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Ajitas Vege Chips

Latest review: Ignoring the fact that these chips are not a health food, it ticks ALL the boxes for a crisp binge. Great taste, gluten free, made in Australia and no animal cruelty! Love

Kavli Crispy Thin

Latest review: I did just read that you cannot buy these anymore, WHY NOT. Last time I bought them was at IGA, I LOOK FOR THEM EVEEY SUPERMARKET I Go TO?.. Dennis Walter even discusses these a few weeks ago, said

Little Bellies

Latest review: The animal biscuits taste good, Arnt packed with sugar and my son loves pointing out the animals. Its fun for him!! Its like learning and eatting food at the same

Toobs Tasty

Latest review: Please Bring back Toobs,they were the best, Australia's tastiest snack,even if they did tear your mouth apart. Yum yum

Cheezels Cheese

Latest review: you cant go wrong with cheezel's. when i came to australia i didnt know what to expect of this odd food but now that i have tried them the cheesy rings of pure bliss are something i cannot go

Tyrrell's Chips

Latest review: I've liked Tyrrell's from the start, when they were first made in the UK. I felt they weren't as good when they started making them here but they are still my favourite. The new "curry night korma"

Majans Bhuja Original Mix

Latest review: Always risking changing a good product but they’ve done a great job. Very yummy. Added in some extra spice and taste. Can’t get enough of these. Great snack while watching tv.

Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices

Latest review: The better snack for us besides icecream and choclates when kids want a kiddie treat. And i love them too as an on the run mum. Healthy and sooo tasty! My kids dont eat snakes and lollies so great

Aussie Bodies HPLC Bar

Latest review: I paid a decent amount to see what this bar was like and I was very disappointed. Cookies and cream flavour was one of the worst things I’ve ever tried !

Aussie Bodies Protein FX Lo Carb

Latest review: Awsowme quick snack,specially if you Have a Nut allergy like myself this is a great protien replacment. Nice taste aswell. Highly

Red Rock Deli Potato

Latest review: The Champagne Viniagrette & Shallot and the Sea salt and black truffle are utterly Sensational. My go to chips! Several of my friends dislike salt and vinegar chips but destroy a packet of the

Kettle Potato

Latest review: I have been purchasing the individual "5 bag" packet kettle plain chips for years now but unfortunately more often than not, i get at least one to two bags stale and recently the whole 5 bags were

Grain Wave Wholegrain

Latest review: Sweet chilli grain waves I just purchased have no flavour at all. Very disappointed. This is the second time. I wont be purchasing anymore nore will I be promoting them to any friends or with the

Arnott's Tim Tam

Latest review: ok, so. you want to try tim tams. listen to me. ik the go to is the orginal. dont have them. have the white flavour, its better. better then the other flavours. trust me. have the white

Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars

Latest review: The taste is smooth and cocoa-y. Very pleasant and not too sweet. There’s no bitterness and it’s a perfect consistency - not too soft or hard. I have tried all the Lindt dark flavours and I’m very pic

Quest Bars

Latest review: They are amazing. I had heard about them from social media and online and when I finally got around to trying them i decided to get one of each. Best decision ever. Some of them weren't the best in

Tasti Nut Bars

Latest review: I have been buying the Yoghurt and Fruit nut bars for several months now but today I was eating one and discovered it had small fragments of metal or stone in it. I opened another one and found this

Nice & Natural Nut Bars

Latest review: They are healthy and taste great! Yes the nuts can sometimes be a little hard, but that’s what they are. Will definitely purchase again and again. Great option for a s

Abe's Bagel Crisp

Latest review: change your packaging, the product is very good but half has to be thrown out as they are mostly bits and pieces, perhaps a box might be appropriate. love the roasted

Uncle Tobys Le Snak

Latest review: Yesterday I brought a box at woolworths in booval qld. And I was throwing up after a bite. That's when I noticed the cheese was all oily like their was something put in it. Don't no what it was but I

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