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LG NeoChef MS4296

Latest review: Bought this microwave during goodguys ebay sale. Great machine. When finished cooking music is played instead of a ding sound. But easy to leave finger print on the control panel. Because it is piano

LG NeoChef MS2596

Latest review: This microwave looks great in our recently renovated kitchen. The black, sleek look of the front of the microwave adds class to our kitchen now. Love how the handle is integrated into the door. Our

LG MS4266

Latest review: Just retired our old microwave... From the moment you turn it on. Setting the time is easy with the roatary dial. THE BEST part is the one push start button for 30 seconds or keep pressing to add a

LG NeoChef MJ3966

Latest review: Bought this microwave to replace an old one for our office kitchen. Our office has about 100 staff on the floor so needless to say, this gets used heavily. So far it has held up and no complaints


Latest review: I did not take out the extra warranty on this microwave thinking the complementary 2 years would be enough. However it has conveniently self deconstructed after this time. The door panel is melting


Latest review: I would say this microwave is hard and confusing to uses..it is too hot when defrosting or when heating up..I've never known how to cook with it.iy is hard to figure out the controls.and food

LG Neochef MS2336DB

Latest review: Bought this one after a Panasonic inverter microwave failed after 3 years. Immediately noticed that this one is silent compared to the old one. The time increment is 30 seconds so when using to cook


Latest review: Really good one, nice design with perfect size for my kitchen. Glass and inside easy to clean. heating and defrost real quick and keep the ingredients fresh as much as I


Latest review: This is our second lg microwave. It's been great so far. The most annoying thing about this microwave is the reminder beep when it finishes. Will keep on beeping. Wish I can switch it


Latest review: Excellent for microwave use, various power levels for defrosting, cooking eggs, cooking fish, poultry, tender cuts of meats. Excellent for cooking shellfish and foods containing cheese and eggs.