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Hoover Action Pets

Barrel Vacuum CleanersHoover Action Pets · includes 2 listings

3.7 from 102 reviews

This product was previously called the Hoover Action Powerhead.

Hoover Heritage 5210

Stick & Cordless Vacuum CleanersHoover Heritage 5210

3.7 from 88 reviews

Latest review: The Heritage Vacuum is the child I never had - the suction is so poor that after vacuuming I then walk around my apartment picking up after it. The opening of the vacuum is too wide so particles

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Hoover Eco Pets Turbo

Barrel Vacuum CleanersHoover Eco Pets Turbo

4.1 from 44 reviews

Latest review: Great suction does the job well. Not easy to clean and can not imagine cleaning it if I did not have a air compressor.Still very happy with it. Good value for the

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Hoover Gladiator Powerscrub Deluxe Carpet Shampooer

Carpet Shampooers & SteamersHoover Gladiator Powerscrub Deluxe Carpet Shampooer

4.7 from 19 reviews

Latest review: Hi ! Global Grandad Max here again from NZ! Bought the Hoover Gladiator machine ! Best thing I ever did after the Hoover vac I bought !!! ( see vac review). Well the carpet shampoo machine comes

Hoover Pets Bagless JVC8008

Barrel Vacuum CleanersHoover Pets Bagless JVC8008

3.7 from 56 reviews

Latest review: The vacuum is good takes a while to fill up, and having a house with 2 dogs it’s perfect for cleaning up there hair and mess! Would definitely recommend to others who have pets or dogs But wouldn’t p

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Hoover Tornado VCM43B1

Barrel Vacuum CleanersHoover Tornado VCM43B1

3.6 from 41 reviews

Latest review: Only after using it for less than 3 months the suction level drops. Cleaned many times, nothing helps. This vacuum frustrates enormously. Vacuums back from the 80s were much bother. The Hoover

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Hoover 5013PH Dog and Cat T4008

Barrel Vacuum CleanersHoover 5013PH Dog and Cat T4008

3.2 from 101 reviews

Latest review: Until I bought this https://www.godfreys.com.au/hoover-dog-cat-turbo-bagless-vacuum-cleaner-1 I had a Dyson for probably 16 years, and new had a problem, but sadly it died, and I bought this

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Hoover Ultra Light

Stick & Cordless Vacuum CleanersHoover Ultra Light

3.1 from 97 reviews

Latest review: This was ok for few months then battery constantly need recharging after doing a few rooms. I went to the expense of purchasing a new battery which was a waste of money . The cleaner would suck up

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Hoover Allergy

Barrel Vacuum CleanersHoover Allergy · includes 2 listings

3.5 from 33 reviews

Latest review: I have bought many other machines, this one by far exceeded my expectations. I bought the additional bagless attachment which proves how well this machine works. I am a clean freak and the dirt and

Hoover Ultra Light Stick 18V

Handheld Vacuum CleanersHoover Ultra Light Stick 18V

4.3 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Bought the Ultralight for my wife for Xmas 2016. Has turned out to be next to useless. I could suck up better through a straw. If it wasn't for the spinning brush on the end of of the "stick" it

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Hoover Ultra Power 21.6V 2-in-1 StickVac

Stick & Cordless Vacuum Cleaners and Handheld Vacuum CleanersHoover Ultra Power 21.6V 2-in-1 StickVac

3.0 from 60 reviews

Latest review: Agree with details of negative reviews here. Suction power was always questionable, and in less than 2 yrs, battery lifespan went down to 5 min, and quickly thereafter nothing. Was only told

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Hoover Dual Steam Plus

Steam Mops & Hard Floor CleanersHoover Dual Steam Plus

3.4 from 26 reviews

Latest review: I've just bought it 2 days ago and have read the instruction booklet cover to cover and it clearly states in 3 different sections that if you use non Hoover detergent the warranty is instantly null

Hoover HandiVac 14.4V Wet and Dry

Handheld Vacuum CleanersHoover HandiVac 14.4V Wet and Dry · includes 2 listings

3.0 from 44 reviews

Latest review: Bought for smaller areas with tiled floors bathroom, toilet & kitchen. Initially liked this for its size & simplicity great to grab & clean up multiple strands of hair especially in bathroom

Hoover Smart R1 T4012

Barrel Vacuum CleanersHoover Smart R1 T4012

2.7 from 76 reviews

Latest review: I bought this vacuum from Godfreys and can't believe they sell this product with a straight face. Hopeless, no suction on any surface, never will buy a hoover again, absolute

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Hoover Steamy Wonder 3630

Steam Mops & Hard Floor CleanersHoover Steamy Wonder 3630

3.1 from 27 reviews

Latest review: Cleans my large tile floor area with ease Leaves the floor shiny and lovely underfoot I vacuum first but this picks up a lot of hidden dirt afterwards that you didn't even know was there The sales

Hoover 18V Pets Plus Handivac CH965

Handheld Vacuum CleanersHoover 18V Pets Plus Handivac CH965

3.5 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Battery lasted exactly 12 months. Wouldn't ever buy another one. Did everything by the instructions, but didn't help. Suction is good and tools adequate, but not worth buying becayyse of the

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Hoover Vibra Brush Carpet Shampooer 5481

Carpet Shampooers & SteamersHoover Vibra Brush Carpet Shampooer 5481

3.7 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Machine has a vibrating scrubber brush, a vacuum section and a solution sprayer. You hold the spray button, which sprays a solution and slowly pull the machine backwards. which allows solution to

Hoover Quickstick Handstick

Stick & Cordless Vacuum CleanersHoover Quickstick Handstick

3.9 from 10 reviews

Latest review: I purchased the Quick Stick to do my tiles.....had it for 18 months no abused or mis used cleaned regularly and maintained.....stopped out of the blue....took it back to GODFREYS...to be told it had

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Hoover Ultra Performer ZL1306

Stick & Cordless Vacuum CleanersHoover Ultra Performer ZL1306

2.5 from 33 reviews

Latest review: like others worked well for 2 years minimal work now battery will not charge , expensive to replace worked well very disappointed about the battery was promoted a long lasting

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Hoover Zenith Handstick

Stick & Cordless Vacuum CleanersHoover Zenith Handstick

3.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: It worked well at first and after 12 months started to have issues. The red indicator light comes on, then you charge it, appears fine and then it stops working after one minute or so. I spoke

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