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Do vt750 have bafflels in the fuel tank which makes it hard to fill
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The last 1-2 litres take forever, there are mods on line to modify the tank but it is only a litre at the end that is the slow process.

Can I rebuild my 750 shadow out to a 1000cc
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What oil do I use on a 2001 shadow?
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I have always used 5w-30 pennzoil in my motorcycle.I ran the Honda full synthetic. Can't remember the weight, but you can't go wrong with the Honda OEM oil.

What fuel is best in an 04 750 shadow?
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Ii have a 2004 Honda shadow it worked perfect last year but when i tried to start it this year it will only run for a couple of seconds and shut off. what are some of the problems that would cause it? Barry
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Hi Barry, Not that i know of. Assuming it has oil. And fresh fuel, my guess would be electrical. If the battery is failing that could be the cause. You could try charging battery and leaving it on charge. If that works it would be the cause. Otherwise Sounds like you may need a professional to take a look.Could also be muck in the carburettor float bowl. I would empty it, then try to start, if it is the same, I would pull float bowl off carb and clean and reinstall and see if it works. Mine occasionally will start and I make it down driveway, then it stalls until I clean the float bowl. It is usually some water or muck in the bottom of bowl.

I have a 2016 Honda Shadow Aero VT750C/CS can Honda put a gas gauge on it?Does anyone out there no? Thanks-Werewolf-8/6/17
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Yo Werewolf, If you contact your Honda dealer, they will probably put a gauge on for you at a hefty price. You can ride without one. Just fill up your tank and press the trip meter to zero. Around 200 plus kilometres start looking for a petrol station, depending on your riding style. I made 290 kilometres between fills without any hassles. If you're still keen on a gauge, there are heaps out there to buy and install yourself. Check out U Tube for instructions. Bike shops are also a good source. I have had a number of bikes over the years, minus a fuel gauge, and it doesn't present any problems. Hope this helped. Regards Lenny TLenny T has is it about right, I have not found a need about 200 before shifting to reserve. Only run out of fuel once when I forgot to change reserve back to regular.I run with the trip meter also. Typical 'safety' fill for me is at 180 to 190 (8.5 ltrs). I have pushed it out and have got to 240 and not needed reserve. My runs are city based, prob average about 70 kph.

I got a 01 shadow 750 ace I got a sputter in my bike and the front cylinder is fowling plugs I was in the middle of tearing the carbs off when I noticed a bolt was broke that holds the coil on to the front cylinder wonder if it wasn't getting good grounds and causing it not to work right?
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Possible, never hurts to drain the carbs. New bolt, put it back together and see how it goes.

I just bought a 2016 Honda Shadow VT750C/CS Shadow Aero on 6/20/17.Can anyone that has had one for awhile out there if they are good reliable motorcycles? Thank You-Ron Bishop
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One of the most reliable bikes I have owned. Mine just keeps on going, I have 2005 C4 and I use it for commuting, I get dirt/water in carb occasionally and have to drain float bowl. I am not sure about fuel injection on newer bikes.I have changed my fuel filter for an older Holden clear sided filter so I can keep an I on the fuel I buy Some servos have crap petrol an when you ask why they say not my petrol its up to you if you want to change your filter Storky

I have recently purchased a 2000 honda shadow classic 750vtc there arent many around can any one tell me why this is?
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Sorry but I have never heard of a Honda Shadow 750 VTC, I will try and Google it, I have the VT750 2012 model.hi I have the 2001 blackwidow which I have converted to a chopper my brother has a 750 shadow now since his big 1100 crash by a p plater texting an too of my friends have now bought 750s so yes there there if you look. the reson we bought this model is it sits low and when you stop both your feet touch the ground my sister in law has been in touch with a boy in seaford Victoria cose he has a shadow an wonts to sell it . she likes the shadow as it sits low and girls have trouble holding up biger bikes so look around and you will find one if not look at Yamaha 650 its low seated also all the best storky 68Not fazed too much by the weight in a bike l actually prefer it to lighter ones were situated in bundaberg qld and we only found 3 the other day on the internet my other bike is a yamaha virago no problem with finding them . Thanks for ur comment

I way 160kg. Will this motorcycle be able to support me?
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That shouldn't be a problem.Well I'm 74kg so I don't know about that. But it is a great bike.

Hi, I thought I saw somewhere that the 2013/2014 VT750 has electrically assisted reverse. Can anybody confirm?
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I had a 2012 model & it have assisted reverse. I would be very surprised if Honda included this on this model because at the end of the day this is a very basic model. Mine didn't have a fuel gauge, just a warning light. However simple means reliability.Mine is a 2012 and it has NO REVERSE.

Is that simple to change the front brakes for honda shadows vt750? Please guide me how to do it or any value links would be highly appreciated. Rgd. James
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If you have never done this before please don't ,, your life is at risk as the front brake is 80% of you're stopping power ,, please don't risk it get it done professionally ,, it will cost less that $70 , whats your life worth ....Thanks for answering. Is that cost including a pair of front brake's pads? I just know a replacement of both front and rear brakes cost about 280$. I'm asking 'cause I have a pair of front brake' s pad. Rgd, JamesJames, I would have to recommend that you get a professional motor bike mechanic to attend to your brakes. I have a motor vehicle repair shop & I send my bike to the motorcycle guys. Brakes are too important to take a chances.

I have a 2007 Vt750 shadow. My fuel tank has developed several leaks. Has anyone else had or heard of this problem? Always used good fuel 95 or 98.
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HI Denise , I know of 5 other VT750`s around the 2005 to 2009 years that have had leaks we treated the tanks with POR 15 and never had dramas after that ,, hope it helps ,,Regards RobI'm sorry I can't be very helpful in this case because as far as I know this is not a common problem with these. As a mechanic I will say this problem is usually caused from water in the fuel. Water is heavier fuel & sits on the bottom of the tank causing eventual corrosion. Take your tank to your local radiator repairer to get it sorted. In future it doesn't hurt to use fuel with 10% ethanol occasionally. This will disperse any moisture in your tank.

I'm owning shadows vt750c4 classic 2007,now i wanna upgrade the bigger air filter to make it faster, is there any thoughts of it and where to buy the parts? Ta.
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Hi Installing a bigger air filter wont do mush as the exhaust is restricting the performance ,,you would need to change out the pipes and re jet the carb to make it worth wile ,,, hope this helps ,,the Vt750 is what it is ,,a great cruiser ,,,dont mess it up ,,cheers robI have installed a K&N high flow air filter. This filter is reusable after cleaning & really does improve performance. You can buy these through your local bike shop.Thanks Rob and Don, I will be shipping around to get K&N air filter. I have just upgraded to straight exhaust

I am a 1970's biker and gave them up in 79 but now, 5 kids later, I want to get a Honda Shadow but wife says "over my dead body" . Tricky one to over come. Any suggestions please, except the obvious one? Bazza
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I can understand her concerns not wanting to be left to raise the kiddies on her own should you have a bad off ! However life is pretty boring without a little risk. You will have to compromise and be adventurous with your carrot and stick. I think you deserve a nice toy after all your hard work over the years and it will put some excitement in your life. If wife could go pillion for a few trips she may then appreciate the pure joy of riding a bike and may want her own one day. What a great way to unwind over a weekend! It will have to be a compromise dont really know how to get around that obstacle. Bike meets are a great way to make new friends. Suggest she visit a club with you one day to meet other bikers and the ladies too. When wife sees all the bikes it may whet her appetite. That is how it started for me : seeing a his and hers Ducatti at the servo one day. Just loved that sight! Love to know how you go. Good luck in your quest. Regards.well bazza i:ve put 4,500km on a RS 750 2010 model and it makes me happy at age 51 with 34 yrs time in the ssddle. what you should know is that this little gem has all you need to get you into trouble...ie power torque but the brakes could be a tad sharper. but i love it man, if you ride it cautiously till you discover its limitations then as I have come to understand it turns heads and commutes in style but also flows thru a winding country road. Just remember it aint no sports bike and enjoy what its meant for....cruising with flair!

What is the widest rear wheel that will fit my 2005 vt750c shadow? Also I was thinking of bobbing my bike, thoughts?
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I stopped by MCA and had the similar question, they offered some options about rear wheel size for my Shadow vt750. You also call them and ask them any enquiry, they are very helpful. Mca.com.au contains their phone number. Rgd.

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