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Kia Sportage

Latest review: Over 50k done on this SUV and still running strong. Diesel Fuel economy around 8l/100km mainly city driving. Has a good acceleration curve, plenty of punch for highway overtaking. Not one sign of

Toyota Kluger

Latest review: Purchased this car new in Jan 2018 - in Feb 2019 the key broke - it just opened and the inside computerised piece fell out ( could not find it ) - the car is still under warranty and yet I had to pay

Mitsubishi Pajero

Latest review: i have owned 5 np 3,2 diesel pajeros ease of driving..great comfort seat..excellent on fuel ... cheaper to repair service then a prado..5 speed autos are excellent for towing would recommend to

Subaru Forester

Latest review: I have a my18 XT Premium Forester, for the uninitiated that’s means a petrol turbo charged, symmetrical All Wheel Drive vehicle with leather interior. I owned it since new for nearly 18mths with o

Honda CR-V

Latest review: Bought brand new CRV VTI-s, after 6 months or so, break started making squeaky noise. Took 1 year service to honda and mentioned that, they actually admitted it is a fault and offered to fix for free

Hyundai Tucson

Latest review: My mechanic was the one that recommended a Hyundai Tucson. I did the research and looked at independent reviews. I went and test drove one and fell in love! The value for money is fantastic and I

Kia Sorento

Latest review: Purchased new April 2009 (2008 Build). At first loved it after four TDI Nissan Patrols, last one 430000 kms, no real problems. the vehicle used daily for work and play. (I was owner/ operator of a

Mitsubishi Outlander

Latest review: This is a long term review of the ZH 2010 (2009 built) 2.4 litre 4wd cvt auto base model Dealer Serviced per logbook 1 Leaking rear shock absorber (oil leak) was replaced under warranty at 3 years.

Mitsubishi ASX

Latest review: I love my brand new car! So much space and so stylish but also still easy to drive in traffic and park. Apple car play is a life saver and is so comfortable on short or long

Toyota RAV4

Latest review: all the safety features you could want I like it its good price up front its capped price services 3 years are excellent great field of vision all round safe economical good

Mazda CX-5

Latest review: Don’t buy these cars. My Mazda CX-5 diesel needed a new engine after only 90,000km due to a known manufacturing defect. Mazda has dragged it on for months. Not a reliable family car. Lots of m

Hyundai Santa Fe

Latest review: Bought a faulty elite, turbo hoses blowing off multiple times having to be towed each time, confused gear automatic gear changes, paint defects, losing power or no response from acceleration, no joy

Isuzu MU-X (2013-Present)

Latest review: Innate the LST 2014 Isuzu mux I have had my GPS upgrade 1 year after I bought it in 2014 I was told by the salesman that I would get upgrades for the GPS but when I went on to download the map it was

Toyota Prado

Latest review: Was a good car at first but after some time and what I’m told is a failure in the diesel particulate filter system the fuel consumption sky rocketed and it felt like I was driving around with the h

Subaru Outback

Latest review: It is not a bad car by any stretch of the imagination but I miss my Forester which I rated as Good! Sadly it was a necessary change model to accommodate car seats + buggies + luggage+ adults. As

Nissan X-Trail

Latest review: We have had 2 of these models. One was in an accident and was written off, but we knew exactly this was the type of vehicle we wanted. It still has a rugged-enough frame and engine to do some

Mazda CX-9

Latest review: Be aware, there is a factory recall on the brake booster. Mazda is not informing all its customers because it costs too much and the local dealers would not pay out of their pocket to replace them.

Lexus RX

Latest review: I went to some car dealers to find a good car for family, last week I came to Sydney City Lexus and Rae Kenedy, the car dealer introduced me some Lexus models : RX350, RX270, NX300 and explained very

Land Rover Discovery

Latest review: i use my land rover as a work car and weekend warrior and the best of road car i have ever had better the my 200 series land cruiser and better than me mates y62 Nissan patrol i use it very day it is

Volkswagen Passat

Latest review: I use this Passat R-line sedan for work and for private use. It is very comfortable but most of all, very economical. I can get a 1000 km out of a tank of petrol. I love the luxury package, the

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