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Verified Customer Build Location: New South Wales Office Location: NSW, Sydney - West (Penrith) Construction End Date: Dec 2016

"Perfect family home"

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 17, 2017

The Workmanship with our sommerset 400 home was done to a high standard. Any upgrade or modification was carried out exactly as we asked.

The management of our home was done in a professional manner. We were always informed and updated every step of the way.

The Customer service was excellent and nothing was ever a hassle.
I would highly recommend GJ Gardner Penrith.
( I would also like to add we have had several people knocking on our door asking who built our beautiful home).

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Gold Coast

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Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland Office Location: QLD, Gold Coast North Construction End Date: Jul 2017

Best builders on the Gold Coast!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 14, 2017

So we did it again!
After building our first home together last year with GJ Gardner Gold Coast, we were so happy with the experience we went back to them to build our investment property this year.
Smooth sailing the whole way.
Told Matty Dagg what we wanted and our budget and he went to work to make it happen. Working with all the ladies in the office, was always easy and well organized. Then there is our site supervisor Beau, he is the man! Best supervisor out. He had the house finished 5 weeks early for us. Now we can pack for our Europe adventure next month. Thanks again GJ Gardner Gold Coast for making the process so easy and stress free.

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G.J. Gardner Homes Official

Thanks so much for your glowing reviews Annie. We always love to hear people's experiences with our local builders and it's an absolute pleasure to have helped with your property. Have an amazing h... read more »

Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Office Location: VIC, Bendigo Construction End Date: Mar 2016

Thank you G.J. Gardner Bendigo!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 14, 2017

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Verified Customer Build Location: New South Wales Office Location: NSW, Batemans Bay Construction End Date: Feb 2017

They made it easy, and delivered.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 12, 2017

Initial contact was with Cathy from the sales team at Batemans Bay Show House.After inspecting the show house and seeing the numerous GJG designs we were offered a site meeting at our block for the following day. Here we met Luke & Cathy who went through the sequence of events from initial planning to occupation. Their flexibility with design details, their professionalism and willingness to spend time, both face to face and phone convinced us to select them to build our home. It was a decision we have never regretted. The build progressed t o schedule, and we received the keys within 10 days of the scheduled date despite many days lost through inclement weather.
Apart from a few paint issues (which were quickly rectified) the house was all had hoped it would be.
During construction we received weekly progress reports complete with photographs.
Access to the site whilst understandably restricted was arranged with reasonable frequency. The quality of finish was first class and it was a pleasure to meet with tradies on scheduled visits, especially the tiling which has been constantly mentioned by friends visiting.
The few minor issues which have showed post occupation have been promptly dealt with by Dave and his team, most post occupancy problems have been faults in equipment supplied and not workmanship issues.
In summary we would have no hesitation in recommending GJ Gardner Batemans Bay to anybody wanting a quality home.

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Verified Customer Build Location: New South Wales Office Location: NSW, Sydney - West (Penrith) Construction End Date: Mar 2016

Wonderful experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 11, 2017

We built our first home, and have to say that we were nervous, after hearing nightmare stories from others! GJ Gardener at Penrith were amazing. They took us through the whole process, from design to interior colours. Louise and Kate are both professional in their communication, and in person. We would not hesitate to recommend them. We had a few issues with painting etc, but nothing major. These were all corrected in a timely manner. Thank you again.

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Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland Office Location: QLD, Fraser Coast / Bundaberg Construction End Date: Apr 2017

Made our dream house a reality

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 09, 2017

We can't say enough of how happy we are of our house we have to pinch ourselves everyday. Everyone involved Jodie, Michelle, Lewis and owners Col and Lyn were amazing to deal with.
The build was carried it out hassle free and finished to a very high standard from all the tradesmen they use.
We love showing people our house and recommending G.j gardner to everyone.

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G.J. Gardner Homes Official

Dear Phil, Thank you for your kind words and as you highlight in your review, it is the entire team at G.J. Gardner Fraser Coast that make us Australia’s most trusted builder. It was our absol... read more »

Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland Office Location: QLD, Gold Coast North Construction End Date: Jul 2017

We got our dream home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 09, 2017

Thank you for building our dream home. The GJ Gardner team we dealt with at Helensvale were amazing. Rachel in the office is a super start and was always happy to help me with my random questions. Beau our site manager was a complete champion. Everything was on time and we totally appreciated his eye for detail. We would absolutely build with them again

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Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland Office Location: QLD, Townsville Construction End Date: Apr 2017

Peace of mind

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2017

We found very few quality issues and all were minor paint issues. The construction supervisor, Craig was harder on the final inspection than we were and found way more minor corrections which he ensured were rectified. The build was easy and problem free as Michelle in the Townsville office kept us informed and she was very happy to guide us through the build plus ensured all issues were resolved.

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G.J. Gardner Homes Official

Hey Matt, thank you for your warm review - we are so happy to hear you're build was smooth. We hope you enjoy your new home!

Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland Office Location: QLD, Brisbane North & Bayside Construction End Date: Apr 2017

The House

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2017

We went to GJ Gardner after tangling with another builder...sat down with the Sales Rep Gavin, who was upfront and didn't embellish the capabilities of his company. Much appreciated.

Located a design we wanted and then assisted with the modifications.

Pricing of build and variations was fair

Quality of build is good, however would not recommend that painting contractor used for too much as quality of final finish is average in some areas

We were kept informed of all steps and invited to the property throughout the build

Would I build again is has nothing to do with the company and all to do with the council

Would I recommend GJ Gardiner....yes!

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G.J. Gardner Homes Official

Hi Dan, thanks for the honest and very insightful feedback. We're glad you enjoyed GJ Gardner's service and we hope you enjoy your new home.

Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Office Location: VIC, Ararat Construction End Date: Apr 2017

Loving our dream home!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2017

We have been in our new home now for just over three months, and couldn’t be happier. From the moment we stepped into the GJ Gardner office to our finished home we were taken on a great and exciting ride! Being our first build we were unsure what to expect. What we found was nothing short of pure professionalism. Ashley, Sally and the team made the process so easy, while going above and beyond to accommodate our needs. Variations and changes to our original plan were never a problem and the ability to be provided with a fixed price gave us piec e of mind throughout the build.
The staff were so friendly and helpful and always kept us up to date on how things were going. We really loved the weekly update phone calls, this gave us the opportunity to discuss where things were at and how the build was progressing. The finishes, quality and attention to detail inside and out are exceptional and really complement the home. We can’t thank the team at GJ Gardner Ararat, Horsham & Hamilton enough for building our dream home. Thinking of building a new home, definitely give the GJ Gardner office a call.

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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Office Location: VIC, Central Gippsland Construction End Date: Mar 2017

Helped me all the way through

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 27, 2017

GJ Gardner in Sale helped me from start to finish, explaining every aspect. Prices were fair, quality was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone. I was new to the building process so it was great to work with the same person all the way through. Once the build was complete they were quick to rectify any issues that arose on the properties.

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Cowes, VIC

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Selected review Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Office Location: VIC, Bass Coast / Phillip Island Construction End Date: Apr 2016

Highly Recommend GJ Gardner Homes (Phillip Island)

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 25, 2017

Short version:

We built with GJ Gardner homes at Phillip Island. The whole team at GJ Gardner was extremely helpful the entire way throughout the build of our house. Our site supervisor made sure everything ran smoothly, kept us up to date regularly and we ended up with a great quality house. There wasn't a super low price to lure us in, but instead we had a fixed price contract from the start for which we didn't have to pay a cent more. Our site costs were quite reasonable and we knew exactly how much everything was going to cost before we
signed the contract. The cost of extras were generally pretty reasonable and they were all quoted before we signed them off. There were no expensive surprises. At the end of the day, I think we got pretty good value for money. I would highly recommend GJ Gardner homes at Phillip Island.

- Good value for money.
- No hidden surprises or extra costs. (What you see is what you get!)
- Great house designs.
- Flexible, affordable options to make custom changes to house plans.
- Very friendly and helpful staff the whole way through the build.
- Excellent quality build.
- Eaves and colorbond roof was included as standard.

- A couple of minor internal fixing issues.
- Roofers forgot to remove fallen roofing screws from gutters.
- Alfresco ceiling height is lower than ideal. (We'll probably need to raise it which looks quite doable, as it was framed down to a lower height than the trusses to match the eave height).
- Towel rail in the en-suite is in an awkward position behind the door.

Long version:

We have been in our GJ Gardner home for over a year now and we're extremely happy it. The highlight of building with GJ Gardner was dealing with the staff. The whole team was extremely helpful throughout the entire building process (not just to the point of signing to build) and always on hand to help in any way they could. Although they were often very busy, we always felt like they had plenty of time to help us throughout the build. They were particularly helpful with accommodating various changes we wanted to make. Every effort was made to make sure we were happy with the house plans. Altering our kitchen to include more bench space was no problem, even though this required changing a window size, cabinetry, etc. Extending the alfresco was no trouble at all. We changed the sizes of several windows on the plan as well as having them all double glazed. We relocated the meter box away from the bedroom wall, relocated the hot water service, added some linen cupboards, added extra insulation, added cavity sliding doors, etc. None of this was any trouble and we were provided with fixed price quotes for the cost of each variation before we signed them off.

We particularly liked GJ Gardner homes because they include eaves as standard, and also colorbond roofing. Many other builders do not include eaves, and although we looked at other builders who seemed to have a more competitive price, by the time we added eaves and colorbond, GJ Gardner stood out as being pretty good value. The eaves are great, because in the height of summer, our north facing windows are 100% shaded, where as in winter we still have plenty of sunlight warming up the house. We did our best to face our living areas on the north side so we can make the most of the winter sun, and it works really well! I was surprised though, that nobody at GJ Gardner Homes mentioned anything to do with which way we should face our house when we were choosing our layout and where it would go on our block. No matter who you build with, thinking about the aspect of which way your house faces to make the most of the winter sun and block out the summer sun if possible, is really worth doing! Another thing we really liked about GJ Gardner homes, is that they have some fantastic house layout plans, which is one if the things that sold us in the end. We built the Pacific 208, and it has great use of space. It turned out as fantastic as we'd hoped.

Quality of Build:
Whichever builder you build with, the quality of the building is largely dependent on the tradies who actually build the house. Our site supervisor was not only fantastic with communicating with us and regularly meeting us at the house, but he was very knowledgeable and had extremely high expectations for the quality of the build. In other words, any little imperfections throughout the build were noticed and fixed promptly. I think having a great site supervisor is extremely important and makes the difference between a good house, and a great house. We ended up with the latter.

Slab: 10/10
Just after the slab was done, I measured the length, width and diagonals of the slab and it was absolutely perfect. I also measured the location of the slab on the block in relation to the boundary surveying pegs and it was correct to the plan within 1cm. Can't ask for better than that.

Frame: 10/10
At frame completion, our site supervisor went around to every wall stud in the house with a level to make sure it was perfect. I also happened to chat to the bricklayer when I went past one day who complimented the frame as one of the best he had seen, which made his job easier.

Bricks: 10/10
Outstanding job. Top quality job by the bricklayer. Couldn't be happier.

Roofing: 9/10
The colorbond roofing looks great.. The only thing I can fault here, is I discovered later on that they forgot to collect all the dropped roofing screws (quite a lot of them!) that ended up in the gutters, which would eventually cause the gutters to rust if not removed.

Insulation: 10/10
I had the opportunity to inspect the wall insulation prior to plastering and a thorough job was done. Same goes for the ceiling insulation.

Plastering: 10/10
An excellent job was done by the plasterers. It's realistically almost impossible to get an absolutely blemish free plastering job, as reflective light can sometimes show imperfections, however this is so minimal in our place, I can't fault anything here.

Bathroom and Kitchen tiling: 10/10
I'd be tempted to give 11/10 for the tiling job here. Whoever tiled our house did an exceptionally awesome job. REALLY REALLY good!

Plumbing: 10/10
Proper trenches were dug around the slab with PVC agi drainage covered by rocks to prevent moisture entering the slab. Clearly a top notch professional job was completed throughout the house too. The only issue we had was that both toilets had a valve fail after not long. GJ Gardner was helpful in getting us in touch with Reece Plumbing who sent a plumber out to replace the faulty valves free of charge.

Electrical: 10/10
The house was correctly split up in to multiple circuits so that there aren’t too many power points on the one circuit. The meter box was also clearly labelled with a diagram to show the exact path where the power main comes under ground from the street. I was glad of that when it came to digging holes for front yard retaining wall posts. A professional and faultless job was done here.

Fixing and Finish: 8/10
The whole house looks fantastic with the exception of one internal wall where the skirting board is not quite straight on a wall where there is a cavity sliding door. I only noticed this after we’d moved in, and decided it’d be too much hassle to ask for this to be fixed as it would have probably required removing plaster, lots of dust and also repainting. Also, some cupboard door handles had stripped out threads and came loose. GJ Gardner were happy to come and replace them. With the exception of a couple of minor things, we’re pretty happy overall with the fixings and finish.

Painting: 10/10
Our site supervisor noticed a few very small imperfections with the paint job and got the painter back to fix a few things. A very good job in the end from what I could tell.

Carpet: 10/10
Perfect carpet laying job. No worries at all.

Overall: 9.75/10
From an overall build quality perspective, We'd recommend building with GJ Gardner homes, Phillip Island.

James & Crystal Douglas
Cowes, VIC

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Verified Customer Build Location: Western Australia Office Location: WA, Perth West Construction End Date: May 2017

Our first home- thank you GJ Gardner Perth West

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 24, 2017

It was our first home and GJ Gardner makes the process very easy, from layout design, pre-start meeting, construction, to handover. GJ Gardner ensured we were kept will informed during every step of the build.
We contacted two other builders before GJ Gardner and end up choosing GJ because the price was very reasonable. And there were no hidden extras.
I wouldn’t say the process was hassle free, but they listened and solved together with us. Special thanks to MD, Dermot, who always pick up his phone and find solutions to meet our requests.
Admin staffs, Kathleen and Yvonne are excellent and helpful. Last but not least, our site supervisor, Andrew, who goes above and beyond in sorting out problems in good time. He also provides amazing service in dealing with the handover process of our new home. There were minor attention needed after the handover and they were resolved promptly. Extremely happy with the high priority given by GJ Gardner over the handover process.
The very first time I stepped into the house, I couldn’t resist it but love every corner of the new two-storey house. Guess it’s because it has been built to exactly our specification :)

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G.J. Gardner Homes Official

Hi Caroline! Thanks so much for your review. We're so pleased you love your new home, and thanks for building with Dermot and the G.J. Gardner Perth West team.

James Leggott
Marketing Manager WA


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Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland Office Location: QLD, Brisbane North & Bayside Construction End Date: Jun 2017

Unprofessional and untrustworthy

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2017

This sums up my experience with GJ Gardner:

*They took 7 weeks to complete the initial plans and revised sales estimate after claiming that it would take 2-3 weeks.
*In the meantime they'd sited the building too close to the front boundary (in spite of my initial discussion with the salesman about achieving compliance with the Small Lot Code) and had spent time redrafting.
*The salesman initially proposed a site works arrangement that involved a piered slab supported at the perimeter on blockwork retaining, but the revised sales estimate r
everted to a cut/fill arrangement with boundary retaining walls (despite our initial discussion that we weren't interested in such an arrangement).
*The salesman attempted outright deception by claiming that the price hadn't changed, even though the newly included boundary retaining was excluded from their revised estimate (i.e. the total build cost for me had actually increased by ~$25k).
*The salesman stated that he'd previously had all detailed costings checked by "the office", but the Sales Manager claimed to not know the details despite telling me that it was only himself and the Managing Director working behind the scenes.
*After we agreed to proceed on the basis of an additional $20k cost to have the site arrangements that we were originally told we'd get, the franchise cut off all communication with me. I was told that I would be provided with a revised estimate on 16 June - more than a month later, I'm yet to receive that or have any of my calls or emails returned.

In addition to the $1.5k preliminary deposit, the 3 months of my time that this company wasted cost me in the order of $5k of lost rent.

If this sounds like the way you'd like to be treated by a company that purports to be a professional organisation, then go right ahead...

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G.J. Gardner Homes Official

Hi there, sorry to hear your experience - let us get in touch with the Brisbane North office to look into your issues. Deepest apologies.

Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Office Location: VIC, Bacchus Marsh Construction End Date: Jul 2017

GJ Gardner Bacchus Marsh - Very Happy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2017

I am building my first investment property and couldn't be happier with GJ Gardner! From the minute we contacted the Bacchus Marsh office the whole team has been accommodating and very friendly. We can't believe how fast everything has moved to get us to where we are now, the process has felt seamless and fun which we never expected when building a home. Stoked with our decision!

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Office Location: VIC, Bacchus Marsh Construction End Date: Jun 2017

The GJ Gardner Bacchus Marsh Crew made our dream come true!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2017

From the moment we contacted GJ Gardner “in the Marsh” it just felt right.

Our initial contact with Dave was awesome. By the end of the day we had everything we asked for, which definitely encouraged us to move forward, with an excellent vibe, instead of wondering if we were being considered as a genuine prospect or worse, just another enquiry, by most of the other volume builders we’d approached previously.

Being in sales ourselves, it’s fantastic to experience what great customer service is like and being treated like a human not a num
ber. So refreshing.
With Dave it’s the little garnishes that make all the difference, with an eagles eye and the simple fact that he makes it fun without deviating from the true purpose. Just a top bloke, thanks mate!

When it comes to the normally perceived boring but vitally important admin aspects, Caitlin our colour consultant is like having a relaxing cup of tea, just nice and calm, though unassumingly reassuring. Don’t know how she does it, being as busy as she is, nevertheless she delivers every time and like Dave has put up with many of our indecisions. Thanks Caitlin.

We feel we can ask the crew at GJ Gardner anything anytime and not feel boxed in, it is our dream after all and we want to achieve an outcome we absolutely love without compromise.
Hence to say that with GJ Gardner, we now know that we won’t end up with a “cookie cutter design” but instead a unique place that reflects our personal tastes, practical requirements and lifestyle, a place we can truly call our home.

The great thing is that GJ Gardner let us modify the floorplan to achieve what we needed and wanted but couldn’t anywhere else, without the hassle of going down the owner builder route and we achieved it within our budget.
It's basically our own custom floorpan which originated from one of GJ Gardners massive range of already available floorplans.
We are so grateful for them allowing us to do what others wouldn't and this is a massive point of difference.

To be able to meet our builder Ben and have his professional input and guidance is also fantastic and invaluable, which made us feel really involved and of great consideration to the value of the business. You just don’t get that from the volume builders, no matter what.
Thanks Ben.

In addition our site supervisor Shane is as down to earth as they get and it has been a pleasure communicating with him. It's great hearing his perspective on our ideas which has further enhanced our experience.
Thanks Shane.

Overall GJ Gardner Bacchus Marsh have made our journey just as exciting as the anticipated outcome and we just can’t believe we’ve wasted so much time elsewhere.
Thank you to the entire crew for making us feel at home (pun intended) with one of the most important purchase decisions of our lives.
Dreams do come true.

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Verified Customer Build Location: New South Wales Office Location: NSW, Shoalhaven Construction End Date: Mar 2017

Shoalhaven GJ Gardner "a must read review from concept to post construction"

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 14, 2017

We delayed submitting a review intentionally so as to capture the entire process. The experience of building a home doesn't end at the handover. The decision to build can also be stressful but this was not the case for us thanks to the efforts of the team at GJ Shoalhaven. From the outset they were professional, efficient and insightful with their design ideas, feedback and suggestions. Staff were patient and not afraid to point out alternative options, potential problems and relate past experiences. The construction and feedback during that stage of the build was greatly appreciated, timely and accurate. Trades selection was clearly a priority for the company as we are entirely happy with the workmanship of the end product. Post construction issues were minor and quickly attended. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this local company. The marketing of their product is 100% accurate; locals who care. The build co-incided with end of year and significant weather events. Regardless the company were able to meet the original estimated timeframe for construction completion, without shortcuts and more importantly within budget. This award winning company are clearly committed to their business ethics and clients. There is obvious and genuine enjoyment in what they do as a team and this is reflective of the number of people that build in this area with GJ. At the risk of upsetting anyone, a big thank you to Nathan, Sean, Jason, Mel and Evan. Your professionalism, communication and understanding of our needs was greatly appreciated. We are now the proud owners of our "show stopping" quality GJ home.

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G.J. Gardner Homes Official

Hi Tony, thanks so much for your review. Nathan, Sean and the whole GJ Gardner Shoalhaven team are incredible and we're so glad you got to experience that. Thanks for building with GJ Gardner and e... read more »

Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland Office Location: QLD, Gold Coast North Construction End Date: May 2017

Just love our new home ❤️

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2017

Right from meeting our salesperson Mat Dagg we knew we were dealing with the right company. What a great frontman, so personable, helpful and an absolute gentleman.
Mat made our building and design experience enjoyable.
We dealt with Ashlee at Head Office and she was just lovely.
Beau was our site manager and again a lovely guy who treated us well.
I do feel that some of the tradespeople that were used let us down at times. But if we weren't happy with something Beau did his best to correct it.
I am extremely fussy and have had 6 homes built so I do expect perfection but sometimes it wasn't there.
We love ❤️ our new home and we love GJ Gardner.
Thank you to everyone who made our dream come true.

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Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland Office Location: QLD, Gold Coast North Construction End Date: Jul 2017

Our Dream First Home - Thank You GJ Gardner Gold Coast North!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2017

Being first time home owners we naturally wanted the best...and WOW...GJ Gardner Gold Coast North exceeded our expectations!! The level of customer service and engagement we received from Rebecca and Amy at the front Desk, to the Franchise Owners Dave & Trish, was GOLD CLASS! We went in to the building world with no experience what so ever...all we had was our budget and we needed to meet it. After several weekends of checking out all of the builders display homes, it was very evident that GJ Gardner was the builder for us! We had already purch ased our "dream block", however what we didn't know was the block that we purchased had some challenging aspects with a high BAL29 fire rating, and a restrictive building envelope. We went through several plans with different project builders, and none would make any changes other than "deleting a wall here" , "deleting a door there".. After sitting down with GJ Gardner, we found the perfect plan to use as a base (Bedarra 233) - we then, along with the sales consultant modified the plan extensively to fit our building envelope perfectly, and made some internal floor plan changes to create our "Perfect Home".

After finalising our floor plans and signing the contract we couldn't be more excited to start building...We begun with the colour selection. We were so indecisive, however, with Cathy's experience and helpful advice we came up with the "Perfect Colours" and also upgraded some small things within our budget - mainly the 1m wide kitchen bench top with waterfall ends. (Keep in mind, the "Standard Inclusions" were most builders "Upgrades"). It must be said... Rachel has a lot of Patience!!! :) Nothing was too hard for Rachel to quote, change, or make variations with. We then proceeded in choosing tiles, carpet and finally cabinetry at German Craft - All of which was a very enjoyable experience.

Finally, after getting our finances with the bank together, we received the Letter of Commencement and the build begun - Not even Cyclone Debbie could hold us up! The Slab went down and we met with our building supervisor, Adam, who was the ultimate professional and stepped us through the initial stages. At frame stage we didn't notice a square set column in our hallway entrance that was on our signed plan, however after informing the supervisor that we didn't like it, the next day the column was removed without hassle. Unfortunately Adam changed career paths, however in a seamless transition we were then assigned Ben, who like Adam, was very professional, understanding and helpful in completing the build. Ben's phone was always on, and any concerns or questions we had were always answered/rectified. At each stage we were kept well informed and up to date, and any minor changes that we wanted to make were made without any pushback. Obviously, as with all new builds and with many trades coming in and out, small defects can appear, but this was all rectified well before handover stage. The build was completed in a timely manner, and well within contract time. The quality of home built is simply exceptional, from the soft closing cabinetry to the finish of the render...we couldn't ask for a more perfect home! Most people say after building..."We would have done this differently, we would have done that differently" ...We wouldn't change a thing!! Everything was perfect.

Would we build with GJ Gardner Gold Coast North Again?? Absolutely!!

If you want a builder who is flexible with floor plans, great value for money and delivers a quality home...go have a chat with the guys at GJ Gardner Gold Coast!

Thank you.

Ryan & Krystal

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Verified Customer Build Location: New South Wales Office Location: NSW, Sydney - North West (Dural) Construction End Date: Dec 2016

Nice Builder

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2017

The biggest anxiety for anyone who wants to build a nice house is getting a good builder. This is particularly important when building a custom designed house. For us, we wanted a builder who is flexible, have the patience to listen to us and make changes during planning and construction, have transparent costing and the availability to meet us whenever we wanted.
We are fortunate to have GJ Gardener Dural (Norwest Sydney) to build our home. The principals of the team (Alex and Alfie) are very professional, had the patience to listen and make
necessary changes, were upfront in costing and always met us whenever we wanted. The entire team was paying close attention through the construction phase. All paperwork was handled in efficient and well explained way. End result is we got good quality construction without major hiccup or delay. Of course, good quality work costs a little more, but it is money well spent.
As in all building projects, there is always something could be done better. I wish GJ Gardner be able to find better tradesmen for electrical, plumbing and painting work. But again we built when Sydney is going through construction boom, so it is hard to get better of everything in time. Overall, we are happy to recommend GJ Gardener Dural to anyone who wants to build a good quality house hassle free.

Was this review helpful? Yes

G.J. Gardner Homes Official

Hi Hite, Thanks so much for your review. Building in Sydney is always a challenge but we're glad we have been able to make your build as stress-free as possible. Enjoy your new home and thanks ... read more »

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Questions & Answers

What is the minimum cost of Building the edgwater 186? Not including land

Leroy asked on Aug 16, 2017

Answer this

Hi Leroy
Thanks for your inquiry. Building cost do vary across the country so if you could give a bit more information on where your going to build this will help us respond with more relevant information.

Look forward to hearing back from you.


What is the role of a site supervisor? Is it quality control? Check workmanship each stage? Cheers Tony

Tony asked on Aug 07, 2017

Answer this

He controls the build from start to finish. We had walk thrus with him at different stages and he was our point of contact if there were any question

Hi Tony, great question. The supervisors role is a fun one as you have to be both a policeman and a customer service rep all in one.

On the policeman side they are co-ordinating trades and scheduling who is on site which days, making sure each supplier delivers their parts to site on time (not too soon to avoid theft, but on time so to not delay the trades), deal with any delays and reschedule the project timeline, co-ordinate al the site skips/toilets, ensure each trade is doing their full job to the right standards and not leaving a mess.

Then on the customer service side they are the main point of contact with clients throughout the build - providing updates on progress, escorting clients for site visits, dealing with any variations or changes to the original plan. Then once the client takes the keys to their beautiful new home, they then manage any maintenance and punch list items that require touching up or adjusting.

In smaller offices we have just the one supervisor, however in busier offices we may have several supervisors and other staff who assist with various parts of their role.

Hope that helps.

Best regards, Eddie

Has any one built a house with GJ Gardner in hunter Valley? I am looking to build a house and have looked at Metricon and Mcdonald Jones..I am after Hebel Steel Frame doble story house. Very hard to find a good builder you can trust...any advise?

Mike J asked on Aug 07, 2017

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