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Ozito PXRSS-400

Latest review: Ozito has done it again - this little saw does every thing it claims and is so easy to use and lightweight. I have used it for multiple jobs from cutting jarrah posts to pruning the blueberry tree.

Ozito PCR-2100

Latest review: I've been using this now for 3 years. It has help lay laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, a small tiling job and lots of small jobs in between. The saw hasn't missed a beat, it's nice and safe, and

Ozito CSW-7000

Latest review: I'm just a DIY user, but I quickly grew past what this saw could do. The two major issues that hold it back for me are the blade cover getting stuck at the start of work, often needing to awkwardly

Ozito CMS-1621

Latest review: I bought this for just shy of $80 at Bunnings. The saw blade is fairly decent, cuts through pine like a hot knife through butter. Cuts fairly well through thick heavy redwood. The saw blade is not

Ozito TSB-0808

Latest review: OK. It's a $99 table saw. You probably shouldn't even be able to make one for this price. But if you want an absolutely bare bones saw here's the thing I want from it - I want it to cut straight. If

Ozito TBS-254 2000W 254MM (10″) TABLE SAW

Latest review: This was an end of isle special in Bunnings. It looked like it was a version of the $199 dollar table saw without the legs, just what I needed. Unlike the model that comes with legs this model does

Ozito TBS-2000

Latest review: I've had this table saw for about a couple of months, and whilst I didn't have any delusions of grandeur as to its quality and capability (it IS an Ozito tool after all), I was both surprised at how

Ozito MSW-3000

Latest review: I purchased this product about a year ago and apart from using it so much to prune trees, bushes etc. it led to the blade being blunt. I went to Bunnings to buy a new blade but there was no stock of

Ozito RSW-5200

Latest review: Product looked good and was a 'bargain' price. However you get what you pay for. Firstly the blades provided are useless, it needed quality blades from the DIY store. I also agree with other