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Ajitas Vege Chips
Latest review: Ignoring the fact that these chips are not a health food, it ticks ALL the boxes for a crisp binge. Great taste, gluten free, made in Australia and no animal cruelty! Love

Kavli Crispy Thin
Latest review: I did just read that you cannot buy these anymore, WHY NOT. Last time I bought them was at IGA, I LOOK FOR THEM EVEEY SUPERMARKET I Go TO?.. Dennis Walter even discusses these a few weeks ago, said

Toobs Tasty
Latest review: Please Bring back Toobs,they were the best, Australia's tastiest snack,even if they did tear your mouth apart. Yum yum

Cheezels Cheese
Latest review: Love the boxed size cheezels, so decided to buy the bigger value pack in a packet. Hardly yummy cheesy flavour & way too

Tyrrell's Chips
Latest review: Everyone needs to know about these chips they taste so different to any other packet crisps......they taste real!! I eat way to many of these because they are

Aussie Bodies HPLC Bar
Latest review: High protein / low carb bar which i find to be decent enough for my purposes. I pick up a few when doing my groceries or groceries for my mother. I gave this a 4 as they are pricey at $5 ($4 when on

Majans Bhuja Original Mix
Latest review: All Bhuja snacks are delicious and flavoursome and great for gluten free eaters. I love them all and it's too hard to choose the best one. They all are

Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices
Latest review: I agree with other reviews that "something is not right" with this product. They always taste like chemical, bad, man made chemical ! I understand production methods and I think it comes from the

Aussie Bodies Protein FX Lo Carb
Latest review: Awsowme quick snack,specially if you Have a Nut allergy like myself this is a great protien replacment. Nice taste aswell. Highly

Kettle Potato
Latest review: I have been purchasing the individual "5 bag" packet kettle plain chips for years now but unfortunately more often than not, i get at least one to two bags stale and recently the whole 5 bags were

Red Rock Deli Potato
Latest review: Hands down best potato chips ever made! The sea salt and vinigarette is the best flavour in the world,

Grain Wave Wholegrain
Latest review: Sweet chilli grain waves I just purchased have no flavour at all. Very disappointed. This is the second time. I wont be purchasing anymore nore will I be promoting them to any friends or with the

Arnott's Tim Tam
Latest review: I must say I'm like everyone else that loves Tim Tams but I think I've been put off them for for a while due to bite into a Tim Tam and it's instead biting into plastic was not a good

Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars
Latest review: The taste is smooth and cocoa-y. Very pleasant and not too sweet. There’s no bitterness and it’s a perfect consistency - not too soft or hard. I have tried all the Lindt dark flavours and I’m very pic

Tasti Nut Bars
Latest review: I have been buying the Yoghurt and Fruit nut bars for several months now but today I was eating one and discovered it had small fragments of metal or stone in it. I opened another one and found this

Quest Bars
Latest review: The taste of the Choc Chip Cookie Dough is so sickly-sweet that it makes me gag and has a nasty after-taste that lingers for way too long after being consumed. I purchased a 12-pack on sale and

Nice & Natural Nut Bars
Latest review: Grabbed a box of choc Cashew that were on special $2 pack. There was no cashew at all on my bars, only peanuts! I wish I had the original box to take it back. Disappointed and will not buy or

Abe's Bagel Crisp
Latest review: Having purchased a beautiful Tassie blue brie cheese and then a packet of Abe's Bagel Crisps, to eat in remote part of West Coast, I am so disappointed to find I got a packet (half full at that) of

Uncle Tobys Le Snak
Latest review: I always carry these for morning tea at work but was very disappointed at the last purchase when the whole box of biscuits were stale. When only purchased 2 days before at woolies

Sweet William Dairy Free Original
Latest review: Errgh. This chocolate could be good if it weren't for the stevia. The maltitol alone should suffice as a sugar substitute but the disagreeable aftertaste of stevia just ruins the product. My kids

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