Arnott's Flavoured Snacks & Biscuits

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Arnott's Tim Tam

Latest review: ok, so. you want to try tim tams. listen to me. ik the go to is the orginal. dont have them. have the white flavour, its better. better then the other flavours. trust me. have the white

Arnott's Vegemite & Cheese Shapes

Latest review: Enjoy these crackers so much due to the flavour, that I eat a whole packet in one session. They are now a treat that I enjoy about once a

Arnott's Creams

Latest review: Arnott's creams have been around for so long that each flavour needs protection status.. like a heritage listing perhaps.. the Orange Cream may not be (dunked in) everyone's cup of tea but I am a

Arnott's Plains

Latest review: I agree. The recipe has changed, not sure when. The Arnotts milk coffee biscuits are paler, smaller and just plain bland. I hadn’t purchased them for a long time, will not be buying a

Arnott's Shapes

Latest review: Roast Chicken shapes discontinued? You must be joking - a brilliant flavour and the best Arnotts product in years. Please resume production immediately (and get some to New Zealand by urgent

Arnott's TeeVee

Latest review: I buy the shapes monthly sometimes fortnightly, a favourite of mine, however sizes and box quantity change often, so i check for the taste and value. Woolworths know i purchase as it always on my

Arnott's Shapes Sensation

Latest review: Remember as a kid putting a burnt match head in your mouth? well that is the flavour of these shapes! seriously, like licking an ashtray! the biscuits are okay but how did this flavour get passed is

Arnott's Tiny Teddy

Latest review: Packaging has changed to a box. Each pack is now 21g, originally 25g. Price has also increased, so value for money has