Arnott's Flavoured Snacks & Biscuits

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Arnott's Tim Tam

Latest review: These are delicious and got them on sale for two dollars fifty which is a bonus. Dip them in coffee and suck. It's great love the caramel centered ones

Arnott's Creams

Latest review: Arnott's creams have been around for so long that each flavour needs protection status.. like a heritage listing perhaps.. the Orange Cream may not be (dunked in) everyone's cup of tea but I am a

Arnott's Plains

Latest review: These cookies are just not natural and taste way too chemical. I do not understand how they manage to sell Arnotts in almost every store. Coming from Europe, there are so many way better options

Arnott's Shapes

Latest review: The tagline is “Flavour you can see”. Just opened a box, no, you can’t see the flavour. Or taste it. Sadly the biscuit texture has also changed in the past 2 months. The changes they’ve made will hel

Arnott's Vegemite & Cheese Shapes

Latest review: When the original barbecue shapes were modified that ended my love affair with Shapes. But having tried Vegemite & Cheese shapes countless boxes have been consumed. Keep them coming unchanged

Arnott's TeeVee

Latest review: I buy the shapes monthly sometimes fortnightly, a favourite of mine, however sizes and box quantity change often, so i check for the taste and value. Woolworths know i purchase as it always on my

Arnott's Shapes Sensation

Latest review: Remember as a kid putting a burnt match head in your mouth? well that is the flavour of these shapes! seriously, like licking an ashtray! the biscuits are okay but how did this flavour get passed is

Arnott's Tiny Teddy

Latest review: Packaging has changed to a box. Each pack is now 21g, originally 25g. Price has also increased, so value for money has