Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System Air Conditioners

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Mitsubishi SRK-ZMA Series

Latest review: works very well, enough for my master bedroom heating and cooling and fan also very comfirtable capacity remote controller is easy to use very silent than privious other brand old unit, all

Mitsubishi DXK-ZMA-S Series

Latest review: In the WA desert, where the dust is thick, the temps reach 45+ for weeks and the aircons never get a rest, these units never seem to complain. We had used many other brands (including most of the

Mitsubishi Bronte SRK-ZRA Series

Latest review: We installed this air conditioner downstairs where we have a large open plan area. It cools the entire area on a very hot day and disperses cold air throughout the house efficiently. We are very

Mitsubishi SRK-YL Series

Latest review: Purchased one of these to replace a main air con at a property. It is a big unit and cools the entire house down. Purchased to replace a very old mitsubishi which had well exceeded its life,

Mitsubishi Avanti PLUS Platinum Series

Latest review: In the last 5 years we progressively populated our house with extremely efficient MHI hyper inverter units which were rated as 6 stars efficient. Yes, there is initial higher price of purchase, but

Mitsubishi Avanti SRK25ZSA-W

Latest review: We installed it to do a bedroom so quietness was important. It is so quiet on both Superlow and Low speeds that I can't hear it running in the room. We seem to run our a/c systems more for heating

Mitsubishi DXK-ZSA Series

Latest review: These are excellent split system air-conditioners. We replaced our 7 KW Kelvinator with a 5 KW Mitsubishi SET-DXK. It is a powerful, quiet unit that is very suitable for our largish lounge room and

Mitsubishi SRK-ZMXA-S Series

Latest review: Unit is really quiet and effective. On a 42 degree day, you don’t feel the heat at all. The sweeping vents is a really great feature - I can keep 3 rooms (not open plan) by adjusting the vents to t

Mitsubishi AVANTI SRK-ZSA-W Series

Latest review: We purchased this for our second bedroom and it does a wonderful job in cooling a small space and keeping it cool on quite a long setting. It can be left on over night as it doesn’t make too much n