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Adequately constructed but lackluster finish

The house is generally constructed to a satisfactory standard, but the finish left a lot to be desired. For example, plastering seemed to have been done by an apprentice/trainee with the joining tape peeling in multiple spots around the house. The house was less than 5 years old. Also, additional joints should have been incorporated in the garage slab and sloping driveway to avoid cracks from forming.

Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateMarch 2013
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Hi YH, Thank you for letting us know about your experience with Rawson Homes. We're sorry to hear about your concerns. We have private messaged you to find out more. - Rawson Homes

Excellent site manager

Our homes consultant Mal was amazing to get us what we wanted. Our plan presentation and colours was sensational and couldn't ask for a better site manager. The only annoying bit was in pre-construction and the delays with communication from admin.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Build StageMid-Construction
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Thanks so much for kind words, Pat. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us—and we agree, we are very lucky to have Mal on our team! We hope you enjoy your Rawson Home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Poor experience with Rawson Homes Canberra

We have had a poor experience with Rawson Homes in Canberra. I‘m mostly happy with the house design but the build quality is poor. I wouldn't expect anything near the build quality you will see at the display home, even if you ask for upgraded fittings they may not be installed to an acceptable standard or to the national/state standards. Some examples are:
1. Within 4 months of moving in, the shower floor leaked through to the walk in food pantry below and caused black mold to grow on walls. Also the floor tiles in the shower were laid in such a way that the water did not drain correctly (see the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards). It took more than 6 months to fix the shower floor and we still have the following issues less than 6 months after they supposedly fixed the initial shower issue:
a. There is still a 300x300mm hole in the ceiling of the walk in pantry (which I have asked them to fix but have not responded); and
b. There are multiple holes and cracks (>600mm long) appearing in the grout on the new shower floor.
2. There are several sections on the first floor that squeak and one location in particular moves by when you walk over it. It feels like the fasteners they used to secure the floor panels to the joists has come loose. I have lived in two story houses before and never seen a floor that makes this much noise or moves like this.
3. We spend several thousand $ upgrading to dry pressed bricks and we checked with the construction coordinator and the site supervisor on several occasions that they are capable of laying the different bricks. After they laid the bricks we discussed the poor finish (not cleaned properly, gaps 5-15mm, cracked mortar, etc) with the site supervisor. The site supervisor said we probably shouldn’t have chosen the bricks because they are hard to lay. Our neighbour who built with Rawson has regular bricks and he seemed to have similar issues.
4. I believe there is also an issue above the garage where they have put a horizontal piece of timber (blue primer only, no final paint) below the flashing on the outside of the house to hold the fibreboard to the framing. This piece of timber sticks out past the flashing and is exposed to the rain, I don’t see how this is making a waterproof seal or how a piece of timber like this will withstand the elements? I discussed this with the site supervisor and he didn’t see an issue with what they had done.

Construction End DateAug 2017
Hi Mark, Thanks for letting us know. We're disappointed to hear that you haven't had the best experience. Please private message us with your job and contact details and we will be in touch. Kind regards, Rawson HomesI can't initiate a private message. You need to send the first private message. I contacted someone at Rawson Homes in mid December with my job number and contact details but I did not receive a response. This is why I published the review.Hi Mark, Apologies for the delay. we have just sent you a direct message. Kind regards Rawson Homes

A good build but not perfect

We have just moved to our Rawson home. The management of the build was good. We had two site supervisors during construction. The first gave us email communications on weekly basis. We found the second site supervisor (Chris) to be good with progressing the build along and found him to be really professional and a good communicator. The workmanship on the property was really great on the internals. The garage slab set out for under the roller door was a mistake and the patching of the slab terrible. The outside has a few problems with eaves sheeting.This will be fixed under defects. We also have minor cracking across the garage slab. We found Rawsons paperwork and communication to be excellent. In terms of final cost We were slightly over, due to variations but that was anticipated. Overall I would recommend Rawson Homes.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Thanks so much for your review, Patrick. We’re so happy to hear you love your new home. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Thanks Steve, Mal and the whole ACT Rawson team

From the beginning we felt super comfortable with giving Rawson the go ahead to build our first home. Mal was thorough and easy to contact and with the plans, they were flexible which made us extremely happy as we got to expand the designs to suit us and the block size. Fran made it easy for us to choose all the fittings and fixtures and was able to preempt any issues we raised, which saved many arguments! Steve was the final piece in the puzzle and enabled us to relax along the way while the build took place. Steve picked up errors and advised us of things we had missed in the plans which for us novices made us so much more comfortable. Steve was in control the whole time of all the labour and ensures that we got at least a weekly update to let us know what was happening for the week and got us on site regularly to review work to date and if we were happy with the progress. We have now been in the house for 2 months and could not be happier. So thank you to the whole Rawson team but a special thank you to Steve as you have built us our dream home.

Construction End DateAug 2018

Overall happy experience and outcomes with Rawson Homes

We have no any ideas and knowledge to build a house in the beginning. It was Rawson Homes staff who explained the construction plan, advise the design, colour selection and provided helpful advice for home building. Our site manager not only managed the progress of the house construction, but also provided very useful advice and knowledge to educate us about the selection of the materials, the stages of construction, the projection of the completion. We understood that each site manager has quite a few building projects, however, our site manager usually responded our calls or queries pretty quickly. He also provided an alternative or possible other options for consideration with pros and cons to help for decision making. Therefore, we pretty satisfied on his management on our rebuilding process. When an issue came up, our site manager did not try to blame whose fault, rather try to fix the issue with consultation/discussion or alternative recommendation. Although the project was slightly delayed for hand over, we accepted that the delay was out of Rawson Homes control. Overall, we are pretty satisfied the workmanship and the build quality of our new house.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Bonus points for our site manager

We are really happy with the home Rawson built for us in Googong. The whole experience was very positive.

We are particularly impressed with our site manager, Steve. He was very professional and kept us informed at every stage of the build. During this time, he was attentive to all our requests even after the handover.
All our requests were met. It made the whole experience much less stressful.

We would definitely recommend Rawson for anyone looking to build their home.

Construction End DateDec 2017

Outstanding quality and value for the second time

this is the second rawson home we have built, the first experience in 2011 was smooth, well managed and delivered an outstanding home , this was the deciding factor in choosing Rawson for the second time.
from the experienced Pre-Sales that helped extract the best out of our floor plan and avoid any DA pitfalls to our Pre-Contraction Administrator who was extremely friendly and helpful the entire time and our Site Manager who was always available and happy to assist when any issues crept up.
our home

Construction End DateJul 2018

The final stage was good

We signed our tender at the end of Aug 2016, and building approval was granted in mid-Jan. In total, it took a few month to get start construction on site from March 2017. It's really a bit long preparation period for us. Not quite sure why is that. The construction process went smooth but very slow, there was no one work on my site for about 4 weeks for some reason in May. The site manager was polite when we met him on site very time, but he could never met the timeframe him told us so. Because of the construction delay we had to reschedule our holiday to go oversea, cause we never know when will the construction finish and handover will be. It was really disappointed. As a normal construction should only take about 6-8 month. At the beginning of 2018, we got our new site manager [name removed] which is a nice and responsible person. He always trying his best to meet us on site every week and update the progress of the construction. He solved many problem which were left by previous site manager. He did his best to speed up the progress, our house was finally hand over to us at the middle of May 2018. We got some compensation from Rawson Homes for delayed handover and also the wrong color of all of my window frame. [name removed] is definitely an excellent site manager and I'll definitely give him 5 stars but the time delayed by previous manger and the poor management of Rawson Homes only allowed me to give 3 stars.

Construction End DateMay 2018
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Hi Ivy, thanks for your review. If you would like us to investigate why there was a delay during May, please private message the page with your job details. We are glad to hear that the new site manager was able to turn it around and provide a positive experience for you. We hope you enjoy your Rawson Home for many years to come! Kind regards, Rawson Homes

Delays, stress and frustration

The title summed up our experience building with Rawson Homes Canberra. Let me start by saying Rawson probably have the best inclusion and budget friendly range of materials and options, when we received our initial rough quote, we were blown away by how much we can get with our budget. But all that quickly faded after we signed the paperwork locking ourselves in...

Planning phase:
The planning phase was average at best. We went in with a rough plan that our salesman had drawn up for us, which we wanted to make changes to. We told our pre-construction admin officer what we wanted and were told to wait until the plans were drawn up. When we got the plan back it was horrible, we got in contact and provided the changes we wanted to make, only for our admin officer saying it'll cost us $1000 to make any further to changes as we've used our 2 chances. We were SHOCKED that the first plan drawn up were our first chance at making changes! At no stage were we informed that "this is your last chance to make changes before it incurs a fee". I was even told by the admin officer that "well you signed the variations" when I told them we weren't happy with the plans...

My wife also had great difficulty getting her needs across. She requested a certain window added to the plans, but our planning officer didn't bother to check what window it was and just put a standard window in. Once again, by the time we saw the final plans, we couldn't change it unless we pay more fees!

Construction phase:
This is the most stressful and frustrating part of the build and it shows how disorganised Rawson homes are. We were given the phone number of our site manager and were told to wait for a call. We waited a week before calling him...3 weeks and 3 voice messages left on his phone before we were finally able to get hold of him, ONLY to be told he's no longer our site manager and that there's someone new. It took further 2 weeks for the new site manager to call us.

We received minimal updates during the build, only occasionally received emails about what's being done. But we only live about 30 minutes away and occasionally go visit the site on weekends. Our trust of everything going well were quickly vanished when we visited the site and found the wrong bricks were delivered. We quickly went to the Austral bricks showroom to ensure that the order were placed correctly. We couldn't get hold of our site manager (this was to be the recurring theme throughout the build) but were able to sort it out OURSELVES with Austral bricks. The site manager finally got back to us couple hours later with "Thanks". We were lucky we checked the bricks as they were going to be laid the very next day.

We also did not receive an estimated finish time, even after many requests to have one so we could inform our rental property agents. Our site manager kept advising us we would be given a months notice before moving in, we were only told off hand that we would be moving in before Easter and were repeatedly told everything was going according to plan and would still be going ahead for an Easter move.

Finally, our "move in" date comes and we were expecting to conduct handover. But right up until the afternoon before the handover date, we still had not received the final invoice and final price. We had to contact our site manager (once again, he never engaged us, we would always have to contact him) to find out if handover was still going ahead. On the afternoon of the exchange day, we finally received the bad news that we wouldn't be doing handover that day. We finally received our final invoice that afternoon but it was incorrect and had to be redone. At this stage we had our removals, cleaner booked and we have to move out in 2 days after handover as new tenants will be moving in.

The house is also NOT clean! After the house was finished, there were still tradies going in and out and walked dirt all over the house, we'll have to clean it once we move in (yes we're still waiting for the keys, handover was suppose to happen before Easter long weekend). The exterior of the site is also full of rubbish, building materials, fast food bags and wrappers are everywhere.

The building experience had been extremely stressful with minimal information provided to us during the entire process. What was supposed to be a happy and exiting event has been ruin by lack of professionalism demonstrated by Rawson homes. I would NOT recommend Rawson homes.

Construction End DateApr 2018
Hi YiZ, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have sent you a private message so that we can arrange management to get in touch with you for further details. Kind regards, Rawson HomesSo we finally moved in after the Easter Long weekend. The construction quality is better than we expected. Though we have gone through a very frustrating process during the build, the final product is good. I wanted to stress that Rawson home was the best in terms of quality vs budget when we were looking for a builder, they delivered a quality product within our budget. Our site manager have also worked hard to fix few of the issues that we've had and we're happy with the new home we're in. Overall, we are satisfy with the build and if we can change the rating, we'd give it 3 stars.Hi YiZ, thanks for providing an update and we are glad to hear that you are happy with the finished product. It is possible to alter your review, so if you can change it to a 3 star review that would be great! https://support.productreview.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/203909226-Can-I-edit-my-review-or-change-my-rating-

Stressful experience building with Rawson

Having a terrible time building with Rawson ACT. Building approved November 2016 and still waiting for handover as of January 2018. Rawson says over 49 days rain delay but no meteorology report as proof. Why then has many houses around my block managed to be completed but not mine some started and completed 6 months after my build. Seeking liquidated damages as per contract but its a battle. Super stressful experience.

Construction End DateOct 2017
Hi Albert, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We would like to contact you to discuss this further. Please see your private messages, otherwise if you could leave your job number here that would be great. Kind regards, Rawson HomesIt's now 1 year and 4 months and counting since build approval and still no handover despite signing the application of Certificate of Occupancy signed 2 February 2018. It's the worst building experience building with Rawson ACT. Not good!Hi Albert, we understand that our GM has been in touch with you. Please contact the office directly for any further enquiries. Kind regards, Rawson Homes

Happy customers!

The build and finishes were perfect for what we required as a young family.

The design and layout overall is very impressive and they evolve obviously with the very latest design very smart and functional.

Our sales agent Ben Silk was particularly helpful and his support and great client care were much appreciated by us. He was well supported by the wider sales and service team and I even met the big boss on our moving in day!

Construction End DateMay 2014
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Hi Julian, thanks for your review! We are pleased to hear that the Rawson Home you chose was perfect for your family. We hope you enjoy Christmas in your new home!

Info on decor sources required

I built with rawson homes after seeing their display home; for 2 reasons
1) great plans
2) great decor
After building a great home, I tried to get info about sources of their wall paper & some furniture pieces but no one was willing to provide that info.
Porter Davies homes are very transparent about their sources of decor & I was able to get some info from the blog & yet my builders would not provide any info.

If I am your customer why can't I be provided with the info for decor sources of your display home that inspired me.

Construction End DateJun 2013
Hi SP, thanks for your review. I'm sorry to hear that you could not get the information about our wallpaper and furniture. It is unfortunate that you had to rely on other sources. We actually can provide this information and if you are still interested to find out, please PM the page of the display home and we will be able to help assist you further. We hope you have many wonderful years ahead in your new Rawson Home!Thank you , yes I am still interested how do I pm you?Hi SP, I will initiate the private conversation with you. See you on the other side!

Another good job by Rawson Homes

Rawson have a team of specialists who helped us in choosing the bricks, tiles, doors, bathroom fittings to suit our budget. They even helped us with the colour scheme which makes our house look good after finishing.

We are quite satisfied with the quality of work done by Rawson't subcontractors. The finishing is good. They also finished and handed over the house in the time-line they had promised. There were no hassles.

Construction End DateApr 2017
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Thank you so much for your lovely review Harsh, we take pride in our team and know they're an integral part of your home building journey. We're sure you'll love your new home for years to come!

Couldn't be happier with our dream home!

We researched numerous builders and chose Rawson Homes based on the quality of their homes, contemporary and practical designs, and the great customer service we received from the Canberra team.

Our site manager and the rest of the Rawson team were fantastic throughout the build. We were confident in trusting them to manage the build process and we commend them on the fantastic job they did. They kept us updated every step of the process and were quick to answer any questions or queries we had.

Our house is now complete and we are very impressed with the quality of our house and the workmanship.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rawson Homes to our family and friends and couldn't be happier with our new home. Thank you!

Construction End DateNov 2016
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Hi Josie, Thank you very much for your feedback on your experience with Rawson Homes. We are so glad to hear about your wonderful journey with Rawson Homes. We hope you are settling in well to your new home. Thank you, Rawson Homes

Happy overall

We have just finished building with Rawson and were happy overall. We received good customer service throughout the process, but we did encounter a few hiccups along the way. There were some design features we wanted to change that unfortunately we couldn't and there was a delay on starting the build.
We are so excited to be in our own home and were very grateful to our building manager for keeping things moving throughout the wet winter. We had a good relationship with our building manager and felt that the sales and colour and design ladies were lovely.

Construction End DateSep 2016
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Hi Bartbolt, Thank you for leaving feedback on your experience. We're delighted to be a part of this journey with you and hope you're settling in well. Thank you, Rawson Homes


Happy with
1. Workmanship
2. Managed well by Project Manager...100%
3. Happy with the service and care taken by Claire our Pre-Construction Administrator. 100% and our go to.
4. Extremely happy with communication levels . informed

5. Unhappy with the service from Sydney. Wrong figures sent, and before sign up, wrong info sent on inclusions.

Overall, would do it again but double check Sydney.

Unhappy, Rawson

A very disappointing experience.

We had high expectations of Rawson Homes at the outset, based on the indications and assurances received. These were not matched by the company’s performance and responsiveness, which deteriorated rapidly during the later phases of construction. They were virtually non-existent for the maintenance items, which took an extraordinary time to deal with, and, even then, not satisfactorily.

The builder was incredibly slow throughout, substantial elements of the work were not completed in accordance with the contract and approved plans, and some of the work undertaken was substandard and unable to be rectified.

If you are considering using Rawson Homes, insist on a fixed construction period with penalties for completion delays. Insist on a payment schedule that reflects actual work in progress, with an amount withheld until all maintenance items are completed satisfactorily. Be prepared to obtain independent advice when changes are proposed or the quality of work undertaken is substandard.

Overall, unprofessional, unreliable and, ultimately, untrustworthy.

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Hi Billdob, Thank you for providing feedback on your Rawson experience. We take feedback like this seriously, and we'd like to discuss it in further detail with you. We have sent you a private message as we require more information in order to find the appropriate person for you to talk to. Thank you.

Very happy with the build

We are ecstatic with the service received from Craig Henderson, the site supervisor at Rawson Homes Canberra. Craig kept us informed at every stage,recommended adjustments that enhanced the house and has dealt with problems (minor ones) that arose post completion. His service has been excellent and the house looks amazing.

The pre-build stage could have been speedier. Any changes instigated by ourselves took 3 weeks minimum to action, which added to the length of the build as Rawsons will not begin to lay the Slab until every last thing has been finalised. On occasion Rawsons missed a point in the variation and again another 3 weeks would be added to the turn-around. (For example the bathroom units were discontinued after everything had been signed off as final but Rawsons delayed commencement of slab until this was changed - the slab had been due to be poured within a couple days)

If Rawson could streamline their pre-build operation, so that it is as good as the delivery by Craig, they would have received 5 stars.

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Hi Angela, Thank you very much for your feedback, I have sent this onto the relevant Managers. We are always looking at ways we can improve our processes and the customer experience and your feedback is essential to this process. We are very glad to hear that you are pleased with your new home. Regards, The Rawson Team

Build with Rawsons

We recently built in a Googong NSW with Rawsons ACT. This was the third house we have built and the experience and quality of workmanship was the best we have encountered. The pre build was a stress less process made easy by the office staff and the building process was just as easy......no stress it actually doesn't feel like we had a house built.

The customer service and support has been exceptional.

We would recommend Rawsons to those who are considering building

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Hi Debenn, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive experience with us. We hope you are enjoying this exciting time in your new home. Thank you.

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