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Why do ouffer take a 20% of the cost of the voucher as an 'administration' fee? If it was a fixed amount I could maybe understand but a % of the voucher is just a rip off
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Hi There, Apologies for any inconvinience caused here. Please feel free to contact our support team via support@ouffer.com and they will happily look into this further for you Kind Regards, Ouffer

I am trying to send an email to customer support and it keeps bouncing back saying your mailbox is full. It is about non delivery of an item I paid for which you replied to my initial query about. Any help?
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Hi There, Sincerest apologies for the experience that you have had with us recently. If you could send us a private message advising your email address and Order number, we will follow up right away. Hope to hear from you soon! Kind Regards, Ouffer

I have just received delivery of a pair of male Rowley Ugg boots size 11 They are a size too small. I take 11 in the u.K., Europe and Australia so I am definately a size 11. The boots although stamped size 11 must be a woman's size or are incorrectly sized. What can you do to help me? My postal receipt number wasLEM4698625 Tax invoice 2061495701029137
1 answer
Hi Angus, Thanks for getting in touch To best assist with your enquiry and any further questions, please feel free to contact our Customer support team via support@brandsexclusive.com.au They will usually respond within 24 hours and are always happy to help Thanks Brands Exclusive Support

What is the quality like, for the gillette compatible razors?
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Hi Katherine, thanks for your question! If you've ever purchased Gillette Compatible Razors you'll know how superior they are in the world of razors! I can assure you they'll be of the highest quality and one of the best purchasing decisions you've ever made! Thank you, The Ouffer Team

what is ouffer's phone number?
3 answers
I'm sorry I couldn't find one .They wont give you their number and you are lucky if they reply your email. Good LuckHere is a number for Ouffer but don't expect a reply - 8093 3888 3 of the options offered for customer service cut out Option 2 to feature your business goes to voice mail and I have not had a return call...

Why doesn't Ouffer.com have a telephone support line?
4 answers
A telephone support line would make their business more transparent and would provide a much more ethical approach toward customer support.Ouffer Australia Pty Ltd. - Businessweek investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?... Australia. Founded in 2010. Phone: 61 2 8093 3888. Fax: 61 2 9247 3160. experiences.ouffer.com ... I found this contact number for them after searching for a bit. I hope this helpsThank you for your help. I wish the number was promoted instead of kept hidden

Is there someway to get your money back from these con artist out of pocket $1999?
5 answers
Hi David Try the various government bodies that are supposed to assist with such unresolved matters. They are the ACC, Consumer Affairs, Ombudsman and others that I am not aware of. If your payment was made with PayPal contact them. They are a great resolution resource. Goodluck.thanks mate will try anythingIf you paid by credit card you can dispute the transaction through your bank, who then chase the merchant on your behalf. If you have proof to substantiate your claim the bank will retrieve your money.

I have bought 3 vouches from Ouffer. I have been trying to book the wale watching session online many times but unsuccessful, was told my vouchers are incorrect or unvalid. Please explain? Thanks.
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May I suggest you contact Ouffer ASAP about the matter as I am just a customer like you. Their support email is: support@ouffer.com unfortunately, they don't seem to provide a contact phone number. Good luck for a happy outcome. CheersPlease email Ouffer customer service to ensure you have valid number and date on voucher.you could try bombarding them with emails might get some response if your lucky but it will become a very stressfull situation for you good luck

Im $1999 out of pocket by the looks of things with no worthwhile response at the moment has anyone got a direct phone number i could call
3 answers
Hi David, Thanks for submitting your question on productreview. Could you please provide with me with your Desk 'ticket' number so I can look into your case further. Kind Regards, J^f8bh9a just got a reply from infinity saying the voucher number dosn't match with there reference code well it did a week ago that was untill we tried to book inOuffer official don't bother with the crap about I'm going to fix something you have no intention of fixing just more disappointment

Hi Ouffer Customer Care I bought a Voucher (#26 for a Shellac Mani & Pedi for Lisa's Beauty Clinic). 3 locations have been nominated. I contacted the Fairfield address. They do not accept a voucher and their reason is that there is a new owner to the business & the previous owner has been paid - as a result they cannot provide a service 'for free' to me. No answers from the other phone numbers. Can you please advise or give me a credit? Hope to hear from you. Maz
2 answers
Email Ouffer and explain the circumstances. Make it clear that you will formally complain to Consumer Affairs. If you persist they may well refund your money.Hi Marilyn, Thanks for contacting us via productreview.com.au Please contact our support team at support@ouffer.com and we'll be more than happy to resolve this for you. Kind Regards, J^

I bought 2 sets of vouchers on 6/ 6/ 13 Thursday accepting your offer of a half lobster salad for $14 each worth $28 . I received an email stating my payment had been accepted by my Visa card but I have not received any vouchers todate so went to Baby Barramundi at Chifly Square where they told me to contact you as you advertised the deal .Would you be kind enough to clarify the situation?
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Hi Norman, I'm sorry to hear that you have not received your vouchers. Please email our support team at support@ouffer.com in order for us to assist you further with locating your vouchers. Thanks! J^

hi there Can anyone give me ouffer's telephone number?? Many thanks
2 answers
Strangely enough - NO ! Only contact by email :(Hi Tafi, You will need to email us directly via support@ouffer.com and we will get back to you within 48-72 hours. Kind Regards, Ouffer Customer Care

Oufer, can you please help me get a resolution as your customer support is simply unresponsive?
2 answers
Hi Kaz, Can you please provide me with your help-desk ticket # and I will have one of our agents look into this for you. Thanks, Ouffer Customer Care Hi Ouffer, my case #21053. Your customer support Diankarla doesnt seem to read my messages as I keep getting responses that ask me to do the things that are no do-able and as a result, that is why I have sought a refund (credit to my credit card). I dont want a credit as I just cant contemplate ever having to deal with customer support ever as they dont respond on a timely basis and when they do, they dont actually do anything to help resolve the issue. Just sending an email with nothing (because they dont actually read nor absorb what the issue is) is not a response. The supplier has confirmed she was happy to provide a refund as she is unable to fulfill the offer. Thanks heaps.

Are Ouffer and Deals.com.au affilliated? They offer the same deals. The help system looks identical
5 answers
Mincha I think they are however im not too sure. Sorry I can't help any furtherI think they are same. As of now, groupon, spreets, scoopon, cudo control more than 92% of deals market. I've already got burnt with ouffer, you can see the comments over here, they are terrible, better be safe than sorry.Hi Mincha, Ouffer and Deals.com.au have merged, Please feel free to read about it http://www.smh.com.au/business/big-is-defi64257nitely-better-as-ouffer-merges-with-deals-20120617-20i3c.html Kind Regards, Ouffer Customer Care

I bought the Moet and Anthelion Sauvignon Blanc on December 7th. It never arrived, but has been charged on my latest Visa card statement. My receipt number is 3820-7456-4046-2851 I have contacted support@ouffer.com and greg@ouffer.com many times but just get the same generic response. How do I get a refund or the Moet and Wine?
1 answer
Hi Porsche, We have responded to your review and will be in touch shortly. Kind Regards, Ouffer Customer Care

Did anyone else actually receive a purchased order from Ouffer / Combined Wines and Foods deal in December ? Did anyone manage to get a refund ?
1 answer
Hi Viv, Please rest assured that our CS team will be in touch soon regarding your purchase. Kind Regards, Ouffer Customer Care

I brought a tablet on the 25th of october and still have not received it, you emailed me three weeks ago and said it had been dispatched and deleived that week, i am still yet to receive it, i am disgusted with my whole experience with you!
4 answers
Hi Jade, I received them eventually, but they dont work. They switch on but you cannot access WIFI with them, they have no android apps loaded (no google play store either), the touch screen doesnt work and one of them continually switches itself off. I have been continually emailing, ringing them but have not yet received any replies. They truly are a rip off organisation and I cannot believe that this has not been bought to peoples attention by the news or consumer watchdogs. I wasnt aware of anything bad about them before I made the purchase now I'm $200 down and very,very angry. Thanks for your information Tracey, you are deffinetly correct in everything you say, so the conclusion is your dammed if you get the tablet and dammed if you dontHi Jade, I'm sorry to hear that you have still not received your purchase. Please email us direct at support@ouffer.com and we will be more than happy to assist you. Kind Regards, Ouffer Customer Care

Wht is the help desk...now they are saying they wil provide assisstance while help desk...wht is it now...whts the numbr?
5 answers
No idea sorry. The email address I have been sending my queries to is support@ouffer.com Let me know if you get any response with Help desk. Pretty much about to give up, luckily I only bought 1 voucher from them unlike some reviewers who spent hundreds. Thanks!There is no help desk – just an email. That is how they can keep stalling you.Hi Mariya, Our help-desk is where all emails are sent through to for any enquiries. Please email support@ouffer.com for assistance. Thanks, Ouffer Customer Care

Has anyone purchased a watch from Ouffer. I purchased this in October and have still not received it. Terribly disappointed after sales service.
6 answers
Hi Sandy, We have responded to your request and will be in touch soon regarding your order. Regards, Ouffer Customer Care It has been such a long time since the purchase and all I receive is a promise of someone getting in touch to resolve the issue, can you advise a time frame within which this will be resolved as it has gone on long enough with several emails and no real action, just automated responses. Hi Sandy, I'm still waiting on a reply too... I haven't purchased a watch from Ouffer, so cant give you any feedback on that. I won't be buying anything from Ouffer ever again.

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