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What size TV is in a 2008 model
2 answers
They have a 'TV point' on the wall - you provide your TV.Thank you

Can another set of bunks be installed in the basestation?
2 answers
Yes, we had bunks either side but they were put in by Jayco.Did you get them put in or that's how you brought it?

Looking at buying a 2019 Base station 23ft and an option in the brochure is a larger parents bed front and rear. I know there isn’t a rear bed apart from the bunk beds, but can you get a larger front bed?
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Whats the awning lenght on 2011 jayco base station. Need to replace barrel and fabric Filled with water and broke in the middle
1 answer
Hi Peter - Ours was a 2012 & has been sold. I would Google the Specifications & if no luck there contact JAYCO direct.

Can any one tell how wide the back door is on a 07 model basestation??
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About to buy 21 foot x 8 foot jayco 2013 Basestation. The didn’t realise they sold 21 x 8 ft. It is a off road version. Do you think it is worth the extra for the off road version. Thanks in advance.
1 answer
I suppose it depends where you plan on using it, if your headed outback on a lot of unsealed dirt roads with Potholes, then Yes. If you're doing more bitumen driving then 'No'. We took ours to a lot of MX events all over Qld, NSW & SA, so camping was offroad & a few internal tracks but sealed roads to each spot. We also camp on 5 acres of a little rough but grassed paddock 12-24 times a year & haven't had a problem at all. We've had ours 5-6 years now, 12 months ago hubby did have the suspension flipped over to give the Van more clearance due to our short but sloped concrete drive-way entry but this is def. a good idea to do earlier on instead of buying the 'offroad' version. Personally 'No' the huge added expense of the Offroad is not at all necessary & we pull ours up a 150m rough steep slope to a Hillside block with a view. The car is where the money needs to be spent... something that will Tow well & last. Ps. our Brand New Jeep blew a gearbox within 3 years from towing the Van, so we ended up getting an F250 to do the job & hubby says you don't even know its attached. This is not always possible so based on our extensive vanning experience, I would be inclined to turn the vehicle over at least every 3 years to avoid very expensive gearbox costs as they do work very hard if doing a lot of vanning.

Are the base stations cold to sleep in as they are surrounded by metal in the bunk area?
1 answer
Not at all. We, however, travel with winter sleeping bags (-5*) during the colder months and dont forget you have the air conditioner/heater. I am not fond of winter camping so the latest I camp it April-May & then get back into it again in September :) We do notice condensation on the pull-out Main Bed though when its really cold or wet so a good spray of a clear waterproof sealer (from hardware store) but this has to be re-applied annually. Otherwise, you can get an extra slide on canvas panel cover that attaches to the edge of the pull out roof panel to help during wet or cold weather. We never bought this though as we often had a gazebo (pegged down) packed in for this or we used the gazebo at the other end when the back down was down like a balcony with a rooftop.

I'm about to purchase a 23 foot jayco outback toy hauler will it be a problem with two robes in back and two full size dirt bikes ......... And my gu 4.2 patrol says max 200 kg ball max and the van is 270 kg how can this be fixed please van is not built yet?
1 answer
I cant see a problem with the robes & space as we had 1 robe in ours & could still fit 2 bikes & camp gear including a generator & we didn't have the 'outback' model. What we had problems with were the car's capabilities of towing long term..... Our brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee, towing the van killed the gearbox at 3 years old, It had a 3.5-tonne towing capacity. The Gearbox works hard, and we were in our van every 2nd weekend for approx 18 months. We have replaced the Jeep with a Ford F250 and its a breeze now (just guzzles the juice however). If you're going normal size 4x4, I would suggest turning your vehicle over every 2 years to avoid the gearbox wear before its time to avoid the rebuild bill. Jeep was so shocked they covered the gearbox rebuild (cost $15,000) Have heard a bit of this happening lately with other brand-name 4x4 from retiring peeps towing the bigger weightier vans.

Will 4 full sized Motor Bikes fit in the Jayco Basestation?
1 answer
Nope. 2 max. We have Dble bunks either side of van wall - we fit 2 (1x 250 1x85) there are floor D shackles built-into the van floor for 2 moto's & then we squeeze in a generator or a gurney at front. You would exceed your Tow / weight limits anyway.

Is the travel height 3040 accurate for the 2016 outback? need to make a shed and don't want it to be to low Thanks for any help
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Sorry we don't have the outback but the suspension is quite high on the Outback Model..... Try the Jayco website they'll have specifications list there.

Rear door on base station does it seal good? going up the centre red dust a problem
2 answers
Absolutely yes, we take ours to motocross events all the time and it is an extremely dusty sport as we stay right beside the track. You will get dust on the canvas exterior of your queen bed annex (even though it has a hard top cover as well) but take a broom with & give it a good broom over once you've stopped for the night, that's what I do anyway as this area collects the most dust. Don't forget to close your vents (1 or 2 at back of van) & wind down window vents in ceiling (3 of them) before you travel also to prevent dust entering van.Rear door does seal but it comes in every where else, fit roof pressure flap on front of van above table and open side pressure flap on lh side in rear cargo area and its all sweet no more dust sucked in past any seals , we also put press stud covers over door vent and both upper and lower fridge vents, found a lot of dust around fridge cabinet and microwave but with covers on and pressure vents open stopped all the internal dust dead

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