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Hello I’m Mick , I just purchased the Kitchenaid KSM156 Mixer online and waiting for delivery , I need to know if the K5THSBP Quart Polished Stainless Steel Bowl With Handle will fit this machine
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Hi Mick It should, but I'd check the Kitchen maid website or call their helpline. Alternatively check at the retailer.

my daughter has a kitchen aid 5ksm156 and the whisk attachment has broken where can i purchase a replacement one please cant sem to find the answer anywhere
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Hi Just wondering what glass bowl will fit as my kitchenAid is about 10 years old and I would like to purchase the right glass bowl to fit this model.
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If I were you I would just ring your local Kitchenaide seller as they would put you on the right track.Hi Anthony, if you have the KSM156 model, then the 4.7L Glass Bowl will fit your Stand Mixer. You can find it here; https://kitchenaid.com.au/products/47l-glass-bowl-5-quart-0 Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

hi there.i have the ksm 156 and i bought the ice cream maker attachment and tried it without any success as the round washer thing with the spring gets caught when mixing..is there any other ice cream maker that suits the ksm156 model?
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Hi Sheryl, It can be tricky to get the bowl on correctly the first time, you can watch this video and many more to get a visual sense; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5WnI7ZfBvM If you are still having trouble please email us at marketing@kitchenaid.com.au and we will be able to assist. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

What is the difference between KSM 156 and KSM 170?
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Hi there, The KSM156 comes with a flex edge beater as well as a standard flat beater. We hope this helps. Kind regards, The KitchenAid Team

Hi..please can you advise what OTHER mixing bowls I can attach to my KitchenAid Platinum Collection KSM156 Stand Mixer apart from the 4.7 ltr glass mixing bowl it comes with? I find that mixing small batches it just doesn't do a great job.. I end up having to use my hand beater to finish it off.. is there a metal one available that fits this mixer, and also is there a KitchenAid attachment available that covers the top allowing non spattering and easy addition of ingredients? Thank you in advance, I absolutely love my mixer.. and having these attachments would compliment and make using it even more of a pleasure..
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Good Morning and thank you for your enquiry. The KSM156 Stand Mixer is also compatible with both the 4.8L Stainless Steel bowl and the 2.8L Stainless Steel bowl. The 2.8L size bowl is perfect for those smaller mixtures and for making icing. You can source one of these from any of our retailers on our website, see link here: https://kitchenaid.com.au/products/stainless-steel-28l-mixing-bowl-3-quart. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team.

Hi there , i just bought the mixer , i have a little concern the power of the machine , is 300 watts powerful enough to do the job?i had looked online and most machines are over 1000 watts, can anyone help me answering this question please ?
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Hi, I get this question a lot in my job (kitchenware retailer). It is my understanding that in fact wattage does not directly correlate to power, contrary to popular opinion. Because of the low wattage, it is much more energy efficient than its competition. And the reason that it can perform as well as it does with just 300 Watts is that the motor is in the head of the mixer - directly above the bowl - rather than in the side of the stand like most stand mixers. This means it needs a lot less power to move the mixer. Hope this helps!Many thanks

Why are the mixers so expensive? I really want one but the cost is prohibitive and I would need time to pay it off. Also the negative comments worry me for such an expensive piece of equipment.
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Partly brand name and partly because they are a solid build. Most components are fabricated in the USA, some do come from China. They are assembled and refined in the USA. The attachments are also another reason, it can perform a dozen other functions if you add the extra bits and pieces. For example I've been using the Food Slicer to shave Ice and give the kids Snow Cones. Sadly I've been eating a lot more Ice Cream than I ever did before, now that I make my own. I've whipped up Loaves of bread close to 1KG and it's pulled through. I also made 3 ginger bread houses recently for Christmas in one batch. If you think you'll use it for some heady duty tasks, want the convenience of a stand mixer and don't mind paying a little bit extra for what many believe is the 'gold standard' in home mixers, then the KA is a really good choice. If you wont be making big sticky things that need a lot of horse power to mix you might be better off with a smaller cheaper alternative. A lot of people quite like the Cuisinart and they have pretty good reviews. As far as negative comments go, most people will only pipe up about negative experiences, very rarely will people go out of their way to praise. Whichever way you go, I hope you get many years of use and joy out of your mixer! Regards, AdrianThanks, really want a Kitchenaid so will save upIf you look after your kitchenaid you should have it for many years, and even pass it on to younger family members. That's why they (and the Kenwood Chef) are so pricey. The other reason is the capacity for attachments. If you don't use a mixer a lot, or you're only whipping up the odd batch of cupcakes for a bake sale, it's not worth it. But now I have mine, I bake all the time and it's a true workhorse of my kitchen. Its kind of how a screwdriver is much much cheaper than a drill - depends what and how often as to which is actually the better investment.

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