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Where to buy online that is delivered? Are they still making these? It looks like no places are selling these new.
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G'day, try Seabreeze -Gold Coast . They should have them ( that's where I bought mine , albeit 10 yrs ago). If not Dometic , they could give you a dealer that has them. I haven't checked but you generally see a few on eBay 2nd hand and new. The big thing with these is the gas component. I own both (2 & 3 way) if you are a stay put camper & want to hook it up to a gas bottle these are your fridge. If your a stop / start tourer camper look at 2 way. Any questions feel free to ask. Cheers Shane.Thanks Shane. The 2nd hand ones look to be pricey, and given the whole gas thing they sound like a bad idea and just asking for problems. I looked at these a year or two back before getting my engel, and from memory there was a good few available online. Now nothing besides bcf and no delivery. Just looks like they are a bit dead now.

Hi, Can this fridge be connected to a gas bayonet, part of a gas system in a camper trailer. the bayonet would be installed external to the fridge box so the only way it can operate off gas would be when the camper is stationery and the fridge box is open. My gas fitter has asked if it has a thermocouple for safety? i dont know what this is, i guess if the pilot blows out the gas stops?
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No, the gas fitting supplied is a 3/8" BSP-LH (Gasmate) fitting. I've got an adaptor for a POL fitting, but I don't think you can get one to a 1/2" bayonet (maybe difference in regulator). Definitely can only use gas when stationary. It has a thermocouple, which is something to do with the gas safety valve I think.Hi Andrew, Cheers for taking the time to answer mate! All this gas stuff is overwhelming... I have tried looking for the product manual and it does not really go into too much specification detail. I also tried calling them and was on hold for so long the line just went dead. Maybe i should just go batteries and compressor to save the headache.

on the chescold 3 way ,which is the positive terminal on the 12v plug which goes to cooler,,middle or outside
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Not sure about the question but the black coated wire is the positive. The centre of the Chescold plug is only a locator which locks in to keep the plug connected to the fridge.looking at plug that goes into fridge,,one side plastic locator pin then in middle power pin withlarge plastic around it,,thenlast pin on out side pin(open with no covering) im thinking middle pin for positive wire..sorry carnt explain any better

Can you get a fridge slide? I'm finding it very heavy to lift in and out.
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G'day Julie, I hear you - yep they are heavy to get in & out , its a two person job. Most fridge slides would be to narrow , there made for the Engel / Waeco shape. I think your best bet would be to give Dometic a call . They may have your solution. Cheers Shane.Thanks. I have found a slide that is the 46 x 72 cms the fridge is 46 X 61 , hoping it's close enough. Just not sure now if I want to bolt it to the floor of my Kia Carnival Grand.

We bought a second Rc1180 work very well 240v but when we put it on gas the temperature drop completely can someone help pls
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G'day Angie, , this could a simple fix , it could be the burner itself. The fridge needs to be flat (ish) when in operation I assume that's the case. The burner may need cleaning or replacement. The perfect solution would be to take it to a dealer & have it inspected & replace the burner it may be getting hard to start on gas as well..? But that'll cost you ? $200 possibly ? not sure - call a agent & ask for a quote. You can attempt to clean it yourself - there is a clip on YouTube on how to do it. Personally as your dealing with gas ( and flames!) I'd be looking at a dealer. I did exactly that when mine started having starting issues. It was about 8 years old at the time. Cheers Shane.G'Day Angie Sounds like Shane has answered you. YouTube is always a great suggestion. I agree make sure that when running on gas or just running you need to have the fridge level otherwise it won't cool down. Try this first to see how it goes & if still a problem either contact Dometic or a local qualified repairer. Cheers Gary

Hey guys I'm setting up a cord to run my fridge on 12v, just wanted to know which side of the plug is for positive?
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G'day Chris, if its the chescold black plug you have - my advice is throw it away. Your best bet is to hardwire a Anderson plug to your fridge & then 6mm cable to your auxiliary battery. Never to your start battery. Have a read of my review on the Chescold that will give you a better idea. Welcome to call if you ever want to chat in more depth about it [number removed] Cheers Shane.Chris I agree with Shane to use an Anderson plug & also a 6mm wire to run from a second battery to the fridge when using on 12V. You may know this but run the fridge whenever you can on 240V or gas as performance is better plus you don't have to worry about 12v batteries. Cheers. GaryThanks guys will be setting up the Anderson plug to run fridge when travelling

I have a chest cold RC 1180 and the thermostat cable that runs to the inside of the fridge broke near the thermostat controler can it be fix by rejoining it or should the whole thermostat control unit get replaced? Could I replace it myself?
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I would replace the thermostat cable & if you handy with tools you can probably do it yourself.Thanks for that! The cable is a hollow copper pipe Gas/Electric Thermostat for the Chescold RC1180 Fridges https://www.caravansplus.com.au/292936305-gaselectric-thermostat-suit-chescold-f400-rc1180-fridges-p-4460.html

I live near Port Macquarrie NSW. I bought a second hand fridge but it didn't have a 12volt lead or gas lead. Where can I purchase these accessories? Thanks Wayne
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Try your nearest Dometic retail outlet which maybe a caravan sales or repair business or a camping store.G'day Wayne, Gas - easy, pop into BCF or Bunnings ( any camping store etc) and you'll be able to pick up a gas hose and regulator. Your best bet is to spend a few bucks more & get the metal ( flexible) hose, their stronger / safer. About $25 - $35 ..ish will all it'll be. 12 volt is a different story. It can be involved if you want to do it well, read my notes on my review on the Chescold re 12 volt that is a start. If you ever want more info on 12v your welcome to call and I can explain further 0406 787473. Cheers Shane.

When running chescold f400 on gas,I have a smell coming from outlet pipe is this normal?,it doesn't smell like gas,is it just doing its job and emitting residue from running on gas?
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Hi, is it a new fridge ? they do give off a slight "burn" smell & heat - particularly when new. But some thing that's not really noticeable after its been used a little. I think your best bet would be to call Dometic & have a quick chat to a serviceman. Cheers Shane.

i have a chescold 1822 very old. I need to know if it is polarity sensetive on the 12 colt side?
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I have a Chescold RC1180 & it suddenly stopped cooling last week on 240v. I saw that Lucky Miles indicated in an earlier answer that an element may need replacing as my fridge is some years old. Where can I buy this element on the Gold Coast & can I replace it myself? I am not an electrician. Thanks.
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G'day Gary, your right it sounds like the element...... mine went at about 2 1/2 years old ( 2 year Wtee) I was disappointed they didn't assist with part of the cost to replace it - but they said in nice words " bad luck - out of Wtee. Dometic at Varsity Lakes can do the work for you. I can't recall the exact cost but I think it was about $160 ...ish. That was 5 years ago & I've never had a problem since. Cheers Shane. 0406 787473Thanks Shane. Appreciate the follow up.Pretty easy to take out, there are two elements, one for a.c. one for d.c...then the gas conversion part. They are freely available over your way but measure it first with an ohmeter to make its faulty.If it's high resistance or open get a new one.

how to re gas chescold threeway portable fridge
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You just run it off a lpg gas bottle.

How long should it take to get cold running it on gas
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I am not 100% sure as I ha r always pre-cooled it on 240v before I have left home. It takes maybe 1-2 hours to cool on 240v.should always pre-cool on 240v before travel, its quite greedy as it draws 8-10Amps on DC so be aware. Gas bottle should last 2 weeks on the standard size and its important to have it dead level and preferably under some sort of shade. These Chescolds run the best usually on gas. If it does not work on gas but good on 240v check and clear the flue ,might have rubbish blocking it ......flame should be small even and steady.Best bet is to ( if you already haven't had it running on 240v) is to plug it in 2 or 3 days out from travel. Put some thing in it - anything ( water bottles ) as it'll work better with some contents. It should start to feel cool to cold in a few hours , gas should be the same or better, it runs best on gas. If it doesn't get the a agent or dealer , it'll need attention. Good Luck cheers Shane.

Chescold RC 1180,all controls work i.e., 12v, 240 volt and gas thermostat ok but fridge does not cool, query the tank, put it on the back of a Bedford truck upside down for 1250km's turn back up, nothing, put back on truck right side up for a further 1800km's nothing and before you comment about the truck ride I was travelling. lol. Is a new tank in order or cheaper to buy another fridge?
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It's the heat transfer unit...$458.oo part only!! Your elements are fine. Same problem as mine. I ended up buying an Engel no regrets. Have my Chescold here gathering cobwebs. They should make this part more affordable and customers might say something nice about Waeco.If the Chestcolds have problems from new then it shows they are not tested properly in the factory. Overall they seem a bit too complicated and unreliable. I bought a 15 litre Engel and its been great over the years, just plug it in and forget it. So simple.

240v side if fridge won’t work any ideas?
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No sorry I haven’t had this issue. However, before purchasing the unit I had read a few reviews and quite a few people had said that they had to have their 240v connection replaced.G'day Tomo, are you having problems on 240v ? I did also some time ago. I think they have a 2 year warranty so if your inside that just take & back & they'll sort it N/C. Mine stopped working on 240v about 3 years in - hence no warranty, I thought I was just unlucky but from the comment above it might not be that uncommon ? I've got 2 mates with this fridge also & they have never had a issue with 240v. But what I had to do is take it back in & have the Element ( part no. F400/RC) replaced it cost me $194 including labour. That was about 4 years ago, no issues since. Hope this helps a little. Cheers Shane.Most likely the a.c. element faulty...there are two in the unit, one should read about 2ohm the other about 29ohm, cannot remember which is which..not too expensive about $80 and easy to install

Hi - My chescold was new and ran for 1 month on 240v now it doesnt run on anything - 240 /12v or gas ?? Cant take it back to shop. Any ideas apart from thro it away and get somethig else ? just makes a very exxy esky now
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Why surely must be under warranty? Does pipes still get warm while it's running on say 240v? If yes Will be heat exchange unit...(expensive) If not turn unit upside down for 24 hours, turn it upright wait one hour and turn it on. If been sitting around the ammonia crystallises and there is no flow through pipes etc. Hope this helps.Hi Gary thanks for answer , warranty is devoid taken it in container overseas.I have turned upside down for 24hrs - nothing Does not work on anything - dead unit. Doesnt get warm on 24ov - just does nothing on anythingSame as Gary.

Does the divider in the RC1180 need to be filled with water for the freezer to work effectively?
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No , not at all....divider will stop fridge side from freezing.No, certainly not.Thanks

What temperature should the freezer be on to run efficiently on gas? (Celcius)
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Food stored in a freezer should be stored at -18C.The dial just adjusts the amount of gas that is let through to burn so it would be hard to select an actual temperature and keep it there as it fluctuates with the sun and temperature and opening and closing and putting new things in. I usually check how it is going and adjust it up or down as necessary. I had a digital temperature gauge once but it broke and I never bothered getting another one. I do it by feel and sight. I hope this helps.

When running on 12 volt the wire and toggle on off switch gets very hot. Suspect that the wire is not big enough how do I measure the thickness of the wire to make sure it is 16mm?
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when quoting wire measurement, the manufacturer usually takes into account the insulation as well, thus giving a false rating. I would take the wire to an auto electrician or a retailer who employ people who have technical knowledge, ie, Jaycar and you should be able to get the information there.

My fridge runs fine on 240 but cannot get to work on gas, it lights ok but isn't cooling,is this a simple fix like the 240 volt element? Cheers, Andew
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Check that the flue is clear and has no obstruction. Could be a partially blocked jet near the burner preventing a nice blue flame right along the bar. That is the only problem I have encountered re gas. That is the Iimit of my expertise and cannot suggest anything else.G'Day, I would make sure the jet and flue are clean and clear. You could try another regulator if you can get your hands on one to make sure the correct amount of gas is being fed to it. Could possibly be the gas adjustment knob / mechanism. If it is still getting cool on 12v and 240v then there should be nothing else wrong with the cooling aspect of the fridge. I had also heard of people turning their fridge upside down for a few hours while they are off to try and get the internal gas / liquid to go back to the bottom (when righted). I've never had the need to try it and I forget what symptoms / problems those people were experiencing. I hope this helps.

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