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Kambrook Stainless 6L KSC110 / KSC120

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KSC120 and KSC110
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Hi, l have just bought the 6 liter ksc120 cooker, but after reading the reviews it does seem like there is a fair chance it could be a faulty one . Some of the reviews are about older models that have had some updating now though. The other thing that concerns me is that there might be led or something that would harm us in the crock pot? I haven't even opened the box as yet as l am unsure about it. Kind regards Helen Wilson
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Hi. I bought the Kambrook 6L stainless steel slow cooker last year. I have not used it since then. However, when I used it today, I cannot move the setting from "low". The light is on low and even though I have adjusted the dial to get it to "auto" or "high", the light remains on "low". Can you please help? Unfortunately, I have lost the manual. Many thanks.
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How do you know when the cooker is finished as mine doesn’t have a keep warm setting?
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what are the temperature in the slow, high and warm settings of the slow cooker?
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Hi,yes i am having the same problem now. I bought this slow cooker model today and using it straight away after warm wash and wiped dry before use as Instruction said, i put in meat and some dry veg and pour 2L water in then turned to High cook thinking it should boil first then i will turn to Low , but the Low light was ON instead the High light , after 1 hour the out side is hot but inside pot does not have the fine firm to start simmering, so i turned to Auto , the Slow light still on , no change ( i was expected the light should be changed to Auto light), so i turned back to High and leaved like that, now after 2 hour the soup inside is hot but not like boiling hot. Questions : 1/ is it always have to leave cooking several hours to be able to eat ? cause after 2 hours the soup water not even boiled how can it cooked ? 2/ is the light does not worked properly?
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Hi, Yes, slow cooking will generally take between 3 and 12 hours. Timing will be dependent on the functions chosen and the type, size and temperature of the ingredients added. The benefit of slow cooking is more tender and flavoursome dishes. Please refer to the instruction booklet provided with the slow cooker for further information on slow cooking as well as recipe ideas. Alternatively please contact customer service for further assistance. In regards to your second question, this slow cooker only has 1 light, it will illuminate when the slow cooker is set to low/high/auto/warm. Thanks, the Kambrook Team

Can a slow cooker be used too bake in like cook a potato bake?
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Yes you can but it will take around 4 hours to cook it and if you want a crispy top you will have to place under the grill.Hi Piau - Yes, a potato bake can be cooked in the slow cooker. It would take approximately 4 - 5 hours on the high setting, depending on the thickness of the sliced potatoes. If you would like to gratin the top, the cooked potato bake should be transferred to an over proof bowl, before placing it into the oven. The ceramic cooking bowl should not be used in an oven. Thanks, the Kambrook team

Does this model automatically turn off when the meal is cooked? If I am gone longer than the 6-8 hours will it have cooked and turned off in the auto mode?
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Hi Lesley - No, this model does not automatically switch off. The setting needs to be manually changed or switched to off once cooking is complete. Thanks, the Kambrook team.

Can the removable pot from a slow cooker be put in the oven?
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Hi Bailey - the removable pot from the KSC110 / KSC120 should only be used in the slow cooker base. For further product enquiries, please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thank you.

bought this slow cooker 3 weeks ago not very happy the out side gets very hot I had it on auto but took a lot longer to cook but never seemed to get to boiling point I all so have noticed the lid does not sit flush with the dish and wondered if it could be loosing heat because its not sealing. has any one had a problem with the lid not sealing?
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Hi DiDii, please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thank you.Yes my previous one was like this. Answered my question, I won't bother getting another.

What is the difference between model KSC110 and KSC 120?
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Hi Hippiechew - the KSC120 has four heat settings (low, high, auto and warm) while the KSC110 has three heat settings (low, high and auto). For further enquiries relating to these products, please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au.I have no idea but I knew someone from Kambrook website would be able to help you.Thanks alot for the clarification. In fact we bought a KSC120 and after using it for several hours we decided to return it. The outer casing became extremely hot to the touch and we felt it could cause accidental burns especially to unknowing children. The customer service hotline confirmed that this was `normal` although I felt it could have been designed better. If Kambrook felt that this is normal they could at least put a HOT warning sticker on the outer casing. There seems to be several people highlighting this issue on this forum.

We recently purchased one of these and we're having lots of issues. First we tried using the auto function, which we were told would heat to temperature on high and the slow cook until done, after 2 hours I checked on it and it wasn't even simmering, there wasn't even condensation on the lid, and when I felt the sauce it wasn't even hot to the touch, it was more like lukewarm. I was concerned that the meat wouldn't reach core temp of 60 before the 4 hours so I put it on high and it seemed to simmer, just, I took the lid off at the end to thicken the sauce and it wouldn't maintain a simmer on high with the lid off. The next time we tried just using low thinking that something might be wrong with the auto function, and it was the same, after 2 hours it was barely lukewarm and no condensation on the lid. I know it's supposed to cook slowly, but we are really concerned about food safety with the temps it is doing... could it have a faulty thermostat or is this what this model is like??
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Hi Uberseal - please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thank you.

Is this supposed to get really hot on the outside?! It's my first use and it had been on for hardly any time before it got hot to the touch, I caught my arm on it and it caught me by surprise. It's now been on its 'low' setting for a few hours and it's really hot to the exterior touch! Design flaw?! I want to 'set and forget' but I don't want to leave it on the table! I have a toddler who is very busy and I am going to have to chuck it out, too dangerous! Do I have a faulty machine or do they just get hot?
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Hi Emguy1 - could you please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thank you.

I put the cooking pot (of the KSC110) on a hot plate to thicken the sauce like a gravy. However, the pot cracked. Can I buy a replacement pot only?
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Hi You should never do that. Never put the insert on a hotplate. You can thicken sauces/gravies by using Cornflour and stir it in and leave for the last 30 mins or so. You will need to contact the Kambrook people direct to see if you can get a replacement bowl.Hi Joy - please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thank you.

Can you put the inner saucepan straight on top of your gas stove to sear meat? Or does it sera the meat instead of using another saucepan?
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Hi Caroline - Kambrook advises not to use the removable crockery bowl on top of a gas or electric stove top (see instruction booklet: http://www.kambrook.com.au/media/instruction_manuals/KSC110.pdf). For further information on this product, please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au.Hi Caroline I have never and wouldn't use the removable crockery bowl on any stove top, I have used my slow cooker heaps and sometimes I have browned the meat quickly in a saucepan or frypan before putting into slow cooker but it still cooks OK without doing this first.

Does the 'keep warm' function act the same as 'auto' on other slow cookers ?
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The Keep Warm setting is used to keep cooked foods at serving temperature. It is not a cooling setting and should only be used after first cooking on the LOW or HIGH setting. It is recommended to only keep food on the Keep Warm setting for up to 4 hours. The Auto setting will first cook on a high temperature for a period of time to bring the food quickly to the desirable temperature, then reduce automatically to low temperature for the completion of cooking.I have a sunbeam 3.5 litre (this is a good size for 4 to 6 people) (bought in 2002) which has auto/low and high setting only. It does not have a keep warm function but the auto/low setting allows you to cook for 8-12 hours or a little longer (if need be) and will not burn or overcook.

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