ongoing problem. We have lived in Maleny the last 2 years. Great air flow breezes and north facing BUT the level of humidity here is astounding. It can be 99% when it is not even raining and the temperature feels coolish. When we first bought the house we pulled all the carpets up bcos of the smell and then sealed all the subfloors as well and put new carpet down. I bought the 35 litre large with the help of Russell from ausclimate with a view to budget and performance. I was trying that very day to buy a 20 litre one from another company for the SAME price as the 35 and only stumbled upon ausclimate when the other supplier did not answer their phone. Lucky me!! I am so impressed. Due to the high humidity here I had to run it longer for the deep dry but it pulled out litres and litres of water from mattress, carpet, underlay, wardrobes and even timber in the walls. There are clear instructions on how to get the best out of the machine and Russell is quick to answer any further queries. I was amazed at the water coming out. I stopped measuring after 12 litres in each room. No wonder the wardrobe contents were getting musty. With the door closed to the rooms I did not hear the machine. I did all the bedrooms and the 35 large would have been fine for the living areas but as I was so impressed I decided to buy a larger one too and use them in tandem. Russell gave me a great deal. Mould attacks the immune system and is really unhealthy. I wish I knew about these years ago they are cheaper to run than air conditioners and do a much better job.

The 50 like the 35 is on wheels for mobility. The wheels are very good and I find it very manageable despite its size. It is easy to operate. Another advantage is that on a really humid day when the washing is still damp you can dry your washing while you are drying a room comes out fresh and dry in a few hours. Mould is a frequent conversation point in Queensland and I have to precursor my raves about the dehumidifier with the fact that I am neither on commission nor a salesperson for ausclimate. Just when something is this good and has the capacity to improve health it is worth sharing. Ausclimate service is also above and beyond so a great package. I was despairing over mould and mustiness and worried over health but now feel very relieved to have this product. I got a discount on the 50 litre supreme because I had bought two units in total including the large but even at full price they are well worth it. Also the temperature and humidity gauges are great. We sit one inside and one outside and it lets us know when to open and close windows.

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Should've made this purchase a long time ago...

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 30, 2013

I live on the Gold Coast hinterland where often the humidity exceeds 70, even 80%. Because of that things around the house has been constantly molding, electronics never lasted very long and overall the whole house felt very dump. It is only couple months ago that I have thought about buying an electronic dehumidifier. The only problem was that my living room combined with the dining area take a very large space. Having very high ceiling didn't help neither.
I went to all the major shops around but none had a dehumidifier large and powerful enough that could handle this size of a room. And the once that did have one, the price was astronomically high. Luckily after some research I have found the site. I tried to look up some reviews on this site on google but couldn't find any. Nonetheless, after few email exchanges and phone calls where the people of AusClimate were very helpful and informative I went and ordered the NWT Supreme dehumidifier. It arrived very quickly. But it was only after I started using it that I got very pleasantly surprised. I could not imagine anything being that powerful for that price. That thing is truly a beast). It has been couple months now and I could not have been happier. The house feels fresh, there is no mold, no feeling of dampness. And after drying out each room couple times they seem to hold the low humidity for quite a long time before I would even have to repeat the process.
The kind people of Ausclimate have also called me to check up on me and how it is all going couple times since then which is very nice and most importantly rare to see at this day of age, where companies only try to sell You their products and once they have your money they hide from you like a mouse from a cat.
So if you have a problem with mold or over all high humidity in the air. Don't hesitate to contact ausclimate. At least I wish I did a long time ago and saved my self years of troubles caused by high humidity.

+ Power, quality, ease of use....

- none really

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Questions & Answers

are there any dehumidifiers which have a permanent drain?

Dave asked on Dec 08, 2017

Answer this

Hi Dave, Most of Ausclimate's dehumidifiers have the option of emptying collected water via water tank or alternatively drain hose. Using the drain hose can be handy if you are away from the house and want the home dried over extended periods of time.
In the case of the Ausclimate Supreme All Season 50L, it has 2 drain hose options.
One drain hose allows the water to drain downward away from the machine to floor outlet, shower, etc (1 metre drain hose provided). Another hose option is the 'pump' drain hose (5 metre drain hose provided), which pumps the water upward to other more convenient outlets.
And yes, you can use the drain hose as a permanent option - no more emptying the water tank !!

We are living next to the sea .Therefore the humidity is very high.We like to open the doors ,let the seabreeze in ....Would the dehumidifier still works circumstances like these ? Regards

Mari asked on Jan 09, 2017

Answer this

Hi mari I would think so. Rooms would need to be shut off individually initially though to draw out current moisture first. I really only run mine in open area now for a day or two per month. I did every room separately first and was surprised by the amount of water. We live in QLD next to a rainforest so humidity also high here. I've not fad any mould on anything since and it's been 18 months.

Hi Mari
It is possible to have the best of both worlds.
Firstly, we recommended to keep your doors closed while operating the dehumidifier otherwise it would continuously draw moisture from outside.
However, if you were planning to use a dehumidifier to stop moisture related problems such as mould, musty odours or general dampness then you dont need to operate your dehumidifier every day. Using it once a week or so could be enough to stop these problems therefore no worries leaving your doors open to let the seabreeze in.
You can also visit our website for our operating tips: This is a handy guide on how to get the best use from your dehumidifier.
To further explain please don't hesitate to call me or one of our friendly team members at Ausclimate on 1800 122100
Kind regards

how much the 50L

sleepy asked on Dec 28, 2016

Answer this

I'm not sure, but Russel was very helpful to speak to (from the company)

Allan Bryan here from Ausclimate.
The Supreme All Seasons 50L dehumidifier retails for $995.00 however it is still on sale for $795.00 including free delivery.
If you require further information you can visit our website otherwise please call me direct on 0427 693273 or email:
Kind regards

Product Details

Price (RRP) $995
Tank Capacity 50L