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Latest review: Router is rock solid with advanced features and great wifi strength. Ability to set static addresses easily in the front end and rename devices is very useful for IoT enabled homes. I have ~25-30

Asus AC1900 DSL-AC68U

Latest review: I purchased this modem/router to replace an older TPG-supplied one, which was pretty awful in terms of range and speed. It also had an outdated and clunky UI. This router was a breeze to setup, the

Asus RT-AC88U

Latest review: How satisfied are you with the connectivity of the modem/router to your devices? very good. How often do you get dropouts that are fixed by resetting the modem / router (ie. the ISP is not at


Latest review: Really suitable for my Apartment. I had a studio apartment, and always have friends over. It was so cool the Dual band feature so I can have a quests wifi and my own personal wifi. The speed and


Latest review: After I bricked my R7000 Netgear router trying to flash custom firmware, I finally upgraded to this router. Always hated my Netgear (poor signal, slow speed, you name it). Yes I have tried different

Asus RT-AC58U

Latest review: I used to be a fan of Netgear equipment, then when all the rage was going on with Asus routers I thought I would give one a try. I bought the AC58U off ebay, used and for $70 I have fantastic


Latest review: This asus router has been reliable and great for our family use. It has a good range and I can control the wifi people in the family use so we can limit the children on what they

Asus RT-AC5300

Latest review: Bought from PLE after referral from various forum. Previously I bought a Netgear wifi extender but still having issue with dead spot around the single story home. Set up was very easy using the


Latest review: I changed my internet providers and had to buy a new modem because my current provider does not provide a free modem. I purchased ASUS DSL- N12E because I like the brand, they are cheap and no frills


Latest review: I've had this router for quite a while now and it has never failed me yet, its coverage is great and it does the whole house and its really fast for gaming, i get around 22ms ping on the nbn, the


Latest review: I have this router for 10 months and the issues started to appear slowly. Let's start with the fact that firmware updates barely exist. The QoS of this router is very basic. The Asus mobile app