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Does this pot suit an induction cooktop for searing the meat? Also I have used slow cooker before and my husband complained of lack of flavour. Does this bring out flavour of food or provide bland comparison like other slow cookers?
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Searing does bring out flavour. However the pan is aluminium so unlikely to work with an induction cooktop (to my knowledge anyway).

Purchase the Breville Flavour Maker BSC 500 today and after referring to the booklet the pages are incorrect the book goes from page 8 then page 17, 1 7 to 24 then page 17 to 32 page 25 to32 page 41 to 47, not much good if I’m unable to look up a guide to slow cooking.
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I’ve had this slow cooker for a few years and have been very happy with it especially in winter- hot meal ready to serve the family when I come home from work. I accidentally burnt the pan (on stove doing some reheating) yesterday. To my disappointment there is no replacement part I can buy! Or am I just looking at the wrong places? Help....
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A replacement pan is available if you google Breville parts online (e.g. Bigwarehousespares). However it will probably be cheaper to buy a new complete unit.Thank you!

Hi Breville Official, Which slow cooker is best suited for doing a roast chicken? Thanks
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Does it cooking a roast and pork crackle?
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I don't know. I haven't tried a roast pork in it yet.I can cook roast pork, but not crackle. You need an oven to finish off and get the cracklings. I prefer to do stew/curries in this machine and use oven for roast.

I would like to set the slow cooker in the morning then have dinner ready when I get home from work. Once the meal is cooked on Auto does it switch off or does it stay on keeping the food warm and at a safe temperature?
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Auto switches between high and low heat. It does not switch the machine off. When I set mine in the morning I set it to low and leave it until I get home in the evening. High would be too much if leaving all day.

Is this production induction cooktop compatible?
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I would like to know this as well thanksAccording to the manual, it is not compatible with an induction cooktop.

Hi. Every slow cooker I've had, hasn't really been slow. If I want to cook food for 8 hours, they usually a week done after about 5 hrs. Is this appliance more reliable with its heat to cook for 8, and not less than that?
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I can't say it's more reliable than any other slow cooker, because where the recipe says cook on low i often cook on high for half the time. Each slow cooker seems to have its own characteristics and it's a case of experimenting with the recipes and heat settings, incl the auto setting where it starts out high and shifts to low.Yes certainly the one we have set on low works slowI have not needed to cook anything for 8 hours in my BRC 600. The instruction book says that at the lowest setting 'larger pieces of meat have the best results cooked for 6-7 hours'. Once the cooker 'beeps' it will then automatically switch to the KEEP WARM setting for up to 5 hours before switching off. That seems to be 12 hours, but then I do not know how 'warm' it would be at 12 hours. At 8 hours it should be pretty hot.

Hi. Can the searing be done whilst in the cooker or does it have to go on a cook top? I have an induction cook top. Thank you.
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Hi Sydneymidge - this slow cooker is not suitable for use on induction cooktops. Thanks, the Breville teamThank you. I also have a question about a Breville toast and melt sandwich press. I've had mine a few months but not used it much. It now makes a clacking noise after it has been on a little while, also when cooling down. Is this normal. Thank you.Breville has not answered the question. I cannot sear on my hob so I ask too- can one sear the food in the appliance?

Can you please provide me with the dimensions of the bowl of the BSC420 slow cooker please?
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Hi Rob E - we are unable to source inner bowl dimensions for this 5L slow cooker - however the actual product dimensions are (HxWxL) 245x256x440 mm. Hope this is useful. Thanks, the Breville team

I've used my brand new flavour maker once to make pea and ham soup. I've just noticed scratches in the bottom of the bowl. I used a non stick serving spoon and cleaned with a nylon brush as per instructions. The ham hock was removed with non stick tongs and I didn't stir the soup throughout cooking so I can't imagine the bone would have scratched the bottom. Surely the non stick coating is strong enough to handle soup bubbling? Is this a defect?
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Did your appliance come with a small oval stand? I tend to put any bones etc. on that as a preventative measure. But other people have complained here about the coating.Hi. That's frustrating to get scratches in your brand new cooker. I'd check the 'important' section in the manufacturer's booklet which has a few cautions such as not heating when empty for prolonged periods (not suggesting that's what you did, just an example of what's in that section). http://www.breville.com.au/media/mediaappearance/14109/BSC500_IB_C13_FA_LowRes.pdf OR http://www.breville.com.au/media/mediaappearance/14110/BSC560_IB_C13_LowRes.pdf (see page 12 in either booklet) Then I'd check with the manufacturer themselves. Mine's got some scratches now but that's after 2 years' use.Hi Slow cooker convert - please contact our customer service team on 1300 139 798 for the best advice. Thanks, the Breville team

I have recently bought a Breville Flavour Maker BSC500. Every time I use a recipe that calls for a liquid to be added, the liquid never reduces. When the meal is cooked it is swimming in liquid and I have to thicken it with Arrowroot. I really don't think I should have to do this every time I cook with it. It takes a long time to heat up and also doesn't simmer very much, even on high. Is this normal?
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Yes, this is normal. Liquid doesn't reduce in a slower cooker, but will do the opposite - increase. Because the slow-cooker is fully enclosed, the low heat creates it's own condensation which adds to the liquid bulk. Plus most food contains its own moisture (eg celery) which adds to the original amount you supply. I use the absolute minimum amount of stock or whatever liquid (often less than the recipe states), particularly in a stew. Probably 1-1.1/2 half cups. On the other hand, if pot roasting, I will completely cover the meat and discard the excess stock. A slow cooker is not a high heat product even on the high setting. So you won't see any bubbles being produced. Too reduce any excess stock you would need to do that over high heat, like a cooktop.

Is the cooking pan dishwasher safe? I was looking at a similar type Hamilton Beach unit but it says the non-stick pan should be hand washed.
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Hi Gerko - this link takes you to the instruction booklet for more information (http://www.breville.com.au/media/mediaappearance/14109/BSC500_IB_C13_FA_LowRes.pdf). In the booklet it advises that the removable EasySear™ pan and glass lid can be washed in the dishwasher. However, to maintain non-stick coating, it is recommended to wash EasySear™ pan in hot, soapy water using a mild household detergent. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Thanks, the Breville team

Do you sell replacement pots for the unit? mine has alot of scratches in it and I'm about to throw it out. However the heating unit is fine so its a bit of a waste.
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yes they do BUT the pot is about $65.00 ..so it just about the price of a new one at a discount store about $90.00thanks. That sucks. I use the slow cooker for bones which scratches it. I'm going to buy a cheapie ceramic bowl slow cooker now. Less risk of toxic chemicals leeching into my food.

Can the insert which is used for searing on the stovetop be used with an induction cooktop?
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Hi Pamela - Breville slow cookers are not suitable for use on induction cooktops. ^rm

Do you currently have a model that can be used on an induction cooktop
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YesHi Farrah - thanks for your query. Breville does not have a slow cooker that is suitable for use on an induction cooktop. ^rm

Hi, we are a family of 5 adults and occasionally more, so am wondering what size slow cooker I would need? Also is there a model that also has a removable pan for searing on the stovetop or finishing off in the oven that also has a keep warm function, and a glass lid in an appropriate size?
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Hi Marisa - the Breville Flavour Maker could be suitable http://www.breville.com.au/ikontm-slow-cooker-with-easyseartm-pan.html

Hello Breville Official, I have seen that you have different product with different facilities. I have chosen 3 of yours. 1) Breville BSC560 Flavour Maker, 2 ) Breville BSC500 Flavour Maker, 3) Breville BSC420 6Litre Programmable With Temperature . My questions are below. a) what is the difference between the 2 product Breville BSC560 Flavour Maker & Breville BSC500 Flavour ? (As both are flavor maker.) Also please advise me the perfect size for little family (about 4/5). b) Is small size available of Breville BSC420 6Litre Programmable With Temperature? for little family (about 4/5). I think 6 litre will be bigger for a little family. c) I mainly chose the Flavor maker one. Now I am worried that whether it has Automatic keep warm setting like the Breville BSC420. I want a slow cooker with keep warm function also I want to sear the meat or veggies on stove top first then slow cook. Hope you have understand.
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Hi Susmita - the BSC560 Flavour Maker is 7 litres, the BSC500 is 5. Each family is different - the BSC500 should be OK for a family of four - but leftovers can be useful if you select the larger model. The Flavour Maker slow cookers can both be used on the stove top to sear foods before slow cooking. If the Keep Warm function is of interest you may want to consider the Multi Chef (3.7L) http://www.breville.com.au/the-multi-chef-tm-brc600.html - this is a rice cooker, risotto cooker, slow cooker and steam and you can sear in the pan (but not only the stove top).^rm

Hi there - can you advise whether to buy the 5L or the 7L for a family with 3 children? I am concerned that the 7L may be too big? Thanks
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If they are big teenagers or adults, then 7 litres would be good If they are little then 5 litres is adequate

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