Arnott's Crackers & Crispbread

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Arnott's Salada

Latest review: Also a Salada lover since younger days, but why now is so much salt used? The surface of the cracker is smothered in it. Too much salt to ruin any topping. I thought previously it was a bad batch but

Arnott's Cheds

Latest review: Bought I packet. No cheese flavour. I thought I would give them another chance as I normally love them. Different supermarket same bland cheese less taste. That’s it. No m

Arnott's Vita-Weat

Latest review: Like other reviewers here I'm a Arnotts Vita Weat long term patron (was). In the early days, we'd sit around with butter and vegemite squeezing the black and white goo thru the little holes. Holes

Arnott's Sao

Latest review: We sit down after a days work and enjoy a dip spread on a Sao biscuit. So easy to use so tasty so crispy. Very good value compared to other products in the biscuit

Arnott's Country Cheese

Latest review: Why would you take a perfectly good biscuit and make it that thin it becomes nothing but a cheap piece of crumbly tasteless yellow crap now. Bad move

Arnott's Cruskits

Latest review: Not only are they smaller...but more compressed, resulting in chalky texture and bland flavour. Very disappointed as this is an item we bought weekly.....will seek out an alternative now. What is the

Arnott's Cheeseboard

Latest review: A fantastic selection of crackers to suit the whole family and perfect to have when entertaining guests. It includes everyone's favourite varieties so nobody has to miss out. Includes the traditional

Arnott's Jatz

Latest review: Love the cracked pepper Jatz, perfect with cheese. Find that now a packet easily fits into container, with room to spare. Previously it was a tight squeeze. Another case of less product - same