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Hi Etax, I'm a peripatetic music teacher. Half of my income is paid by one of my schools with payg, the other school I personally invoice each student. Would this make it tricky to use your system? I also have many work related deductions. Warm Regards, Robyn
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do you charge anything for your refund to be deposited in your checking account?
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Why doesn’t your Accountant reveal there names, each time they send a message?
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Hi there and thanks for your question! The reason each team member doesn't generally sign off by their name is that we are a large organisation with many accountants responding to client queries. Rather than have one person responsible for replying to one client, we ask our accountants to service all clients so you may interact with two or three staff members over the course of a tax return. This helps ensure someone else can step in if there's a staff absence or holiday ensuring there are no delays with your return. Therefore, rather than coming across as confusing with several people writing to you, we simply sign off as the company as a whole. We apologise if this has been frustrating for you and it is certainly not our intention. We only made the above mentioned change (from signing off individually) after receiving feedback from clients that they were confused if multiple people wrote to them. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

My teenage daughter did her tax this year with etax - she is working a gap year before uni - and it was an easy and smooth process. However now she is getting asked to approve tax returns from previous years for after school jobs - where the refund is $10 and the fee is $95! She didn't request this service - why would you target school age kids who don't owe tax as they earned less than the threshold?
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Hi Julia, We're sorry for any confusion about those emails. Please let us clarify. As we are listed as your daughter's tax agent, we are legally required to get in touch with her about any tax return that has not been lodged to the ATO - no matter how big or small the refund amount is. In any year that someone earns income and pays tax, the ATO expects them to lodge a tax return. If they do not, they appear on a list of "overdue clients" which we then have a responsibility as a tax agent to forward to each client. Your daughters circumstances are unusual to most of the clients we're contacting about these returns and we'd like to take a look and see whether there's anything we can do to help get her affairs up to date without and financial burden she's currently facing. Could you or your daughter please email us on Feedback@etax.com.au with her full name and the email address she registered with. We'll then be able to find her in our system and follow up personally with a solution she's happy with. Kind Regards, Etax AccountantsHi Julia, My involvement with Etax has in the past raised some problematic questions. From what I see of the answer they have offered, it seems that the completion of the 2018 return has raised questions about previous years where she might have earned. May I suggest that you simply reply to Etax with details of the type of earning jobs she did in those years and the approximate earnings so the tax dept. can get their records straight. Not every young person continues at school and does small jobs so the Tax Dept assume that they are working until advised differently. Help them get their "ducks in a row" and that should be the end of it. Best of luck. Dennis (no relationship with the Tax office or Etax, just use them myself).We have had same the problem with etax, but now bills for previous years, where a tax return didn't need to be lodged. Very small refunds with bills of $95. They scared her by saying she would be fine by the tax office. Regards Leigh

So once you get started and log in do they charge to for online help service? Can I log in put my details in and if I’m not happy can I cancel my return, or will it go through and do I also get charged for that. Can I just get a estimate tax refund without lodging my tax ?
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Hi Uffy, Our fees aren't charged until your return is lodged. You're more than welcome to sign up and enter your information into the return without needing to pay our fees. Just keep in mind that after you do submit your return into our system our Accountants will review all of the information you've entered to ensure it's accurate and to see if there are any extra deductions we can add to boost your refund. That means the refund estimate you see initially could increase once we've reviewed it for you! Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

I thought this would pre fill my information? I signed up and then its making enter everything from scratch. Whats the point of using the service. At least the ATO website pre fills everything and has an explanation of what each field means. This website is harder to use then the ATO own website.
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HI David, Thanks for reaching out. Our tax return uses the same pre-fill information that the ATO system does. We'd like to take a look and see why your return didn't have the pre-fill information automatically go into your return as well as ensure everything else in the return is correct to maximise your refund. Could you please drop us an email to feedback@etax.com.au with the email address you registered with so we can find your file and get in touch? Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

What bank does etax use? My simple tax return has been pd to etax today 42 day and after I lodged it with etax and 35days after they lodged it with ato. My children and I r homeless and where we have been staying temporarily is unsafe and I was relying on my tax to go in my acct today so I could get them to a motel and a safe environment. Need to know what bank as need to know if I'm going to be pd today. If it's going to take up to 2 business days then I won't get til after weekend and by then it might be too late and harm may come to me and my children before then
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HI Nikki, We're sorry to hear that you're going through a really tough time at the moment. Our bank is NAB. If you're refund still hasn't arrived, could you please reply to the private message we sent you which requested your email address. Once we have that we'll be able to find you in our system and offer you some specific advice as to the status of your return and tax refund. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

You ask me last time about the copy of Colonial First Choice. Tell me which page no you are looking for? My wife Mrs Noorus Subah Khan lodged Tax Return couple of days ago but is not acknowledged yet?
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Hi Feeroz, We've checked out system and can see your wife's return was lodged on 13 August, we sent an email confirming this to the email address registered on her file. We've checked your return, and it too has been lodged so there should be nothing further on your part. Generally the ATO will take about 10-14 days to finalise processing of the returns, although in some busy periods it may take up to 30 days. Thanks for choosing Etax Accountants and if you have any other specific return questions, we'd suggest sending them via your Etax account to maintain the privacy of your personal circumstances. Kind Regards, Etax AccountantsWhat page no you are looking for? Colonial First Choice

If i have signed a tax refund application and have been advised that an accountant is looking at my file, am I able to pay the fee and cancel the refund application?
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Hi Hannah, Please drop us an email to feedback@etax.com.au with your full name and email address. We'll then be able to find your account in our system and let you know whether the return has already been lodged or not and the steps we can take for you from there based one where in the process your return is. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

How much it costs to declare tax with Etax?
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Hi Ken, Thanks for your question. At Etax our fees start from $68.90 for our standard tax return. There are some small additional charges if you have a more complicated return (e.g sole trader or rental property). Regardless of which option you choose, our service includes qualified accountant checking and advice to ensure you get the best possible refund and your return is free from errors. You'll also have access to free year round tax advice, deduction tips and help and we'll liaise with the ATO on your behalf if ever required. Here's a page we've written which goes into everything in more detail: https://www.etax.com.au/etax-fees/ We hope to see you soon at Etax.com.au Ken and thanks once again for your question. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

is this e tax free to do your tax no loging payments?
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Yea it has free services but as you get more in-depth it can have costsI'm not 100% sure but I think so. I have paid a tax accountant over $200 each tax return in the past and this was a good option for me this year.Hi Wiggy - We'll try to clarify for you. If you don't need to do a tax return this year, you still need to do a non-lodgement advice to the ATO to let them know you're not lodging a return. We can take care of this free of charge for you if you fall into this category. On the other hand if you do need a tax return lodged this year our standard fees will apply (starting from $68.90). To get started, please register or log in to your account at Etax.com.au. Once you've entered you details, please just hop onto our live chat service where an accountant can check your ATO file and advise whether you need a tax return or a non-lodgement advice. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

I have been trying to see my messages but can't are you having problem with the site?
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Hi Anthony, Thanks for getting in touch. We have had no other reported issues with messaging on our site, so it might be a one off or issue with the device you're using. We'd like to reach out and chat with you in more detail to learn a little more about your situation and more importantly discuss the messages we've sent you. Could you please drop us an email on feedback@etax.com.au with your full name, email address and best day/time to reach you and we'll be in touch asap! Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

If I've signed and selected the etax fee to be payed from my estimated refund but don't want to go through anymore and have only decided the first email. Can I cancel? It has not been lodged yet and under went it's first review. Thanks
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Hi Keds, While we'd hate to see you go, if the return hasn't been lodged and you'd no longer like to use our service, it's no problem to cancel. You can just send your accountant a message via your Etax account when logged in and they'll take care of it for you. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

Good morning, I am near completing my tax return. I don't have my PAYG Notice of Assessment assessment and I have asked my previous employer for a copy without success. How can I get a copy of my Notice of Assessment?
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Hi Nikki, We may be able to help. If your previous employer has followed the rules they should have submitted your income information direct to the Australian Tax Office this year. You can simply send us a message via "my etax messages" on your account and ask us to check your ATO records for you. If it's on your ATO file, we'll add it in to your return for you and you won't need to get a copy from them. If it's not on your ATO file we'll be able to suggest alternatives like a statutory declaration instead. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

Just a quick question what does it mean when youre trying to do your tax but the money amount is in red not green?
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Hi Jade, If you're referring to our tax return and the estimate you're seeing is in red it likely means that based on all of the current information in the return you will have a tax payable amount instead of a tax refund this year. There are a number of reasons why this may be the case and nothing is finalised until your return is lodged. If you'd like us to have a look at your specific return to explain to you why that's the case and how we might be able to adjust things so you get a refund instead, please just log in to your tax return and select the live chat option on the bottom right of your return. There you'll be able to chat directly with an accountant who can go through your return with you. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

How long will my tax return take to reach my nominated bank account?
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Hi Mickayla, Generally the ATO takes about 14 days to process a tax return, although in some very busy periods they do say to allow 30 days to receive your refund. Generally though, 14 days is about average. If you've selected to pay your fee via our fee from refund service, then once the ATO has finalised your return, they'll send it to us. We don't delay things on our end, so the same day that we receive it from the ATO, we'll deduct our fee and transfer the remainder of your refund to your nominated bank account. Usually it will then clear into your bank account overnight. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

Hi, havent lodged a tax return for the last 20 years. Can you tell me the approx cost of of preparing this ? or even if it is possible to do this online. I am sure I dont owe the ATO any money. Cheers
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Hi Jean! That's exactly the sort of thing we're good at taking care of and it'll be a great feeling to get it all up to date. The cost is hard to predict because there may be some years where a "non lodgement advice" can be prepared instead of a tax return, and we can do them free of charge for you. Overall you'll probably be pretty happy with how affordable it can be, and if you're getting refunds from the ATO we can deduct our fees from your refund so you'll have nothing to pay upfront. To get the ball rolling, could you please drop us an email to feedback@etax.com.au with your full name, email address and contact number? We'll then have an accountant get in touch with you to discuss your situation specifically and then best way to proceed with getting you to date. Best Regards, Etax Accountants

can i ring you for what you need to do my tax as i have already filled mine partly?
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Hi Deggy, If you're part way through and have any questions you can certainly give us a call on 1300 693 829. We also have a live chat service you should be able to select in the bottom right of your screen while logged into your return where you can chat directly with an accountant. If you prefer, we can also have one of our accountants call you back at a time that suits you. Please just drop us an email to feedback@etax.com.au with your full name, email address registered on your Etax account, phone number and time you'd like a call and we'll get in touch with you then. Warm Regards, Etax Accountants

How long does it take you to prepare an annual tax return for a Pty Ltd using Xero online accounting system and how much do you charge (house number)?
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Hi Andreas, Thanks for your question. Etax Accountants only offer Individual Tax Returns so our sister company Etax Local who offer an online business tax return service are best placed to answer that question. In general, the length of time and cost of preparing a Company Tax Return is solely down to the size of the business and the complexity of the job. We'd suggest sending the team at Etax Local a message via this page (https://www.etaxlocal.com.au/company-tax-return/) with some details about the job and their business relationship team will be in touch to provide you with an obligation free quote. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

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