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how can i view my home/contents and car policies on line
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Head over to the link below and log in. https://general-insurance.coles.com.au/mycolesinsurance/loginHi Trevor, thanks for getting in touch. If you have any questions about your policy, please call us on 1300 265 374 and we'd be happy to help.

I just received a policy renewal and the premium has increased by 25% while the building replacement cost went up by 10% and the contents by 3.8%. When I questioned why such a big increase and how do the maths work. I was given a common spell that Coles had re-assessed the post code risk. Really! We have loved there for 19 years and never a problem. Please explain.
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Hi John, we regularly review the premiums our customers pay to ensure they reflect the cost of protecting your house. If you’d like to understand more about how insurance prices are calculated, please visit: www.coles.com.au/insurance-prices-explained. If you’d like to chat further, we recommend calling us on 1300 265 374.

How to send private message?
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Can I claim for water damage in my ceilings

how much for$60000 contents only and accidental cover
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pleaseDenise, get a Coles quote then get a woolworths quote, I did and saved $300 with Woolies,Cole's have also lost our 2 car insurance to woolies, Cole's,you are getting expensiveHi Denise, thanks for getting in touch. We'd recommend that you contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 265 374 as they'll be best suited to assist you further.

Help! hELP! Last Friday I have lost all my precious jewellery worth of 15k. We are a premium coles Insurance member FOR 2 YEARS and paying regualrly. Please help us we are in deep trouble. Someone broken our house through back door and taken all precious valuable items. My Insurance ID is COL191573353..Call centre not aware of our situation even if I explain. Please some higher manager call me asap. We mentioned that 15k jewellery and based on that only we lodged insurance. Now they are telling we cant provide it.
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Posted 5 days ago ,, still no reply..Hi Gaya, thanks for getting in touch. We're sorry to hear this and we'd like to look into this further. Can you please send us a private message with your full name, contact number and policy number?

Are my solar panels covered in my building insurance?
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My policy # COHO88971424 Why cant it be found?
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We're sorry to hear this, Robbier. If you'd like this followed up further, please send us a private message with your full name, contact number and claims details.

Dear Sir/Madam, The premium for home and contents policy renewal COHO-5000-3434 year 2018 has been increased by 11.5% I've compared my previous insurance policy and found the building and contents sum insured already has been increased by 7% (without my permission). Can I get the renewal policy the same as current? Would you mind not to change the renewal policy without my approval? Kind regards Boris
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Hi Boris, we consider many factors when setting our pricing – including claims history. If you’d like to private message us your contact details, we’ll see what we can do.

Hi I have taken a Coles Home and Content Insurance (CHCI), but after reading these reviews, I am confused what Coles covers within the CHCI , may I request the representative of Coles Insurance to be transparent in this Product Review site and advice readers with answers and information instead of asking people to contact privately etc. Questions: 1. Please provide a summary of what is covered and not covered under CHCI and 2. How some one could get out of the insurance - how much of the premium is lost? Thanks
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Hi Ken, thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us. Due to the nature of Insurance policies, cover can differ based on the products purchased. For this reason, we recommend contacting our Customer Care Team directly on 1300 265 374 as they will be best able to assist you with your queries.Dear Ken You only have to read the reviews on Coles insurance customers to see it does not matter what their policy reads, many including my self have made legitimate claims only to experienced the shonky tactics used by Coles insurance not to pay out., Can u imagine what would happen if something really major happens to your house and unknowingly not realising your insurance company won’t pay up, I was very close to that happening to my family home, As far as leaving a private message to Coles insurance with your details, is a load of garbage as well, you will not get a response , their message responding to a review requesting your information is simply all show no action., They don’t want to pay out is the bottom line. Message for all customers are you sure your house is insured? Simply because you have paid Coles policy.!!! Think again Ps and by the way the response you got from Coles asking you to contact customer care.,!! You will find most likely they are very nice to you.,,,, up until they take your money to pay for the policy after that.,, s..t,,!! You will not have a claim accepted Just read all the reviews before insuring with Coles.,

What does the contents insurance cover?
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We'd recommend giving our Customer Care Team a call on 1300 265 374 and they'll be able to assist you with your enquiry.Not very much according to feedback that people have left .

Is coles home & contents insurance auto renewable ? Does coles buiding & contents Plus cover demolition costs in case of major fire ?
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Hi Alby, thanks for getting in touch. So we can follow this up with you directly, can you please contact us on 1300 265 374?

Hi has anyone had experience with Coles home insurance?
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Yes it is cheaper than other but in need they disappear. I have put my insurance claim for last 3 months and they haven't completed the assessment.yes, we've had a terrible experience trying to claim with them. Took over a month with lots of miscommunication and lack of support to get a small claim. They also would not cover us for damage from cyclone Debbie. She did not even listen to me, just cut me off saying that they don't cover retaining walls. Their customer service centre is not located in Australia and their representatives have poor English skills.Thanks for getting in touch. Please give us a call on 1300 265 374 and we'll be more than happy to discuss this with you! :)

Is it legal to charge two excesses for theft and damage to property when I had paid for Coles Landlord Insurance that are not explained on the product disclosure statement as per 30/11/2016 ? Thank you Chris Spice spicefirstnamechris@yahoo.com.au
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hi Chris! my understanding is that because ur insured for 2 different events (theft and damage) they are treated as separate claims even tho they occurred at the same time. yr policy excess was '$300 per event- . . that's why u were charged 2 X $300. hope this helps

We have cracks and bulges in our fibreglass pool, we are covered for this due to flooding, but Coles said it might be declined because of wear and tear. Anyone else had similar experience? We think the damage was caused due to water escaping and pool lifting as the pressure outside was more than inside, hope someone can ease our minds, can't afford the repairs if claim rejected, Allan
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I have heard of insurance companies not covering damage to house caused by rain water because they say roof had wear and tear and needs upgrading

my air con is not working due to an electrical surge which damaged the compressor. Will Coles standard insurance policy cover me. I have both contents and building insurance with them ?
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good news, Coles are sending over an electrician to verify the damage. Because there were server storms and power outage, i think they might just cover the damage. Very stressful process.

Does coles house insurance cover issues with pools? I have an inground pool that is leaking. I got some people in to have a look and they said we have to replace the liner on the pool and its old. We have been in the house for 10 years and the pool was here so no idea when it was put in. You do hear that the liners are only supposed to last for 7 years. I am told it will cost 5-7K to, empty pool, remove the liner, put new fixtures in for the pipes,replace the liner and fill the pool up. This pool has been a money pit as we have already ahd to replace the solar pump, chlorinator and regular pool pump now I have to replace the liner. Someone suggested we may be able to claim it on our house insurance. Does anyone know if Coles covers issues with pools.
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Coles will cover the pool ..IF the damage was caused by internal pressure in the ground being more then the internal pressure of the water in the pool. . i.e. could be caused due to excessive flooding, rain etc which results in the pressure in the ground being more then the pressure of the water in the pool. This causes the lining to lift, crack and give way because the ground pressure is pushing the pool upwards. I had the same thing happen to me, and the insurance covered all costs , including pump etc . I was very happy. But be careful how you word the claim. Get the pool liner company to give you a report . And send them a quote. If you do most of the work, its hard for them to argue!! Good luck.Hi John, the assessor came before I got your response (so I couldn’t position it as you suggested) and he felt it was all due to the liner being old so they probably wouldn’t cover it. However, as we now have cracks to the tiles and concrete areas around the pool he thought they may cover that side. We will have to wait and see what Coles come back with.We have a similar problem except ours is fibreglass but the ground has pushed up from below and caused cracks like you John, rang Coles and they said we were insured. How should be word the claim form.. The pool repairer is coming next week..do they always send an assessor ?

is fusion cover by coles contents?
2 answers
Hi Ken I'm pretty sure but you'll need to contact COLES direct to make sure :)Yes it is. There are different options to choose from, and all cost extra.

Do you insure tile roofs of any age? Do you do replacement insurance? There are many complaints above some seem deserving of an answer/explanation but don't have one. I noticed on the Real insurance review page that they answered many of them, Real don't insure tile roofs over 10 years old hence the question.
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They do insure Tile roofs of any age. I had storm tear ours off house was built in the late 70's/80's ^ Coles not only repaired our roof they replaced it . I asked for colourbond. Which was supplied.

I nearly fell over with Coles home insurance, it was 3 x as much as Suncorp and NRMA, why is that ?
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My premium with Coles Home Insurance was half the price of NRMA and GIO. I suppose where you live may affect the cost?Matching Coles House & Contents policy cover $$$ and the excess to my existing CGU policy which I've had for 11 years. Coles is $501 cheaper per year. But they do charge extra $52 per year if you want pay by the month, whereases CGU charges no extra. Translates to a 30% saving on p.a. premium. I can buy a few beers with that loot.

We want to get insurance for house content how much it will be cost for 50,000 value of house content?
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If you want a quote best do it online as it will depend on lots of variables.Find another insurance company. Do NOT insure with Westfarmers.

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